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Molar removed, tooth cut in half, jaw pain, swelling, gray green color in hole, face swelling. Taken lidocaine shots. Pain management? Irregular periods after taking krimson 35 for PCOD. Prescribed Diamet SR and yamini tablets. Problem will be solved? How can blood sugar levels be controlled ? Missing periods. Pregnancy test negative. Is there any side effects of regestrone. Will I get normal periods? Why are my period cramps unbearable after my abortion with diarrhea, low back pain ? Missing periods. Took regestrone. Pregnancy test positive. Is there any side effect of medicine on baby? History of stunt inserted in head. Suffering with hernia and damaged liver. What should be done? Bloated stomach, have no change in weight but a visible inflated stomach, not pregnant. How can I get rid of this? Semen leaking from the penis after cleaning post masturbation, dark penile edge. Sign of infection? Having frequent loose motions with blood and abdominal pain.Feeling tired and week. Recurring mouth ulcer. Taking medications, no relief. Worried? Broncho vascular marking in bilateral lung, difficulty breathing, chest pain, haziness in frontal and maxillary sinuses. Treatment? Pregnant with brown discharge. Done U/S found marginal placenta previa. Is it safe to travel by plane. Pregnant, anterior subserous fibroids. Will the fibroid affect baby, can it be removed during delivery or will it shrink? On pill. Had unprotected sex. Missed pill. Started spotting, constipation, nauseous. What are the risks? Having frequent bowel movement. Mentally feels weak. What are the risks? Pregnant with consistent dry cough. Worse while sleeping. No relief from inhalers and other home remedies. Chest x ray and blood test normal. How to get immediate relief? Pain in eye, suggested glasses. Will the power increase with age, how can normal vision be achieved? Child and mother suffering from running nose, cough. Prescribed cefpodoxime proxetil, mahapod. Which medication should I give my child and which must I take? Used to masturbate regularly. Now testicle looking small. Early ejaculation, unable to control. Feeling guilty Persistent vaginal and abdominal pain, not sexually active of late, pain originates from the vagina. Had a bang on the vaginal wall post a fall. What can be done to relieve pain? Using minoxidil 10% for hair growth. Hair is growing with minoxidil not only on head but all over body. Is there any other medicine with no side effect? Experienced stomach churning and nausea after eating.Pain in lower abdomen, could be wind trapped in intestine. Symptoms of indigestion Diabetes, sleepy feeling, tickened tongue. Whats wrong and suggest remedy? Taken HCG injection for pregnancy, advised ecosprine, bleeding started.Whats the reason? What are the side effects of remeron rd 15mg ? Not used secalia during pregnancy. Is it safe to use after pregnancy? Can use propysalic ointments? Breastfeeding, have excessive growth of rough hair in extremities. How can I get rid of it? Severe stomach pain with uncontrollable diarrhea. Vomiting, headaches, throbbing pain on walking. How can it be controlled? Feeling random pulses in the body, arms and legs. Suggestion and treatment? 1 year old child, having greenish, yellow motion, loose stools. Taking norflox, zinc gluconate. Pus cells seen in stool test. Treatment? Pregnant. Using clingen forte. Started vaginal discharge. Is it normal or infection? Diabetes, have red mark on the back with tiny holes, oozing fluid, suspicion of carnose. What treatment should be taken? Flu followed by itchy rash on arms, tummy spreading to other body parts, rashes resemble sun burns, diagnosed with virus rash. Temporary relief with antihistamines. What else can be taken? Light pink coloured blood since few days, no fever, abdominal pain after exercise. What can it be due to? Suffering from hives. Prescribed cortisone and avil. Discontinued due to side effect. Now on homeo medicines. Gained weight, is it due to allopatic medicines? Get aroused and discharge while talking about personal things, lower abdominal pain. Is this normal? Pregnant, traces of blood in urine. Urine test done. Are the results normal? Got fever after swimming. Blood test done. Looking for advice Pregnant. Albumin traces found in urine. Had hypertension. On ecospirin 75mg. No medicine for diabetes. What to do? On Althea pills, missed taking it at the proposed time. Will it cause pregnancy? Acne on face, back causing rough and dark skin. Prescribed minoz50, clingard gel. Are these effective? Had unprotected intercourse. Chances of pregnancy? Child having resurfacing fever post wearing off paracetamol effect. What can be done?
6 month old baby, prescribed Ascazin syrup, nausea, pain. Should medication be continued? Had unprotected intercourse. Started irregular periods. Pregnancy test negative. What are the chances of pregnancy? Trying to conceive, follicular study done, follicle ruptured on day 20. Taking susten vt 100 vaginally. Am I infertile or progesterone deficient? Delayed period, discharge from breasts on squeezing, negative pregnancy test. Pregnancy signs? Having shortness of breath and cheat pain. Gallbladder removed. Smoking and drinking. Looking for cure What is the other name for thyrowell? Child suffering from constipation and hardened stools. Apple juice in food leads to vomiting. Stool test already done. What is the interpretation from the test? Taken injection Fertigyn and on Ovacare perdy. Can I conceive ? Can I ask a doctor to check my sugar and cholesterol report ? Suffering from urticaria and angioedema. Taking antihistamine. History of hypo-plastic bone marrow syndrome. Any suggestion? Is it possible to correct uneven muscle situation that occurred due to chin up exercising ? Prolonged ear pain. Did MRI, report suggest of having MS. Right side vision blurred. What treatment should I take and from where? Spotting after inserting copper coil, sexual intercourse, leg pain, bleeding. Treatment? Persistent positive ASOT test post treatment with penicillin, normal swab test, has scared kidney with normal urine samples. What can be done to get rid of the infection? Undergone IVF, pregnancy test positive. Experiencing cramp and bleeding. Is it normal? Diagnozed with prolapsed disc, advised surgery. How effective is ozone therapy, chances of its reoccurence? Have dark skin on face. Used metasone plus cream and get cured, repeated again. Looking for cure Pain in heels. Unbearable pain while standing. Suggestion. I am a PCOD. What treatment should I go for to conceive a child? 22yrs old female, with little hairs on breast. What is the cause and cure? Suffering from fever. Prescribed mahacef plus. Hemoglobin, typhoid, malaria tests done. Causes for fever? Experienced an unresponsive right leg after standing in warm shower for long time.Could feel the leg. Hand also not working properly. After two hours everything become normal Eye itching, soreness, headaches. Wearing contact lenses. History of small corneal cysts. Recurring condition? Tongue piercing done, and blood is coming out of it. Is it a blood clot and how do I stop it? Getting dots of blood in my sputum. Recovered from chest infection. Comes out only after eating. No other symptoms. Why the blood is coming out and from where? Fishbone stuck in gum, causing infection, nausea, headache. Did I wait too long? Done semen analysis test. Chances of conceiving? 29 day old child, diet of NAN PRO, watery stools, stomach bloating, now on low lactose milk. Is he lactose intolerant? Skin rashes behind legs, water related, pimple like boils. Using diprosone. Causes? Having chest pain, feeling pressure in my forehead, feeling dizzy, feeling nausea, neck pain. Taking robanax, motrin. Normal CT scan, ECG, blood work. Can be muscle pull in chest. Cause for this neck pain? Diagnosed with hemipalegic migraine. Feels vibration in feet, cramps, dizzy, back pain, blurred vision. What's going on? Breathing difficulty, knee pain, difficulty walking after chemotherapy. What went wrong? Have hypothyroid and high cortisol. On levothyroxine. Gaining weight. Looking treatment to cure and loose weight Child having regular chest pain, difficulty in long hours of physical activity. MRI showed right ventricle pinched between sternum and spine, high haller index. Will Nuss procedure prove helpful? Weakness after passing stool, fever. Taken Metrogyl. Negative blood test. Problem? Cholesterol, high triglycerides. Taking lipicard, side effect of anal bleeding, gas formation. Should medication be continued? Discolored inner thighs due to raised, hard bumps, rash spreading to other body parts causing flakes. Remedy? Child having large lump on shaft of penis. Has been circumcised. Dr told infection from not cleaning properly, on paperwork cellulitis. Gave him bactrim. Worried, what it could be? Hump below shoulder, painful to breathe. What could this be? Am smoking, had lower back fusion Had rabies vaccination post a pet dog bite, scratch on the finger due to dog's teeth, dog well vaccinated. Can I take alcohol? Semen leakage while sitting, clear urine without pain. What to do? Dizzy spells, lethargy, pain in the breast and ribs on breathing. What it could possibly be? Had tubal ligation done. Longer menstruation, passing blood clots. Could tubes have come undone? Suffering from cerebellar ataxia and cerebellar degeneration diseases. Hand and neck shivers. Looking for treatment High albumin urea levels, taking Metformin. Have sleep apnea. Could Pradaxa, Sotolol or Symbicort cause increased level? Back pain, numbness, bruised feeling. Have whip lash due to car accident. Should I see an orthopedic? Elevated chromium level after total hip replacement. How can I reduce it? Cannot open eyes in the morning due to pain and watering. Swollen eyes. Body pain Elevated triglyceride level, have flatulence, blood in stools post taking lipicard. Is it due to medicine? HPT positive. Started bleeding and cramps. Tested positive through blood test and negative on HPT. What's going on? Feel dizzy and blurred vision, with loud music at pubs. Is this vertigo from loud music? Teenager with dehydration. Blood sugar dropped low. What could be the reason? Diabetic, excessive sleepiness, enervation. What is the cause and stability measure? Taken many treatment for acidity. All medical report including endoscopy normal. Took omez 20 mg for instant relief. Doctor diagnosed GERD. Prescribed franxit .5 mg, melitracen 10 mg. Is it useful? Tendon tear, pain at elbow joint, microscopic tears in muscle. Taking ibuprofen for pain. Can I continue exercise? White, damaged hair. Frequently dyeing near scalp, not responding well to hair color. Treatment? Red pimples around penis tip, white foreskin. Blood tests negative for STD, virus. Causes for red pimples? Child having urinary infection. Not cured by norfloxacin. What treatment should be done? Advised surgery for fissure problem. Having dryness, itchiness and pain in anus region. Detected as sentinel pile. Concerned Visual circles in front of eyes followed by severe vertigo post taking indomethacin for frozen shoulder. Prescribed cinnarizine, betahistine. Any other medicine required? Small fragment of epidermal cyst, lined by rounded squamous cell, with granular layer. What does this mean? Pricking sensation on the skin after shower or sweat. On allergy injections for bilomia dust treatment. Side effect or water allergy? Spotting post taking microgyno 30 for abnormal bleeding due to pregnon. Normal? Brain MRI showed focal lesions in occipital region, frontal lobe with perifocal edema. Suspicion of metastases, positive tuberculin test. What does it indicate? Suffering indigestion, belching. Tests normal. Suffering stomach disorder after Quitting smoking. Chronic OCD, anxiety problems that are worsening day by day. On contraceptive, Microgynon since a long time. Is it due to pill? Sudden episodes of lightheadedness, shortness of breath, tightness in neck with a feeling of fainting, eye twitching, slurring words. EKG, MRI normal, diagnosed as anxiety, prescribed xanax. Suggestion? Breathlessness without chest and lungs hurting, swallowing hurts. Is this something bad? Mild vertigo, vomiting, right eye twitching, shaky vision. Whats the matter? Itching on the toes, redness on the webs followed by hardness, difficulty in walking. Taken anti-allergic medicine. Cause? Sudden onset of soreness, swelling on finger joints, hip pain. Sign of aggressive arthritis? Slipped and injured knee, severe after cycling. MRI showed myxoid degeneration of posterior horn, bad pain while walking. Whats the cure? Semen test done for colour, viscosity, reaction PH, sperum concentration, sluggish, pus cells. Is it normal? Radiology test done, hypoechoic mass on left breast, bilateral fibroadenoma. What does this mean? Bug bite on arm, red itchy, clear liquid oozing out, infected, drained pus. Is this staph, MSRA, can it be treated at home? Severe period pain, vomiting, weakness, diarrhea, frequent urination and pelvic pain during regualar days. Could it be menstrual illness? Suffering from CKD, diabetes, hypertension and joint pain. Feels dizzy, weak, swollen leg after taking medicine. Any advice? Vaccinated by rabipur after dog bite, taken booster shots, small wound and dog licked it. Are more vaccinations required? Sudden onset of itchy dark patch on the arms. How can I get rid of it? Hairfall problem. Taken scalptone and jaborandi oil, R89. Is it possible to grown hair in the bald area? Had an MRI done, anterior wedging of endplate, degenerative facet joints, encroachment on neural foramina. Whats the treatment? Small indentation on the side of head. Wear head set at work. What could it be? Arm pain prominent on extending and releasing post blood donation. Is it worrisome? Nursing mother, pain in left breast. History of dizziness. BP normal. Suggestion. Hay fever, have taste of blood on coughing, tightness in chest, rapid heart beats. What do these symptoms mean? Having periods twice a month. Heavy bleeding. Pain in upper stomach. What may be the cause? Both eyes going blind for few minutes on random basis. What could be the cause? Difficult to swallow, burning sensation in mouth. Frequent consumption of alcohol. Suggestion. Period missed. Confused by pregnancy kit result. How to test pregnancy? Irregular period, abdominal pressure, bloating. Am I pregnant? Swollen vagina after intercourse, lump appeared, painful to touch. What could this be? Back pain. X-ray shows lumbar curve, normal bone density. Is sports the reason for pain? Longer periods, mid-cycle bleeding post taking birth control named Generness Fe. Is it normal? Took mifprestone in second month of pregnancy. Started bleeding. Is it safe to have baby? Is their any abnormality in baby? 23 months old having loose motion, fever, shivering. Given crocine syrup. What could be the disease? Child doesn't feel on making bowel movemnet. Has Goldenhar Syndrome, had surgery for twisted intestine, face. How can it be corrected? Done egg transfer. Have cramping, breast pain, leg pain, numbness in lower body. Can you help? Bronchiectasis under control, profuse sweating on walking short distances. Cause? Stopped periods, brown discharge, hard and swollen stomach. What is wrong? Ear problems, blocked Eustachian tube. Taking sudafed, motrin for pain. Which version of coricidin must I take? Insulin dependent diabetic, skin tears, dementia, taking Fentanyl for arthritis. More input on careplan Persisting pain in the middle of the back, difficulty in breathing post a fall, suspicion of harm to the diaphragm. What could it be? Done knee surgery. Why is there still so much pain? Lump in abdominal wall. Diagnosed as hernia and scar tissue. Should i be worried? Erectile dysfunction. What should I do? Taking Pari for panic attack Continuous arm pain followed by breathing difficulty, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, hot flashes. Why am I facing this? Pain in pelvic area and hips, discharge, Done MRI. Have heavy periods, gained weight. What could this be? Have swollen glands. Blood work done, getting horrible taste, feels tired. Is this normal? Numbness on area above knee, feeling of water running down the leg, sensation of ripping or popping on standing. What could this be? Foul odor, dryness and swollen private parts after penetrative sex. No infection or problem with vulva. No improvement with metridinazole. How can I cure this? Rash under breasts and on arms in spring. Is it syphilis?
Throbbing headache radiating to jaw and neck on passing toilet. What could be the cause? Had unprotected sex, nausea, sore nipples. Early pregnancy? Bruising on legs after falling. Red thick lines across bruise. Will they heal? Having throat pain, hay fever. Take loratidine. Lump under chin, started to snore. What does this mean? Had transvaginal pelvic ultrasound. Cyst found. Looking for the suggestion Arms and legs are thin. Taking protein shakes. What can I do? Feels dropping of while going to sleep, body starts shaking. Family history of epilepsy. Looking for solution? Taken adderall, Having having an endoscopy to stretch my esophagus. Is taking adderall before anesthesia is bad? Cystic boil in armpit. Red, swollen and tender. What can I do? Arm pain, bicep swelling after exercising. Is this normal? Pregnant. Having back pain, frequent bowel movement. 1 cm dilated. Is it normal? Urinating foam, dark and smelly, loss of appetite. Kidney malfunction? Changed from Ovaranette to Loestrin. Will it be effective even after taking a break? Had total thyroidectomy. Taking methylprednisone. Joint pain, dizziness, toe spasms, blurred vision Finished birth control pack. Started cramping and spotting. Is it normal to skip periods while on the birth control pill? Child's penis is red, no pain. White discharge. What can this be? Having protected intercourse. Missed periods, frequent urination, feels nausea. Am i pregnant? Erectile dysfunction, snoring at night post smoking cessation. How can I fix my problem? Child has whiteheads on neck and back, put Benadryl cream. Infected? Glands on neck, not painful, getting bigger. What are they? Pain in testicles and left side tummy, vomiting. Reason for pain? Infant with difficulty in breathing. Delivered through c-sec. Cord wrapped around his neck. What may be the cause? Had unprotected sex, on ovulation period. Have bad cramps. Am I pregnant? Had chlamydia, pregnant. Started painful bleeding after intercourse. What are the complications? Pelvic scarring near the womb. Had laparoscopic adhesiolysis, lasered away the scars. Prescribed lifetime morphine. Whats the permanent treatment? Ringing in ears, blockage, red ear canal, loss of balance. Treatment? Bruised and swollen ankle, iced it, opposite side is getting swollen. Is there a treatment emergency? Delayed periods with brown pink discharge, no heavy bleeding. Can this be regular periods? Tiny dark dark bumps on legs and thighs, lack of vitamin D. Is it because of vitamin deficiency? Suffering from Barrett's esophagus, have severe dysphagia, CT scan showed moderate thickening of distal esophagus. Chances of adenocarcinoma? 17 month old having fever, stomach pains, diarrhoea. Strep test negative. Should I go for blood test? Swollen arm, difficulty in extending or bending post a bad fall on the elbow. Cause? Continuous unconsciousness after and before operation for removal of blood clot in brain post an accident. What is the recovery process? Had stillbirth, menstruation started for few days. Missing periods, feeling cramping, nausea. Pregnancy test negative. Pregnant? Poison ivy rashes, red oval shape, no blisters, itchy. Taking prednisone. Can it be an infection or lymes disease? Toe knuckles have dry tough skin, tans become darker, looks dirty. How can I treat that area? Having light periods. Am I pregnant? When to take a pregnancy test with light periods? Had neck CT scan, fullness of left nasopharynx with asymmetry. Sesonal allergies. What can it be? Strange bump on the knuckle while karate since six months, pinkish skin above it. Is it a tumour? Missed period, have cramps, clear discharge, had taken birth control pills to stop continuous bleeding. Pregnancy chances? Severe throbbing pain in arm, shoulder, and chest, difficulty in raising arm post treatment for sore throat and sinus infection. Taken z-pack, macrobid. Cause? Had sex when ovulating, sore breasts and cramps, mood swings, headaches, nausea. Pregnancy test negative. Can there be a possibility of pregnancy? Headaches, pale and clammy child, sweats lot during cheer practice. Can this be due to exhaustion? 51yrs old, experiencing night sweats. Regarding periomenopause. Why is this happening? Burning sensation on penis tip, irritation on right side. Cysts, STD or HPV? Child with pain on the leg, area warm and hard to touch. Given Advil, applied calamine lotion. Worrisome? Children suffering from fever, red watery spots around mouth, nose, elbows, feet. Causes? Bleeding from liver, liver damage. Given 4 pints of blood. History of alcoholism. Treatment? Twitching in upper abdomen, abdominal pain, heartburn. Causes and treatment? Child has injured gum, bleeding. Need to see dentist? Rib area injured. What can heal sharp pains? Has he fractured lung or has internal bleeding? Had unprotected sex. Took ipill. Started bleeding. Should go for pregnancy test? Rashes on back, neck and forehead after surgery, Puss filled raised bumps. What could be this? Painful bruise in leg. Burning and warm to touch. Any need to check by physician? Testicle hurt. Why is it swollen? Can I fix it myself? Had bypass surgery due to blockages in artery. Feels something moving near heart. Why is this movement? Might have strained hamstring. Why does thigh feel numb? Is it a tear? Suffering from tuberculoma. Diagnosed as neurocysticercosis. Taking R-cin 600mg and Solonex 300mg. Worrisome Trying to conceive, taking duphaston, have abdominal cramps. Signs of pregnancy? Delivered twins. Feeling guilty on neck while touching. Test shows high protein and iron. What's wrong? Used herbal, allopathy and homeopathy medication to conceive. Have PCOD and hypothyroidism. Can I get pregnant? Child complaining of pin in limbs. Difficulty sleeping, numbness in feet. What could be this? Allergy, running nose followed by loss of voice, chest pain, thick mucus with nasal bleeding. Is it inflamed bronchi? On pill. Spotting between periods. Have migraine, feels nauseous, fatigued, frequent urination. Should I go for neurologist advice? Red marks on the inner thigh areas that are light in the morning and prominent at night. Varicose veins? Got food infection, itchy skin and allergic problem. Took medicine. Getting burning sensation in stomach and slow digestion. Any advice? Continuous cough, running nose, wheezing due to allergy. No relief with medicines. Asthalin pumps or rotocap can be taken? Break through bleeding, had taken morning after pill post unprotected sex, on jolessa. Pregnancy chances? Feet hurt, blotchy colored skin on sole. Degenerative disc disease? Why can't I get on feet instantly? Having tiny flesh color bubbles on my soft palate and back of throat is red with bumps. Throat burns while gargling with peroxide. What is happening to me? Treat oligoasthenoteratozoospermia? Explain semen analysis result. What does motile count, sperm count indicate? Lump in throat that moves. Why are there sharp pains? Sinus allergy symptom? Fever, high RBC. Why? Fair to go for a kidney ultrasound? Had LAVH BSO. Taking Sotto Pelle estrogen and testosterone pellets. High testosterone levels. Should I stop medication? Have had tonsillitis. Wisdom tooth painful. Anything apart from pain relief supplements? Patello femoral syndrome, pain in left knee, unable to walk. Using theory rice, not much relief. Treatment options? Urinalysis. Light yellow color, traced protein. Do I have UTI? Been anemic. Eye check up revealed an anuerism main optic nerve. Iron infusion? Having pain in leg, ingrown toenails not healed, gaining weight. What's going on? How to lose weight? Had ultrasound. Contains leiomyomoas. What is the meaning? How do I know I'm okay? Pregnant. Had PCOD and thyroid problem. Laparoscopic treatment done. Gave vitamin. Is it safe to take duphaston? Pregnant. Taking warfarin medication for pulmonary embolism. Abortion suggested. Safe to take mifeprex, cytotec? Low blood pressure, normal pulse, dizziness, GERD, drowsiness. Causes and treatment? On therapy to beat sex addiction, want to explore option of orchiectomy. What are its benefits, drawbacks? Overweight, dizziness and extreme fatigue with cough post eating items with sugar. Is it related to obesity? Feelings of panic, anxiety, insomnia, rape victim. Do I need a psychiatric evaluation? Use different fork for different foods. If same fork is to be used , need to be washed before using. Do I suffer from OCD? Have irregular periods. Taking ovafar, folinal tablet and orgamed. Is there any chance to get pregnant? Frequent headaches with sharp pain in eyes, pain located above eyes, neck pain, occasional smell of blood with pain. What could be wrong? Severe hair fall, losing hairs from the roots, want to use zydip lotion. Is it effective? Small tender, red bumps on the bum after protected sex, no itching. Had taken metronidazole for vaginal infection. Is this STD? Child having nose bleeds after body becoming hot. What could be the reason? Infant, red tiny pimples surrounded with reddish skin on the body scalp with dandruff, pimples turn to skin color and get red on bathing. Confusion over eczema, dermatitis, monilial spots. What can be done? Overweight, feeling of shortness of breath due to anxiety of heart attack, on Tazloc. How can I reduce anxiety and weight? Child birth, loss of appetite, nausea on eating food, weight loss. Post pregnancy symptoms or digestive system condition? Nagging cough. Acute bronchitis? On levoflaxacin. What can help? Pregnant. Having excess saliva, weakness, burning sensation while urinating. Is it normal? Suffering from chronic prostatis, no improvement with allopathic and homeopathic medicines. Is it curable? Pregnant. Suffering from hypertension, high blood pressure, swollen legs. Is loprin 75 safe in pregnancy. Spotting and bleeding after period stopped. Due to side effects of birth control? Allergic reaction to amoxicillin. Cold sores, weeping skin and rawness. What can stop that? Tested for semen analysis for sperm count, non motile sperms, double heads. Taking ubipheme and maxoza. Chances of improvement? On TB treatment, have joint pain , head emptiness, vitamin D23 deficiency, difficulty in detecting the affected part. Tests detected positive mantoux, elevated ESR, low IgM. Advice? Had unprotected sex after having periods. Took ipill. Started spotting, stomach ache, morning sickness. Am I pregnant? Had seizure. Having PVC. Is that normal? HPV cause? Vomiting with by high fever, had intense leg trembling post waking from sound sleep, diagnosed with ear infection. Is it serious? Severe acne on chest, back, face post skin whitening treatment. Had taken multivitamins, vb7 forte. Cause? Fever, headache in a child. Given tylenol. What can be the reason for hearing voices in sleep? Will there be duplication of medicines by taking TG TOR-10 and Telmikind-20 for diabetics? Child with breathing difficulty since birth causing disturbed sleep, has frequent nasal blocks, acute coughing. What can be done? Sensitive face, burns often, acne due to pealin. How can the pimple spots be treated? Had protected sex. White mass on penis, red bumps on mouth. ELISA test negative. Should i test for HIV? Hypothyroid, levels under normal, prescribed ebexid post missed abortion. Reason? Having black stool with blood, no abdominal pain, feels pressure and gas. What is going on? Child has a good healthy diet, looks pale with dark circles around eyes. What is the reason for looking yellow and ill? Big toes with wide nails, swelling on the big toe with redness half way beneath the nail, corner inflamed and painful. What treatment should be taken? Gall bladder removed, sweat and pain in ribs and lower back pain. What can be done to treat the ribs pain? Hospitlised due to dengue fever. Dehydrated, low platelet count. No other symptoms. Hospital stay required? Suffering from Nocturnal problem. Taking proper diet and mentally fit. Is it related to Para-sympathetic nervous disorder? Planning for pregnancy, irregular periods, uterus endometriosis. Taken provera, nordette. How will it help? Which contraceptive pill is recommend for adult acne? Is Yasmine safe to take? Pain, difficulty in swallowing, panick attacks, stressed. Low thyroid function. Will child suffer too? Accidental use of Fucidi H cream internally to treat piles. Is there any danger? Had protected sex. Missing periods, not getting any pregnancy symptoms. Is there any chances of pregnancy? Thrombotic embolism, heavy bleeding during menstuation with low Hb count. Changed from warfarin to acitrom. Is it safe? In mid-thirties, periods only once after breastfeeding. Taken primolut N, prescribed coc pill. Will it work? Bronchial asthma, chronic condition, productive cough. Prescribed augmentin, cefedroxil, predicort. Medication safe to use? Mouth ulcers, throat pain, fever, ulcer on penis. HIV, VDRL, HBS ag test negative, positive hepatitis A test. Precautions? Have a severe pruritic macular-papular rash all over body. Had ivy poison before. Being treated with medrol without any relief. Low body temperature. Is it side effect of any steroid? Dental procedures done, non painful lesion and swelling, noticed pimple and capillaries. What can it be? Gets bumps on penis after ejaculation, having a hot body. What could be the cause? Bleeding post sex, on contraceptives. Had bleeding earlier after withdrawing pills. What does this mean? Diagnosed with staph in an open wound on toe, started IVF cycle. Does staph infection affect the sperm quality? Burning sensation post urination, lesion on penis opening. Taking levoplaxacin. Treatment for UTI? Fluctuating flab gain and loss over belly, strange feeling in stomach with movement, sudden vomiting. What could be the cause? Suffering from acute leg and ankle. Taking neurokind plus. Inflammation disappeared. How can the pain be treated? SGTP high with no liver damage. Drink and smoke. Vomit daily. Had heart problem. How to control? Undergone two miscarriages, willing to conceive.Irregular periods, developed endometrioma. Reports normal. Suggest TB treatment or IUI Frequent outbreaks of tiny white spots on palms followed by peeling, no pain or itching. What treatment should be taken? 6 year old child, diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Taking thyronorm. Thyroid, liver, cholesterol tests done, high TSH. Ultrasound shows water retention. Treatment? Bitten by pit mastiff on thigh. Lump appeared, warm to touch. Is it normal or infected? Infant with dent on the side of the head that follows a bump on the middle, intense crying followed by sound sleep post a fall. Is it worrisome?
Bump on head. Side effects in a child? Will he be fine? Squeezed skin on face to remove dirt out of small dent. Face swollen and pain. Applied ice. Is it due to trauma caused to skin? Going for IUI. Will I have menstrual interruption? Are elevated cpk levels associated with febrile seizures in children? Had sore throat and spiking fever. Diagnosed with DMD Had tubal ectopic pregnancy and excision of tube. Can I get pregnant this month? Baby breast fed till 4 months, now breast feeding and formula milk. Passing dark coloured stools, strong rotten smell. Medicines given. Cause? Suffered mild case of Salmonellosis. Why are stools light colored? Is it due to pepcid? Suffering from on and off chronic acidity. Loss of appetite. Dysentery started after taking sorbiline. Should I discontinue sorbiline? Difficulty in conceiving, have normal reports, partner with premature ejaculation, normal sperm count. What is the cause? Bone sticking out in tailbone. Hip and back pains. Why is leg also hurting? How to get rid off fordyce spots? Excessive sleep, not depressed nor lethargic. What is the cause? Nasal blocks, unable to breath, hearing loss. Using nasonex, throat swelling. Treatment for allergies? Bump next to testicle. Is slightly painful. Who can help me? Feeling of a white bone out of the vagina. What could it be? Itchy penis head, redness, itchy rash on foreskin, extremely sensitive head causing difficulty in scratching. How can I get over this? Weakness, difficulty in standing of toes. Had operation to remove piece of forceps post surgery for herniated disc. How can I get rid of this? Semen oozes while urinating. Also premature erection. Is this a wrong situation? Water coming from eyes. Diagnosed as allergic. On claritain. What could be this? Had seizures. Now stressed. Can I take medicines after a boost? Will I be fine? Burning in anus, no piles of anal fissures, normal test results. Had surgery for anal fissures, gall bladder removal. Cause? Miscarriage. Bleeding with tissues and spotting. Why did I have clotting again? Link between masturbation and gynecomastia. Why are my breasts swollen? What does infertility test say? What does my sperm count indicate? Herpetic Whitlow and Shingles infection, no history of genital herpes, family member suffering from hives. Allergy related diseases? Swelling in vein with no reason. MRI report diagnosed tumour and need minor surgery. Consulted other doctor, told growth of tendon or ganglion. How to get relief from swelling and severe pain which persist? Taking levetaserum or keppra for epilepsy. Diagnosed PCOD. Am I safe? How to increase penis size. Which specialist should i contact? Extreme tiredness, excessive sleepiness, nausea, mild heartburn, sore nipples, bloating, cramps, spotting. HPT showed faint line. What is the conclusion? Used bleach to clean toilet floors. Then started coughing, eyes burning, throat hurting, burning sensation in chest. What can I do to get some relief? What can cause temporary sharp sudden burning pain in left arm, chest and back along with hight blood pressure and dullness?
Infant with skin colored raised blister on the arm, no fluid. Treatment required? Trembling in fingers, legs with numbness, severe pain on back of head with vomiting leading to blackouts, severe hair fall. Tests showed migraine and sinus. Further tests required? Pain in pelvic area after unprotected sex. Flu like symptoms, burning up in sleep. Am I pregnant? Had unprotected sex. Took ipill. Started bleeding. Should go for pregnancy test? Irregular periods, taking Primolut N doses. Can unprotected sex during this time cause pregnancy? Child having few small pin prick red spots on legs and arms. Some scabs due to scratching. Is it heat or viral rash? Swelling on foot, discolouration, pain, bruising across base of toes. History of diabetes. Treatment? Cold, cough, fever, nose blocks. Prescribed piriton cs, nebulization, asthalin. Safe to give these medicines? Diabetes, have weight loss, tests showed normal hemoglobic A1c, elevated microalbumin-urinre. Advised to get off medicines. Cause? Esophageal and stomach ulcers, chronic condition. Using reglan, no improvement. Treatment options? No milk for breast feeding. Prescribed dexolace special care, child having loose foul smelling stools. What should I do? Interrupted sleep due to discomfort in every position followed by vomiting, cramping and long painful session after shower with symptoms of diarrhea. What could this be? Abnormal bleeding, constant bloating, lower back pain. Had endometrial ablation, d and c. Advised hysterectomy. Suggestion? Child having lump above knee. Ultrasound reveled Lipoma. Can a small baby develop lipoma? Faint negative and faint positive on pregnancy test. Unprotected sex continuously. Pregnant? Pregnancy symptoms, negative pregnancy test. When should I repeat the test to confirm pregnancy? Enlarged nodes, unexplained weight loss, weakness, fatigue, cough and breathlessness. Fear Lymphoma? Bee stung on finger. Pain gone in an hour. Finger stiff, swollen and purple Breast cancer survivor. Had waxy tongue. Feels tired, constipated and bloated. X ray results fine. Any suggestions? Detox found different drugs in system. Not talking sense. Will he be normal? Started microgynon. Why am I bleeding continuously and heavily? Emergency? Spotting after intercourse and alcohol consumption, intermittent pain around cervix post Merina. How can I get over this? Recurring swelling on one side of vagina, feeling of inflamed muscle, no pain or discharge. Habit of vibrators, had unprotected sex with different partners, normal pap test. What could this be? Heaving bleeding during periods, USG pelvic showed anteverted bulky uterus with hypo-echoic soft tissue. What does it mean? Working in hot temperature for a long. Looking for medicine for safe health Concussion, head injury, swelling, nose bleeds. Treatment for recurring nose bleeds? Had unprotected sex post taking contraceptive injection. Chances of pregnancy? Suspicion of gall stones, alcohol addiction, have weight gain, lethargy, bright yellow stools. Is it due to gall or liver problem? Child having yellowish scabs on the scalp, hair fall on picking the scab. What could it be? Have premature ovarian failure. Option is donor egg. Can I do it naturally instead? Trying to conceive, on UTI treatment, taking Cipro and ibuprofen. Will having sex worsen the UTI? Diagnosed HCG positive. Given lupi. Why does lumbar vertebra hurt? Pregnant, in third trimester, have vagina filled with white gunk and frequent urination, prescribed Loxemin. Does the vaginal infection pose any danger to mother and child? BPH enlarged prostrate, on Flotral D. Had catheter in penis post difficulty in urination. Advised surgery after inspecting prostrate size. Can I get cured fully with medicines? Severe vaginal itching and irritation after Isoniazid, b-e. No relief with Monostat7, candida. Is it side effect? On subutex without prescription for getting off heroin. Is it effective? Congestion in head, chest and nose, breathing trouble with itchy hives and low grade fever post swimming all day. How can I cure this? Violinist, have dull pain and stiffness on shoulder blade, fingers, pain on straightening the hand, joint and upper arm pain on rotating the arm. What can be done? Sever back pain, spasms, leg pain, urinary incontinence, numbness and pain in the heel post microdisectomy. What could be the cause? Tobacco addiction, have sore on the cheek with a white spot in the middle and an indentation underneath. Treatment required? Had tooth extracted, led to dry socket. Why do I have fever, nausea and stuffed nose now? Rashes on thighs, patches under breasts, spreading to upper body. Taking steroids, became worse. Treatment? Dark complexion, marks, scars, itching. Taking ferrous abscorbate for anemia. Treatment for allergy? Diabetes, non-insulin dependent, hypertension under control, diagnosed with general brain atrophy, have intense headaches regularly with short term memory loss. Which medicine can I take? Bleeding post regular, normal periods, no cramps, light flow. Had unprotected sex. What does this imply? Constant rash with itchy blisters on hands and feet, no improvement with anti-fungal creams. Possible treatment and cure? Swelling and pain in arms and chest after bitten by wasp. Suffered anaphalaxia. Prescribed antihistamine Suffering from NAFLD, consistent elevation in triglycerides, elevated uric acid. No improvement with Storvaz EZ. Prescribed Rosuvas F10, advised Eco-stress test. Is the course of treatment right? 5 year child having pain in penis. A&D ointment cures for few minutes. Looking for alternate solution Can I get pregnant without mutual contact? By environmental factors? Why am I sick? Continuous sore throat, pain radiating to collar bones, disappears with hot drinks, reappears with SOY milk. Allergic to SOY? Having lower stomach pain. Getting less stool, bloating, constipation. Feels discomfort. Is it sigmoid colon? Left knee developed a lump after sports. Tried laser. Is it plica? Less body hair, average muscle mass, high libido. How is it possible? Having fast heart beat and numb neck. On Levoxyl for hypothyroid. On caduet for cholesteral and blood pressure. Should I be worried? Had unprotected sex. Started spotting. What are the chances of getting pregnant? Ants gathering over the urine, normal blood sugar. What could be the cause? Severe hair loss in bulk, hair coming out from the roots, no split ends. How can restore my bulk hair? Clogging in ear due to bumps with persistent drainage, blurred vision. What is the cause? Constantly feeling tired for many years. Sleep upto 12 hrs in night, force myself to be out of bed. Have history of depression. Excessive hair fall. What could be the problem? Vitiligo, hypodridosis, causing anxiety, sleeping trouble, emotional distress. How can I get over this? Trying to conceive, prescribed uphiphene 50. What is the purpose of this tablet? Infant with recurring boils with pus on the same spot. What could be the cause? Recurrent fever that subsides with panadol, elevated ESR. Had taken clericit for chest infection. What can be done? Tingling feeling. History of anxiety and depression. What is the cause? Suffering from congestive heart failure. Heart not responding to treatment. Liver gets enlarged. Chances of survival? Unprotected sex. Brown discharge, headaches, abdominal pain. No birth control. Pregnancy chances? Had MI, angioplasty, triple bypass, had stent and heart attack. Life expectancy? Raw skin, stingy feeling penis post dry masturbation, pain on touching. Is it normal? Watery loose stools after and before breakfast. Ultrasound found fatty lever. Serious? Lump on thigh, blood comes after squeezing. What's going on? Tore achilles tendon. Focused on weight loss. Can I walk? Diagnosed with cartilage inflammation, post angiography. Why is there fluctuating fever? POS, crohn's disease, had sub-totalcolectomy with ileostomi . Tender breast and weight gain. Pregnant? Swollen stomach, gained weight, burp alot, blood-stained mucus diarrhoea. What is the treatment? Lump on testicle post hydrocele repair. Found testicle atrophic on scanning. Is it normal? Watch out for concussions in a child who has injured head and chest area? Sexually active. Started sharp pain after using vibrator, looks like cold sore. Is this an STD? Having diarrhoea, stomach ache. Given imodium. Not cured. What could it be? Head injured to bleeding with bruised ribs. What is pigeon virus in lungs? Had cold. Why is back and stomach also painful? Why am I gaining weight? Red dots on mouth and sore ears. Has fever and tonsils. Is it strep or infection? Palpitations, blurry vision, normal EKG. Want diagnosis Shin splits, muscle cramps. Linked to hypothyroid issues? Weight gain, bad headaches, eye pain, dizzy spells on standing or walking, taking tetralysal tablets. Cause? Feels pain and burnig sensation in large intestine. Colonoscopy results normal. What treatment should be done? Periods stopped, pregnancy test positive, stomach heaviness. Common in early pregnancy? Bump on the vaginal lip, no pus or pain, have frequent urination with anal itching and clear discharge, had unprotected sex. STD? Taken betahistidine and vitamins for tinnitus. Should I continue treatment? Stretch marks near breasts, stomach. Why am I unwell? Am I pregnant? Had panic attacks. Why is my stomach burning? Emergency? Why did I bleed heavily after period stopped. Why is it so heavy? Cancer. Tumor in bladder. How can we cure with minimal expenditure? One kidney, diabetes, have problems with knee, taking hydro-codon. will it affect the kidney function? Sore knot on the back with surrounding area red, no injury. What could be the cause? Day 12 of menstrual cycle. Having cramps and ache on stomach muscle. Had unprotected sex on day 10. Have I ovulated? Unprotected sex. Why do I have tender breasts, nausea, mood swings? Pregnancy test? Got lower partials, trouble adjusting. Sore spot on throat and swelling in ear. Reason? Trying to conceive, Feels sick, sleepy and having periods. Could i still be pregnant? Ruptured ear drum, buzzing noise in ear. Taken antibiotics. Is it curable without surgery? Mouth ulcers on tonsils. Biopsy done, can be flamercell carcinoma or lymphoma. Are these cancers? Can brain move? Or am I tired? Why can't I move my legs when I wish? Big moving lymph node on groin. Is it swollen? How to get rid off it? Getting staph infection on penis and genitals. What treatment should be taken? Want to go for nose piercing. Parents against. They will agree if doctor don't see any harm. Opinion on nose stud which aren't too big Persisting redness, sore lump, swollen and hard vein on the area of IV insertion for UTI. Use the same arm for meth shots. Cause and remedy? Severe constipation, feeling of bowel movement that ends with gas, had soft and sticky stools after many days. Can I avoid this with prunes or salt water flush? Recurring fever started with vomiting. On motrin, fever comes back when dose wears off. Blood test, chest x ray negative. Could it be allergy , electolytes off diabetes or a relapse of a virus? Had vomiting fit. What does dizziness, thirst and bad appetite with sore neck refer to? UA showed positive for occult blood, leukocytes. Why is pushing urine out tough? Strained lower back, pulled muscle, pain on getting up. History of spinal problems. Treatment? Recurring soft lump on the vagina, white and red, burns on slightest touch, appears before or after the period. What could it be? Patches of round spots like ring worms on thigh. What are they if not itchy? Chest pains. EKG said sinus rhythm probable left atrial abnormality. What does it mean? Stents in heart. Why do feet pain? What is safe to relieve pain? Whooshing sound in head and dizziness. Why does it happen so often? Had wisdom teeth removed. What is the bump in lower gum? Why does it hurt? 32 year old female, regular periods, wants to pre pone periods. Medication which can be used? Had bed sore wounds in old age. Put her on hospice with minimal pain? Suggest life expectancy? Pile from anus. Why is it tough to pass stool. Do I need surgery? Use ointment? Feel sore throat and fever after eating burnt food. Sleepless night after taking paracetamol. Is it normal? Pregnant, persistent numbness in nose, lip, teeth with itching post a bad hit. Will it subside? Had intercourse around period time. Have fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite and nausea. Pregnant? Suffering from sinus congestion, runny nose, sore throat and coughing yellow mucus. How to get relief? Sun burnt without being out in sun. Why is he growing darker? Hard lump on clitoral hood. Not painful, applying hot compresses. Is it sebaceous cyst? Clear jelly like substance dripping from rectum, tinge of blood in it. Should I go to the ER? High WBC count with trace protein. Why is there pain? What can I do? Seroos infection? Child with fever, runny nose, had rash on the body from armpits to diaper line. Are the two related? Erection problems post using minoxil 5%, VB7 forte tablets, stopped intake. Have I done the right thing? On birth control. Why is back paining? Is it due sex? Suffering from sinus problem. Had unprotected sex .Took tridot. Tested negative for HIV. Worrisome Brown period. Why does it keep coming back? Why are there cramps? Child having small visible dent on the side of face near ear since birth. One cheek fatter than the other. Will it go on its own? Sunburn, blisters on back, body rashes, brown spots. How long will brown spots take to heal? Low BP, ribs pain. Spots on kidneys. Have enhancing lesion. Vitamin D low. Am I okay? Lumps in legs during old age. Sleeplessness due to pain. Take painkillers? Diarrhea followed by constipation, heavy mucus, no stools. Worrisome? Cysts on shoulder, test done, shows capsular hypertrophy, low lying acromion. Treatment? Does dexorange syrup show any benefits for hair? Does it have any side effects? How control hair fall and have healthy hair? Picking scabs and covering with band aid. Using neospoirn. Is it due to depression and anxiety? Dizziness, difficulty in breathing, blurred vision, numbness in arms and feet, frequent urination with tiredness, thick black discharge with vaginal pain. Signs of diabetes? Condom broke during sex after period. What is the brown discharge? Serious? Bled heavy with clots after sex. Had medsfor. Ultrasound found cysts on ovaries. Now? Can an on-line doctor advice me on diagnosis of shoulder? Impression seemed as impingement syndrome. Fatigue, bad diet, headache, ear pain, dizziness. General malaise? Get blood sugar tested? Gymnastic, experiencing pain in both knees, tender to touch. How to control pain? Gastroparesis, repeated episode of abdominal pain followed by dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, blurred vision and complete blackout. Not on pills, do not smoke or drink. Cause? What are the splotches on chest and shoulders? Are they nerve related? Allergies? Developed face allergy. On selomax 50, Have rashes on face, swollen face and neck. Is it drug allergy? Had trembles in hand and fingers. Alcohol calms. Have hyperthyroidism. What medication? Hip injured while dancing. Hurts when stretching. Taking advil. Is it serious? Had hairfall. Used mintop. Why is hair growth slow? Having black patch on forehead and mouth. Using melagard 50+ along with Kojivit. Alternative treatment? Have PCO and high insulin. Meprate is good? How can I conceive a healthy baby? Having chest pain. Feels tightness while inhaling, hurts to swallow. What are the risks? Redness in anal area that bleeds. Why does it burn? Normal for hemorrhoids? 15 month old child, severe loose motions. On Zinc syrup, ORS, vizylac syrup. Treatment options? Why has my hair stopped growing? What can solve dandruff and hair growth? Suffering from lung tuberculosis. Feeling headache and vertigo, fever comes in empty stomach. What to do? Had intercourse. Took plan b. Feeling bloated. Why am i feeling bloated? Fever with cold and cough. Had flu shot. Why is my lower back and leg painful? Why diarrhea? Suffering from thyroid. On thyronorm 75mg. Ultrasound normal. Facing joints pains, hair loss. Can thyroid be completely eliminated? USG said hepatomegaly of fatty infiltration of liver. Meaning? Why missed period? Had hard knot under skin on leg with pus. Using alcohol wipes. What is the deep hole there? Chest pain and fatigue accompanied with breathlessness. Is it due to stress? Suffering from kidney failure. Creatinine, uric acid levels high. Treatment apart from kidney transplant? Getting head reeling while walking and sitting. Done tests for ears and spondylitis. Recently pace maker was inserted. How to treat the problem? Tinnitus, blurred vision, headache, loss of balance, motion sickness even when not in motion, rapid heart beats, shortness of breath post head injury. Blood tests, neuron-scans, X-ray, MRI normal. What is the cause? Got pimples due to change in weather and left black scar. Applied melalite cream, got rashes and area became black. How to rectify the problem? Pain in legs while standing for long hours. Blood test shows iron deficiency. Which specialist should I see? Fairly active as a smoker. Why does heart flutter? Why do I get dizzy? Lower jaw painful, discomfort in throat, soreness. Non smoker or drinker. Is it stress related? Cotton bud stuck inside ears since childhood, itchiness inside ears. Can it be removed now? Big, itchy, painful bump on outer side of vulva filled with pus. Sexually active. Is it an ingrown hair or cyst, how to get rid of it? Had headaches, wheezing, joint pain. Had lumbar puncture, blood patch caused arachnoiditis. See doctor? Taking cerazette. Had 2 week long period. Feeling sick, lost appetite, low blood pressure, episodes of migraines with aura. Cause? Having sore throat and slight headache. Not able to speak due to pain. Presence of yellow phlegm. Chest pain after cough. Took medication Continuous pain on back of head radiating to neck, indentation on the neck that pains on touching. Remedy? Ultrasound scan done, right ovary septated, thin walled cystic structure with low level echoes, left ovary with unilocular anechoic systic structures. Surgery required? Undergoing follicular study, low result for endometrial thickness, high value of follicle size, nil left ovary. Pregnancy chances? Have endometriosis, had Miranda coil fitted. Stomach pain. Is this normal? Taking Duphaston to regulate periods. Vaginal discharge but no periods after stopping. What should I do? Had macular degeneration, lost central vision. Diagnoised with peripapillary cnvm. Took avastin injection. Will it be cured? Gastritis condition. Prescribed Pylokit. What is the correct dosage and when must it be taken? Swollen hand and legs. Taking telekast - L. Reoccurs again. Looking for permanent cure Boyfriend forced to have sex, but I refused. Relationship broke off. Very upset. Thinking about distorted sex. Become boring and have borderline personality disorder. How to overcome? Sprinkling talcum powder on the floor and slipping on it. Needs immediate treatment FNA smear test shows granulomatous lymphadenitis, mycobacterial infection. Meaning? Semen analysis showed low sperm count, advised tests to detect azoospermia. Chances of natural impregnation? Overweight. Why do I sweat profusely? Due to smoking? Why do arms go numb? Hyper-acidity, improper digestion causing rapid heart beat, high BP, breathing difficulty. Taking Livosin. Other options? Nose bleeding, enlarged adenoids. Taking epileptic drugs. Are nose bleeds due to adenoids? Child having a parietal fracture. Medics suggested operation, but we refused. What could be the effects of not having this operation? Can this lead to hydrocephalus, epileptic shock? Dull skin, no glow, acne scars, white heads on face, face darker than other parts. No improvement with home remedies, treatment. Effective scar remover, whitening cream? Child with burnt blisters on the nipples, intense pain with bleeding. What could be the cause? Small child suffering from high fever. On crocin, fever decreased, watery stools, stomach pain, loss of appetite, cough, cold. Medication to treat symptoms? Hit on knee and elbow. Wounds are red, open and painful. Can i apply honey? Was alcoholic. Abnormal SGPT ALT levels. Can I not quit medicines? Loss of appetite, high BP. Taking gemfibrozil, benazepril. Cholesterol test done, elevated values. Treatment? Severe depression, suicidal thoughts throughout the day. How can I regain composure? Having dark brown mucus before period. Tube removed, had ectopic surgery. What has caused infection? Feeling of something crawling inside the ear, weird feeling in head with redness on face, no pain. Had a hard slap on the face. What could be the cause? Continuous, intense pain on the foot post an injury. No pain on walking. Which medicine can be taken? Suffering from bouts of abdominal pain with vomiting. Suffered from food poisoning from pack of sushi. What could be the reason, Is it diet related? Constipation, blood test showed low white blood cells count, positive Hplyori test. What could be the cause? Hard bumps under breast. Can mammogram be wrong? Am I misdiagnosed? Have chronic pharyngitis. Undergone nose surgery. Muscles anterior to tonsils red. What now? Itchy vagina with white discharge, itchy tiny bumps post sex. No relief with monistat. Partner does not have any signs. Cause? Suffering with Crohn's disease, have pain with variable intensities around stomach, stomach spasms with feeling of ball in stomach. On steroids, imerian. Is it normal? Long term hiatus hernia, avoid eating fruits, several foods, on different medicines. Is it curable with surgery? MRI showed slight posterior disc bulging minimally asymmetrical . Why can't I even walk? Head feels shaky. Why am I forgetful? Why are they happening? Itchiness in vulva, skin darkening in perineum. Biopsy showed HPV. History of yeast infection, peri menopause. Treatment? Wrist bent backwards due to heavy object. Cannot move it. See a doctor? Have back pain. Test shows CRP Positive, high ESR. ESR not getting cured by medicine. How to get relief? Had light bleeding. Was it implantation bleeding? What if I don't have period on time? Knee pain, popping and intense pain on bending. Treatment required? Pregnant. Started bleeding. Ultrasound shows normal sac and heartbeat. Am i at risk of losing baby? I am smoker. Having pain in ear. No ear infection or nerve damage. Feels tired. Can this be throat cancer? Upper back injury due to fall, pain in ribs, moved to upper left chest area, severe on sneezing, coughing, breathing deeply. Causes for this? Severe tooth ache. Taking painkillers. Blood from vagina when I take pills. Why? PCOD, breast enlargement with pain radiating to the arm after taking krimson 35. Have stopped krimson35. Cause of pain and remedy? Have itchy, reddish purple colored, bumpy, smooth rash on inner thigh. What is this? Which medicine should be used? Mitral valve prolapse, have breathing difficulty, prescribed amlodipine, simvastation for a life time. Whats the do's and don'ts for patients having MVP? Jaw pops. Why does it pain frequently? Why do I have headaches? Help? Knee cap on bending post a fall, feeling of pebble on the knee cap that is increasing in size, pain increasing day by day. Surgery required? Twice developed back sciatic pain, walking crooked, bent on one side. Taking painkillers. Cause and treatment? Diabetes, anemia, upper abdominal pain, gradual weight loss. CT scan showed splenic lesions on liver, normal liver biopsy, spleen biopsy unremarkable, suspicion of lymphoma. What could be the lesions be? Throbbing headache during climax of sex, unable to continue. Causes and solutions? Took too many Vyvanse in little time. Why did I start feeling sick? Left atrial abnormality, low blood pressure, heart pounding, no chest pain. EKG test done. Cause of concern? Started period, brown with clot. Why does it happen even after sex? Cause? Allergic to dust, weather changes, starts with irritation on the upper side of mouth, throat, chest causing breathing trouble. Improvement with Montair LC. Is it safe for long term? Constant intense pain below the breast post a fall, aggravates on coughing, coughing, getting up. What is the cause? Sudden facial cranial overheating, excessive perspiration causing interference in routine life. Thyroid, endocrine tests negative, no anxiety. What is the cause and remedy? Diagnosed with SPD and pregnant. Why frequent urination? Big baby? Back pain, stomach pain and bloating, blood in stools, low iron, heart rate fast. Reason for these symptoms?
Virgin, have painful lump on the vaginal lip post periods, reddish surrounding area, purple on the top of lump, difficulty in sitting. How to get rid of it?
Had indigestion problem. Undigested food found in stool. Taken lubowel 24. Started loose motion. Should i continue medicine? Took alerid-d for throat infection and severe cough. Why does it become dry? Fluttering feeling in the chest with breathing difficulty post taking epi for anaphylactic shock. on routine allergy shots. Normal? Sensation of being hot and dizziness suddenly. Have anxiety and panic disorder. What is the cause? Lantus injecting Type 2 Diabetic. Taking Olmetec for BP and Lipidil Supra for lipid control. Body gets overheated. How to control? Have very scanty flow during periods, otherwise healthy. Is it worrisome? Took pause 500mg for heavy bleeding with clots. Not cured. Stopped after taking meprate 10mg. Started again. Worrisome? Cyst near armpit. Gave silica and echinacea. Why is it not reducing in size? Have viral infection. Taking erythromycin. Feels something stuck in throat. Started coughing, blood in mucus. Concerned Missed period, light bleeding, negative pregnancy test, having severe stress. Can stress cause
Had spinal fusion surgery. Developed lymphedema in leg after surgery. What is the cause and cure? Trying to conceive. Taken duphaston 10 mg and progesterone 200 mg. Periods started. What are the reasons for not conceiving? Back pain. MRI showed hypointense areas. Start MTP? Can he withstand treatment? Lump under breast, hard. Why is it increasing? Is it cancer? Vein on neck pulsating, swelling at rest. Stents in coronary arteries. History of heart attack. Causes for pulsating vein? Excessive hair fall, fall on slightest touch. No improvement with Amexidil 5. What else can be done? Delayed periods. Taking microgynon pills, stopped mid cycle. Pregnant? Had unprotected sex. Took plan b pill. Having pinkish brownish spotting. Am I pregnant or have i had a miscarriage? Negative and invalid results in pregnancy tests, spotting, had unprotected sex post implanon removal. Pregnancy chances? Infant suffering with diarrhea, fever, had blue lips with goosebumps. Taking amoxycilin and calpol for congestion. Cause? Hurt lower back. Diagnosed with sciatica and lumbago. Why is pain excruciating? Diagnosed with UTI, have sore and itchy vaginal lips, spotting, white headed bump on my clitoral hood. Had a rough foreplay. what treatment should be taken? Increased heart rate. Cured after taking medicine. Started feeling pulse in neck, chest and tummy. What could be this? Boil near neck. Biopsy ruled out cancer. How to relive severe pain in shoulder and neck? Constipation, have a thin body frame. No improvement with medicines. Cause of hard stools? Having fever, bloated stomach. Had boil on arm. Any solution? Had sex. Started cramps and spotting. Is this a sign of pregnancy? Continuous bleeding with clots, dizziness, weakness. Ultrasound post medical termination of pregnancy showed small RPOC. Taken ciprofloxacin and ornidazole. When can I expect normalcy? Bruise on thigh, back and knee. Why leg numb? Mole on buttocks. Small acne on the patches. Is it just acne? Worth worrying? Trying to lose weight. On aitkens diet. Will Spiriva, advair and atorvastatin help to reduce weight? Butt Charley horse pain. Had back surgeries. Hamstring problem? Migraine headache, sore throat and ear infection. Treated with zythromycin. Now what? Missed periods and had spotting. Home pregnancy test negative, stomach ache. Looking for advice Sore and dry burning rash around mouth. What are the bumps on face? Due to sun? On and off earaches. Yellow pus coming out. Lump outside ears. Experiencing some hearing loss. Had thrush and BV. Vagina sore, eyes hurt, headaches. What is going on? GOUT getting worse in oldage. What medications can help? Will body cope dehydration? Constant pain in joints, knees, pelvic region, have positive hla b27, elevated uric acid, low vitamin d levels. Taking cholecalciferol, calcium and vit d supplement. Which pain killers can be taken? Severe melasma. Spot on forehead, ears, etc. Is it a fungal problem? Use an antifungal cream? MRI said disc nearly destroyed due to listhesis. What are modic changes? Had sex after period. Can I be pregnant if I had brown spotting despite birth control? What is the bump on chest after gym? Is it a moving muscle? What is it? Diagnosed as skin rash and dry skin. Took medicine, not cured. Started itching, bleeds after scratching. How to stop itching? Heart patient, normal ECHO, variations in ECG, have painful blackish brown spots on thigh. On vastarel, zestril, plavix. Is it worrisome? Positive leiden factor, Hyperadrenergic POts.
What is intrisic factor defieciency?
Can a person lose memory after fainting? Is dizziness, depression and etc a symptom of amnesia? Had pneumonia. Had IV for surgery. Punched in antibiotics. Why is it painful to bend wrist? Constant feeling of fullness in bladder, frequent urination, strong urge to urinate on trying to sleep. Tried many drugs for overactive bladder, antibiotics but no improvement. Effective remedy? Bruise in thigh, reddish and fleshy colored, in a circle. Is it a rash? Damaged foot in an accident. Why do I now have trouble sleeping? Why is chest tight? Nostrils split apart in winters, soreness and pain. Using bag balm for healing. How can this be cured? BP, had bleeding through anus after holding feces for a long time. Is it due to BP medicines? Gave up smoking and gained ounces. Why am I bloated? What can I do? Hyper violent child. How to save him from harm to self and others? High BP, feeling of dehydration and severe trembling post workout. What can be done? Difficulty in conception, had menorrhagia followed by missed periods, negative pregnancy test. Reason? Had surgery to remove cyst in ovary. Skin itching stopped. Is there any relation between ovarian cysts and skin problems? Child having cold, fever, mucus filled nose. What to do? Can I take cyanidin, glucoside to increase muscle mass? Does it work? Cough and wheezing after swimming. Diagnosed with Symptimatic Asthma. Symptom due to reaction to chlorine or common with asthma people? Having sharp pain in stomach, headache, periods came after 3 month, feeling sick. Have back problems. Concerned Kidney stones surgery done, no stone removed, hit a nerve while injecting anesthesia, unable to feel leg. How can movement be brought back in legs? Itchy red bump on external vagina. Due to contact? Why is it growing? Vaginal wetness during intercourse, discharge post sex. PAP exam shows no infections. Will pinealtonin help? Inner ear stabbing pain after a jog and drink. Why is scalp there tender? Anxiety based? Had stroke. Had hiccups and nausea. Mild swelling in brain. Can neurologist help? Feeling of plastic on forehead with cracking skin after using aloevera, black tea for sun burns. Cause and remedy? Headaches in a child, soreness in neck and nose, fever. Taken stopain, empaped suppositories. What could be causing these headaches? Child spitting and burping after starting solids. Take breastfeed. Had projectile vomiting . Should I stop solids? Child with periodic severe stomach pain, prescribed Zantac. Had eaten peanut butter. Is she allergic to peanut butter? Viral fever. Tests normal. Taking tylenol. Why is body pain persistent? Vision blacks out. What is the pressure or pain she experiences? Is that serious? Sore throat, swelling under ears. Using nasal sprays, pain medication, cough syrups, muscle relaxers. Causes for face swelling? Scared of not having baby in future due to having mangosteen peel herbal tea. Should I avoid it? Have UTI. Prescribed macrobid. Why do I have rashes that itch around anus? Prone to heat stroke. Having small vesicles in hand, stomach and neck. Severe muscular pain in back. What it could be? Diagnosed with adino carcinoma of Sisgnoid Colon. Mass removed. Will he have episode of MS? Diagnosed with adenomyosis, warned for profuse bleeding. Have scanty menstrual flow, hot flashes, anxiety, family history of early menopause. What should be done? Belching, discomfort in abdomen, have an ulcer. On PPI. What to do next? Increased heart rate after eating hamburgers. Feeling tired. Can a normal person suffer a heart attack? One testicle extremely sore to touch, bigger than the other, no cysts. On testosterone shots. What could the cause be? Swollen, red cyst on labia. Having fever, mucus draining from nose. Diagnosed as roseola. What it might be? Cramping and tenderness in calf, radiating pain in calf on changing positions. Have a cast for navicular bone fracture. Is it DVT? 13 weeks pregnant. Taking corcium lupin, biofer XT, folvite. Passed blackish stools today. Is every thing normal? Penis shrinked after masturbation. Why does erection not last long? Why is groin swollen? Severe headache on the temple throughout the day, increasingly chattering teeth, negative test for temporal arthritis. Had root canal, sealed canal. Cause and remedy? Persistent external hemorrhoid, discomfort in rectal area with pulsation, difficulty in sitting for long hours. Used suppositories, Anusol cream. Will it ever get cured? On implanon. Why abdominal pain? Why is BP high? Why does sex hurts? Pregnant, in third trimester, have painful lump in the pelvic region causing difficulty in standing. What could it be? Missed period. Had spotting along with vomiting. Having very light flow. Should I be concerned, chances of pregnancy? CT scan showed prominence of the adenoid soft tissues. Mucous-retention cyst. Sounds serious? Neck having a lot of hard knotted up bulges and sore muscles. Painful when rubbing them. What is the cause? Missed periods, bad smells and strong smells cause vomiting, headaches. Curious about the problem? Swelling in the underarm, not painful, have dull ache with burning sensation from arm to wrist, fatigue and mild headache. What is the cause? Eye pain, weakness, pale face. Theregran tablets. Is it mental problem? Long spells of aching. Why do they come and go? Is it serious? Undergoing FM. Took a HCG shot to burst follicle. Tube blocked. Why am I bleeding? Tested for STD. Burning scrotum, WBC count high. Cancer? Worry? Kidney stone removed. Having pain. Took laxative and enemas. Not having proper bowel movement. What to do? Experiencing extreme pressure in ears and forehead. Loss of hearing. Swelling in membrane? Chromosome problem in fluid around baby. Scheduled aminocentesis. Will be baby be fine? Kidney transfer. Detected with acute rejection symptom. On antibiotics. What else? Persistent intense itching on soles post a week due to assumed insect bites post a trip. What else could it be? Veg cap pill stuck in throat, pushed back up by throat muscles. Yogurt, cookies, bananas unable to dislodge it. Cause of concern? Headaches, dizzy spells, memory problems, light sensitivity. CT scan negative for tumor. History of diabetes, BP. Treatment? Fever, drowsiness, pain on coughing, white diarrhoea. Treatment? Hypothyroidism, depression, joint pain. Taking levothyroxine, causing weight gain. Blood work shows high ESR. Treatment for symptoms? Doing follicular study and having PCOD. Had HSG: Clear tubes. Taken fertigyn 5000 injection. Had sonography, showed reduced follicle, no free fluid. Can you please guide me? Suffering from idiopathic adolescent scoliosis. Recommended spinal fusion surgery. Can this be treated with yoga, exercises and naturopathy? Headaches. Why is it worse by physical activity? Normal? Wisdom tooth extraction done. Long strand of blood from upper socket, unable to pull it as it might dislodge socket. Treatment? Baby has dark red tongue. What can this mean with everything else normal? Suffering from headache on one side, advised to take vasograin. Any side effects? Any natural way to overcome headaches? Hypothyroid, persistent hair loss, facial hair, short vision, depression, fatigue, weight gain. Taking thyroxin. What could be the cause? Trying to conceive. Taking duphaston, fertab, vitmain E, folic acid. Delayed periods. Pregnant? Have severe anxiety problem, panic attack and scared of fear. Daily undergo severe palpitation, nausea ,severe vomiting, acidity and no sound sleep. How to completely overcome this problem? Ankle sprain, experiencing nausea, sweating, radiating pain towards knee, hip, outer calf muscles, swelling. Is this normal? Stressed due to rashes around breast. Am I infected? Bitten or stung by insect, many marks, throat swelling. Tetanus shot required for infection? Swelling in lower abdomen, noticeable on standing. Total hysterectomy done. Treatment? Taking orlistat for weight loss without medical consultation. Reddish stool. Is it bleeding? Itchy rash on tailbone, legs, face, chest and eyelids. Puppy was given treatment for hook worms. What is the cause? Early menarche, stopped growth at 10 years. Is there any treatment to grow further? Hard movable lump on the leg. No pain. Have smoking addiction Swollen painful gums, tooth ache. Holes in the teeth. What is the disease? Have bacterial vaginosis vagainal discharge. Taking flagyl 400mg. No itching or pain. Any solution? Infant had frequent eye infections. Droopy eyes after the infection. Is this Ptosis? Will it go away? Chest tightness, high pulse rate, numbness. ECG done, normal. Treatment for recurring condition? Child gets up early in morning. Household gets disturbed. Goes to bed early at night. Her body clock incredibly strong. Advice? Chronic sinusitis,smelling ammonia, burning sensation on scalp. Surgery done. On antibiotics, Salex SSR. Treatment? Suffering from flatulence. Not cured after taking proper diet. What to do? Normal sex life, having one child, tried to conceive again, facing erectile dysfunction problems. Causes? Pregnant, in third trimester, urinalysis showed protein trace, RBC, pus and epithelial cells. Worrisome? Having heartburn, inflamed urethra and semen in urine after having oral sex with a social sex worker. HIV, VDRL, TPHA, chlamydia test results negative. Suggestions? Sleep deprived, no urge to sleep on lying and closing eyes, droopy eyes that open up on closing. What could be the cause? Small child, resisting bowel movements, having hard stools. Ways to reduce anxiety towards bowel movements? Had vomiting sensation in morning. No fever, no pregnancy. Tests for typhoid, malaria, jaundice, have come negative. Taking zofer to supress vomiting. Can zofer be used for long? Pelvic sonography done. Burning sensation in vagina. Taking ovral 21 tablets Husband not interested in having physical relationship. Gets angry on hearing this topic. Is there any solution? Suffering from urinating in sleep. History of epilepsy and thyroid problems. Taking Zenoxa. Ruled out urine incontinence Scars under the eye after an accident. Tried laser treatment with lomela and elocon creams. No change. Advice? Had stillbirth, USG showed fetal death, doctor suggested bedrest. Possibility of still birth again? Weakness, sores under nails, skin is sore and hot, gastric ulcers. Suggestions? PET scan showed brain and lung cancer. Smoked pot. What medicine will a doctor give? Child fainted, high BP and pulse. Stressed, not eating properly. Had nose bleed. Reason for fainting? 28 weeks pregnant, ultrasound scan done, shows enlarged lateral ventricle size in foetus. Will this cause abnormalities? Husband had kidney transplant. Having low sperm count. I suffer from irregular period. Sperm comes out of vagina after several hours of intercourse. How can I conceive at the earliest? Metal plates and screws fixed in humerus bone through surgery. Is it safe to lift weights and do push ups for toning the body? On Yasmin, have diarrhea, nausea, back pain post protected intercourse. Chances of pregnancy? Have Meniere's disease, taking Bidurate, Vertizac and Lonapam. Weak and drowsy. Comments? Child coughing, has blood in vomit, bloody nose. What should I do? Pregnant. Started bleeding. Ultrasound shows baby fine. What are the risks? Missed birth control pill, bleeding during sex, spotting and breakthrough bleeding. Is this normal? Having reoccurring pain in chest, and back. Diagnosed as muscle pain. HDL cholesterol level normal. Chances for heart attack? Dry skin and mouth pain after using Benzac on pimple. What shall I do? Suffering from back pain. Facing gastric issues and having cracks on thumb. What to do? CT scan shows thyroid nodules, have acid reflux, spitting blood Suffering from osteoporosis. Pus cells found in urine test, high ESR shown in blood test. Looking for treatment Had c section. Have high uric acid and overweight. How to reduce the weight and tummy size? Eosinophilia condition. Taking cobadex czx, likebanocide forte, rekool-20, livogen-z, stomach irritation. Side effects of medication? CRP, blood test done. What does the reports indicate? Pain,heaviness and stiffness in legs. Suffering from constipation and urinary incontinence, resulted in gas problem. Could not find any reason from tests Diabetic, hypertensive, high cholesterol. Prescribed medication changed from Ecosprin to Clopidogrel. Difference in the two medicines? Cut near big toe, swelling, bleeding on applying pressure, painful. Treatment? Pain on the top of one testicle, chest and stomach pain after vasectomy. What could be the cause? Knee pain, difficulty in walking. Had great improvement with Reumofam-plus, withdrew it due to its contents. Will Laminine help? Tender breasts, weight gain in stomach, thighs, regular periods. Taking contraceptive pills. Pregnant or hormonal changes? Stomach cramping, dark stools. What could be the reason? CT scan shows liver enlarged, normal spleen, few small hypodence foci in pancreas. Kidneys and ureters normal, no enlarged lymph nodes Chest xray done. Taken medicine. xray repeated. Is my condition improving? Should i continue the medicine? Skin above upper lip and below nose is dark with hair growth. Looking for ointments to cure Lower abdominal hernia. Intense bleeding, irregular cycles due to endo, nausea, cramping, fibromyalgia. Treatment? Had a total hysterectomy done. Having pain during sex. Prescribed premarin vaginal cream. Sore and painful labia. What to do? Painful ovarian cyst growing at a pregnancy speed. Had womb removal. What cyst is this? Pregnant. Ultrasound shows fullness in the kidney. What does this mean? Is this dangerous for baby? On Cerazette, had unprotected sex after missing a pill. Chances of pregnancy? Suffering from nightmares, irregular heart beats, chest pain after starting Atripla treatment, suspicion of stress. Is it due to HIV treatment? Blistery rash in arm crook, small bumps in trunk area. Taken Shingles medication. Treatment? Bleeding, blocked hole after ear pierce. Taken Peroxide, Vaseline. No relief. Cure? On Loestrin 30 birth control. What is the broad spectrum meaning of "late" on the pack? Have COPD, high BP, pulse. Taking Klonipin. No relief. Will a breathing treatment be helpful, cure? Pregnant, in final trimester, baby in breech position. Had a normal vaginal delivery earlier with head first position. Is it safe to deliver vaginally? Diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Is it a treatable medical condition? Redness and itchiness if Betnovate is stopped. Can this be cured? Have UTI. Temporary relief after taking antibiotics. On homoeopathic medicine. Looking for quick and permanent remedy Taken contraceptive pill, now using Femodette. Had withdrawal bleeding. Had unprotected sex. Chances of pregnancy? Continuous fever and body ache after tonsillectomy. Taken Altipod, paracetamol. Will it prove beneficial? Spotting after passing urine due to a small raise on the vaginal area. Had shaved the area earlier. Could it be a sign of genital herpes? Trying to conceive, have elevated prolactin level, taking dostinex. Is it possible to lower it without taking medicines? Having multiple sclerosis, pain in lower back, stomach, feels nausea. Alternative for spinal tap? Painful bumps at the back of tongue, pain on swallowing, swollen tonsils and lymph nodes, fatigue, no fever. What do these symptoms imply? 16 months old having rash with pimples behind neck, back, chest, white heads, nasal congestion, green mucus. Causes and treatment? Severe pain and swelling after roll of foil paper dropped on foot. Area turned purple. Relief with ice pack Broken blister, pus oozing. What should I do with layer of pus? Heaviness in back, dark and yellowish sputum turning to white, weird taste in throat, enervation. On natural antibiotics for pneumonia. Am I progressing? Toothache, headache, metal taste in mouth, constipation, pelvic cramps. Am I pregnant? Skin on nose and between eyebrows peeling off, skin gets red. What is going on? Pressure in ear, clogged ear, used OTC ear wax removal drops. No pain Leg hurting while working. Diagnosed as sciatica. How long will it take to get cured? Pain in groin area and leg, cold feet. Blood test and xrays done. Diagnosed as arthritis. What could it be? Suffering from mullerian agenesis. Reports showed bulky ovary with many follicles. Am I at the risk of ovarian cancer? Intense knee pain, suggestion of knee transplant. Is it advisable considering the pros and cons? Semen analysis showed oligozoospermia with infection. What does it indicate? Feeling faint, low pulse, light headedness. Am I not taking in enough sugar? Had unprotected sex. Started spotting and then heavy bleeding. Feels dizzy and nausea. Chances of pregnancy? Regular severe back pain. History of both femur injury. How to get relief? Over weight. Having hypertension and vaginal fluttering. Obgyn test reports normal. Looking for advice Have itchy dark patch on legs and inner thigh. Diagnosed as infection. Not cured by medicine. Is it eczema? Had two miscarriages. Attempting for third pregnancy. What precautionary measures should I take to avoid miscarriage? Hair fall, low ferritin levels, trying to increase iron intake. Treatment for hair loss? Black spots behind eyes, Not having pain, twitching or headache. What does this mean? Loss of interest, trust in everything and everybody, always having low self esteem, given up trying for happiness. How can I resolve this? Problem with vision in both the eyes. Eye test done. Treatment to cure it? Nodules in abdominal cavity cannot be removed by surgery. Diagnosed with colon cancer. Will it spread to other part of body? Intense stomach pain while coughing, sneezing. Done Hysterectomy, MRI. What could be the reason? Painful, fatigue eyes, blurred vision, buzzing feel at back of feet. What could be the reason? Severe hair loss, do regular weight lifting, take whey protein. Can I take saw palmetto for stopping the loss? Having stomach pain, nausea, heart burn. Feels tired, spotting. Pregnancy test negative. Worrisome Suffering from liver cancer. Stopped chemotherapy treatment. Will cancer spread if treatment is stopped? Genital Tuberculosis. Low immunity, stamina, frequent urination, cholesterol. Done PCR, DNA. Taking AKT4. No improvement. Treatment? Lower back pain affecting routine life. How to get relief? Having premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. What to do? Rapid heartbeat during bath, dizziness, anxiety, panic attacks. What could be the reason for rapid heartbeat? Scoliosis grade 1, arthritis, heavy smoker. Taking Glucosamine, Calcium, Pregabalin. How to get relief? Periodic sudden hive outbreaks with swollen lip, eye, no change in routine. Rash subsides with benedryl. What could be the cause? Child having dry patches of skin, flaky scalp, has formula milk. Is it due to formula? Swelling in the ankle on long walks, pain on moving the foot sideways. Had sprained the foot post slipping. Treatment? Baby started to vomit after taking DPT 3, Polio 3 injection, sleepless, stomach discomfort. Reason, treatment? Periods stopped, started bleeding after taking birth control pill, not menopausal. Should I be concerned? Child having deep cut above the eye followed by dizziness, excessive sleepiness and periodic fever post a fall, mo vomiting. Is the head trauma worrisome? Bleeding after having copper coil fitted, nausea, headache. Is this normal? Planing for baby. Taking fertyl-m. Fatty liver shown in sonography. Safe to take folic tablets along with fertyl-m? Delayed periods, negative pregnancy test. Want to have a baby Taking birth control pill, skipped period, had unprotected sex. Am I pregnant? Losing hair on left side of head, going to take thyroid test. Is it just hormones? Chest pain, increased heart beat. Should I be worried? Have back pain. Feels bloated, fullness and uncomfortable. Not cured by tylenol. Could it be gallbladder? Suffering from lower abdominal pain. Started bleeding after intercourse, feels like lump on front wall of cervix. Any suggestion? Have RTA, cerebral contusion, hemorrhage, parietal bone fracture, occasional vomiting. What should be done? 14 year old, severe nose bleeds, chronic condition, no allergies, bleeding from mouth. History of alopecia, small bladder. Causes? Child having fever, cough, clumpy eye, shaky hand, feet colour changing purple. What it could be? Passed watery red clots, cramping, have cyst in ovary, had miscarriage Suffering from smelly burps. Breath test results normal. Antibiotic not worked. How to get relief? Having chest pain and feels out of breath. What is causing this pain? Pain in the leg on extending after slipping while doing full split, extending from groin to thigh and inner side of leg. Is it serious damage? Bump with green-yellow pus, drained and applied alcohol. Help Child having lumps on the neck, behind the ear, do not move or pain, fatigue, no fever. Taking Stratterra daily. What could it be? Abdominal pain, frequent urination after sex without penetration, do regular workout in gym. Chances of pregnancy? Child having sore penis. Had balanitis. Red ring appeared around the base of penis. Should I be concerned? Irritability, cramping, bloating and nausea but no bleeding. Something to be concerned about? Suffering from white tongue. Tested negative for infection. What can I do to get rid of this? Developed ulcer and swollen gum after having filling done, red tonsil with white lumps. What is going on? Pain after biting tongue, cannot eat or drink, taking liquid Ibuprofen, ear pain, blurred eyesight Brain scan done. Diagnosed as acute stroke. Any suggestion? Missing filling and swollen face after having root canal done Itching on feet, dry rash, itch cream did not work Infant, yellow discharge at the outer area of ear with odor of infection, had rashes on the ear, always likes to sleep on one side. Reason? Lump and bruise on back post injury, X-ray showed broken vertebrae. What treatment should be taken? Having painful foot while walking. Red spots appeared on knee, feels warm to touch. Looking for solution Having on and off stomach ache, started vomiting, feels dizzy, fatigue, hair loss. Had c-section. What to do? Lethargy, thirsty, good dietary habits. History of diabetes. Am I developing diabetes? Weight loss, skin tags on abdomen. Using apple cider vinegar, burning on application, foul smell, clear pus. Treatment options? Right areola leaking clear sticky fluid. Undergoing menopause. Have bladder imbalance. Should I be concerned? Have nasal polyps. Could I have developed an allergy to soy? Irregular periods and cramping. Have dizziness. On implanon. Negative pregnancy test. Causes for bleeding? Suffering from gastric problem and depression. Feels better after taking medicine and precautions. Any solution? Delayed periods, nausea, cramps, no breast tenderness, loss of appetite. Negative pregnancy tests. Chances of being pregnant? Having pain in back of head, swollen lymph node. Taken antibiotic. What could be causing this? Cysts behind left ear, swelling on facial nerve, pressure in ears. Surgery done. Treatment? White substance on the penile head, did not have sex or masturbation for a long term. What could be the cause? Mole under chin, grows bigger in size, pain on touching, acne with pus on the edge of mole. Acne near mole dangerous? Had revisional upper eyelid surgery via incisional method. Crease line seems to be dropped. What is the cause? Have lymph edema and venous insufficiency. Diagnosed with DVT and PE. Swollen discolored toes. Uterine fibroid removed. Advice? Having pain in lung. Diagnosed as infection. What are the risks? Squeezed lump on penis, dry brown stinky substance came out. Painful to touch. What to do? Swelling, discoloration, peeling with intense pain on large toes. Had worn boots the whole day, had sweating, history of athletes foot. What could be the cause? Random bumps on inner thighs near vaginal area, not sexually active. Treatment? 3 year old child, callus spot on heel. Scraped off dead skin, wart on same foot. Treatment? Red itchy soars in leg during pregnancy. Brown marks post pregnancy. What are they? Bloating after eating food, hard to digest. What can I do? Can I exercise while suffering from Mono? Have only sore throat and swollen lymph node Paralysis, difficulty speaking, BP stroke. CT scan done, brain haemorrhage, surgery done, unconscious. Prognosis? Had abortion. Started bleeding. Suffering from indigestion. Did I have successful abortion? Passed menopause, have intense abdominal pain, ovarian cysts. Advised removal of ovaries, fallopian tubes. Habit of using estrogen rich products. Can I use progesterone cream instead of removal? Wheezing, dry cough, tired, swollen limbs after walk, neck pain Feels weak, dizzy, anxious, breathing difficulty, nausea and pain in chest. History of anxiety attacks. What's wrong? Child has red spot on urinary meatus, sore and stings to urinate Sinusitis, nasal polyps, allergies, asthma, mental fatigue. Tests done showing neutrophil and eosinophil count. Allergies or parasite infection? Nausea with vomiting all day, tender and swollen breasts, excessive sleep, fatigue, light spotting. On ortho evra patch. Pregnancy or side effect of patch? Trying to conceive, have PCOD, thyroid, irregular periods. Had AKT4 and 4 for micro bacterial tuberculosis complex of uterus. Chances of conceiving? White growth in between buttocks, bleed when picked Constant ulcer type wound on the helical rim of ear with pain, no bleeding, clear fluid on squeezing, surrounded by bump. What could it be? How to prevent itchy clitoris and bad vaginal odor? How to maintain Good hygiene? Vaginal itching, painful urination. Taking Fucess for Bartholian cysts Paralyzed leg and arm post severe neck pain. MRI showed cervical spondylosis disorder. Is it a neurology or orthopedic issue? What are the risks if I conceive again? Had PIH and miscarriage, LAC positive Suffering from tuberculosis. Taking AKT-3. Not able to eat properly. Is it safe to replace AKT-3 to rcinex? Heart blockage, stents placed, numbness, weight loss. What is this a sign of? Had Mirena removed, no periods, had unprotected sex, now brown spotting and cramping. What could this mean? Painful knots in leg, difficulty walking, red and hard. Help Pregnant, have light tinge of blood after urination, suspicion of soft part on the outer portion of cervix. Serious? Allergies, shortness of breath at night. On singular, inhalers, asthma medication. Treatment options? Pus cells in urine even after medication. Is it UTI or STD? Biopsy shows C1N1. Cervix has small, whitish spot. Should we go for surgery? Suffering from recurring utis and yeast infections. Have crack in vaginal lip. Tested negative for STD. What to do? High fever, Slight gum colored bleeding in some places. Is it infection? Tight painful motions, had taken medicine for dysentery. How can I get rid of this? Eye sensitivity when exposed to sunlight, pain, swelling, watering. Causes for symptoms? Empty shell came out of vagina. Missed periods, still virgin. What could this be? Reddish pimple on face, sensitive skin. Which ointment should I use? Throbbing sensation in the head, pain on touching, no problems with vision. Normal results for all tests. Cause? Child with persistent congestion, vomiting, fever, head pain. Is it advisable to give adult Tylenol? Positive pregnancy test followed by spotting, ultrasound showed anteverted uterus, smooth outline with homogeneous myometrium, mixed echogenicity region near right ovary. What does this indicate? Trying to conceive, have intense fatigue, food cravings, breast soreness with two periods and two ovulation in a cycle. Pregnant? Taken lutera birth control pills. Had unprotected sex. Is there any risk of pregnancy? Breathlessness, stress, leg and back pain, feeling sleepy all the time, do not want to talk to anyone. Causes for symptoms? Numbness at the tip and bottom of big toes, feeling is noticeable only on touching the toes. What could be the cause and remedy? Discomfort, pain in abdomen after ectopic pregnancy surgery. What are these symptoms referring to? How to relieve pain? Slight bleeding in gums during brushing. Pain in gums and swelling. Throat pain. Whom should I consult? Diagnosed with TB by skin test, had taken rubella vaccine. Chances of vaccine affecting the test results? Persistent excessive flatulence, stomach bloating, disturbed sleep, vomiting sensation after laparoscopic hiatus hernia with fundoplication, normal tests. Which medicines can be taken? RBC and WBC cells found in blood test. Hemoglobin level normal. Is the report normal? Heavy bleeding post miscarriage. Had taken luprolide injection for painful and heavy periods. How can I get rid of this? Type 2 diabetes. Taking huminsulin injection. Complete cure possible? Have blood pressure, CT scan showed blood clot in mid brain. Now unable to walk or talk. Can the blood clot be removed? PCR positive, liver enzymes normal, no major liver injury. HBV carrier. Entry to other country allowed? Small child suffering from high temperature. On crocin syrup, cold packs applied, no relief. Cause of worry? Having irregular periods. USG of lower abdomen normal, have little hormonal imbalance. Can it be cured completely? Stomach pains after eating early or late. Why is it so sensitive? Taking mini pill due to BMI, bleeding after sex. Is this something to worry? Sexual intercourse, feeling light headed, nausea, pinkish brown discharge, bloating, lower back pain, abdominal pain. Pregnancy? Want to know if I have depression. Lost appetite, feel worthless, get angry easily Fits after brain decompression surgery. Epitoin caused rashes. Is Levipil good for fits? Radiography test done. Diagnosed as hyperaerated lungs. What does this mean? 9 year old child having Erythema annulare centrifugum, severe cough. Taking asthalin, livolin. Ways to prevent this problem? Had dark brown blood with less bleeding during last periods. Also had stomach pain and nausea. HPT negative. What is wrong with me? Suffering from acidity, irregular bowel movements. Taking colpsa, omez and saril. What diet should be taken? PCOD, severe acne and scars, have blood in stools with constipation. Taking trivitana, diane, metformin, neem juicefor acne and scars. Is it due to medicines? Echo cardiography done for chest pain. Results normal. Prescribed pantocid, vizylac and gellusil Semen test done. Squamous cells occasional, surtoli cells occasional, appearance thick & viscous. What does it mean? Recurring knee problems, cracking pop sound with minor pain on bending, climbing, subsides on stretching. What is the cause and alternative remedy? Early pregnancy, do not have cramps, dizziness or morning sickness, have frequent sex without bleeding. Is my baby fine? Unprotected sex one week after periods. Took P2 contraceptives after sex. Chances of pregnancy? TB lesion in lungs, tiny calcification seen. X-ray done. History of PTB. Medication to cure scar? Child with small white patch near the lip. Had taken one dose of Zentel. Is the patch due to worming? Taking testosterone injection for hypogonadism. Can I donate blood? Semen analysis test done for physical, volume, high viscosity microscopic motile non motile. Looking for advice Diagnosed with TB. Prescribed Akurit 4, having abdominal irritation, sore throat. Changed to forecox. Safe to use? Moles all over the body, habit of eating raw uncooked rice, stale pencils. Solutions for this? Taken Susten but no periods, taken Beta HCG. Why does this drop down occur? Toe and knee numb after giving birth, leg feels bruised. Could I have trapped a nerve during labour? Had CGN, ultrasound showed bulky kidneys, taken Mycophenolate. How long should Azaron be continued? Effects of long-term use of ipill on fertility Suffering high blood pressure. Feeling dizzy, pins on left side chest. Scan reports normal. Is it symptoms of heart attack? Having erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and feels to urinate, back pain after urination. Any solution? Recurring mouth ulcers. On tonact-tg, vitamin-E, folic acid for high cholesterol, triglycerides. What is the cause? Child has nausea, vomiting, dry heaving. Any suggestions? Got knucle cut from a can opener. Done X-ray and bonded it. Blood dripping next morning. Painful. What should I do? Taking norethisterone 5mg to delay periods. Will my whole cycle shifted or remain in old cycle after stopping tablets? Experiencing palpitation after starting contraceptive pills. Risk of heart attack and stroke. Worried? Stopped taking Fluoxetine, low concentration levels, work suffering due to hyperactivity. Is this an expected side effect? Passing stool frequently, normal stools Diagnosed with ASD. Suggestion for corrective surgery and devise closure. Whose advice to follow? Having continuous vaginal bleeding after periods, lower back pain. Trying for a baby. Looking for advice Resurfacing swollen painless lumps on arms and legs, extreme lower back, hip pain. Is it related to lymphatic system? Rash on palms and back. Taken Claricort. Skin on soles peeling. Any idea? Fever spikes on eating and drinking, severe cramping and bloated feeling, improper bowel movement, low appetite post ventral hernia surgery. Blood work did not show infection. What is the cause? Soreness, swelling on the outer part of ankle, pain on bending, using staircase, have limped walk, no injury. What could be the cause? Numbness in groin area after laying down. Am pregnant. Is it due to pregnancy? Regular menstual since childhood, stress, PCOS, bleeding increased. What are the best days to concieve? Having tight, painful and long foreskin. Is there any danger to have tight foreskin? Chest pain, radiating to left arm, shoulders, left collar bone, fatigue, headaches, inflammation in legs, numbness. Symptoms of cervical lordosis? Long term eczema, aggravates on staying in hilly region, taking aciloc. What is the permanent remedy? Breast lift, removed stitches but still left over stitches present. What can be done to clear it? Pregnant with miscarriage in 3rd pregnancy, no morning sickness or tiredness. What can no symptoms mean? 8 year old suffering from fatigue, pain in legs, feet, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, headaches. Causes for symptoms? Pain during sex. What could be the reason for it? Recurring fever in the evenings, elevated ESR. Negative results for malaria and widal test, normal X-ray. What is the cause? Suffering from eczema. Taking execare-f. Having side effects of delayed periods, developed moles and warts on hands. What should I do? Early pregnancy, have perisac bleeding without presence of cardiac activity. What does it mean? CT scan shows intrapedicular screws, lucency along margins. What does this mean? History of lower back pain Taken Loestrin and Depo. Bloating, back ache, stuffy nose, migraines. Any possibility of pregnancy? Child having adenoids, difficulty in sleeping. Steam with some eucalyptus oil can be given? Continuation of nasonex ? Not interested in intercourse. Looking for better medicine Found high creatine level during blood test. Consuming Telpres -AMHI .Is it due to this medicine? Heart attack, angioplasty, stent put in. Wants to do knee replacement surgery, torn ligaments, bone on bone contact, overweight. History of smoking, diabetes. Safe to do surgery? White skin hanging in throat, difficulty in swallowing. What could it be? On treatment with post rabies exposure vaccine after getting bit by stray dog with mouth infection. RIGH not available. Is Rabipur injection enough? What causes bleeding after clitoral stimulation? Brown spotting after normal periods, have unprotected sex. Had previous miscarriage Foul smell from vagina, pouring water on it after passing urine, sexually active. Causes for foul odor? Tested for semen analysis for count, volume, pus cells, morphology, normal spermatozoa, sluggishly motile. Have i any problem? Pain at pelvic after an accident. Can't sit for long hours. Taking pain killers Trying for a baby. Had unprotected sex. Started spotting, back pain, headache, feels sick, nausea, runny nose. Pregnant? Persisting high fever, redness in eyes with green pus in the corners. Taken Ponstan. Is it conjunctivitis? Light brown discharge, pink red blood, no periods. Pregnancy symptoms? Delayed periods, red discharge. Copper-T about to expire. Causes for spotting? Taking Deviry for PCOD, done IUI. Can I take Siphene? No bleeding Frequent occurrence of acne, having pus and leave a red mark on skin, weakness. Applied mometasone. What should be done? Small moles on cheek, flat, round, appeared overnight post childbirth. Causes and treatment? Sudden change in behavior, getting hyper and arrogant. Is it due to quitting pan masala? Had unprotected sex. Had discharge near vaginal opening. Menses are delayed, vomiting sensation. could I be pregnant? 10 weeks pregnant, spotting. Ultrasound done, shows 4 weeks, 6 days pregnant, no embryo seen. Did I have a miscarriage? Itchy, red bumps, hard, hot to touch. What are they? Heart palpitations, tender neck, painful breathing, brown mucus Under active thyroid, right sided swelling, goitre. Blood tests done, prescribed thyroxin. How does my condition affect skin, weight, temperament? Having red, itchy skin on hand and spreading over body. Itches severely at night, feels rough. Any treatment? Continuous lower back pain, aggravates on lowering the head. Eases with gentle long walks. Is treatment required? Taking Dihydrocodeine for prolapsed disc and bulging disc. Doctor refuses to prescribe more medicin Have irregular periods. Trying to conceive. Not on pill. How to regulate periods? Normal periods, have feeling of movements and cramps in stomach, negative urine test. Had taken menstrogen tablet earlier. Cause? Undergoing menopause, have frequent urination, dark urine with blood, urine test showed infection, subsided with plenty of water, cranberry juice, antibiotics. Cause of infection? Got ear lobe pierced. Cleaning with warm salty solution. Swelling in ear, no pus or bumps. Will swelling reduce itself or I should do something? Delayed periods, increased vaginal discharge, headache, back ache. Anything to do with previous miscarriage? Recurring lice causing intense itching on scalp, no improvement with vacuum, steam cleaning, shampoo. How can I get rid of it? Hypertension, treadmill test showed positive for reversible ischemia. What is the meaning? Have MS, getting weaker, losing weight, high blood sugar. Could MS be damaging pancreas? Child has myoclonic epilepsy, taking Clonazepam. Has jerks, losing sense of touch, loose muscles. Better treatment? Occasional cuts on the foreskin after oral sex, used candid powder. Cause and effective remedy? Burning sensation at neck below vocal cords. No problems in swallowing or gastritis. Normal endoscopy reports. How can this be treated? Pain after injury, done icing and hot water bottle, swelling and redness Has lung fibrosis. Looking for some healthy food and exercise to be done Suffering from high BP, diabetes and cholesterol, have severe burning sensation while micturation, itching on penis. Urine and blood tests showed albumin, bilrubin, creatinine. What treatment should be taken? Toddler accidentally ingested small amount of co-codamol. How long does it take to leave the system? Why have my periods not started? Regular periods Missed period, nausea after lunch, sensitive teeth and swollen gums, passing loose motion after eating. Could I be pregnant? Chest pain after accident, neck pain, trouble bending neck. How do I proceed? Having abdominal pain, feels pressure in bottom, thick white discharge in bowel movements. What's wrong? Urine test report showed blood in urine. Could be due to post menopause. Worried? Recurring fever, body aches, head spinning, headache due to heavy stress, pain in knee on standing for long hours. MRI showed loss of cervical lordosis. Suggestive treatment? Tremors in hands. Blood test normal. Could it be related to thyroxine dosage? Aggravated hirsuitism. Solution to remove unwanted hair? Prescribed Lonazep, Nexito and Rispond for depression. Am diabetic and had angioplasty. Medicines correct?
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