Flaccid paralysis

What is Flaccid paralysis?

Flaccid paralysis is characterised by weakness, paralysis and reduced muscle tone without obvious cause. It may be caused by disease or trauma affecting the nerves associated with the involved muscles.

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my father now age 57 has paralysis attack in sep 2006 when he was nearly 53..his left part of body get [aralysid.after 6 months by medicines n other exersice traetment he was able to walk slowly but his left hand not get at this time...

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Paralysis due to stroke carries major morbidity in elderly.The reversal of stroke events inside the brain depend on the time treatment started .The paralytic limbs gain strength by good physiotherapy and control of hypertension.Though after 4 years of paralysis the...
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sir my relative got an accident he hiitted on his back one month back and afterwards he lost all his body movements due to this except only mouth his age is 40 years please guide me if it is possible to have movment of body
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You need to consult a Neurologist doctor to get examined & for treatment.You may require investigations like X-ray, MRI, CT scan to locate the problem. Exercises play important role here because it will regain the muscle power because if he stop the exercises it may...
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Thank for asking to HCM
I can understand this, this is not the paralysis, but this could be a cervical spine problem you have to see the neurophysician your father may need some investigation to rule out this possibility hope this information helps you take care have nice day.
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Hi, I am XXXXX From Bangalore. I need to the best treatment for Parallesis ( stroke ) which is attacked for my father from past 3.5 years. He is getting cured day by day but he is not able talk. So please giude me by treatment he should be able to...
Dear Mr. XXXXXXX ji
I suggest the following to your father.
1. Repeat NCCT HEAD /MRI BRAIN to see if there are any secondary changes in brain like gliosis etc

2. Continue with preventive medications viz. ecosprin /atorvastatin / clopidogrel/ antihypertensives/ antidiabetic medications as advised...
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hi my son is 4 1/2 yr old, he had 3rd episode of fits last sunday 19-jan-14 midnight 1.30am first time on 19-july-2012 at 12.30 am second time 19- may-2013 at 12~1 am he blinks his left eye, head towards left & his left hand shakes. first time he...
Brief Answer:
My reply is below.

Detailed Answer:

Thank you for posting your query.

First of all, I would like to reassure you that there is no need to worry about the MRI abnormalities seen in your child.

It is good that he has fits in nights, as the risk of injury after fits is more in...
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Please explain sleep paralysis . The reason, cause and prevention for the same.
Thanks for posting your query.
Sleep paralysis is a condition which prevents you from moving or speaking while waking up and sometimes while falling asleep. Sleep paralysis usually goes away within a few minutes.
Sleep researchers conclude that, in most cases, sleep paralysis is...
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I am an intern physiotherapist and I am currently managing a patient that had typhoid perforation and underwent exploratory laparatomy some weeks to a month back. She had generalized body swelling and associated pain two weeks ago which the doctors said was due to septicaemia. But it resolved after a few days of massage therapy. The problem is that she also has limb weakness, which I initially believed to be related to the swelling and the infection spread. But since that resolved, she still presents with the weakness especially of her lower limbs, which are quite flaccid. The patient is very much conscious and can sit with little help. I've browsed the net and I still haven't found anything to explain the obvious paraparesis the patient is presenting with. Is there any relationship between typhoid perforation and paraparesis? Could the condition, since it was actually treated late, have caused any problem to the spinal network of the lower limbs? Or is this just a normal neurological complication of the disease? Thanks in advance for our input to this and if possible, any reference to an article or webpage that shows more light on this would be highly appreciated.
Hello Good Evening,

According to your description, patient had typhoid infection, so she underwent to intestinal perforation and had gone through surgery, this indicates that the disease was so serious and complicated with septicemia, perforation, edema etc.

There are lots of complications of...
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hello i have a six year old son and the first week of feb he was sick in the 11 i took him to his dr and they said he had broncchitist then on 19th he was complaining bout chest pains gain so i took him to the er they did x ray and gave him some medicine thrusday he woke up could not walk say his cafe hurts both of them took him to the dr friday they drew blood and said that his blood was low ut did not geive no medicine only tamiflu and told me to bring him back. it has been 3 days and he can not walk. please help me waht is wrong these dr in florence do not know

This may be GBS(Guillain Barre syndrome).

This is an autoimmune disease of the nervous system but it can be triggered following an infection.

Many of the patients recover well with little lasting problems.

But in some it may turn dangerous.

Discuss with your doctor to exclude conditions...
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I cut my forskin not to long ago and now it has healed up it has become very tight and hurts slightly to pull it back when flaccid but it is impossible to pull back when erect, I'm worried its scar tissue that is permanent, please help
Brief Answer:
Give wound time to heal completely

Detailed Answer:
Hi Joesoal,
Thanks for writing in to us.

The foreskin is very thin and sensitive skin and any cut in it heals by scar formation as you are experiencing. At first I would like to know how big was the cut and how many days back you...
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HI, my vagina is flaccid and wide, especially the lips are hanging and are lifeless. I have 2 children and since then i feel that everything down there just went flaccid . It is really disturbing, what can i do about it?
Try exercises that tone up your pelvic muscles.An expert trainer can help you with that.
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Sometimes when I am leaned over putting my socks on it seems as if all of my organs are being moved up and to the left side. It makes me drop to my knees then after a little bit it's like they all go back into place. I have never had this happen until probably 6 to 8 months ago and it happens probably once or twice a month because I try to be careful putting my socks on so all of my insides don't feel like they are being crushed and shoved upward.
Do some abdominal muscle strengthening exercise as probably your flaccid tummy gives you that feeling, avoid acute bending instead pull up socks on raised leg with knee folded to comfortable position.
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i am 32 unmarried, male. I was masturbating since I was 15. i stopped it at the age of 28. My problem is, at flaccid i have black veins visible on my penis. when penis get erected black veins disappears. Also at flaccid Penis foreskin have numerous wrinkle. I this normal. I have not intercourse yet. Please help.
Hi there,

I understand your concern and anxiety about your penis. However black veins on penis and wrinkles on the foreskin of the penis is normal. It is physiological to have disappearance of your veins when it is erect and to have a flaccid penis with numerous wrinkles. I hope this helps...
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I have a 3 year old son born of full term normal delivery, he is developmentally delayed.We started physio and speech therapy from 2 and his muscle tone and strength has improved, though he is still little unsteady.iam showing him to Dr. XXXXXXX Aroor in Bangalore,during his last checkup he stopped all medications (he was taking some calcium supplements) asked us to do only home physio as he has improved a lot.he is still non verbal, says only 2/3 words but is social and comprehension is good. his doc said he didnt suspect CP (he has a clean MRI), his speech therapist and audiologist at the centre said he has flacid cerebral palsy for sure.What should i do now? where to consult what to do? we r based in bangalore.His hearing and vision are normal.

Thank you for your query.

I can understand your concern. Development delay and cerebral palsy (CP) are clinical diagnosis and cannot be confirmed by MRI. It is good that the hearing and vision are normal. As your son has been worked up and is undergoing physiotherapy and speech therapy, you...
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