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Is heartburn another sypton of high BP ? How do I find a place to cheaply fill one months BP medicine ? Early heart attack in life for young persons Is 120 over 59 a low blood pressure ? Am I suffering from typhoid fever? How do you sign up for free medications like plavix? Is this high, low, or average BP ? Which food will thin your blood? How to prevent BP ? Who is at risk for heart disease ? Is there a central nerve in the chest that can cause tremendous pain ? What should I do to lower my chance of having heart problems ? Should i get off adderall ? During clinicals my BP was 138/100, should I be concerned ? How can i fix my broken heart? Rapid heart rate and high BP at 19 I have to have a cardiac cath-need to know what vessels may be blocked? I feels pain under my ribcage, what could cause of it ? Is there any natural remedy to treat heart disease? What does CABG mean ? Why is my heart beating so fast? What are the ways to lower ones heart rate ? How do you control your blood suger when you have Diabetes ? Medication for congestive heart failure Clot has started to bleed and has travelled to the other side of his brain When I lay down to sleep, my heart rate increase I can almost feel my aotra pounding. what can this be a sign of ? Can worrying cause heart disease ? How do you lower your high BP without medicine ? How can I lower my BP naturally ? I have been experiencing a fluttery feeling in my chest. what I should do ? I am currently on the depo-provera jab but am bleeding constantly at the moment. I maintain a proper diet can urine travel to your heart and brain?if you contiinously hold your urine? What i have to do after having a heart attack? My BP is 155/78 ,is that normal for an 18 years old ? Are tablets really worse than coke and stuff ? Is there a link between high blood pressure and heavy alcohol consumption? Heart is a muscle, then what is the brain ? Need to know about primary pulmonary hypertension Runny nose and congestion around the nasal cavaties, Could this be PTSD ? Is it possible to clean blocked arteries without bypass ? I feel my heart is beating hard ?please tell me the reason Heart beat rate is just 50, wat is the reason ? How to control BP without medications ? lowering cholestral naturally without taking cholestral-lowering drugs What cause's high blood pressure and what are the cure? I have the symptoms of heart attack. My all of my heart results are OK What alternative medicines heal an unhealthy heart ? Treatment for internal piles without surgery MUSCULAR BUILD RED HAIR IF GROWN I have irregular heart beatings and some pain. could it mean anything ? My cholesterol level is 7 on simvastatins . I have family history of this disease What is the best way to lower your BP fast ? What is the difference between HDL and LDL? What are the signs of a heart attack? How can a 40 years old man with 400 lb has a good cholesterol and blood pressure? Heart murmur at the age of 3 years old I have really bad chest pains and a blood pressure reading. Will I ever get used to being diabetic? What are the risks with high cholesterol ? Is there a blood clotter prevention treatment out there ? Blood pressure 168/122 at 16 years old Can someone under 18 have a heart attack ? Can 17 year old girl have an heart attack? What is the effect of Atenolol25mg on heart disease? is 140/90 is a high Blood Pressure ? Pain down the top of their left arm from the top of their chest, Is it a heart attack ? Is there any connection between cough and heart flutter? Do EKG's see a blood clot in the heart? When heart speed up without you doing any exercise? Is my cholesterol better or worse now ? please explain answer? If you were having chest discomfort/pain which was making you anxious Why is my BP 156/113 ? What does it mean when your blood pressure is 64/74? Is a desire to burp a sign of heart problems or an ulcer? What is the difference between major and minor heart attack ? What causes high BP ? What are the disadvantages of having flat feet or an irregular heartbeat ? i had bypass surgery on the heart i have a cold. I had heart murmur previously. Now i ve been feeling out of breath and dizzy How nitroglycerin works? Diagnostic test for myocardial infarction How do u cure heart disease apart from surgery ? My mum has heart murmur, kindly suggest her I am suffering from chest tightness. I don t have asthma. May I take Blood pressure medication any time of the day? When is the best time to take BP measurement in ? What all can cause high BP 160 over 98 ? why males have more heart problems than females? Does exercising really help lower your resting heart rate and/or anxiety? I was diagnosed with a heart murmur. Is there anything I can do now to prevent bad things from happening ? Longevity of the use of tissue valves for heart I always get heart palpultations.. is this normal? How much cholesterol intake should you be consuming in a day? What is the treatment of wheezing? Is there a diabetic sugar or substitute ? Are the lancets reuseable or single use ? Is it possible for a child to develop diabetes ? What should I take in high BP? How worried should I be? Diagnosed with atrial flutter atrial fibrulation and atrial tachycardia My heart suddenly beat REAL HARD twice and went back to normal. Does anyone have an idea of what it could be? Cholesterol forms plaque in your arteries only when you are asleep How do BP tablets works ? What Is It Like when you have a heart attack ? Have you had a heart attack and survived? BP reading of 250/150 and is concerned about heart, kindly suggest Diagram showing me the 4 chambers of the heart Why my heart skips beats? Does this sound like a heart problem to you ? What does it mean while sitting and you lose breath and you think your heart stops ? My family has a history of strokes is there anything i can do to prevent them? Is Heart burn and a Heart attack same? When moving around I get kind of winded and my heart feel like it working kind of hard I am having chest pain but my EKG is fine. I have anxiety disorder I have used cocaine for the first time and having a strange pressure in my chest .Can I have a heart attack? During an EKG in germany what clothes do i have to take off? What is CHF ? What should the difference be between the systolic and diastolic ? My mother aged 65 residing alone has been diagonosed bloodpressure 110-160.. Is any vegetable that lowers down high blood pressure? Is valvular operation cause any problem in pregnancy? Problem with my heartbeat How to get rid of high cholesterol What is the difference between a heart attack and Angina? controling cholesterol My BP ranges from 130/80 to 160/100. Is that normal ? My BP is 92 over 49, should I go to the Hospital ? Getting a heart cath test, kindly advice How come they can transplant body parts ? How to control high blood pressure without medication? Dose omega 3 help to lower cholesterol ? pressure in my chest Anyone know what pains that are similar to a heart attack ? If you take 10 mg Lipitor daily is it harmful? What is the indication for surgical ablation and Atrial Fibrillation? Is this a heart or a back problem ? During a heart attack, should a person take aspirin ? How fair is this ? Where is pancreas ? What is the normal BP for an 8 yr. old ? I have had a strange tingling in my arm, kindly help me BP 125/67. How it is? smoke and heart attack What's the minimum time a person would be in the hospital after receiving a pacemaker? My little sister who is only 19 is dieing of a heart attack If your valve Is leaking how long can u live ? How serious is a lowheart beat that occassionly misses beats? Do u think people change after open heart sugery? Does a stroke occurs when the blood supply is cut off from the heart ? Does heart rate increase when you have a chest infection? Is my blood pressure high, if so what to do? I am only 16 years old & I feel like I am having a heart attack Slow heart rate when first waking up a cause for concern How to put up weight? What should your LDL cholesterol be less than? mG/DL?? My 3 month old daughter has VSD, Please help her My heart randomly beats very fast & sometimes skips few beats Is it normal practice for a doctor to want to see you after an ecg? Can an EKG detect a heart problem, even if no symptoms.. Why is it when I touch my left part of my chest I feel no heart beat ? What are causes of heart murmur? I have high BP, how much trouble am I in ? At what age can you have a stroke? planning not to have kid now Those who take COUMADIN, what kind of Diet should have ? what is maximum blood pressure of men?? Is my blood pressure low ,if it is 107 over 55 ? Kindly suggest some tips to prevent acidity problem. Is rock salt better then normal salt we consume for high BP patients ? My heart hurts badly.I am a passive smoker what is ASD ? What precautionns to be taken while dental treatment ? Is this BP good and what does it indicate ? Symptoms like transient ischemic attack Is 97/56 too low BP ? Weird feeling in chest.Sharp pain that stabs more when i breathe in. What will be the result if air bubble injected with 20ml syringe in human body through vain ? What are side affects of high blood pressure medicine? What are some diseases and effects of obesity, for instance a heart attack ? I have dizziness and my whole body seems to vibrate slightly all the time Is 326 a dangerous blood sugar level? Is there any similarities between Garlic and Garlic salt and/or Garlic pepper ? What would be a good pet for a single guy after a heart attack ? Why does my cardiologist want me to take a baby asprin ? I am feeling stress, Kindly help me How serious are heart palpitations ? High BP. How dangerous is it? pills and normal period Do olive oil prevents cardiovascular diseases ? How long can you live with the 4 valves in your heart leaking ? Are stuffed olives bad for your heart ? I am in terrible pain with the lung condition, please advise me How long will the results of cholesterol test take? What is the normal BP for a young female ? What type of exercise can increase my heart rate? Why am I having heart/chest pains ? How much schooling do you need to be a heart surgeon? Ankle pain, What could be the reason ? Which food should be taken by hepatitis B patient ? Why would BP be drastically different on the left arm ? Why does caffeine lower peoples BP ? Do acid reflux causes pain in heart? I have high blood pressure how do i control? Is 63 bpm slow or normal ? Heart symptoms worse even with beta blocker-what is this? what do you do if your top number is high and the bottom number is low with blood pressure? i have had two eposodes of crushing pain in the middle My daughter generates electric shock when she is cycling I want to when myself off of my BP medication ? Suggest me the treatment of hepatitis during pregnancy? I am a quadruple bypass patient. I would like to ask what to expect Blood pressure wrist unit Is it my heart murmur ? Headache , shortness of breath , fast heart rate , and a pinching feeling in the chest. What could be the reason for this? Which doctor should I visit in delhi for high blood pressure ? How bad is a BP of 120/94 ? Why does my heart race sometimes? Should I be worried? Coronary heart disease and social security disability What are most common symptoms of a heart attack? Relation between high blood sugar and diabetes? My dad is diabetic, are there any foods that he can have, kindly suggest him the diet Why does it feel like electricity zaps poking at my heart ? I have mitral valve prolapse and I am on Toporal XL What happens when your blood pressure is too high ? Irregular Heartbeats How to make penis harder during ejaculation ? What would case your heart to age faster than you do ? Why would I have an irregular heart beat after I eat ? Lower Pulse rate How to be tested if you have heart failure ? I get a quick satbbing pain in my chest I notice tingling, When I get anxious/angry/excited Is sea salt OK to use in high BP? Should we go to ER if 13 year old boy accidentally takes 2 allergy pills and a heart blood pressure pill? Why my heart hurts ? Can heart problem be cured by some homeopathic treatment ? which fruit, drink and what type of meal is good for Heart Patients? What is more important ? your heart or your brain ? How do you get rid of high BP ? What is the difference between high BP and stress ? irregular heart beat when I went to the doctor I have pain in my chest left shoulder blade, please help BP 122/78 and pulse rate 66. Is it normal ? I am getting heart palpitations. EKG is normal Suddenly my BP was 200/140. What could be the reason? What causes congenital heart disease ? I have difficulty breathing, jaw pain, headache, chest pain (but not severe) and heartburn. Kindly suggest treatment My man has got high BP, how can I help him ? My baby girl has tetralogy of fallot, how to get rid of it ? I have panic disorder, ectopic beats and extra beats in my heart Does a person who is flatline get a shock? I recently got my BP of 131/90, Is this something I should be concerned about ? How do you lower triglycerides? I have chest Pain with hypertension BP over 120. Do I need emergency care ? What exercises should I do to get rid of extra fat ? What could be possibly cause of chest tightness or heaviness ? Is it OK to eat fruits whilst diabetic ? as some of Is it true that if you eat stuff that has too much sugar, you are going to have diabetes ? What food can help lower BP ? Is really depression can cause you heart problems ? What compensation should I receive having had a heart attack due to a robbery in my home ? heart burn do most people die of a hemorraghic stroke? Is 112/66 a healthy BP ? Is it possible to have a heart attack if there is only mild chest discomfort ? Can you be having a heart attack if you have low BP ? Heart beat rate comparison between a smoker & non-smoker How do I relax when i am getting my blood pressure? Why does an aspirin a day help prevent heart disease ? Is blood pressure of 136/65 normal? Does anyone know about strokes ? Is there a natural or holistic treatment in lieu of pharmaceuticals ? High cholesterol problem of a 23 tears old male I started smoking for first time. I smoked 10 fags over a 2 day period will this effect my fitness ? I have a rapid Heartbeat Has anyone come out of a vegetative condition/state ? information on supra ventricular tacki cardia How do you raise low BP ? Why are Aspirins good for your Heart? I have an increasing BP level. Can i travel with this ? My sister had a hemorrhagic stroke in the parricidal area, please suggest If my BP is 161/100 pulse87 ,should I be concerned ? Can mitral valve prolapse cause dizziness ? I am suffering from depression, Can this be cured ? Tobacco stains on my teeth, how could I get the whiteness back ? Can a enlarged heart be hereditary ? I am down with fever, cough and running nose, is this swine flu ? Heart palptations What can I do to lower my cholesterol from 218 to to normal? Can somebody please tell me about heart palpitations? What is normal heart rate while walking or getting up from where sitting? How do you know if you are having a small heart attack? Is there a diet for high BP ailments ? What animal valves are used to commonly replace the valves in a human heart ? Is a cholesterol reading of 6.0 considered risky ? My EKG revealed sinus rhythm with non specific ST, T wave abnormalities how do i quit smoking My relation has a tear in aorta - is it possible ? What are the symptoms for a broken heart? Is it possible to cure diabetes by organic food? Is this possible to have a false DWI with diabetes? Why do diabetics have to check their feet?? How can I lower my high BP ? Is heart diseases could be curable? Does anyone knows anything about heart echo scans. what this P might be? Please help Can anxiety get your BP up ? Should I encourage my husband to have operation ? I am suffering pain in my heart on and off,kindly help me My dad has high BP after taking pills It is still very high, please help Blood pressure of 96/66. Is it in a normal range? I need some names of the medicine of stroke What can casuse LIVER FAILURE? How long should someone wait to go on high BP ? Can I die from a broken heart ? I have high cholesterol. Can any online doctor help me Do you think I am starting Hypertension ? High BP, drugstore machines exertion What would i do if i fail to hear the first beat in measuring blood pressure? My heart s trying to pump too hard Heart pain in every heart beat. Is it dangerous? pill for high blood pressure and high cholesterol I got wave of faintness over me. My heart was running fast. What is this? What is the difference between heart attack and angina? How do you save a asystole (when the heart beat line-thing goes flat)? I have experienced a throbbing in my neck Am I too young too have a heart attack ? Is there anyway to remove plaque, cholesteral build up arteries once it has formed ? Can white coat syndrome raise blood pressure alot? My heart rate goes way over 200 after I workout, Is this bad ? Sometimes my heart stops, eye hurts, leg hurts. What could be the reason for this? My chest hurts, is it a symptom of heart attack ? Is it possible that fiber in the diet can remove heart plagues within the body ? Any suggestions on maybe getting rid of some of these medicines Is whole milk good for children between 11-13 years old? Is BP 140/72 OK? I am underweight Please define systolic and diastolic How do you induce a heart attack ? Is high cholesterol autosomal dominant sex linked? Should I start an aspirin regiment ? I feel kind of shorth of breath, seem stuffyness in chest consistent Are there any specific medications not to take while taking high BP medication ? Is it OK for a 50'ish Type II Diabetic to get a tattoo? Can drinking too much soda pop over time help contribute to diabetes?? Is this normal to have diabetes at the age of 17? My blood pressure is 126/70? Is it normal? What can I do to faint ? What does it feel like to have a heart attack? Dizziness and heart palpitations. THYRONORM 100 mcg for Thyroidism Does EKG tests always pick up heart Arrythmias ? Is it serious if your heart beats so fast at night you have trouble sleeping? I have been getting numbness across my face and heart palpitations. I am feeling iching on my stomach and whole body . why is it ? Does ginger affect the blood pressure ? How can I help my mom lower her extremely high BP ? Does your heart rate increase as you take a deep breath ? Why do 14% of all heart attacks occur on Wednesdays ? Would u like to take more test if your ECG gets normal ? What are the symptoms of high cholesterol levels ? My BP shot up to 189/101. How do I get it? My heart flutters when i am relaxing cholesterol is 32 ,is that risky? Can i join the army. I have a heart condition I have high blood pressure and easily I get emotional what does it mean when your blood pressure is higher in one arm than the other? is a cholestrol level of 5.8 high Child heart disease Losartan Pottassium 25mg in Blood Pressure How can you lower BP ? I am 5 7 , 250lbs, 40yrs old with congestive heart failure What additional blood tests should be ordered for a alcoholic person? I am having issue with my heart skipping a beat How to stop smoking if you have TB? When should a nurse call the doctor in surgical floor? I am slightly under some stress, should I be worried about this ? My heartbeat is a bit strange, kindly help me My brother has a problems of sleeping disorder, please suggest him Can kids or teenagers get Heart burn? What is the cause of High Blood Pressure? I have diabetes also Chest Pain/ Difficulty Open heart surgery What makes my heart skip beats then start to beat rapidly? Is there any way to get a proper sized breast? Weird chest pains, what could this be ? Why have I high Blood Pressure? Can i reduce my insulin dosage. I have no other disease except diabetes I am a diabetic from when i was just 4. is there any problem in my future? Weight loss plan for a diabetic person How do I can stop heart palpitations ? Should a person who just got diagnosed with hypertension start a weight-training program ? After drinking alcohol i often feel pressure in my heart Help me with medical terminolgy Dizziness, racing heart what could this mean ? Are these heart palpitations dangerous ? My dad seems to be depressed and worried. Has heart attack and 2 open heart surgeries Is atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis used to mean the same? My moms left hand has swollen and left side is tingling,please help her My friend has a heart condition in which his heart simply beats fast, please help What kind of bangs for a heart shaped face? My husband takes meds for high BP. What would cause a blood clot in a persons heart ? How can I lower my blood pressure? How do I unclog my arteries ? For the past 3 weeks I have been feeling faint, and have had headaches. What could be the reason for this? Is heart disease a type of cancer ? Stent replacement in heart Are heart problems possible without feeling chest pains ? I have high cholesterol. Want to have a diet plan. Symptoms for Helicobactor pylori Do I have heart murmur or is it stress ? Is pre-hypertension really a danger or just a warning ? Irregular Heart Beat, please suggest Is this an normal blood pressure ? My husband getting bad vision constant chest pain, difficulty breathing weakness Fear of Roller Coasters, mental or physical?? BP goes up when I see the doctors What is the main cause of a heart attack ? Please tell me the symptoms about erectile dysfunction & how it occurs ? Is it normal to feel your heart beating all the time ? What happened after you were shocked and were you asked to go into hospital for a check ? Low pulse genital Cardiologist What is the symptoms of heartburn ? Shortness of breath and body aches and chest feels Heart problem or something less sinister ? Valve replacement cardiac issues or anxiety? Does Stimulation drinks raise your BP ? Could my son have diabetes ? Is there any other medicine for diabetes ? Can the Myocardial Infarction be cure ? What does the echocardiogram consist of ? I am just tired from the panic attacks. Any suggestions How can one lower their blood pressure naturally without prescribed drugs? I have heart pains and it occurs a few x a month Tell me the details about atenolol My BP is 95/65 . Is it normal ? Having chest pain, pain in right arm. I had a stroke when i was 9 does this mean i will delevop Alzheimer's? What is a nursing intervention ? i have heart disease that runs in my family and I get this weird heart pain, please help What does it mean when your blood pressure is 90/68 ? Why do some people get mean after having a stroke ? Can you have a heart attack while you are high from marijuana ? What are the common symptoms of high blood pressure ? My mum suffers high cholesterol & takes cod liver oil for her joints, kidly suggest My BP is very low, What should i do to make it perfect ? I am looking for ways to improve my HDL cholesterol BP is 107/73. Pulse 141. I am really weak. What is going on ? If an oral abscess was lanced, and left untreated, could the resultant infection cause endocarditis? What tests should I go through for finding the cause of bad breath ? Is everyone gonna have a heart attack in life? Is drinking too much milk bad for my heart ? I have high cholesterol,Kindly advice me how often is a stress test recommended?? Genetically high cholesterol in children, please suggest Somtimes my heart races my pulse will My My pulse rate is sometime 130. Is it normal? What the ideal BP for 57 year old should be ? Does anyone know anything about an enlarged heart ? Give me your advices, how to become fat ? What are the signs of a heart attack ? My heart feels like it has butterflies in it What are the chances of getting a heart infection from a tongue piercing ? How can I get the BP of my father. should the indicator reach 160 or 180 before i release the pump ? My heart beats too fast, please help Can high cholesterol go away ? If you had a heart problem will something happen to you in a short space of time? Can blood clots travel ? Do any of you suffer from frequent heart palpitations ? How can I lower my blood pressure without prescription medicine? What sickness can occur by eating too much salt? What could be the reason for pain in chest? How to protect against diabetes? Can you use willpower to stop compulsive eating? Which medications can cause your blood sugar to rise ? In the past month my BP has skyrocketed from 120/75, Should I be concerned ? I get pains in my heart . like a stabbing pain. i am 13 My heart started accelerating. I am trying to just forget it but this anxiety is really hard. I am not feeling well when i am on treadmill, kindly suggest Do kids who had heart surgery learn slower than normal ? Why does heart beats really hard sometimes.? I have a low blood pressure. Any advice ? What is anteroseptal myocardial infraction ? Is high blood pressure considered a heart disease? can heart murmurs heal over time? Please guide me about heart surgery Where can I find information about the heart being killed then shocked back to rythm ? My Moms Cholesterol is 219. Should I worry ? I have irregular heartbeat, any idea what is going on with me ? How does smoking cause heart disease ? Is it possible for someone to die of a broken heart ? I have been having some weird heart problems lately, please help I am having problem with the foreskin, how long will it take to recover ? Should someone with a heart condition go on a roller coaster ? A child is born with a hole in his heart between the left and right ventricles What are the signs of low blood pressure? Am i qualified for heart transplant? Site some examples of foods that can lowers blood pressure ? Why would you take your resting pulse rate before performing it ? Is it possible to have too low of cholesterol, blood pressure and resting heart rate ? What is the best natural fruit or vegetable to remove plaque ? What does it feel like to have a heart attack ? what can be done for an enlarge heart patient ? Why do we breath more faster when we exercise ? My heart started to pound really hard and took a lot of focus to get away from the pain and slow it back down. What are the symptoms fro Anxiety/Panic Attack & its treatment ? treatment or medicines to cure the PreMatured Ejaculation How is dental hygiene and heart conditions related? Do you need to have heart disease, to have a heart attack? What should be a max dose of lasix per day ? What causes high BP & how to lower it ? Through what tests a heart attack can be identified? I have some electric shock in my left arm ocassionally. Is this a nerve problem or a heart problem? What does it mean when you have a low heart rate ? I was born with a heart condition called SVT, Is it safe to stay at work ? At what time Should I have to take metformin tablets ? What physical problems were you having when you first found out you had diabetes ? Is it my angina or a Heart attack ? Cost of Heart Bypass Surgery ? Is fish oil and niacin for high cholesterol ? Can I get a heart attack just after smoking weed? My blood pressure was 140 over 80. Is this normal? I have been having chest pain when I breath Is it ok for your heart beat to go faster suddenly Anyone had heart valve replacement surgery before ? Is my blood pressure in normal ? What are the chances of me dying in surgery for SVT ? Is it possible to have a heart attack without feeling pain ? How to lower cholesterol ? I have a problem with my heart, what is it ? Does eating pizza 10 h before having a cholesterol test increase the levels of bad cholesterol ? I can feel my heartbeat really hard for a few beats. Is this a bad thing or am I just paranoid ? Why my heart hurts ? Will I have to do any surgery ? I am having heart problems and i am only 14 Stroke in cerebral part of brain Can a lot of anxiety and stress cause a heart attack ? What is the normal BP of an old adult ? I started feeling pain around my heart and it got a lot worse when I start walking Is a heart attack painful? How much should be blood pressure ? Do I have a bad heart ? Problems after a heart attack What condition would you be in if one side of your heart is 100% blocked ? Can a overweight child have a heart attack ? Is this a sign of a Heart attack? I felt pressure in left chest as well as tingling & numbness. What can this be ? Could these be heart attack symptoms in a female ? Would it still be important to try to reduce cholesterol ? Have you ever had chest pains and at what age ? My heart jumped out of my chest for a few seconds, is my heart going to be OK ? What is a pacemaker used for ? The pressure on the bottom reading is the one that is high. What does it mean? I have terminal heart disease Please explain this biopsy report I think I have diabetes How to cure type 1 diabetes? How to avoid diabetes ? Why I am so scared to find the truth of my sickness ? Should i be worried if i can't breath and have type 1 diabetes ? How bad is cardiomegaly and having an enlarged right ventricle ? Can axiety tablets become addictive ? also will my anxiety panic Bypass Heart Surgery, Is there any more involved risks being a smoker ? How many more young people will die this year alone due to tobacco usage ? There is a hole in my back, should I be concerned ? i have eczema from my child hood with breathing problem also Early signs/symptoms of heart attack My 8% of heart not getting blood. What is wrong with me? Is there and alternative than to taking satins ? How can I stop smoking, please advise me Can energy drinks cause severe heart palpitations ? I have now had several high BP readings. Is there anything else I can do to bring it down ? Am i having a heart attack? I am 14 years old? How to comunacate with a stroke person Safe maintenance medicine for a high BP patient without a prescription How is a Cardiac Catheterization performed? Side effects of viagra human heart beating upside down? My 45 yr old husband has been failing faint, What could it be ? Does caffeine raise a person blood pressure Is BP level of 111 over 72 too high ? My 2 year old son has heart murmur Is it possible to 'clear' build up of fats? Is a resting pulse rate of 103 normal or something to be worried about ? I have being having a problem with impotence Accurate BP readings My husband has high cholesterol and high triglyerides. how to lower them ? I am 12. I have a severe stomach pain and headache My cholesterol is over 7. How can i reduce this? Meaning of systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurement and pulse A massive cerebral hemorrhage isn't that a stroke? How is pulse related to heartbeat ? I need to find out about heart disease for my A-Level biology, please suggest Am I about to have a heart attack Is it possible in 18 days time she could be pregnant ? Why are more people getting diabetes? I have high blood pressure 193/110 plus I have diabetes with blood sugar around 325 My mothers blood sugar level is 333 and her BP is normal, pls suggest some home remedy My sisters BP was 200/0, what does a 0 dystolic mean ? My cholesterol level is 248. How to lower it? My hearts gone weird, am I gonna die ? What is considered normal cholesterol level ? I am only 22 and Arythmia is interfering with my life What might be the reason for blocking of ear? Is it possible for a 15 year old to have a heart attack ? Having twitching on my right lower lip. If someone is olhodol prescribed to the person has had a heart attack before ? My blood pressure is normally 102/68 with a pulse of 92. Should i be concerned? If I vomit blood, suddenly lose consciousness, find difficulty inhaling and have a weak heart I am 15.I keep on getting painfull twinges in my heart is Lipitor better than zocor? well I heard Garlic lowers BP is it true ? I have chest Pain & dizziness. Should i go to ER ? Mild chest pains within left breast What does it mean when you get a sharp chest pain ? what is involved in a Tilt test ? Is it OK if I eat 1 doughnut a day ? Good website for research project on coronary artery disease Is sexual intercourse thrice a week is sufficient ? red rice yeast to lower chlestrol? If my doctor said my heart is fine should I believe him ? I am suffering from middle ear suppuration. Tell me about the surgery Why is ldl cholesterol bad for your health ? If someone had a heart attack once, is it risky to have it for second time ? What is high BP ? Diet for reduce cholesterol level Can cavities lead to heart disease ? My grand mother has chest and back pain. Suggest me a remedy Do you think I am lightheaded, nauseated and my heart is racing ? Can two blockages (90% 70%) be successfully treated with meds Medically, can people live without a heart ? Is a heart catherization painful? Can an ex-convict receive a heart transplant ? Cancer or heart disease from second hand smoke Pain in chest, numb left arm. Could I have had a heart attack? My latest blood test indicate high level of triglycerides cholesterol, please suggest Can a pace maker cause of swelling feet ? How long can someone live with Heart Disease and 5 stents? Do people normally die from heart attacks ? Heart palpitations or skipped beats with urge to cough. Whenever i smoke a cigarette, my heart starts going fast and crazy Blood Pressure 146/103. Is it OK? I have random fast heartbeats which hurts my whole chest Heart beat 140 per minute. Is it OK to have suddenly? What makes your blood thicken ? How serious is open heart surgery ? Which status of BP is dangerous? Blood Pressure 120/70 is normal or not? Can a lack of sodium in the blood cause palpitations ? query about Congestive heart failure My blood pressure is 189 over 110. Is it normal? Heart Attack Fears Constantly How much does it cost to repair a Mitral Valve Prolapse ? Is a heart murmur repairable ? What is congestive heart? Is 90/60 considered a low BP ? treatment for herpis zoster What causes heart palpitations when lying flat on my back ? My doctor said i might have Ventricular Tachycardia How to maintain a low BP ? Am I having a heart attack symptom ? Can I die from broken heart ? Do you have acute angina? Was lipitor one of the drugs that was causing heart attacks ? How dangerous is a BP of 200/100 ? My penis does not get that erection until... Confused whether HIV can attack me, kindly suggest Is aloe vera usefull in heart palpitations? I have been having heart palpitations. should I go directly to a heart doc. or what ? Can you reduce your own BP using your mind ? should have detailed sonographic evaluation of abdomen and pelvis for abdominal pain? Echo cardiogram vs EKG...? Cholesterol test I keep getting sharp pains in my heart, please suggest me What causes a heart murmur? pericarditis and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Swelling of toes and bluish marks on the body, what could this be ? My secretary BP was measured at 188 over 108, can anyone tell me ? cholesterol and heart attack What are the seven deadly heart dieases? Should I give blood if my BP is 136/57 ? is it normal for ur heart to speed up a little and have the feeling of rising to the throat area? I have high cholesterol,Total cholesterol 263,Triglyceride 238,Total cho./HDL ratio is 5.9 Are there any simple exercises that will help lower high BP ? If your heart is beating fast does that mean your metabolism is also going fast? My brother had enlarged heart and he was died What are the reasons for having a high blood pressure? Does Warfarin effect a persons BAC ? Why my heart beating hard and fast? My heart is racing fast. I am 14 only What is a heart murmur? incidental cyst on his kidney and also is suffering from pains around his sternum back, kindly help My left shoulder and elbow have been hurting all of today, what can it be ? The center of my chest keeps hurting. any help or idea s please ? If heart functioning at only 33% of its capacity, is he/she close to death ? What do doctors were when they check your heart ? I am experiencing lightheaded, what could be the cause of it ? After abortion my period got delayed Can I read EKG myself? Link between high cholesterol and heart disease I am having severe pain in heart/chest what do i do? I have been having high BP and heaviness in and around my chest. When I run or walk fast for a couple of minutes my heart hurts I keep getting flutter feelings in my chest What is the nursing consideration in administering the furosemide a cardiovascular drug ? What term refers to a period of time when the heart and breathing can stop from too much alcohol ? How to decrease my BP ? My cholesterol reading is 6.5 to 7.5. Is it OK? What are the bad things about cholestrol and blood pressure medicine? Why i have a fast heart rate ? Can a person with heart problems use bath salts safely ? MY HEART JUST SKIPPED BEATS, CAN I HAVE HEART ATTACK ? My cholesterol LDL was 200 4 months ago and is now 61 What is better care echocardiogram tech or a Registered Nurse ? How to prevent heart attack by medicine ? my blood pressure is 144/97,could that be considered as high? My BP is 130/80, what should I do to bring it back to normal ? My heart sometimes skips beats or kind of jumps . What could be the problem ? When should I be concerned about my heart ? Delayed periods, Kindly advice confused with cardiologists Can you control cardiac arrest by using your brain ? How do doctors replace your pacemaker battery when it has run out ? What should people eat for a heart healthy diet ? Can you drink on beta blockers ? Why does congestive cardiac failure cause an inappropriate rise in blood volume? BP 193/80 and a pulse of 106 by machine which is not usual to me. Is this OK? What is more important, Heart or brain ? Does Salt Lower BP ? Can someone please tell me how to read ECG results ? What kind of medication do u have to take to lower BP ? What foods are good to eat if you have high Cholesterol? What is a regular resting heart rate ? Can you always definitely diagnose a stroke? Would thunder and lightening affect a pacemaker ? Medication for heart irregularity I am 15 year old female with swollen ankles, back aches, trouble in breathing and overweight what is a dillfibralator it has to do with the heart? I ve had symptoms of a stroke,please help Does coffee lowers BP ? What can I do to lower my cholesterol without making huge changes to my lifestyle ? What exactly is the difference between heart attack and heart failure? Is it safe to take speed if you have heart disease & its side effects ? I have a problem of getting heart atack. what can I do ? I have a sharp heart pain. Sometimes i cant breath die from a heart attack during a dobutamine stress test Can you actually die from a broken heart? if u have c.o.p.d-chf is it good to keep ur blood thin and why? Why do I have such high cholesterol of 215 ? Can having a mild stroke change your personality at all ? Mitral valve prolapse, high BP, and paracardium sack with moderate fluid, what can it be ? I have an acustic neroma, Could this be an episode from the MS ? What are the effects of masturbation? What are some good bedtime snacks for a Diabetic ? I am a diabetes and still have zero will power on eating and drinking ,what do I do ? When your diagnosed as a diabetic are you a diabetic for life ? If heart disease[ cholesterol, angina] runs in your family can u prevent it? Will they accept me if I go to emergency room ? Is Everyone Aware Of This Little Known Fact?? Can I sue the hospital ? Frequent runny nose and then blocked nose Need to consult some one who is the best Neurologists in India Why would a doctor refuse to sign a death certificate ? How to cure low depression ? What is the best medicine to lower high cholesterol?? Symptom of hypothyroid Is acute myocardial infarction the actual heart attack or a sickness? What causes arteries to clog in the legs? reasons for sudden hikes of blood pressure pains in breasts before periods Cyst in my left lower ovary. Is it curable by medicine ? Do I have a disease, can somebody help me pls? When I can come to know about low blood pressure ? I keep getting odd flutters in my heartat random times in the day. Why is my heartbeat irregular ? Where is your heart actually located ? Normal Echocardiogram as opposed to Stress Echocardiogram?? help for 6 year old baby suffering from heart disease Fast heart beats wtih angina Is taking bayer asprin everyday healthy? Alternatives to lipitor, please suggest What is massive stroke? Complications from gastric surgery Heart feels cold and there is an irregular beat Why u like smocking ? What does it mean when your blood pressure is 190 over 90? Hairloss after straightening, please help What does a Heart Attack feel like? How can I lower this ASAP ? Side effects of ANTENOL, lisimipril, 0.3mg colindine over blood pressure 102/66 Does smoking cigarettes have an effect on your cholesterol levels ? What is acute myocardial infarction ? Can i keep my inner during ECG? I have heart and arm pain How can I loose my body weight ? please suggest I have back ache since past one month, What can I do please help Is a BP of 155/101 high ? what is the status on this stage Normal resting pulse rate for a 25 yr old How would i know if i am a Diabetic? Excessive thirsty symptoms, do I have diabetes ? If someone was diabetic and didnt know it what would they feel like ? Heart palp/shortness breath, Should I have an echo-cardiogram ? Blockages in arteries Congestive heart failure/kidney problems am I having anxiety right now?? My son has got some "daane" on his face, red in color on cheek, please help are heart flutterings bad? Suggest me the treatment for high blood pressure Does everyone feel like a heart beat in lower stomach? How can I lower my BP without medicine ? What changes occur in body while sleeping ? What is the Natural cure for hypertension ? Severe dry cough with chest pain on coughing & body ache too please give me your suggestion anyone is 20+ and still have heart murmur? How can i raise my heart rate in a wheelchair? If my BP is 179/108, should I go to the doctor ? Is it ok to stop taking your blood pressure medicine ? Demerits of high BP I am feling pain in my heart while inhaling What do palpitations feel like ? I was suffering severe blood loss and anaemia with chest pains and breathlessness,is thre anything to worry about ? I am 15,I have a heart problem and i smoke I have nausea and dizziness. I stopped eating spicy food, any suggestions ? Why is my heart beating so fast without anxiety ? What do you do if you find out your grandson has high cholesterol ? How can I cause a heart attack? Is it safe to give a person lasix in high blood pressure? Give me some tips on reducing my BP Life expectancy after heart surgery ? Side affects from taking the heart medication Nicoradil Is it normal for your heart to feel like it skips ? I have a phobia of dying and an anxiety problem, what should I do ? My bp is around 120/30. Why is my diastolic pressure so low? Does smoking cigarettes increase cholesterol levels ? Low pulse rate How are Echo cardiogram conducted? I ve had problem of Racing Heart/Palpitations - Doctors unable to find out a cause I am a Fruitarian-Rawfoodist. How can I reduce my blood pressure? Throwing up blood & chest pain Can people die from panic attacks ? I am diabetic and have just come round from a hypo 2 How come diabetes is more common in the US? I have a high pulse that wont go below a 100, what should I do ? Is it possible to have HDL Cholesterol higher than LDL cholesterol ? I have very high blood pressure What is the best way to prevent hypertension ? What is the graphical meter running in icu unit above patients bed? Who takes blood pressure medicines ? What is heart disorder ? How long do people with concested heart failure last ? Is 124 on cholesterol abnormally low and a cause for concern ? What about leaky heart valves ? Funny pins and needles in the heart My heart beats irregular when I lie down, is that bad ? How can someone have a mini stroke with a BP of 203/87 ? Does the ps3 or nintendow will effect pace makers ? CHF is not good for a 86 yrs old woman. Is it dangerous? Possibilty of having heart attack for a 25 year old male Question about BP (81/50) Are there natural cures for high blood pressure ? I am aged 42 years and i feel fatigue many time and i feel neck pain also What was the cause of my sisters death? Tread mill stress test Does orange interfere with coumadin ? How can I lower my BP from 164/90 to normal ? low back pain into stomach, please help Does alcohol affect heart rate, BP and temperature when consumed ? I have been feeling ill may I have some ov advice ? Are there chances of pregnancy ? My 3 week old daughter has high heart rate What does having an enlarged heart mean? My husband had a angiogram yesterday. doctor said that he had had a heart attack Can you get a blood clot at age 13? What do you do after you think you have had a heart attack ? I feel very nervous and lot of sweating happens to me before preparing for sex What is the likely hood that you will have a stroke ? My husband has been worse since stopping fluoxetine and starting citalapram Can u still smoke marijauna when it hurts your heart? Whether head needs oxygen and blood with nutrients to the brain or not ? How do you know if you are having a stroke ? BP machine gave me three different readings, kindly suggest I am 17 and feel like someone is squeezing my heart My husband has type 2diabetes his left foot is nearly always cold What would happen to a non-diabetic if injected with insulin? 13 years old girl has Chest Pain, please Help I can feel my heart beating heaps of the time. is this OK ? Adenoamigdolectomia. What does it mean? Is it possible for a pair of twins to have identical heart type or blood type Darvocet100, coumadin 5, synthroid50,atenolol50. does these meds mix? Why is my heart racing all the time? My BP is 117/76, is this normal ? Does salt cause water retention Why I got anemia ? How can you beat a siliva drug test? How can I prevent having a heart attack? I am getting blood while ejaculation Whom to consult for tension headache? How to flush out cholesterol from arteries by Ayurvedic ? I have been having an irregular heartbeat My husband has a high cholesterol and normal trigclycerides levels What is home remedy for reducing or diluting heart blockages ? my heart rate will suddenly get harder and faster Frequently Cough and cold I am seventeen, my heart is throbbing and hurts relentlessly. Suggest me a remedy Is congestive heart disease inherited ? How fast can the Blood Cholesterol change ? Treatment for blood clots in brain What is low lying plecenta? I smoke & how I can beat nicotine test ? What are the precautions should be taken for a weak heart? I get a really bad chest pain, is this serious ? What are ways to lower your BP ? Internal defibrillator How can i over come my depressions? How do I overcome this severe anxiety problem? What damage will happen after exposing to about 130-140 decibels for about 2 hours? I need to get Plavix, heart medicine I cant afford it. Is hydrochleorothiazide good for high blood pressure? When doing a EKG what leads ? Sometimes I get a sharp pain my left upper arm Is it possible to develop diabetes from consuming too much sugar or junk food? Need advice on a good constipation medicine for a diabetic I want to ask if its possible for a diabetes type 2 person to have low blood sugar ? Could I have had a stroke ? Must lower cholesterol products What does a blood pressure of 140/82 mean ? Does this mean I have sun stroke? 19 Year Old Dies From A Blood Clot can doctors use a pigs heart or a cows heart for a human heart transplant? Cough and cold with throat pain, please help My heart is beating fast and I have shortness of breath My cardiac enzymes are elevated after doing heavy work What are the risks of riding rollercoasters for people with pacemakers?? How does this affect him during intercourse due to heart acceleration ? My BP typically runs normal 120/70, Is this considered high BP ? I am 35 and I have high blood pressure. I am having a chest pain can a man survive after getting 3 heart attacks? What is a normal heart rate ? What is a heart murmur? having pain in left eye and BP of 179/119 Treatment for thoracic aortic aneurysm Weird feeling in heart , help me please Is heart enlargement a deadly illness How to reduce cholostral by diet ? Effect of Heart Disease on Government job Has anyone else had severe panic attacks ? How to cheat the system of heart rate monitor ? sleeping pills can breast milk be in any way cause death to your newborn ? Can you have a heart attack at a young age ? My BP is 89/59, is this too low ? Whats the possibility of a 28 yrs old slim guy having a High blood pressure? How is Atenonol for high blood pressure? Are there any dangers to take aspirin daily ? Will it cause any damage to drink 8oz of red wine vinegar straight in a short time frame? I have asthma, high BP and Diabetics, What vitamins should I take ? BP 117/85 at the age of 46. Is it OK? I get short of breath very easily I have been having chest pains. Should I be concerned I am very young ? I ve been experiencing a shortness of breath and discomfort in my chest every now and then. I have heart palpitation and i am skipping my heart beat How do i carry my insulin in plane? Will drinking lucozade give me diabetes? Diet for low blood sugar When we sneeze does our heart really stop? Acidity pain on both sides of stomach. Chest pain with cold sweats and heart palpitation Their is a small leak in one of my valves. I am having all the symptoms of anxiety. MY heart pulse gets up to 250 after bending over just the right way How long will a heart attack lasts ? What is the survival rate of cardio vascular bypass surgery? Why breathing through mouth is not advisable ? I am 20. I had heart attack last night Are these just normal symptoms for being removed off of Beta Blockers ? Does palm oil or red oil as it is known contain cholesterol ? What is safe period for sex? Does anybody know the normal levels for blood glucose ? Does alcohol effect blood sugar ? My dad is diabetic and eats microwavable meals How long do you have to fast prior to a diabetes blood test ? How to get rid of Type 2 diabetes? What is the best way to temporarily lower his blood sugar ? How to know you are a diabetic without going for a check up ? Dianogsted with type 2 diabetes, kindly help me Can i get a free prescriptions for my eye test? I am diabetic for last 8 years what kind of breakfast is best to stop me having blood sugar ? How to prevent Amoebic liver abscess? Prevention of jaundice in children. What are the symptoms of diabetes? Diabetes Survey :D please answer If my mom has diabetes 2, am I at risk to ? I have had a bad dry mouth all day, like I am constantly thirsty, please suggest Best place to take injection? Why cant diabetics use Wartner - freezing treatment for foot warts ? How can you tell lf your a Diabetic ? unusual food habits during pregnancy Can anyone become blind because of diabetes? type 1 diabetes Is Diabetes as deadly as AIDS and Cancer ? I have type 2 diabetes. Is this necessary to check twice daily? My blood sugar is 437 is it bad? What is the treatment for type 2 diabeties? Why do I have to pay attention to how my feet are ?
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