Blood in stool

What is Blood in stool?

This is called Melina have numbers of causes form the ulcerative colitis to haemorrhoids and malignancy.

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I am 25 years of age, and when I pass wind I sometimes get a brown/yellow jelly like substance coming out and also some blood on the tissue after I have been to the toilet. I have been to my GP already who advised me that its normal to get this jelly substance if im constipated and that the blood was caused by a prominent vein but i m not constipated and have no trouble going to the loo. Any advice on where to go from here would be great Mr Pointer

Thank you for the query.

This jelly like substance is mucus. Every intestinal mucosa cell secretes such mucus so its present is quite normal. But the bowel movement with mucus only is not a normal thing. As well as blood in stool. Such symptoms can be caused by IBS,rectal polyp,...
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Hi, My period is coming and i usually have problems with my IBS during this time, but 2 days ago i had really bad cramps , exaustion, and not able to even get up, also incredible gas,, so i had a bowel movment yesturday and there were black specks all through my stool and as well as today, i am wondering if this is cause for concern or just the pomegranite i ate as well:P

Thank you for the query.

Black stool always should be checked with bleeding from stomach as this indicates blood in stool. If you do suffer from upper middle pain, usually after a meal, this can be bleeding peptic ulcer. That is why you should have upper GI endoscopy performed to rule this...
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For last 3 months I wake any time from 4am with gas and sometimes cramping pains and most mornings I need urgent bowel movement as soon as I get up. Movement is always loose and is generally in significant volume, my gut pushes everything out quite forcefully. Often visible pieces of partly-digested food in with it. Am left feeling weak and queasy and have no appetite for food or drink for several hours.

Thank you for the query.

Your symptoms can be caused by intestine severe infection, IBS, anxiety, pancreas disease, intestines partial obstruction, intestine inflammatory disease (Crohn`s disease, ulcerative colitis), parasites infection. It is advisable for you to have some tests as it...
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i get severe back pain so bad and in the morning its really bad so bad i feel like pulling my hair out.then when i go to the bathroom and do number 2 it hurts so bad and sometimes it s black and sometimes it s gray and when i wipe i have blood . i also will have bowles that are really thin and my bowles have been really smelling bad .my urine is also pinkish or yellowish red or really dark and smelly and i don t have an appettite anymore and putting on weight but, i don t eat but, alittle bit but i put at least five to ten pounds on every month . i really don t know what could be going on . can u please help me. thank you.DESPERATE
Hi, thanks for writing to HCM.

There are numerous conditions that may produce blood in the stools. The most common conditions are - Anal fissure, Hemorrhoids, intestinal polyps, fecal impaction, infective gastroenteritis etc.

You need a detailed clinical examination and appropriate investigations...
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Hi, I woke up yesterday with a lot of pain all along my lower abdomin....painful spasms off and on all day. I woke up this morning and had a painful small bowl movement and there was a small amount of bright red mucosy blood . I still have a bit of pain but not as bad as yesterday....I do suffer from IBS but never passed blood and never had those spasms....whats going on an do I need to go to emerge?
Hello. I'm Dr. Christensen.
Your concerns about the blood in your stool are well-founded. Bloody stools should always prompt you to seek medical attention, as they could be a sign of any one of several conditions: inflammatory bowel disease (e.g., ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease),...
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Dear Sir, Past two months i have been observed some blood with stool and in last 3 months i got it for at least 3 times , this also when i have taken some oily and warm foods. sir i observed some little round mass near the hole of the stool passing area and the blood is coming in some time in a month only . blood is very red dark. all other , no pain, no itching and no other problem passing the stool. Please advice me the subject , i have not started any medicine till date and want to start the medicine as well as if you know a good doctor in i want to have a appointment with him.
Hello and welcome to Healthcare Magic. Thanks for your query.

Your symptoms may be indicative of hemorrhoids (or piles). Sometimes, an anal fissure, which is caused due recurrent constipation and passing hard stools, can also cause blood in stools and an anal mass. I would advise you to contact a...
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hi myself AAAA 28 years old male suffering problems during passage of stool . During bowel time the anal area feels like severe burning and its very painful. My family doctor tried many antibiotic on me but it gives relief for the time during which i m having the medicine but after the dose is complete i am still suffering from the same problem. Recently i am asked to do long colonoscopy and H-Pylori test. Just asking is it the right direction i am heading to in curing my problem
Hello AAAA ,

I am Dr Jignesh. I read your question.

Your complaints :

- Burning pain,severe while Passage of Stools,

Is there any Blood in Stool ? If yes U have to Consult Surgeon once for Problem.

You got Fissures in your Anal canal (verge) So you have burning pain,severe while Passage of...
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I ve been experiencing streaks of rather bright blood in my stool and also droplets of blood in the toilet bowl. I haven t had any trouble actually going to actually defecate, and the colour of the poo looks as it normally does. I m 18, however I ve had a fairly massive lifestyle change and diet change as I have moved to University and I am fairly un-active as of late, this has been happening for roughly two weeks.

Thank you for the query.

Fresh blood in stool is mostly caused by hemorrhoids. However this is what causes your symptoms, in every case of blood in stool colonoscopy should be performed to see if there is something else causing such blood.
To get rid of bleeding you should avoid...
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I am having orange grease bubbles in my stool. I have not changed my diet at all and I do not eat many fatty foods do to the fact that I constantly battle with controlling my weight. I have had black stools in the past but never thought much about it. This is just too weird for me. Should I be concerned? I am a college student with no insurance so I don t want to go to the doctor unless I have to because I have no money to pay them with...
Hello Dear
Black stool with orange bubbles is a matter of concern in any age. Black stool is due to blood in stool. This can be due to liver disorder or infection of lower GI track.
Get your liver function test, stool for occult blood and Colonoscopy done. If you have no money than follow some...
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I ve fallen off of scaffolding on Friday and now have blood in my bowel movements. It was really bad on Saturday, not so bad yesterday but, today I essentially pooped blood. I have some pain in my right side. Any ideas what I could ve done? Oh yes and a few days ago I had really bad breath; or at least that s what my kids told me.
Hello and welcome to HCM
There are many causes of blood in stools. Some of them are mentioned below:
1. Peptic ulcer- Causes black or dark colored stools. as the bleed is high up in the intestine the blood is digested/ altered.
2. Diverticulitis- Causes stools mixed with blood. Diverticulosis is...
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