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Taken primolut n, unprotected sex, getting period like cramping Dry flaky skin on nose, eyebrows and cheeks. On scraping becomes red and sore. Lump on neck Pregnancy test positive, hcg is 190.5, brown spotting, normal? Sharp stabbing pain in chest, pain between lungs, pain on coughing. Causes for chest pain? Unprotected sex, white bump on inner labia. Is this genital warts? No sensation in fingers. Paralysis? Ultrasound showed hepatis hepatic hemangioma. Can nothing be done? Knuckles are red on both hands with tightness Red blotches on the bottom of feet on 18 month old boy Born with hole in heart, have chest pain. Is it ok? Penis skin hurts while in shower, red cut and ashy on upper part Protected sex, missed period, pregnancy test negative, taking regestrone 5 mg will cause problem Abdominal gas, yellow mucus and blood in stool Extreme fatigue, rashes after itching. Is related to adrenal fatigue and Sergent s White Line Test on the abdomen? Period late, pregnancy test negative, pregnant Overdose of birth control pill,polycystic ovary syndrome Did not have periods while taking birth control injection. Continuous bleeding after implant. Worried Child had knee popping and pain, hurts to bend knee. Is this an extension of Osgood's disease? Have PCOS. On birth control. Will it increase weight and lead to cervical cancer? Diet to be taken? Food getting stuck in throat, lump in throat, endoscopy normal, nexium not working Minor abdominal pain, cholelithiasis Stopped taking contraceptive pills, starts heavier bleeding, pain Peeled top layer skin of nose, burns, leaking clear stuff Neck injury, painless, heat around neck, stiffness, lethargic cyst mass like inside the cheek, flexible, small white spots and blisters, discolored, cancer ? Feeling of vibration on thigh muscle Had D&C previously, now pregnancy test positive. What are the chances of being pregnant again? Testicle hurts, abdominal pain. Torsion? Suggestion? Infection, headache and nausea, blood and urine test done Increase in height using herbal body growth medicine Two menstrual periods and strong pain in a month, difficulty in pregnancy 2 year child suffering from cough and cold. Prescribed Telecast 4. Is it safe? Why was Noriday prescribed 2 months after pregnancy? Irregular heart at night, normal blood-work, cholesterol 175. Cure? Pimple in vagina, sebaceous cyst, itchy ? Hallucinations, low temperature, no meningitis symptoms Anal bleeding, hemorrhoids, taken prescribed diet, no result What could be the skin tag on the cheek lining post biting the jaw ? How is dark sand-like diarrhea prevented ? Tired, headache, body ache, strange dreams Ovarian cysts, endometriosis, trying to conceive ADHD, taking Adderall, want to take laxative containing sennosides, ducosate sodium. Is it safe? Sensitive penis, red patches on penis, has circumcised penis, difficulty with intercourse. what this could be? Rapid heart beats on walking, tightness in chest, breathing difficulty, on diphenhydramine. What treatment should I take? Pregnant, gel medication for infection, green tiny clumps found while wiping. Cause? headache,ischemic colitis,allergy to seafood. Will this heal? Treatment for cancer with hemp oil therapy. Where in India can I get it done? Back pain, burning sensation in tail bone, pain on sitting, sleeping. On Ibuprofen, some relief. Treatment? Stressed, persistent red spots on face. Seman analysis report, sperm fine, ph level high. How to lower ph level Hit on back, ultrasound done, no acute intra uterine fluid collection. Suggestion? How is blood supply to the ankle bone returned ? Sore, swollen nose, cold Big vein on testicle, slight pain Heavy belching, flatulence. Normal results for endoscopy, chest X-ray showed spots on lungs. Lung cancer? MRI showed cyst within basal ganglia. Should this be removed? 5 yr old had high bilirubin, recovered, no problem with liver. Why sweating profusely during night? Ringing in ears, twitching nostrils, junctional tachycardia, benign arrythmia symptoms ? Acute colitis, gained weight, stomach bloated Child guidance councellor diagnosed post traumatic stress syndrome. What does this mean? Dose to taking dicorate ER 750 mg, oleanz 15mg(OD) Tightness in neck, BP 123/83, relieved temporarily by Motrin. Stomach virus,stool pale yellow,loose stool,lost appetite Erratic heart rhythm, drop in pressure, chest rattling, pain around sternum, difficulty in sleeping on front and sides, no digestive problems. Prescribed reflux tablets. Suggestion? How to get rid of dark, red scar between eyes for about an year due to cyst? Painful small bump near lower back,clear fluid discharge Married, premature ejaculation On antibiotic for yersinia, taking methylprednisolone. Can I start exercising? What should I do to improve my muffled hearing problem ? Delay in periods, possibility for pregnancy Knee injury due to fall, mild swelling, walking without pain, cant run, X-ray required ? Pain in penis, swollen above testicles, sore when urinating Lifted 100 pound weight. Started feeling testicular discomfort and lower abdominal pain. What's wrong? What is the cause for pain in pelvic bone ? Duration of cocaine residuals in the body system Positional vertigo, taking Serc, feeling off balance. Normal? Redness and warmness on the arm spreading to the elbow. On clindamycin, slow improvement. Should I wait? What could be the lump next to the uvula causing difficulty in swallowing ? Difficulty in conceiving, normal blood work, had miscarriages. What can be done? Cyst, bleeding post intercourse, had miscarriage. Chances of pregnancy? Nausea, tiredness, strong smelling bleeding during menses, taken ginet 84, had unprotected sex Total hysterectomy, hernia, recently quit Celexa. Why weight gain? What is the cause of a small cut on the inner lips of my private parts ? Bleeding during having sex Blood in urine, kidney stone, test report normal Got period on abnormal time while on Trisprintec Child having red, splotchy rash over body, heavy around joints with swelling medical abortion, smoking marijuana, pain, side effects ? Have small lump at centre of rib cage, not painful, doing lots of exercise. Should i go for treatment? Bacterial vaginosis, 6 weeks pregnant, light brown spots earlier, pink discharge, antibiotic, concerned Petechiae on lower legs, hypothyroid. Taking ASA 81 medication. Symptoms due to aspirin? Anxiety attack, facial numbness Coughing up thick green mucus, having fever, labored breathing, chest pain. Bronchitis or pneumonia? Less blood, anemic Bump on the tongue, hurts every time Sharp vaginal pain, vaginal injection to numb the pain, situation worsened Depo shot, cramping, Spotting for a month, color changes from red, pink and orange Difficulty in swallowing, only on fluids, have extreme weakness. Cause of swallowing difficulty? Swollen gums, irritated, red, difficulty eating food Rashes on neck, fungus infection, oral lamisil, cured and repeats again, swollen wrist, itchy Fatty liver issues, suspected HCC. Advised liver transplant. Will ayurvedic treatment be effective? Blood pressure high, mitral valve replaced, taking coumadin, nose bleeding, taking antibiotic Darkened knuckles,alternative of clobetasol Foreskin tear. Using betamethasone vale rate cream. Is this steroid cream safe to use? Rheumatoid arthritis, knuckle pain on hand, high RA factor and cyclic citrullinated peptide, body aches, taking hydroxychloroquine Can I smoke cannabis if I had cross linking eye surgery? Leg cramps, tingling in body, weak arm ESR level 105, lower lobe of lung removed due to cancer. Discoloured spot on inner left lip of vulva Leg pain and swelling, no injury, blood vessels lost blood flow Buries looking mark on leg, itching, no pain, infection Burning chest, abnormal heart beats, dizziness, light headedness post injecting meth. Cause? Red bruise on the foot, pain Oral submucous fibrosis treatment. Where is the safe treatment available, exercise for patients? What does one faint and the other dark line in a pregnancy test ? Itchy scalp, hard knots under scalp, no blister or white head. Treatment? Positional vertigo, elevated sgpt, prescribed donasure. Dietary precautions? What could be the cause of redness, swelling, dryness over the testicles that aggravates on urinating ? Ascaris lumbricoides, affect of zentel on weight Jelly bean like lump on arm, blood clot? Dull, stabbing pain under the rib cage, regurgitation of bright green colored substance. Had gall bladder removed earlier. What could this be? 13 years old, want to lose weight, no reduction with sit ups. Can I take futa planta? No menstruation, taking daphne pills without missing. Reason? Stasis dermatitis, no energy, tired feeling, over weight Red swollen lump on thigh. Cure? Prostrate enlargement, operated for hernia, swelling on left groin. Whats the reason for swelling that comes and heals? Gaining weight, abdominal pain after intercourse. How to reduce weight? SGPT 71, how to reduce? Transvaginal ultrasound done, intracavitary central sonolucency, abnormal endometrium, prominent cervix, bilateral follicular cysts. Suggest? Itchy rash on lower leg, upper chest, arms and hand, taking triamterene-HCTZ for high blood pressure 31 weeks pregnant, Oligohydramnios, grade 2 placenta previa. Action of Susten gel? Baby has blood on the tip of penis, does not cry when urinating. Rapid heart beats, bloated and hard stomach with a feeling of movement, random heavy bleeding, mood swings, low appetite post delivery. Cause? Breathlessness, itching, chest tightening. Recommended esiflo, tiova, montelukast, levocetirizine. Remedy and advise? Diabetes, have exceptionally high blood sugar level post intake of morning after pill. Is this common? Feeling really tired, cloudy vision, somewhat dizzy, face tightening, tingling in arms and back, not sleeping well, stress Headache, dimetapp, hives on leg, allergy Unprotected sex, light period, weight gain, breast pain, pregnant What is the cause of recurrent fainting, hair loss ? Bloodied nose Lumps in arms, legs, chest, severe fatigue, excessive sleepiness, crankiness and irritability. What do the symptoms imply? Pregnant, body weight same in two different check up What is the cause and remedy for redness and pain over uvula and palatoglossal arch on eating ? C-section, regular period, light bleeding What is the cause of two different HPT results ? Spontaneous clear nipple discharge, tender, white nipples, sore breasts. Pregnant. Will drinking coffee effect the complexion of the baby? How to get fair complexation baby? Chest congestion, taken antibiotic, feels weak, mild fever, thyroid results normal Child having severe stomach pain with fever, no vomiting or diarrhoea, urine test showed blood in urine. Had surgery for blocked kidney. What could be the cause? Glaucoma, problems in night 350 degrees grease in eyes,blurry,painful Diarrhea, blood in stools, fever, refusal to take Racecadotril Pregnant, amino fluid 24, precaution to take Dark brown spots near nipple when in sun acne and dark-spots, aziderm cream, Ban a Tan, Fell on the head from standing position, numbness and pain. Is this a matter of concern? Done blood test. What is the interpretation of this report? Low fever, swollen sternocleidomastoid, paracetamol Colitis, rectum damaged, itchy and burning after urination, bleeding, infection Digesting problem, tummy virus. Can breast milk help? Stuffy nose, nausea, loss of appetite, throat pain Sinusitis, headaches, facial numbness, high pulse rate, deviated septum. Treatment options? Baby having loose motion, yellow green colour stool. What could be the cause? Not having proper facial hair, hairloss in front of the head. How can it be treated? Took primolut-n to postpone periods. Started gastric problem, feeling sick, not able to sleep. What to do? wrist hurting, indentation ? Pain in vagina after sex, blood drops found What is the cause of dizziness after sleeping on the left side post migraine attack ? Pain in ribs What is the cause of severe chest pain in a 20 year old ? Unprotected sex, missing period, pregnant Undergone hysterolaparoscopy diagnosis, uteraine cavity normal, ovaries adherent to the back of uterus. Can i conceive? Interstitial lung disease, weakness and breathing problem, taken steroids, inhaling Oxygen Is it possible to have c section and hysterectomy at the same time? Unprotected sex, fever, frequent urination, stomach pain, swollen feet Ulcer on penis, balanitis , loose of weight, feel weak, fever, fatigue, sore throat Headache above eyebrows and forehead. Taken paracetamol and brufen, no relief. medicine? Flu symptoms, back pain Stomach acidity, taking pan 40 and perinom, suffering from diarrhoea Stomach acidity, diarrhea early morning, Pan 40, Perinorm. What causes ear imbalance in one with vertigo ? Stinky arm, sign of puberty How long must I wait after withdrawing of Loette pills to conceive ? Dizzy often during the day with tingling in right arm from elbow to finger. Reasons ? Suffering from hemiplegia. Having digestion and acidity problem. Taking gluconorm-PG1, amlovas OL and myprel Plus. Any advice? Can crystal methamphetamine cause painful and itchy rashes ? Had kerosene oil, failed to vomit, taken milk Suffering from blocked nose, body pain, sore throat. Advised sinarest levo and nasivion. What should I do? Epigastric pain, vomiting. Done Tru-cut biopsy. Not responding to treatment. What does the results indicate, treatment? Clear liquid dripping from left nostril Flickering in lip, have totally recovered from Bell's Palsy. Recurrence? Having ipill regularly after having intercourse, missing periods, pregnancy test negative. Side effects of medicine? Throat hurting while swallowing,coughing with yellowish brown phlegm with cough,stopped smoking Grey crusty itchy moulds on back, tiny ones on arm and forehead What is a hard painless growth inside my nostril? Any connection between Emanzen D and missed periods? What does elevated SGPT with pain and swelling in the ankle in one with bone TB indicate ? What could be the cause of profuse sweating with rolling eyes ? Trying to conceive. On ovacare and Ovral L. What is the combination of this two pills? Bleeding starts after taking mt pill, pain, delayed period, no pregnancy, complications Itching vagina, no burning urination. Herpes or allergy to pads? Missed birth control pills, had unprotected sex, started bleeding, bloating. Could i be pregnant? Started periods, sex on second day, fading periods. Pregnant? Bumps near vagina, hurts Flat, circular, red blotches in pubic area above penis. What could it be? What is the cause of lack of taste post intake of antibiotics ? Is it safe to take duphaston, susten and HCD injections at 4 weeks of pregnancy ? What is the cause of itchy, red spots on the penis post jelqing exercise ? Having chest pain and hand pain, esophageal erosions and burping. Looking for solution Indentations on injection site. Taken Corticosteroid injection. How to get relief? Warmness, fluid filled swelling over the area of meth shot. Normal? Swelling in pubic area post frequent intercourse Numb face, blood circulation not proper. Treatment? Pregnant, having morning sickness, loss of appetite, weakness. Advice? No baby, sex problem What treatment other than surgery can I take for annular disc bulge ? Due to cataract there is low vision in right eye , will my other eye also get affected ? Stopped smoking, blood in mucus, blood in stools. Reason? Can I ask a doctor about my radiological report ? Mentally stressed, gets irritated soon Overly tired, grumpy, emotional, depressed after masturbation. Reason, treatment? Frequent bowel movement, mucus in stool, stomach ache. Medicine? How can I come off elleste duet 2 mg after having them for last 5 years ? Taken duphaston, got periods. Can take ovulet to get pregnant? Having thyroid and cholesterol. Taking eltroxin 50 and rozavel 5. Started pain in muscles, feels weak. Alternate medicine? Backache for 25 years,hair line fracture in 50 year old What medication can I take for itchy rashes in my shin area ? Burning sensation on feet Feeling of obstruction in the throat while swallowing 71% motile sperm, 5% rapid linear progression, 55% slow progression, 40% non progression. Baby? What is the diet for piles and chronic constipation? Suffering from depression, not eating or sleeping properly. What is the treatment? Using cream to keep foreskin moist, burning sensation during urination Stomach feels big after caesarean. How to reduce weight? Hepatitis B. Weak digestion, unable to gain weight, abdominal pain, loose stool. History of Jaundice. Treatment? Taking telma-Am for high BP, moderate smoker, drink rarely Surgery of testicular torsion done, testicle removed, silicon prosthesis inserted, pain and burning penis. What to do? Will Relent syrup work for cold, medium thick mucous? Pain in upper left back. What could be the reason, and treatment measures? High blood pressure. Taking amlodipine, not cured. Is it serious? HPF leukocytes, epithelial cells in urine, positive for coagulase negative staphylococci. Treatment? Inner ear infection, numbness in lip. Treatment? Severe gastric troubles, will Levogold help me ? Had a miscarriage, repeated period, taken canesten pessary, trying to conceive Cough, allergic pharyngitis, vomiting while coughing Trouble with lips, skin on the upperlips are glossy, dry and stretchy and spreading. How can the irritation be relieved? Intense lower back ache, bone disc, spinal cord normal, want to know relief measures Child having fever and bleeding nose. Bleeding stopped after taking fever reducer. Should I go for medical treatment? Sore bumps on penis, blood and white stuff comes out after squeezing Negative pregnancy test, want to go for Beta hcg test without doctor's intervention. Is it possible? PCOS, oily skin, acne prone, dry skin after shifting location, breakouts Continuous dry cough, normal tests for all reports, taking Omez, no improvement with medicines. effective remedy? Concerned due to chest tightness experienced followed by breathing problem and tingling in fingers. Unwanted pregnancy, planning to take MT pills Continuous stomach pain, tests detected tumor in esophagus. Treatment? Feeling tired throughout day, sleep OK, heaviness in eyes, mild body pain, sore throat, bitterness in mouth, no fever Hypothyroid, trying to conceive, prescribed folinine, on eltroxin. Will folinine help? What is the cause of throat irritation in one with a little abrasion in the intestine ? What does fatty liver and minimal pelvicalyceal system prominence in kidney mean? How to use productiv-M tablets? Unprotected sex, taken postinor 2, starts bleeding, pregnant Acne,Isotroin led to dry skin. Is Wysolone safe? Not getting pregnant, taken ayurvedic medicine, one miscarriage, possibility for leproscopy Want to concieve. Taking ptoctinal and siphene. How can conception occur? Eye and ear pain, headache, vomiting. Taking amoxicillain. Cure? Is unhealthy misconception the reason for having periods twice in a month Lack of appetite, pain in the kidneys, tired, weakness, sensitive to cold climate. What can be the reason for kidney pain? Numbness in leg, swollen knees and ankles causing difficulty in bending, taking Phenytoin Sodium regularly. Cause? Ringing ears, low sugar, high cholesterol, high hemoglobin. Viral infection? Is there any cure for retinitis pigmentosa due to which vision is slowly decreasing ? Reoccurring dark purple green bruise on both legs. Not been hit by anything. Cause? Palm swollen, pain, x-ray report fine, taking vitamin, mineral and flexon tablet ALT 425,fever,swollen liver,itchy skin Chlamydia infection, possible to detect in urine test ? Pain while sitting, driving, tailbone injured Nocturnal cramps, taking methycobal and Evion. How long can one take these medicines? Frequent spells of light chest pain, low heart rate, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, occasional irregular heart beat. Cause? Having chest infection and bronchitis. Taking steroids. Feeling weak, tired, not able to sleep. What to do? Child having loose motion after having chicken, thick milk, green gram. Medicine? Red spots on chest. Leukemia? Sweating hands and feet, taking medicine and using lotion Sudden problem in penis erection Miscarriage twice and shows only gestational sac, no yolk or fetal pole. High TSH. Whats the reason for miscarriage? Child having fever. Given crocin. Not cured. What should be done? Pimple in the mouth, hurting. How can it be cured effectively? Diabetic, bilateral menieres disease, ear trouble. Taking amiloride and hydrochlorothiazide, duro-K. Is it safe to take three medications together? Sperm analysis done, opaque grey, motility, immature forms tested. Are they normal? Is A/C coach good for children to travel? Had pneumonia. Have short of breath. No infection shown in blood test. Would a yeast infection of lungs can be seen on chest xray? Pregnant, legs swollen, rashes raised How can I get tips on chest x-ray results and findings ? Gas in infant, colimex and neopeptine, diet ? Hip pain, impairs walking Having pricking pain in ear. Not cured by waxolve, zoxan and neosporin. What treatment should be done? Aplastic anemia, low platelet count, treatment Eating lots of food, skin color changes to yellow What could be the purplish blue bump on the anus that itches and hurts on pressing ? Anxiety, feel like dying. Reason and treatment? Hypothyroidism and pcod, gained weight. Taking primolut n regulates periods. Diet? Change in lifestyle to be done? vaccinated dpt , pneumonia and polio, calpol, recovery ? Shooting pain in the stomach with excessive farting on deep breathing after waking up, relief after some time. Reason? What is the cause and remedy for viewing zigzag layers on the side of the eye ? Why am I having difficulty in conceiving even after taking lutenyl ? Wisdom tooth extraction, pain Intercourse without precaution, eject out, want to conceive Had sex after abortion, cramps Semen analysis, low sperm mortality level, CoQ Forte capsules, side effects Baby having dandruff problem in head and dirts problem in ear. What are the risks? Delayed period, pregnancy test negative, cramps Not getting pregnant, low sperm count Suffering from hair loss. Prescribed foley fast hair tincture. Is 5% minoxidil lotion better than foley fast? Itching on leg, red bumps, Fever, taken antibiotic, repetitive fever Itching in throat after pharyngitis, cough, monteck-lc, cure? Repetitive belching, no ADP, no burning Will taking indocap increase my liver problems ? Does genital warts appears black in colour, separated, not in clusters, doesn't itch or hurt? Child suffering from loose motion, not taking food. Looking for diet and medicine Continuous heavy bleeding, abdominal cramps post intake of MTpill. When will it stop? Missed period,spotting for few days,cramps,tired,pregnancy test negative,high level of ketones Child having swelling above the urine path. What treatment should be taken? Sore erect nipples, Mirena Uterine leiomyosarcoma, chronic inversion of uterus. What does it mean? On simvastatin, test done for sgot, sgpt, bilurubin count, taken dicleron A, hypochondriac pain. Suggestion? Child having minor symptoms of epilepsy, want to know permanent remedy through homeopathic medicines. Advice? Shrunk clitoris,difficulty in having orgasm. Used very strong vibrator for years. Which hormonal cream can I use? HSG report normal but doctor says tube blockage. Who is right? Scan showed shadow near the top of the womb, internal scan in vaginal area done. What does it imply? How can one get completely rid of fissure in ano problem without surgical treatment ? Premature ovarian failure, taking Marvelon, lemon juice related to spotting? Fever, asthma, gone through different test Low ASO titre measurement, level is 800, homoeopathic medication, treatment time ? Bipolar disorder, painful headaches. On Lithium medication. Treatment for headaches? Fever, throat infection, MONOCEF syrup, cold, mega-cv syrup, hetrezan tablets, can these be used ? Which are the effective alternative medicines to cure oral sub-mucous fibrosis ? Wet gangrene, diabetes, pneumonia, increase in heart size Ear pain during dialysis? Continuous pelvic, back pain, muscle weakness, enlarged lymph nodes in neck, swelling and numbness in feet, have Sjogren's syndrome, ovarian cysts, MRI shows absence of spinal problems Stomach bug, fever, slow heartbeat, shakiness. Normal recovery? Hard bundle of veins at surface of testis White skin around lips, skin color brown. Treatment? What is the cause of stabbing pain under the armpits and shoulder on breathing ? Betadine vaginal solution, alkaline vagiana Drinking from glass of water of HIV patient, cutting yourself on glass, chances of HIV infection ? Vomiting, watery stool Physically grownup, mentally ill, Irregular periods after stopping Depo, can Norethisterone normalize periods? What could be the cause of green phlegm after general anesthesia ? How can I get relief from depression ? Could I have bruised my spleen after falling off a ladder ? What treatment should one take to get over ovary enlargement ? Taking orofer xt for iron deficiency and folic acid for planning a baby. Any need to take both tablets together? Had fistulotomy, pains, thread hanging out. Suggestion? White liquid coming out of knee lump, should go for pre betella vasectomy. What are the risks of surgery? Pain in groin when coughing, is it due to hernia operation? Formula Nan pro 1, eating vegetables, dark green stools with yellow spots, intestinal infection ? Deaf in left ear,balance disorder,nausea.Remedy? Tooth filling, white spot on cheek, given Novocaine, cause of concern ? Pea sized lump, pain in chest. Which specialist? X-ray showed spots of earlier TB, elevated ESR, had completed treatment of TB successfully. Cause?
Having allergic reaction on face. Oxygen therapy at night for copd. Getting rashes on face. Could it be latex allergy? Had protected intercourse, smells bad and feels greasy. Cause? Over weight, sound in the ear that doesnt stop. Done MRI to check double vision during pregnancy. Can the wooshing sound be due to the MRI? Difference in breast size, painful, have severe scelosis. Treatment? Burning and uncomfortable vagina after vaginal discharge Can opticians check for broken glass in eye? Extra cartilage on end of sternum? Atenolol to control high blood pressure. Can take 2.5mg Lisinopril Protected sex, missed period. Pregnant? Coughing, itchy palms in the morning, nauseousness and tired Low back pain in periods Quantity -2.44cc,spermatozoa sluggish abnormal spermatozoa dead- pus cells- 8-10/hpf, pregnancy possible ? Sore, hard lump in vagina, swollen lymphodes Low AMH, first IVF resulted in blastocyte, second resulted in failed fertilization. What can be done for a productive IVF? Fear, nervousness, tension, fainting. How to get relief? Continuous bleeding since month after medicine to abort pregnancy Are blurred vision and chest pain side effects of birth control Implanon ? Skin disease in thighs after meeting prostitute Having fluctuating fever, loose motion, shivering. Cause and medicine? Fatigue post sleep, headaches, mood swings, sensitive to noise, depression symptoms ? Fever in the evening, continuing Niftran prescribed for urine infection that has subsided. Cause of fever? How is foul smelling urine treated in children ? Diagnosed with collapsed lung. Xray done. Precaution to be taken? Severe chaffing between legs and under buttock area. Desintin helped. Permanent relief ? Sleepless night during exam, feels shaky head, high heart beat rate, not able to concentrate. Suggestion? Whiplash and concussion, Burning sensation in limbs, face and scalp, pinched nerve Trying to conceive, bi lateral poly cystic ovaries, taken ovofar 100 mg Cough, running nose, taken antibiotic, no recovery Periods pain, safe to take zerodol 100mg Bad dreams, sweaty after waking, panic disorder, weaning of xanax, palpitations, heart problems or anxiety ? Baby not passing stool, not breastfeeding, recent ear infection. What does high gamma GT level in one with high BP indicate ? Is it advisable to try for conception after having a mammogram ? High BP, taking Selomax, Minis press XL, Beniteh. What are the long term disadvantages? Is it possible to know if delivery will be normal by knowing the position of head of baby and ultrasound report ? Stage IV breast cancer,spread to bones, pain management? Why do I get nausea and dizziness in a lying position with arms raised upwards ? Occasional dizziness post passing urine, stools after meal. Normal? Hair loss, thinning, dandruff, itching. Minoxidil helpful? Taking birth control pills and placebo pill, getting heavy periods, and cramps. Hemorrhaging? Pain on right side of chest after injury, painful breathing. Is this normal? Masturbation 3-4 days since 14 years How to control high SGOT and SGPT in short period? Can vitamin deficiency cause earache ? What could be the cause of hard lump on the head ? What does irregular heart beat in a newborn indicate ? What could be the cause of purple bruise on the eyelid in one with Synthroid ? Can I prepone my cycles using Krimson 35 ? Back and hand pain, MRI of cervical spine, going for ozone therapy Fresh blood in stools after travelling Any medication to remove black spots on shoulder and back in 2-3 days? Child in stupor, no fever or vomiting, has auditory hallucination and memory loss, MRI normal, history of head trauma Gasping for air during sleeping after crying, blocked nasal passages, normal ? Fainting spells, ECG and blood test normal, loss of weight Unprotected sex before periods, taken morning after pill. Chances of pregnancy? Stiffness under tongue, cause ? Physique weakening after sexual relationship. How to improve stamina? Pain around waist,butt and thighs,tingling sensation,pain while bowel movement Eye exercises helpful for vision correction? Ayurvedic medicine for myopia? Lower abdominal pain,diarrhea and nausea.Reason? Oily skin, sensitive to sun, have sunburns on spending long hours. Which lotion can I use? Hay fever, feeling heavy in April. Dosage of Diprofos? Had bypass surgery, feels tired. Blood test done. Took lexapro. Looking for advice How can I assess whether TMT is normal or not? Numb bum and legs, backache Mri report says right centro lateral disc herniation of c6-c7 indenting the right existing nerve root High cholesterol, slip disc, had angioplasty , put up with stents, suffering from symptoms of vertigo due wrong dosage of Angised over a month. How can I resolve this? Hit head on window edge, lump appeared, nose bleeds, headache, feels emotional Muscle spasm in back and below posterior deltoid, taken myoril. Suggestion? Abdominal pain after medication for abnormal menstruation What is the cause of dizziness, black out and fainting ? Fluid pocket in eye, Tobramycin, irritation? Old filling fell out from top left first bicuspid, sharp pain, pain killers Continuous chest pain below neck, exercise tolerance, ECG tests normal, low BP, cholesterol, blood sugar, reduced weight. Cause of pain? What is the cause of severe pain on the back of the skull with nasal bleeding ? Undergoing treatment for interstitial cystitis. Taking alfoo and cranpac. Can I take Protein Supplements? Cervical cautery for treatment of erosion,bleeding after sex on 11th day Do weight loss pills cause constipation ? Can aerobics lead to lumps and swelling in body ? Folicullar study shows small size right ovary and no DF in left side. Thin endometrium. Advice on report? Should one give Livorid or Taximo to child with persistent fever ? Pain, tenderness in stomach and hot flashes. Diagnosed cyst in ovaries. How to cure it? Pimple scars,uneven skin tone Tendency of spinning pain and blood oozing into head, head pain Stroke, weight gain, discomfort and drowsiness due to Nexito. safe to stop? Irregular periods, taken Clomid, delayed period. Reason? Recurring painful mouth ulcers, treatment? Is Tasinga effective in curing CML ? Taking Calvapen for tonsillitis, have lower back pain radiating up and down Loose stool, gastric problem. Home or ayurvedic treatment? Heavy bleeding with clots,very tired after primolut n to delay periods Had respiatory infection. Feels dizzy and light headed after heavy drinking. Should i be worry? Small white patch over eye brow. Is it fungus or a sun reaction? Help. Will the sinus problem have any effect on sperm quality and the fetus in its development ? What is the remedy for lack of taste in a diabetic ? Can one take Defza and Sazo for joint pain and what are its side effects ? Trying to conceive, had a miscarriage earlier. On folic acid and prenatal pills. Will these help? Started masturbating at a very young age, doing it daily, now reduced frequency. Will it affect my health? Pain during urination due to bruise on the vagina, clitoris. Medicines? UTI, nausea, vomiting. Diagnosed with Cannibinoid Hypermesis Syndrome. Symptoms due to smoking marijuana? Free AIDS treatment center in Kolkata Having testicular pain. Scrotum scanning done, bilateral epididymal subcentimeter cyst left testis. Any solution? Does prostatitis cause erectile dysfunction ? Gardella vaginal infection. Wait for periods to stop before medication? Lump and swelling above left clavicle,lightheaded,dizzy, nausea Can a thyroid patient take Asmita to regularize the periods ? Unwanted 72 pill after 3 hours of sex, mensuration after 11 days. Matter of concern? Fell down from stairs. Having severe pain in lower back, headache at back of head with nausea. Doctor visit required? Yeast infection, flaky skin with itching post periods. STD symptom? Sore gums, flossed few times, stood up quickly, lightheaded and dizzy treatment for excessive hair on body? What is the cause and remedy for sudden clamping on the upper and lower jaw ? What is the cause of pain in the groin due to slipped mirena coil ? Cold,fever,sore throat,dry cough,blocked nose,hurtful throat Which medicine should I take for acne and patches on face and how long should I take ? 4 year child suffering from typhoid, headache. Not cured by medicine. What is the cause of headache? Is clarithromycin for tonsillitis safe during pregnancy? Stomach pain, fast and slow dumping syndrome, radiation enteritis Dizziness, stomach bloating, eating healthier, no weight gain. Negative pregnancy test. Causes for symptoms? Had refracrive lens surgery, developed Vertigo, feels dizzy and headache Fever,cough,cold,mucus with smell of smoke What medicine to take for sudden swellings in the public area ? What is the remedy for mumps with one sided chills causing difficulty in speaking ? What could be the side effects of isoxsuprine and allylesternol tablet if taken during pregnancy ? How can I get relief from pain in the back bone near the shoulder blade ? Is it safe to take isoxsuprine and allylesternol tablet during pregnancy ? Does palpitations with shortness of breath, numbness in the fingers and profuse sweating mean an anxiety attack ? Feeling of vertebrate popped out near shoulder blade. Suggestion? What is the cause of frequent erections and white spots on the penis tip ? Giving biocombination 21 to baby. Can give trabical, raspical or macalvit along with biocombination 21? Itchy body, spread, starts in evening, allergic to sun Had recurrence inguinal hernia repair. Feels hardness and pain on testis. What should be done? What is the remedy for recurring red blotchy itchy marks on face and cheeks ? Delayed periods, cramps, brown discharge, pregnancy test faint positive, sore breasts, diarrhea What is the cause and remedy for pain and swelling on the wrist and fingers ? Why there is constant numbness in feet and hands , general tiredness and tightness in calf muscles and how can i get relief from it ? Transgender from female to male, testoviron depot, granuls, calten -D tablets and triptomer, numbness of arms & ankle bone Knee hurts during lunges, hurts to walk. Treatment? Sinus, acidity, chest pain, unable to take breath Left arm pain, taking analgesic and anti-inflammatory medicines, no relief Coccxydynia, tail bone pain, sacum pain, estradoil dosage for chronic pain ? MRI of knee showed medial meniscus, thickened anterior cruciate ligament. What are my options? Pinching sensation on back when urinating, trouble retaining urine. Possible cause? Thread red,irritated,swollen,painful while swallowing and sneezing,pain connected to ears,white bump on right side inside by uvula Having dry skin, itching, red patches on skin. How to get rid of these patches? What is the cause of low WBC and platelets in a child with Klinefelter's syndrome, Gilbert's Syndrome and ADD ? Blood pregnancy test positive,little blood after urinating,scan shows gestational sac with no embryo Had stomach flu, hurts below belly button when urinating. What could this be? Bump on nose between eyes, hard, can feel it Groin pain, tight short muscle, pelvis unbalance. Treatment? Child had adenotonsilectomy, inner cheek discomfort, cannot chew, taking antibiotics and pain killers Bumps on anus, may be internal hemorrhoids, do not hurt or bleed. What do you think? Why a clear sticky substance is coming out of urine which is getting stuck on my penis also having stomach cramps ? Frequent abdominal Pain, loss of appetite Have kidney stone, urine was reddish. Can proteins in blood cause a test to show positive for marijuana? Done serum electrophoresis, spike in fast gamma region, advised Zoledronic acid. Further steps? Child's height is less. Remedies to increase height? Bleeding and itchy discharge due to inserting tablets Why I am passing bad smelly wind after having alcoholic drinks or after workouts and also having shooting pains in abdomen ? How is chest and arm pain due to exertion treated ? Cramping in foot, numbness in foot, bleeding after wearing shoes Ovarian cyst, abdominal pain, epithelial cells in urine. Is it dangerous? Swollen eyes, blood clot near iris, cause ? Doing cardio and lifting, fainted, fingers numb, gas in chest, bruping. Heart burn? What could be the cause of fleshy looking part stuck in the anus of a child ? Breast pain after start of periods, taking prenatal vitamins. What should I do? What is the cause of pain in the arm and chest post shoulder injury ? Cracked penis skin during masturbation, peeling skin, depression. Will I heal? Pain in spine, hips, steroid injection, short of breath Pregnant, had used marijuana to stimulate an appetite. How can I cleanse this substance from the baby with diet and exercise? On birth control pills after breastfeeding, light bleeding, pregnancy test negative. Advice? Is my back pain due to disc or due to nerves stressed out and how can we cure it ? Why there is no relief from fever and fatigue after having antibiotics and normal blood reports ? Round, painful bump on the vaginal lip causing difficulty in sitting or walking. Tried warm bath, Vaseline but in vain. Remedy? What could be the cause of single blister on the outer labia ? How can I get rid of sunburn on the face ? Having acute leg pain, high bp. Taking medicine for diabetes. Prescribed paracetamol. Is it related to high glucose levels? Strange pulsing in upper abdomen, constipation, gall bladder removed Taking insulin for diabetes, done tests. Delayed healing of hematoma excision from ankle joint. Advice? Done blood work, high platelets. Concerned Losing hair, blood spots in head, nails fragile, acne and blister in skin, under weight. Treatment? Vestibular nerve damaged after virus attack, ear pain, body pain, dizziness feeling IBS, under intense stress, have stomach pain with large amount of blood in stools, had diarrhea earlier. History of Crohn's disease. Is it due to IBS? Can an HIV positive person keep overcoming numerous health problems? Not taking HIV medication How long will one having stage 4 brain cancer live ? Heart patient, taking Ecosprin, weak bleeding gums. Remedy? Pain in head, indentation, slow hair growth, cat scan normal, head tissue abnormal CMV test shows IgG, IgM positive, reactivation of virus. History of CMV infection. Can I get pregnant at this time? When and how long should I take Evion 400 as I am having few spots on my fingers due to skin allergy ? What is the permanent cure for hair loss ? What treatment can be taken for yellow discharge from the penis ? Pulmonary hypertension, breathlessness, hole in heart. Treatment? Pain in vagina after fingering, burning urination, swollen and white clitoris, back pain Does medications for low sperm count have any side effect ? Cough, green substance coughed out. What to do? Two small red dots like snake bite on shoulder,lower back,back of thumb,not itchy,disappears after 1-2 weeks Freckles near eye area. Done laser treatment. No improvement. What alternate medication can be taken? Suffering from jaundice past 5 years.Admitted twice. .Is there any permanent solution for jaundice? Missed period, had withdrawn from Orgamed. What is the cause and remedy? RA positive, have severe knee pain. Taking folitrax, sazo, folinext. Is the treatment right? Medicine to cure elephantiasis Sinus,one nose blocked since 5 years What is the cause of frequent urination and upset stomach post intake of i-pill ? What is the cause of pulsating sensation below the center of my rib cage ? Addiction to white chalks What is the result of my follicular study and is it safe for me to get pregnant ? Cholesterol high, body itching Pain in hip, joint weakness. Taking ATT, doing physiotherapy. History of caries in right SI joint. Sclerosis? Cough, chest congestion, wheezing. use t telecast daily? Delayed periods, negative pregnancy test, had unprotected sex. Medicines for termination? How can a cholesterol patient get relief from painful knee so that she can walk comfortably ? Will prolonged use of LCZ tablet cause weight gain ? Onekligen patient, safe to take fefol and folvit Should one keep his foreskin pulled back all the time to get used to the sensitivity ? Is the hearing loss with numbness and tinnitus in the ear permanent or reversible ? Omnicef for bronchitis, diarrhoea, cramping, What is the remedy for recurring cold due to food allergy ? What is the cause of persistent sore throat post medications ? Chest hurts both sides while breathing,painful Had dnc test done, missing periods. Can take deviry 10mg? Will getting a tattoo to cover appendix scar effect pregnancy? Mild bleeding, taken dronis, pregnant, stopped taking dronis. Will this have any side effect on child? Can the lump on the back effect my lung and lead to cancer also some black paste and liquid is leaking from the lump which the doctors says to be a cyst ? Persistent dry cough, painless hard lump below chin, no relief with amnoxillin Taking Lipitor, Losartan, potassium, HCTZ, creatinine level 242? Post sinus surgery head and eyebrows hurt , weakness, BMI low. Advice? What to use for dry and sensitive skin ? What are the side effects of Rejoint tablets ? Any remedy for kidney stones,back ache,hyperthyroid? What can be the reason for tingling sensation in right leg/arm ? Abdominal pain, delayed periods. Any chance of pregnancy? Perimenopausal, bleeding continuously, painful injection? What would be the consequences of having a urine infection after an abortion and how can it be treated ? Have PAC, PVC. Vomiting, diarrhoea, irregular heartbeat. Taking Norpace. How to get relief? What could be the cause of runny nose, chest pain with mild fever post inhalation of bleach ? Flank cramping in abdomen, pain radiating to lower back causing difficulty in moving, knee pain going down to feet. Is it related? What could be the cause of burning sensation on the ascending colon ? Stage IV esophageal cancer spread to lymph nodes, blocked bile ducts, bilirubin 14 What is the cause of pain and discomfort around the hemorrhoids and the scrotum post usage of proctoglyvenol cream ? How is high bilirubin content treated ? What could be the cause of painful knots in the anal and vaginal areas ? Had bimalleolar surgery, itchy and pinkish lump appeared on the surgery area. Is it normal? High pulse rate, heart palpitations on smoking marijuana. History of depression, anxiety. Treatment? What is causing chronic calf pain due to which my daughter can hardly walk and do any other activity ? Lower back, stomach and leg pain, headaches and dizziness with small circular marks on penis post oral sex, negative tests. HIV chances? Is there any treatment for seizures in a 10 month old baby ? Calf pain, unable to stand for long, ankle pain. Prescribed Evion, Zerodol. Medications for muscular problems? Cellulitis, itching at the tip of penis, blood sugar test How can I cure my open pores on face due to acne ? Does mirtaz cause disturbed sleep, snoring and increase in micro albumin ? TMJ erruption, talking aleve, swollen neck. Should i be concerned about carotid artery? Lump in the breast, ultrasound showed fibroadenomas but not on the site of lump, elevated CA15-3 value. Family history of breast cancer. Additional tests required? Bit by cat,vaccinated cat,inactivated rabies virus vaccine after 16 days Puss and blood discharge from the penis and diagnosed gonorrhea Asthenozoospermia, sperm count 22 million/mL, abnormal forms 25%, sluggishly motile 40%, non motile 30% Sperm culture analysis, Enterococcus sp, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, contamination of sample ? Which medicine should be given to control BP and how can I give better treatment to my father ? What could be the cause of severe back pain in one with rotoscoliosis ? What could be the reason for coughing with yellowish mucus in a smoker ? MRI results mild bilateral neuroforamina stenosis Mild concussion Eczema on eyelid, safe to use topical steroid thin layer long term? Raised bumps on skin post shower, on chest and back, slightly itchy Taking birth control, urinary tract infection, delayed periods Repeated episode of severe head pressure with extreme thirst leading to fainting. Cause? What is the cause of stinging and burning pain near the nipple ? Type 1 diabetes, weight gain, osteoarthritis, menopause What is the cause of random eruption of red spots on the chest ? Spayed female dog, blood in urine, difficulty passing stool, antibiotics unhelpful Fever, nausea, blood test for haemoglobin,
haematocrit HCT, ALT/SGT, U/L, nometic syrup and tricane-MPS. Diet?
Can I get pregnant due to accidental intake of yellow trigestrel pill instead of the white one ? Sleepy after taking medicine for tingling pain.Should I continue? Trying to conceive. Advised to take Zitotec 200 vaginally. Purpose of this medication? Jaundice, typhoid, delayed periods due to medication? Ear pain, discharge, dead skin, ear infection or re-occurrence of cholestiatoma ? Right side hydrocele,piles,right side kidney donated,hydrocele operation for eversion of sac Operated for intestinal obstruction. Biopsy report diagnosed Extra Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Took Akurit-4 and AKT2 instead of Akurit-2. Am I taking right medication? Vaginal bleeding during bowel movement, removed IUD Clicking or popping jaw on opening the mouth wide, bad bite, no pain. Have complete set of teeth, no impacted tooth. What treatment is advisable? How can I soon recover from the bruised right knee while playing football ? Abdominal hysterectomy, endometriosis and adhesions, rash on body, Monistat, Lotrimin, Gold Bond, and Benadryl, How long can a person diagnosed with cervical cancer spread over the rectum and bladder live without treatment ? What treatment other than laser can I take to get permanently rid of acne ? What could be the cause of brown stools with white chunks along with pain under the ribs ? Taking trenaxa MF during menstrual cycle, not having proper periods, uterus fibroid reduced. Suggestion? Have to pee after peeing, no UTI. What should be done? What precautions should be taken of an year old child who is suffering from motions and what dose of sporlac powder can be given ? What medications should I take for severe bang on the head causing headache, fatigue, dizziness and blurred vision ? Which medication should I use to treat the scar on my upper lip which got burned while hair removing through waxing ? What medicines should one take for indented striae above the bust area ? Achilles tendon repair surgery, calf & ankle swollen, fluid leaking, one hole still remaining open in incision Severe eczema, allergy, dose for piriton Infection at back of head in the hair Scorpion bite, painful and inflamed sting, fatigue Emergency surgery after ruptured ectopic pregnancy,internal bleeding,discomfort,pain Quintuple bypass, burning pain around scare DElayed periods and negative pregnancy test,cramps and lower back ache High fever,slight puffiness in right cheek,restless,lost appetite in 8 month old baby Sickle cell disease, jaundice, joint pain due to menstruation, treatment What is the remedy for flakes and redness on the brows with hair fall ? What causes my heart to skip a beat when I eat food ? Early menopause at age 26,hormone replacement therapy,heavy bleeding and pain Having unknown origin seizure. On Keppra, Klonopin and Dilantin, no help. Is it depression ? Unprotected sex, took emergency contraception late, bleeding unlike periods. Pregnancy? Red spot on the knee post knee replacement surgery Duodenal ulcer. Taking eso kit. History of amoeba in stool, high blood pressure. Will it be cured? Slow digestion symptoms,bloating,stomachache,stomach heavy,some home remedies for treatment? Large lump on neck, smoker Red scrotum syndrome, Men-phor lotion, corticosteroides, oral doxycycline Can quadriderm ointment be used to treat eczema on three and a half month old child ? jammed finger,no fracture, edema, sore and swollen peripheral joint pain, diarrhea, arthritis test negative sore throat, no fever, body ache,negative strep, taking Augmentin Diabetes, intense itching with open wounds most of the times, on insulin. No relief with moisturizing creams, Allegra. What is the cause? Taking methylprednisolone, beta blocker. Diagnosed with strabismus, causing migraines, having slightly enlarged thyroid, numbness and needle sensation in limbs, tremors. What I should do? Diabetes, headache. MRI with contrast showed calcium deposits and spinal fluid behing eyes. Ballon filled areas. Opinion? Suffering from pericoronitis with marked pain. No relief by taking Amoxycillin and paracetamol. Need to add metronodazole, further treatment? High fever of 104, shivering, swollen gums, diarrhea, flu symptoms ? Loss of appetite, insomnia, unable to take deep breaths, side effects of meth ? Hurtful knees,red,swollen,clicking noise,not able to bend knee Trying to conceive, have low hcg levels, ultrasound showed gestational sac and corpus leutum cyst. Pregnancy chances? Pain on inner thighs, unable to walk Clusters of itchy insect bites on inner thigh and private parts, no sex Body itching after treating scabies with lindane. Is it normal? Does smoking makes itching worse? Piles, fissure, acidity, stopped non veg Hysterectomy, pain in back, butt,around thighs, inner knee caps, nerve damage? Could I have malaria if I have stomach pain? Fibromyalgia, body pain, taking good diet What treatment can I take for sticky mucus while coughing, tasteless food ? Upset mindset due to death of family member. Taking naproxen pills. Will an overdose cause death? Mucas, light colored blood, metrogyl, colonoscopy, scans, diverticulitis, history of bowel and stomach cancer back pain, MRI report normal, pain in leg Child having prolonged cold, severe cough at night, feeling of chest congestion. No improvement with medicines. Effective remedy? Why do calves swell,muscles tingle and cause tremors? What could be the cause of hot flashes, abdominal cramps, migraines with delayed periods ? Noise in head, low BP, strokes, diabetic, worsening kidney function tests Pain in left ear, light pink drainage, Z pack, sinus infection the cause ? Had transient osteoporosis of hip, taken calcium, pain in thigh. Chances of recurrence? Can take calcium? How can I make breast abscess go away? Child having premature atrial contractions with a murmur. What treatment should be taken? Diabetic, CKD stage 4, anemia, received blood transfusion, starts abdominal pain, feels weak and sleepy. Treatment? Sudden weakness with headache, pain in stomach, feeling over heated. What to do ? What treatment to take for itchy rashes that spread all over the arms of my 3 year child ? What treatment should one take for blurred vision post banging the head ? What is the remedy for rash on the body post intake of Bactrim ? Accidental pricking of insulin needle on the thigh post a fall, needle was in for a short period and did not go deep. Chances of infection? New born having meth, sleeping long, loss of appetite Why did I get pregnancy symptoms despite showing negative? Pregnancy test negative, delayed period, taken dubagest-200 What are the round salmon colored spots that appeared just below my genitals ? Irregular periods, lack of progesterone, deviry medication, problem persists, stopped, side effects ? What is causing lower abdominal pains and having odorless excessive vaginal discharge which turns yellow when exposed to air ? Can we give antibiotic to a 2 year old suffering from chest congestion and fever as there is no relief by having paracetamol ?? How can the problem of bloody stool be resolved? Could a dark spot on my lip be cancerous? Why is my finger swollen? Severe headaches, nausea, back pain after unprotected sex. Don't have fully developed uterus. Had miscarriages twice. Pregnancy chances? Sexual problems, partial erection, unable to maintain, premature ejaculation, nerve weakness in penis, small penis. Treatment? Face acne, on pills, left dark spots and scars, good cream to remove acne marks ? Itchy patch under foot, taking resteclin, allegra, clobetasol cream, tenovate ointment. Is it curable? Medical advice required for high an age of 65. E.C.G, Echo Cardeiography and Lipid Profile ok. Taking Loestrin24Fe,recent brownish vaginal discharge.Side effect? Continuous intense earache post shower, taken over the counter drops, aspirin, no relief. Solution? Stone in gall bladder, recommended surgery, get severe gas problems. Can the gall stones be treated with homeopathy rather than surgery? What could be the reason for feeling heat after passing semi solid motions and also having gastric problems ? Why am I coughing out blood? Epilepsy, fits due to decrease in sugar levels. On gardinal, loose motions, jerking. Treatment? Deafness in left ear, infection, numbness in right ear How can I overcome painful urination? Diabetic, cured prostate cancer, leg cramps Irregular periods, pelvic scan, LMP, Uterus, still menstruating size, 1st conception normal, c-section, baby died, congenital disorder, body weight not reduced, BP and sugar normal. Conceive? What is the cause of recurring cough and fever post a bang on the chest ? 15mg remeron, anxiety, mood swings, depression, Cure? What is the cause of shooting pain in the breasts post usage of medicines for nipple infection ? Body pain, swelling in hands, fingers, pain in arms, legs, causes, treatment What treatment is advisable for a diabetic having high creatinine level ? Pain in big toe, cramps below knee, tender tendon muscles. Wearing tall flip flops the reason? Small child, painless swelling behind ears. Taking monocef o with ibugesic, not reducing. Tumor or lymphoma symptoms? Seminal fluid leakage, weakness, on supplements with caffeine How is swollen breast areola treated ? Cerebral palsy, tightness in legs and hands, spasticity, athetoid, treatment Recurring pain in hands and legs, gout, elevated uric acid, prescribed febuget 40. Will it subside? Vomiting in the morning in children, flu, virus or allergy ? Will lamentec 100 dt cause harm to the fetus ? Acute osteomyelitis, drained 2.5 ml puss from ankle, taken antibiotics, sweating during sleep. Solution? Cold, sore throat, viral infection, no fever. Can I go ahead with surgery to remove breast lump? Coughing, sneezing, cold. Action of Pantosec-D? Cold sensation in a small area near the back post closed one's demise, have a very busy schedule. Anxiety symptom? Child having stomach infection, high fever, vomits medicines immediately on intake. Prescribed enterogermina, calpol, normetrozyl. Suggestion? Why I am not able to conceive even after taking medications for pcos ? Severe pain, feeling of popped vertebrate near the shoulder blade. Remedy? Twitching in right arm, constant movement. Normal nervous twitch or neurological condition? Soreness in balls of feet, hand swelling, BP 144/95, heart racing Treatment for knuckle and wrist pain Unable to conceive, on UBIQ 100 capsules, 5 % motility of sperm, improving fertility Which medicine should be taken for prostatic hypertrophy with UTI and pain ? What could be the reason for metallic taste in mouth , SOB and tight chest ? Knee cap injured, blisters appeared, fever, swollen leg. Osteo Mellitus? What could be the cause of failure in conception post trying for a year ? Heavy bleeding with hard membrane from vagina post taking contraceptive tablet mercilon after a break. Normal? Bronchitis, fever, cough, stomach ache, headache. Influenza? Pain in hip,pelvic area,severe bowel movement pain.Any treatment? Which medication should be taken to stop the hair fall and for the regrowth of the lost hair ? Perisisting hive like rash on legs, arms, taking Amoxicillin for pneumonia. Remedy? Continuously positive HbsAg, want to know measures to overcome this. Advice? Pregnant, painful cramps in leg muscles, not able to walk, applied moist heat. Could it be a blood clot? Will white rice help with runny stools ? Extremely frozen feet, hot body, headache, vomiting post eating chicken, bacon burger. Treatment? What is the best treatment of hairloss and dandruff without any side effects ? Is the eye power of -5 suitable for B1 fitness in railway recruitment process ? Missed period,pregnancy test negative,vomiting,tiredness Child having zit-like rash on the groin area post tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, taking antibiotics. Is it normal? Is there any medicine to neutralize the swelling effect of Zenflox Plus? Can contraceptive implant cause a big swollen nose? Swelling on hands and legs, hyperthyroid, CRP level of 12 mg/L, CRP cause of concern Irritation due to condom, safe contraceptive? What treatment should one take for recurring cold ? Pregnant, given injection to stop embryo growth, misoprostol to insert after a day, blood clots and cramps with bleeding,mifepriston to drink What are the signs of recovery from jaundice ? What is the cause of redness at the tip of penis ? Butterfly fluttering on side of breasts, on Voltaren, side effect ? GERD symptoms, weak lower oesophageal sphincter, Wolff-Parkinson-White, switching to another PPI or H2 blocker solution ? What is the cause of sharp abdominal pains with green stools ? What treatment should I take for gastroenteritis due to which I have pain in left rib cage , lower back pain and stomach pain ? What is the cause of pain in the body on coughing post a fall ? Is it normal to feel dizzy and tired during 23 weeks pregnancy when diagnosed with placenta previa ? I am leaking clear fluid and having some pressure and cramping Dizzy,yellowish orange silicon gel type stuff from nose after getting hurt from metal bar in truck Epileptic seizures, on eptoin and 2 zen, after stopping, seizures for 1 month, continue to take ? 4 months pregnant. Taken duphaston medication, ibuprofen. Will my baby be abnormal? What could be the cause of day time drowsiness in a diabetic ? After twisting my ankle I am having a swollen and numb feet so is it a part of recovery process or should I take any treatment ? What are the symptoms and medicines for pilonidal cyst ? What could be the cause of fatigue, headache, chest, ear and joint pain with nausea, frequent urination ? Cancer misdiagnosis, tumors in sinus cavity, no hemorrhoids, drinker Itchy legs at night, red bumps, burning sensation How can I protect myself from being tanned and sunburned ? What should I do to increase milk secretion and uneven breast size ? Is it normal for a 2 month old baby to spit more saliva with bubbles ? What could be the cause of increased creatinine levels in a diabetic ? High pulse rate, shortness of breath, palpitations. Blood test done. History of myocarditis. Causes? Rough skin, spots, hair fall What is the best treatment for itching and redness in groin region ? Patches on fingers, dry, rough, itching Removal of ileocecal valve, diarrhea controlled by questran or imodium, health problems with oxalates due to this missing valve ears swollen, itching and stinging after piercing Fell on elbow, bicep numb, pinched nerve in cervical area, had cervical fusion surgery done. Treatment? Does chlorine cause irritation to the vagina, vulva or urethra ? Having stomach problems. Swollen tummy after eating, urinating after drinking. Suffer from migranes, fatigue and aches. How to get relief? Can my laryngitis affect the fetus? Eczema,psoriasis,marbling on my legs,purple colour Bent spine, unable to move neck, body pain, Ankylosing Spondylitis. History of arthritis. Treatment? 8 weeks pregnant, low back pain, mild cramping. Is this normal? Frequent episodes of giddiness on turning the head causing loss of balance, taken vertin, stugeron, MRI normal. Treatment? Head injured, black eye, head scan normal, headache, dizzy, tired. depressed Erythrocyte sedimentation rate 55-60, joint pain, reduce ESR level? Blister inside the lip, allergic to grasses, partner has cancer sores in mouth. Worrisome? Had back operation. Started pain in back, stiff neck and headache. Not getting relief from medicine. Looking for advice on what to do? Chest pain, shoulder, elbow pain. Normal EKG, chest X-ray. Blood test, CT scan normal. Due to anxiety? Dizziness, cloudy ear, headache, vomiting Heavy hair fall post typhoid treatment. Is this temporary or permanent baldness? What is the cause of lumps on the sides of the neck ? Weird feeling in left side of chest and arm, alcohol gastritis, anxiety. Heart attack? Protected intercourse, taken birth control pills, missed pill, regular periods, feels tired and dizzy, nausea. Pregnant? Pulsation in neck, noticeable while lying down, high BP but controlled, causes ? Anal fissure, will prune juice soften stool? Abdominal pain, urine in blood, low potassium level, uterine growth Painful erection, curvature in penis, area on the penis with indented shaft, smaller head. Is it due to intake of medicines? Frequent bowel movement,fatigue, abdominal pain, decreased appetite, upper bowel test normal,colonoscopy What could be the movable lump in my daughter's groin area ? How can I change my mentality and avoid attraction to both the sexes ? Trying for baby. Embryos strong, problem in transferring. How to strengthen placenta? 2 month old, formula fed, very fowl smelling gas and poop, having eczema. Reasons ? Sharp pain under breast, difficulty in breathing, taken naproxen, X-rays, blood work, EKG normal, lungs where inflamed 4th metacarpal surgery, cant bend finger or move upward, it is droopy Is there any other option than removing the uterus in one with bulky uterus and fibroids ? Chest pain, arm pain, reports normal, constipation, H1N1 virus, feels dizzy, sore throat, torso rash developed Why does my heartbeat increase after Oxycodone IR ? What is the cause of recurring pain around the appendix area with fatigue and red eyes ? Abdominal pain, blood in urine. Anemia or sepsis? Why the sun burn has not yet healed on my chest and legs after 3 years and producing blisters also the skin on shins is patchy ? Why are the medicines isoxsuprine and allylesternol prescribed ? Low BP, nausea, loss of appetite, airy and green stool, later sudden fainting. Medical advise required? What does black colored stools in an infant on medications for bronchitis indicate ? Anus itching, no muscle tone, blood clot. Surgery? Which medication can be used to treat swelling and pain due to stye in upper part of eye ? Brain tumor, getting chemotherapy, no evidence of atypia, Fever, loss of appetite, runny nose, breathing difficulty while coughing, flu. Is it allergy? Excessive burping, drinking water Raised lesions on abdomen, itches, benadryl. Treatment? In early 40's, trying for a child, low sperm count, prescribed Carnisure 500, Evion 400 and Speman tablets. How long should I take these tablets? Loss of efficiency in one hand, CT scan showed clots in shoulder. What treatment should be taken? What is the cause of Mono prolonging for over one year ? Fever,rash on torso,feet,around mouth,irritable after eating almonds Child suffering from Nephrotic syndrome with frequent relapses, prescribed prednisolone with decari. Up-to what age will she suffer with this? On TCH chemo regimen for breast cancer, numbness in legs on standing for few minutes, eases with sitting, walking. Related to chemo? How much time will melaglow gel and melagard 50+ take to show results on dark skin ? What is the remedy for terrible sore throat with high fever, headaches, chills and sweating ? Vaginal discharge and a blood filled blister. Abnormal pap smear report. Could it be herpes? What treatment should be given to one suffering with Parkinson's disease for stiffness in joints and muscles, swallowing difficulty ? Morning sickness during 27 weeks of pregnancy Discomfort breathing, knot in spine at lung level, numbness in limbs, painful. Can you guide me? How can one control and lower the blood sugar levels ? Planning for baby. Have bicornuette uterus and polycystic ovarian disease. Had miscarriage, missing periods. On mala d. What to do? What is the permanent solution for severe eczema in a 2.5 year old ? Ultrasound, smooth and regular endometrium, normal echpattern, two dominant follicles, no fluid collection, collapsed ovary How can I cure swollen lymph node on inguinal groin area which has turned rubbery and tender ? Is there any need to again take rabies vaccination after dog bite when my earlier dose of vaccination has not crossed six months ? Periods came after abortion, delayed the next period, taken sysron n Liver zaundice, 2.8 bilirubin Count, 158 gamma count, heptral, water intake less than 1000ml. Can drink coconut water? Prevention of pregnancy after unsafe pregnancy What is the remedy for acne, dry skin in one with hyperthyroid ? Bump on forehead above the eye brow What is the duration for the drug to remain out of the system as I smoked marijuana on 6th march and had drug test on 22nd march ? ovulate one egg per month, ovulation monitoring, 20% sperm count, HSG. Cure? Loss of appetite, taking Liv52 syrup Left hand palm pain, under GA post operation to remove BCC from nose. Reason? Yeast infection, itchy, burning, pain during intercourse, prevention ? Cupboard door hit on head. Feeling heavy headed with pain. Had fractured skull. Worried? What could be the cause for severe constipation and taking long time in toilet and how can it be treated ? Irregular periods, cycloreg for 6 months, had normal periods, after 10 days again period, now no period for 40 days How can problems related to acne pimple and oily skin be cured ? Tender ankles, no bruise or swelling, soreness at night Bleeding for 1 day,little brown starchy fluid next day How can we treat lichen planus pigmentosus on the face ? Severe headache on left side of head,eyes are normal Painful,red,swollen,turned blue the inner of left wrist Having lots of black moulds in house. Reason for constant chest and stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness? Follicular study, on progesterone, follicles ruptured, bleeding started, endometrium thickness 21 mm, pregnancy possible ? What are the side effects of long term use of eptoin 100 tablets ? Is Mebex suspension safe to be given to 10 month old child as she has stopped eating solid foods after been diagnosed with urine infection ? Lactogen 2, constipation, whole milk, gastric problems, suggested baby food Dizziness,headache and ear ringing Hot urine,diarrhea,heaviness and pain in lower abdomen Can I take Rozavel F to reduce the levels of trigycerides and cholestrol ? Long periods, throat irritation, nasal bleeds, bumps on nose post intake of Cerrezett. Can I take other pill? Recurring soreness, itching, burning on the lips with peeling, have cuts on the lips. Had penis infection. Chances of infection transferring to lips? After how many days will I be safe if I start contraceptive pills in the mid of the cycle ? Anal fissure surgery done. Starts bleeding from anus, constipation. Solution? Blood streaked sputum, bloody taste in mouth, cepodem, casklot plus, codylex linctus, reasons for it Had miscarriage, infected with chickenpox. Diet? Severe pain in lower back,entire legs Alcoholic, smoker, gliclazide, metformin, prescribed amlong H, BP dropped, dizziness and epistaxis 60 yrs of age putting lot of weight and unable to move. Treatment and suggestion? Am pregnant. Travel long distances and climb stairs. Any risk doing this? Bleeding in urination, UTI, on cycloprogynova post abortion. Chance s of pregnancy while on medicine? Restless, difficulty to sleep, something rotating in head, no head ache Is it safe to take evion for pimples and its scars ? Nausea, low appetite after taking spasmaproxyvon for lower abdominal pain due to renal stones. How to avoid this? Quarter size lump on back surrounded by red and purple area,warm,tender and sensitive,painful Diarrhoea, lack of appetite. Treatment for worms with albendazole, bacterial infection. Stool test normal. Treatment for diarrhoea? When will I get my periods after stopping regestrone as my pregnancy test is also negative ? What medication should I take for hypothyroidism as I am having side effects while taking Eltroxin ? Disturbed LFT, on thyroxine, 10 weeks pregnant, raised LFT causes any harm to fetus ? GERD, hyper-acidity, stomach pain, rapid heart beat on exercising, breathlessness on climbing, ECG, treadmill test, BP normal. Cause of breathlessness? Does lack of hormones and a bigger ovary cause difficulty in conception ? Why there is regular vomiting after eating food during 3 month pregnancy after a fight between us ? Typhoid fever, taking zonocin 200mg. Advice for correct medicine? Mechanism of cystic mass on each side of axillary region of 7-days postpartum women. Physiologic or pathologic change? As a CKD patient with VUR what further treatment should be taken as my creatinine level has increased and has frequent abdominal pains ? Frequent anger outburst, condition worsening Continuous stabbing and pinching stomach pain post eating, no respite after stools, low appetite. Remedy?
Heavy bleeding with clots, painful intercourse, severe cramps, breathing difficulty diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Could it be early miscarriage? Thyroid antibodies, TRAB 4.93, hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, thyronorm 75, neomercasole 5, pain in throat Heaviness in stomach with inflation, pain and swelling in lower legs. Normal blood tests, sonography. History of paralytic attack. What could be the problem? What does no growth in the scan result for follicular study indicate and what is the remedy ? Why there is burning sensation and dull pain in chest ? Planning for second child, fertyl 50mg, vomiting, bleeding. Possible to conceive? Syncope, vertigo negative, eye sore, teary, muscle weakness, BP drop What could be the cause of deep body chills, freezing hands with a gyrating and popping sound in the neck ? What is the cause and remedy for red,itchy bumps on the body post any outdoor activity ? Had unprotected intercourse. Not getting pregnant. What could be the cause? Why do I notice a small bump on the side of the throat on yawning ? Temporary vision loss, dizzy spells, CT scan normal, pain in head, blurred vision, numbness in limbs Burning sensation in abdomen, urge to urinate, 2-3 bowel movements a day, mucus and pus cells in stool Abdominal pain began with suspected food poisoning, history of IBS. Taking Nefopam and codeine What could be the reason for feeling sleepy all through the day due to this eating only one meal during the day ? Will there be any side effect of having overdose of fertility medicine ? Lump in left breast,fibroadenoma Why does neck pain persist even after thyroidectomy ? Nausea, wheezing sound in chest, congestion, lack of sleep, milk allergy ? Bleeding between periods, mild fluid in P.O.D., pus cells 0-2/hpF in urine, epithelial cells ++ Can there be any side effects of olimelt ? Why I am suffering from light headedness , frequent tiredness and headaches which is holding me back to achieve things ? Purple sore throat, tonsil swollen, no fever, sinuses feel puffy, muscle ache What could be the cause and remedy for lower back and abdominal pain post hysterectomy and left over ovary ? Discharge like pieces of skin with dried blood clots after colposcopy,strong odor Ringing in ears, weakness, dizziness, rushing sound on moving post a bad migraine due to a virus. Further tests required? Why after having MT pill and bleeding pregnancy test is showing positive ? Hardening of the calf muscle,bruise below the knee,dark spot Enlarged uterus, anterior intra mural myoma, bulky uterus, solution Could poor eating habits or excess alcohol consumption be the cause of missed period ? Worried about pregnancy Tuberculosis meningitis, protein 496, lymphocytes 90%, fever 100-101. Rifamicin dosage? Is it due to TB I am having viral fever ? Metallic taste in mouth with severe headaches. Taking Flagyl, Cefolac for pain due to wisdom tooth. Can I replace Flagyl with Tinidazole? Painful and get cramps while inserting tampons,period is spotting Unable to donate plasma due to high pulse rate. How to bring it normal? What medication can be used to get relief from pain in vaginal opening ? How much time will it take to heal scrotums which got hurt while cleaning with dettol and now skin is peeling and causing severe pain ? Shoulder injury after playing cricket, in pain. How is shoulder joint pain relieved? Is my husband taking right medications for brain tubercloma and how long does he have to continue ? How can I get relief from swollen mouth with tiny bumps on the roof and difficulty in swallowing ? Pressure on both sides ribcage,excessive bloating,constipation,polyp found and removed,tubular adenoma 32 weeks pregnant, stuffed nose, exhausted, unable to sleep, green mucus What are the side-effects of Liv 52 DS ? Had unprotected intercourse, breast hurting. Chances for pregnancy? What medicines devoid of steroids can I use on face and hair for seborrheic dermatitis ? Bronchitis, difficulty in breathing after drills and running, feels weak. Should use inhaler? Insect bites on torso, painful, red, skin around bite sunken, pulled out hair, red streaks on arm Why do I feel hungry fast and feel weakness, fast heartbeat and blurred view if I don't have another meal ? Irregular menstrual periods,back ache,constipation,symptoms of pregnancy? Extreme flatulence or pressure on the rectum causing tremendous pain in the lower intestine resulting in painful sex. No bleeding or blood in stools. What could this be? Can I ask a doctor to check if my husband's semen analysis report is normal ? What should be the treatment for a one year old having heart murmur with a bigger heart ? Baby teething, have fever, strep. On antibiotic. What could be the cause for the temperature? Is it safe to have my BP pills if they are stuck behind the nose and throat and how can it be removed ? Had sex, swollen, blood drops, yellow bumps like ulcer Bowel spasms, loose bowl movement, vomit, feel weak, itch inside anus Tragus piercing, no pain, no swelling, non allergic. What precautions should one taken? Pricking sensation in pubic area, pregnancy test negative, waiting for periods. Suggestion? Pulled molars at the small age, gums turning white, bleeding, hurts Lump in groin area, no pain but tender and sore. Remedy? Severe vaginal itching, swollen and peeling skin around clitoris. Frequent urination. Taking amoxocillin and cerazette pill Bleeding for two month, backache Delayed periods. On hormone pills to induce periods. History of irregular menstruation. How to regulate periods without pills? What should the normal values of stool test in an infant ? How to get relief from pain arising due to inflamed collar bone ? Chronic lower back pain, difficulty in walking the stairs, shortness of breath on exertion. No improvement with physiotherapy and analgesia. Had injury. Root cause? Used levonorgestrel pill during last period. Delayed periods this time. HPT negative, stress. What should I do? dizziness, taking Stemetil Hypothyroid, taking thyroxin 112mg tab, constipation, bloating, stomach ache, headache Semen analysis done. Total count : azoospermia, pus cells and RBC cells found. Advice on report? Insufficient breast milk, on lactogen, having green stool with foul smell, stomach ache On HCG diet and using birth control. Periods late. Chances of pregnancy? Unable to balance body while walking, feeling weakness, nausea, dizziness, headache Non smoker, tightening around heart, back and chest pain Upper right molar extracted, advised to stop smoking Not getting pregnant, stopped taking contraceptive pills, regular period Tension, prescribed Rinifol, Medlwyo2h, Zeegut, had kidney stones in the past. What are the functions of these medicines?
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