Cervical spondylosis

What is Cervical spondylosis?

Spondylosis affecting the cervical vertebrae, intervertebral discs, and surrounding soft tissue.

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Hello I am 24 year old male. I have a pain in my lower neck area(when moving my head down).I do not have pain down my arms or hands .No headaches ,no dizziness ...but the dull pain is present more than a year.I used to sleep on bad pillows in the...

Its unlikely that you have full fledged spondylosis, but you are on the way. Thanks for posting your history, it tells us that bad posture was resopnsible for your condition. And if you don't change it you might land in spondylosis early. Since you dont have associated complications like...
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solution for cervical spondylosis
Cervical spondylosis is primarily due to aging.Treatment of cervical spondylosis should reduce pain and irritation to spinal cord and nerves, while also improving activities of daily living.

Treatment of mild cases:

1.Wearing a neck brace (cervical collar) off and on throughout the day

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sir i m a 26 year old boy , i m facing cervicle spondylitis problem, one doctor ask me to take tab evion 400 mg, is it having any action with cervicle spondulitis i am having slight shivering in my left hand and feeling some weight loss while...
Welcome to hCM,
At this age cervical spondilitis is less likely.
From your history it seems that you might have extra cervical rib giving rise to this problem.
Go for X ray cervical region and get it diagnosed.
Evion 400mg is vitamin E and might have given as a supplement.
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i have recently developed cervical spondylosis in the C4-C5 and C5-C6 intervertebral levels. i) What are the exercises that you would suggest to cure this? ii) I understand that this is due to the sitting posture while using the laptop. Can you...
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Detailed Answer:
Thanks for your query.

Do not hold your breath as you do these. For each exercise press for 5-6 counts, then relax.
- Press your forehead into your palms. Resist any motion.
- Press your hand against the side of your...
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My right shoulder continues to feel fatigued and goes numb. It seems like it is a radiating pain from my neck to my shoulder. Any suggestions

Thanks for posting your query

From the symptoms of numbness and radiating pain from the neck to the shoulder it looks like cervical spondylosis. The other possibility is of muscle strain leading to spasm and compression of nerves.
Diagnosis can be confirmed by MRI spine.
Apply warm...
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Thanks for writing in.
Hello I am Dr Ravinder Sharma ENT Surgeon. I have gone through the information provided. I have some more questions and then I will be able to answer your questions
1. Do you have headache in association with these symptoms?
2. Have you ever been on medication...
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hi! what are the symptoms of cervical spondylitis ...... My Dad has stiffness in shoulder joints , Neck , Left Hand and Palm and also in left leg. He also has swelling in his left hand and leg.......Loss of sphincter control and urinary incontinence occurs . Hope these all are the symptoms of Cervical Spondylitis.... How can it be cured now? What preventive measures he has to take? What all test you can prescribe for him?

Cervical spondylitis can cause dizziness , pain and stiffness in the neck and arms but urinary incontinence can be due to other reasons

As he is having swelling in leg and arm you should not delay in consulting an orthopedic surgeon who will do certain tests like routine blood sugar and X...
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I have Cervical Spondylosis . Have experienced Radiculpathy and Myleopathy over several years ( numb hand etc.) Recently I ve had gurgling stomach/bloated stomach seemingly setting off anxiety/depression/ confused thinking. Could this be associated with my neck problem, and if so, what course of action would be recommended. Thanks
You are suffering from cervical Spondylosis – due to abnormal wear on the cartilage and bones of the neck (cervical vertebrae).
Usually surgery is not needed. Learn to take care of your neck and back.
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Cold packs and heat therapy may help your...
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Hello Doctor, I had been suffering from bouts of giddiness from time to time. I was asked to get an XRay of my cervical done and I have been detected with loss of cervical lordosis . Can you tell me how serious a problem is loss of cervical lordosis. and also my post sugar test is 80
From history it seems that you might be having cervical spondilitis.
Due to degenerative changes in spines there might be loss of normal curvature.
Nothing is serious, this isjust osteoartheritis changes.
Go for physiotherapy and short way diathermy.
You have got tendency of having low sugar....
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I have by chance came to know that a very small syrinx is present at c4 /c5 level, when i have gone for cervical spine mri to see the cervical spondylosis changes by the orthpaedic. Until that time i have never experienced any symptoms .Please see the enclosed images and advise me Sir.

Thanks for the query.

From the MRI (Magnetic Resonant Imaging) images, based on the morphology it looks to me more like a cyst rather than a syrinx.
However it is difficult at times to differentiate based on the finding on the plain scan. Rarely in cervical spondylosis, can flexion and...
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A small syrinx at C4 and C5 level


Had IHD in the year 1977 (T wave inversion in V1 to V6) No complications since then
Had mild Hypertension in the year 1980 (under control)
Had prediabetes in the year 2010 (IFG) (under control)
Had subclinical hypothyroidsm in 2011
Mild prostatomegaly in 2012

Medicines now being used
Heart * (from the year 1977)

STAMLO BETA 50 MG 1 Tab a day ( Initally Inderal( 77-81), then
Aten 50 and stamlo 5 mg (81-2006) and then
Stamlobeta 50 mg (2006 to date)
ISMO 10 MG One tab Twice a day Since 1996
Tg Tor 50 MG One tab Once a day after dinner since 1996
ASA 50 MG One tab a day after dinner since 1991
Type II diabets
GLYCOMET 250 MG 1/2 Tab twice a day since Oct’ 2010
Sub clinical Hypothyroidism
THYRONORM 50 MCG One tab once a day since July’2011
Prostin 2 tabs (Homeo) twice a day since Oct’2011
recently undergone MRI cervical spine, for cervical spondylosis. In that the doctor observed a small syrinx at C4 and C5 level in the size of a small rice grain.He asked me to undergo a contrast mri to see if it is a cyst or tumor. I used to have burning sensation in ribs , hands and legs even in the year 1976 when i have taken pain killer, it subsided. I feel this cyst must have been there even from that time. As such can i wait for 3 more months and go for another mri or shall i simply forget this as this asymptomatic

Thanks for the query.

Regarding the presence of syrinx at the level of C5-C6, possibilities could be related to cervical spondylosis (myelomalacia), undiagnosed syrinx since birth and rarely tumors. However, tumors in this region are rare in this age group.

As you are asymptomatic, a...
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