What is Folliculitis?

An inflammation of a hair follicle; the lesion may be a papule or pustule.

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hai sir iam 25 year old . more than 2 year i am facing fullicultis in my body i take so many treatment but there is no deffrent i feel . can you advice where i get good treatment and i can take treatment? thank you

Thanks for your query

Seems like you have developed folliculitis over the body..

Now firstly I would advise you to keep the area clean and dry as much as possible.
Do not apply any kind of moisturizing creams/lotions or oil over the affected area.
Wear cotton undergarments so as to decrease...
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Hi, I m having problems with what my dermatologist told me was folliculitis . The bumps are on my upper arms, shoulders, chest , stomach , back, buttocks , and a little on the thighs. The bumps on my upper arms are now starting to turn black and...
Hi eri,
Folliculitis and keratosis pilaris both are different diseases and can be easily diagnose by any dermatologist.
Rx of folliculitis is proper antibiotics after bacterial culture and sensitivty report, appropriate antibiotics will resolve this problem within 10 days.
recurrent folliculitis...
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i have blackheads and acne(or maybe just bumps) around my crotch area, my friends said that its follicultis, but i m not sure, is there anyway i can get rid of them, they re just so ugly.. -- i am a female, 22, 163cm, 76kg, asian, --
Hi,thanks for query.Your friends may be right.In this area due to high moisture this can happen.Please maintain good local hygiene and keep area clean by regular shaving and in case of redness or pain ,please consult your primary care physician.You may need a course of antibiotics oral and...
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I recently had a biops performed for a skin irritation I have had fo over a year.I've taken several anti biotics with no resolve. It is piuritic and on my chest, back and shoulders. Biopsy showed coooobacilli in the lumen of the inflamed...

Thanks for your query,

It is very interesting to go through your problem. I also feel that it is not eosinophilic folliculitis as this may show many eosinophils alsmost forming an abscess in the epidermis.

Hence I need more tools to identity your problem. You must undergo another HIV test...
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I was diagnosed with bacterial folliculities of the scalp around March. My dermatologist prescribed 1 week course of Mupirocin cream, 3 times a day. After a week the folliculities still did not reduce and I was on a 5 day course of SPORIDEX(...

Thanks for your query.

I understand that you are suffering from recurrent folliculitis of the scalp. Now this condition can many times be difficult to treat because of it's tendency to recur after complete recovery.

Now first you did not respond to the course of cephalaxein and later...
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i have something swelled up on the bottom of my buttcheek near the inside of my thigh. i thought it was a pimple at first but i dont think thats what it is. its a little swollen and hurts a little but not too much. what could it be?

Thank you for the query.

If it has started with a pimple like thing and has grown big and painful now, then it seems to be a FOLLICULITIS. It is due to bacterial infection of the hair follicle which has grown XXXXXXX now. It is usually seen in occluded areas of body where one sweats a lot...
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Can a women get bacteria vaginosis from a man having folliculitis? I have been getting a bacteria infection everytime we have unprotected sex for about a year now. He has folliculitis and its in the pubic area and on his penis.
Hai, Folliculitis is caused by different organism and the bacterial vaginosis is caused by Gardnerella vaginalis. So it is not possible to get a transmission from your friend's folliculitis. Dr S.M
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I have tons upon tons of huge white bumps on my scalp , I believe it is folliculitis but two rounds of anti biotics one for 7 days and then half a year later 10 days and both times it has come back this most recent time it happened my head exploded with these large white bumps and its extremely soar at the moment, what do i do? is it curable?
Hello.If it is painful,it sure is folliculitis.Recurrent folliculitis require antibiotics on long term basis,almost 1-3 months.Topical shampoos and antibacterial creams will take care of local infection.Check for diabetes and immunodeficiency.
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Male age 50 painful, slight bluish color round nodule swollen and painful to touch above left clavicle? what is it? It just started or was noticed today, very painful to touch, about size of a quarter and right above mid-clavicle area on left side of body
Brief Answer:
Follicular infection likely, pictures required

Detailed Answer:

I understand your concern regarding your skin problem and I hope I am able to help you in the same.

Now from the description, it looks like you have either developed a localized infective lesion like folliculitis or...
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I have a weird case of keratosis pilaris which the dermatologist diagnosed it as but the treatment he gave me isn't working and it looks more like folliculitis. will tanning help calm it down? im on oral and topical treatments and I still wake up with it even worse.

I can understand your concern for folliculitis after applying oral and topical creams for keratosis pilaris. It can be due to secondary infection or spreading of the infection in the hair roots due to occlusion by moisturizing cream.

The only precaution you must follow is not to touch, pinch...
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I want to know if i have folliculitis or genital herpes can u help if i send a photo? I had one large red bump that i popped and fluid came out 2 weeks ago after shaving. Then i shaved a week ago with the same razor (on the penis shaft from base half way up) around the lump and within two days i developed about 5-6 more smaller red lumps with fluid. Many had hairs in them and i plucked one and noticed the whole follicle had substance on it as if it were clogged. Now its been two weeks and the area is tender and it hasnt gone away. The first pimple lump remains like an open lesion while the others are smaller pimple like bumps that i havent popped. The bumps are not all clustered together but are in line from my base of the penis half way up the penis. I have a good up close i can send. I really want peace of mind that this is folliculitis with an old razor. Please help

Thanks for your query.

Yes, do attach an image of the lesions you have, here using the sites uploader or mail them to the Id - YYYY@YYYY with the subject as Attn: Dr. Raju.

Also please do answer the below questions which help me to understand the condition and to serve you better.

- Since how...
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Hi doctor, I m a 24 year old girl from Sri Lanka. I have used an epilator for hair removal on my legs and now my legs are full of folliculitis . I have some ingrown hairs and now I have SCARS all over my legs. How can I get rid of these scars? I went to 2 dermotologists (gave me evening primrose oil 1000mg/day and dermadrate cream) but none of them worked. Please help me.
Welcome to HCM.

For the folliculitis of your leg you have to take along term Antibiotics.
Doxycyclin capsules in the dose of 100 mg twice a day for a month along with some Vitamin A preparations for better penetration will help you to overcome your problem of folliculitis.
Antiseptic soaps...
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