Eosinophilic gastroenteritis

What is Eosinophilic gastroenteritis?

Disorder comprising abdominal pain, malabsorption, often obstructive symptoms, associated with peripheral eosinophilia and areas of eosinophilic infiltration of the stomach, small intestine, and colon. May have an allergic etiology and responds to elimination diet in some patients; corticosteroid therapy is also effective.

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Are SIBO and eosinophilic gastroenteritis related?

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Full form of SIBO is Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. This essentially means number of bacteria in small intestine proliferate. SIBO can be associated with variety of small intestinal conditions, those resulting in slowing of intestinal...
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I had gastroenteritis I would guess. I had severe vomiting for 4 hours then I had severe Diarrhea for 4 hours. I lost 8 lbs in 7 hours. It has been 10 days since this incident and I have a hard time eating without having upset stomach and...
Hello & Welcome to HCM,
I had gone through the case and have concerned for you. These symptoms might be due to severe gastric infection.

If you have still vomiting and diarrhea then for blood and stool test for getting the correct bacterial infection.

Meanwhile you must take Tablet Norflox TZ ,...
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Can gastroenteritis be confused with hepatitis (symptom-wise)? The reason I ask is because I had my liver function tested on Wednesday and on Monday (5 days later), I felt really tired and woke up hours later to extreme diarrhea , chills and some...
Dear Mister, symptoms that you have described are specific for gastroenteritis and it should be the first problem to think about. If you feel better now and dont have these symptom it means that your therapy was successful. Symptoms of hepatitis are nonspecific. It depends are you talking about...
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my elderly father has diabetes and has now got gastroenteritis, the doctor has said he not a well man, how ill could he be please
Hi, Welcome to Healthcare Magic Forum,
You have not mentioned your Father's Age? Since he is Diabetic he has to take his Medications regularly and if he is on Insulin, he has to take regular Insulin Jabs. Now he has developed Gastroenteritis, he will need antibiotics and antidiarrheals. Ask him...
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hi,i today afternoon i had serious dysentry(my bums/opening were on fire),after that i had to go to toilet very often.... Now its kind of stablised. What does this mean???
Brief Answer:
Signs of gastroenteritis...

Detailed Answer:

The "serious dysentery" and frequent visits to the toilet are signs of an acute gastroenteritis.

There are various causes including:
- foods you have eaten
- viral infection (especially if you have had a previous flu)

The very best...
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My 11 months old son is having frequent bowel movements, about 5 times a day, since 26th January. the consistency is soft, only 3 instances of runny stools. he is teething . a routine culture of stool showed traces of mucus, 1-2/ hpf pus cells,...
Brief Answer:
Should be viral , will settle soon

Detailed Answer:
Thanks for writing to health care magic.
Based on your history and reports it looks like tour kid has viral gastroenteritis. Already looks like he is in the recovery phase.
The stool report shows no evidence of bacterial...
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I had a colonoscopy last week, doctor said it might be crohns as there were very small ulcers in terminal ileum - ASCA and XXXXXXX serological markers came back negative, ESR was 11 and C-reactive protein was 2.97. RBC count was 9300, WBC differentials are all normal(please see my previous question asked about 4 days ago on healthcare magic for complete info)
Biopsy report came back today -
This is what it says -
Microscopic Appearance - Sections revealed fragments of ileal mucosa showing intact mucosal lining and normal villous configuration. Stroma shows scattered mixed inflammatory cells including several eosinophils.

Pathological diagnosis - Non - specific ileitis with significant eosinophilic infiltrates.

What does this diagnosis mean? Also can crohns be ruled out now?

My symptoms are gas, occasional diarrhea - loose soft stools, sometimes watery, never more than 2-3 times a day. Was diagnosed with IBS-D earlier, I have noticed I have triger foods. This was a routine colonoscopy done to rule out IBD.



Thanks for posting your query

Unfortunately we can not have a look at the queries posted by you earlier, you have to send the details again if you want a review of the same

All your symptoms are more specific of IBS-D, your biochemistry is normal

Your colonoscopy is normal, except for the non...
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Dear Sir I am XXXXXXX,age 30 years old ,height 5 feet 7 inch.I am facing problem of loose motion before 1 year.I assume abdominal ultrasound, fool blood work, liver tests, pancreas tests, stool tests were performed and all came negative.I have been consult with many doctors but there is no solution .When i take medicine it will stop for few month but when I was went from my place to anywhere .Its comes please suggest me a good solution.
Welcome to XXXXXXX forum.

With the available described symptoms, it can be concluded that you are suffering from chronic diarrhea.

Do you have past history of constipation and now you are facing diarrhea?
Do you have excessive flatulence/ gargling sound/ abdominal discomfort/...
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I think I have some intestinal issue, but don t know what it is. I am female, 29, 5 8, about 145lbs, diagnosed with IBS 10 years ago. Followed strict wheat and starch free diet for 2 years, eliminated some IBS symptoms, but felt hungry and irritable a lot so came off it.... now have lots of symptoms including: Frequent feelings of nausea and dizziness . VERY pale in the morning (look dead) and feel sick. Bloated stomach, constipation and / or loose stool. Weirdest of all - sweet smelling stool. It smells like biscuits or cakes. I never eat these. No weight loss or vomiting. Occasional palpitations (had ECG - all normal). Any suggestions as to what could be causing this? Thank you very much.


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I have been using psyllium fiber supplement due to chronic bloating and extended stomach. Stools contain long tough stringy matter along with regular stool. What is this? I have had constipation problems since childhood. Chronic depression and antidepressants since 35.
Sounds like you have had this problem for a very long time.
I am glad that you are trying to eat healthy, a hogh fiber
diet along with adequate amounts of fluids and als staying
physically active. That is a very good attitude to have.
I am assuming that you have had all the blood...
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I have been suffering with severe stomach pain for several months now that occurs several days a week.. All my tests(colonoscopy, stool samples. bloodwork, ultrasound) have been negative. I take Tagamet, Chinese herbs, probiotics, occasionally antispasmodics and I have weekly acupuncture but the pain persists. I am quite sure it is IBS but there does not seem to be anything I can do that really takes care of the problem. I have about 5 bowel movements a day which are normal in appearance. Sometimes I also have gnawing stomach pain which feels like hunger and a good deal of belching.

I have identified some foods that seem to be triggers(coffee, eggs, onions) and have eliminated these form my diet.. My questions are: is there anything effective to treat IBS and is there an effective method of testing for food sensitivities (not allergies)? I try not to take Immodium as it does stop diarrhea for me but makes me feel lousy.
I see that you have had sonogram,colonoscopy and
blood tests.I hope your blood tests included the
Celiac disease.This can go undiagnosed for a long
time.Make sure these are done.The other question
I have is whether you had upper endoscopy with
biopsy.There is a condition...
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