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Popping veins, swollen calves, ultrasound done normal, advised to get MRI of the calf. Suggestion? Allergy on right hand, rash with white dots, itching. Medication ? CT calcium scoring test normal, some minimal fibro fatty tissue in lower anterior mediastinum. Any worry ? White leakage after sex using condoms, started Diane. Will it help ? Sick with UTI, severe pain in right side of abdomen. Taking Lyrica, Nitrofurantoin, having side effects. Solution ? Feel dizzy, heart racing, elevated blood sugar, sores on feet. Causes ? Penis size not growing with age, arm pit hair less. Am I late for puberty ? Bleeding after sex. Is it natural to bleed when having sex after periods get over? Body aches, black bumps on back, chest, turend red with white heads, scar. Treatment? Increased heart rate, get shaky, sweat suddenly. Is it normal for young person ? Child suffering from recurring cough and cold, fever due to respiratory allergy. Given levolin inhaler and Ramilast. Advice? Got mild concussion, dizzy, nauseated, migraine and lack of focus. Cause ? Treated as TIA patient, CT always normal, had impaired speech, imbalance, heavy breathing. Why ? Taking Plavix with Lipitor for TIA, having weight loss. Cause ? On birth control pills, cramping, stopped pills, pregnancy test negative, irregular periods. Pregnant? Pain at the top of feet, taking Tramadol for finger arthritis, big squishy lump. Thoughts ? Continuous coughing, chest clear, took Erthromycin. Lethargic, weak, weight loss. What is wrong ? Used candle wax for foreplay, small cut under clitoris, very tender. Treatment ? Diabetic, suffering from muscle stiffness, unable to walk, prescribed Lyrica. Dizzy, confused. Advice ? Took unwanted 72 after sex, having yellowish discharge. Pregnant ? Mole under nail, gets darker with pain. Is it normal mole ? Unable to conceive, have regular periods, husband's semen analysis normal. Advised follicular test. Required ? Delayed periods, have pregnancy symptoms. Hypothyroid. Any ideas ? Took antibiotics for typhoid, still pain in different parts of abdomen, weakness. IGM positive. Recurrence ? Severe sciatic pain, MRI shows stenosis, bulging disk. Zpack provides temporary relief. Surgery ? Have an immobile gallstone in the neck of gallbladder. Any ways to avoid surgery ? Pasty motions, stomach upset. Advised enterogermina, probiotics, lopramide. Blood test ,clear. Urine test had protein trace. Help? Abscess between anus and testicles, diabetes, using enhancer to get erection, rash around legs, UTI. Solution ? Suffering from severe lower jaw bone pain, headaches, sinusitis. Had tooth extraction. Scheduled CT scan. Where does problem lie? Can I ask a doctor to check the follicular study results and advise ? SGPT high, don't drink or smoke, on healthy food. How to reduce this ? Water soluble contrast in uterine cavity, irregular filling defect in uterine, left fallopian tube seen. Pregnancy possible? How to get rid of the fishy odour from the body ? Trying to get pregnant, delayed periods, light then, pregnancy symptoms. Solution ? Sick with flu with high fever. Blisters at the butt cheeks. Bleeding. Suggestion? Cough, using AZEE, corex, montier, dunose , missed periods. Will it affect fetus at later stage? Trying to conceive. Irregular period, hypothyroidism, PCOS. Was on eltroxine and ovigyn. What should be done? Pregnant, lower abdominal and back pain, spotting and bleeding when wiped, vomit. Any problem in pregnancy? Meniscus tear,knee pain,hip pain,limping,80 year old.Treatment? Cervical spondylosis epidural injection taken. Pain in head and neck. Remedy? Shin injury, severe bruising, swelling, painful to touch, lump formation. Prescribed antibiotics. Will blood dissipate? Unable to walk after knee injury. Had fluid removed from back. Why do I have numbness in limbs? Diagnosed with an inguinal hernia. Surgery details Subcentimeter focus hyperintensity along cerebellar hemisphere, no hydrocephalus or hemorrhage. What does it mean? Cocaine user. Pressure in head, chest pain when short of cocaine. Any ideas? Coughing, running nose, fever, given Crocin syrup, sinarest AF rhine nose spray, recofast. Suggestion? Have RAI, taking thyroxine 50mg, dosage increased to 75mg, started chest pain, numbness in gum. Suggestion? Have UTI, prescribed premarin, vaginal insertion, after urinalysis and urine culture, pus and bacteria were found. Heeling time? Pregnant, itches on palms, sole of feet, arms leg, prescribed celestamine 4mg, medicine not taken. Suggestion? Irregular periods, discharge of altered blood, had tamoxifen for ovulation induction. Miscarriage or menstruation? Small cut on the shaft of penis while shaving. Danger in unprotected sex? Foreskin not retracting on erection. Retraction takes lacce whrn the skin is flaccid. Suggestions? Hair loss, trichoscan done, can some online Doctor help me read the so and so scan report Diagnosed with PCOS, no periods, taking provera, chest pain, breakthrough bleeding, spotting Urine RBC with urinary incontinence. Taken Sultamcillin and co amox. What is the indication of RBC in urine? Cold, eczema, asthma, sensitive skin, swollen and itchy face, dry and scaly. Allergic to vitamin C? Headache, diagnosed vascular, took medicine cured, again started taking saridon. Is it becomes overdose ? Have acid re-flux, diagnosed gastritis, taken nexium, palpation, wind pipe spasm, unable to breath. Suggestion? Oral sex. Burning sensation and pain while urinating. Glans red spots and foreskin red. Tested for HIV and VDRL negative. Advice? Swelling from the corner of right eye and puffiness. Taken Benadryl which increased swelling in entire eyelid. Remedy? Pregnant. Nausea and vomiting. Doxylamine and pyridoxine is safe? Suffering from typhoid, stomach infection. Taking injection through small glucose bottles. Had intercourse. Problem? Penis in vagina started bleeding. Usual than breaking hymen. Problem? Pelvic scan USS shows a gravid ante verted uterus with regular gestational sac. Advice? Acidity. No appetite. Diagnosed for IBS. Having gluten. Crohns? Indigestion. Induced vomiting by drinking water. Pain in stomach. Given Norflix and paracetamol. Remedy? Premature ejaculation, tiredness, fast heart beat after using SSRI prozac and zoloft Diabetic. Prescribed Glucophage until blood sugar level normal. Diabetes at young age? MRI result showing broad disc protron oblireating epidural fat indenting thecal sac. Explain? Changed BP tablets from Primodil to Olmat. Bleeding through nose and throat. Side effects? Symptoms of ovarian cancer. Tired,pelvic pressure, irregular bleeding,constipation. Problems due to fibroids? Pregnant. Taken Duphaston for abortion. Advice? Diabetic and using ZorylMP. Increase in levels. Advised to use Trivolib. Problem with medications? Fell on floor, inflamed and red elbow, swollen , white patch. Reason? Infant crying while urination and keeps hand on penis. Given dependal syrup and oral suspension. Give ORS? Giddiness after dinner. Using Glykind for diabetes. Hypoglycemia? Reoccurring back pain. Normal ECG and cholesterol levels. Suggestions? Shortness of breath. Suffering with chronic kidney failure. Using Eropoethin. Measures to relieve symptoms? 2 months pregnant, pain in abdomen, bleeding. Scan done. Suggestions? Cannot get pregnant. follicular study shows rupture. Using Susten. How can i get pregnant? Hard lump in lower abdomen, paining while applying pressure. Had miscarriage. Normal after miscarriage? Have non ulcer dyspepsia. Prescribed nexpro, esomeprazole. Done endoscopy. Solution? Occasional meth user, yellow discharge in eyes, red, abscess developed, painful. Reason? 15 year old, recurring shoulder pain. Reason? Premature ejaculation. Acidity and joint stiffness on using Confido. Permanent remedy? Aching limbs and no co-ordination due to hypothyroidism. Diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Using Carbimazole. Suggestions? Obesity. Suggest diet plan. Maintain vitamins and minerals. Calories to be burnt? Feeling weird, tingling sensation in face after exposing to vinegar, soda, harpic cleaner. Remedy? Ultrasound shows shadow of baby's heart, cleared downs syndrome test, stressed out. Opinion? Had a fall, thigh and foot injury, bruised, fibromyalgia. On birth control pills. Is that a blood clot? Possibility of stroke? Contact Dermatitis with redness, itching, swelling of lips. Prescribed Benadryl, prednisone and zantac. Recommend? Lithium level abnormal, hives. On meontop imax. Suggest Migraine, base of the skull pain, disorientation, mild stroke, metallic taste in mouth. On maxalt. Is it something serious? G6PD deficient,bad smelly gas,prone to infections. Recommendations?? Bulky uterus with anterior wall subserosal fibroids, hypoechoic lesion. Suggestion? Viral hepatitis. Burning sensation after taking wysolone. Steroid side effect? Hip replaced, pain in mid thigh, swelling, fluid on site and scheduled for fluid extraction. Reason? Two heart attacks, lipid profile normal. Taking Simvastatin, amlodopine and Furosemide. Precautions to live longer? Tired, sweats, weight gain, forgets things, breathlessness, irregular periods, constipation, low sex drive Liver enlarged. Life threatening issue? Heart failure, diagnosed with future damage of mild to mid RCA, mid LAD and ostial diagonal disease. Meaning? Chills, hot flashes, flu like symptoms after c section. Prescribed antibiotics. Cause? Infection in an abscessed tooth. Root canal treatment and two courses of antibiotics. Penicillin and clinetydine. Diarrhea. Normal? Suffering from flu, sore throat. Can loratadine, ibuprofen be taken? Tear between bum cheeks and anus, redness, sore. Treatment? Small penis, masturbates, weak erection, leaking of sperm, shrinking when flaccid 12 year kid, constantly tired after coming from school. Taking vitamin supplements, overweight. Advice? Cold, fever, cough, chest pain, nose and throat congestion. Pneumonia? Suffering from headache for 2 years. No improvement after medication. Treatment? Coughing up phlegm, chest congestion. Taking medication, no improvement. Recommendations? Had teeth extractions, another tooth broke, infection in gum, no pain. What can I take to relieve pain? Excessive fatigue, inability to lose weight, hypothyroidism, swelling in joints, painful joints. On tramadol. Will it help? Swollen knee after falling down. Diabetic, had heart attack. Remedy? Suffering from wisdom tooth pain.Hydromorphone not working. Can take numbutone for pain? Voice going high pitch, cracky sound, nausea, irritable headache, night sweats. Treatment? Rash with blisters on leg, spreading. Neighbour having shingles, kids with chickenpox. Suggestions? Diagnosed with Angiosarcoma tumor, blood vessel cancer. No chemotherapy or radiation has been done. Suggest Psychiatrist prescribed Lorazepam and Triazolam. Throat choking, decline for detox facilities, bowel due to Crohn s. Remedy? Abnormally high liver enzymes, jaundice, tired. What will be the diagnosis? Hospitalized with moderate to severe c-diff. Given Flagyl, zofran, vancomycin. No appetite and runny stools. Recovery? Struggling for breath after drinking alcohol. Poisoning or drugged? Lump under left breast, tender. Cancerous? Bump in groin area, skin little lighter. Remedy? Swollen lymph nodes on neck, under chin. Wisdom teeth coming in. Normal blood tests. Any ideas? The joint at the base of middle finger and index finger hurts, bruising in finger joint. Concern? Two valve replacements, suffers from AFIB diagnosed with psychosis. Given zyprexa. Treatment? Knuckle injury,6 weeks ago,yellowish fluid out,doxycycline & keflex. Treatment? Suffering from chronic subdural hematoma diagnosed through CT scan. BP increased and MRI done. Risk of surgery? Pressure headaches and nausea, post shunt insertion. CT scan showed migraine and given Fentanyl. Spinal tap needed? Pressure in clitorous while urinating, going to bathroom frequently, sexually active Have had Melasma on face. Taken pycnogenol, cysteine, glucosamine, antioxidants and vitamins. Why are shades of skin changing? Heart starts beating fast randomly, pauses for few seconds, during resting, feel dizzy Post partial hysterectomy, hormonal imbalance. Severe breast pain, swelling, fibrocystic, constipation. Suggeztion? Occasional Dysphagia, tightness in throat. GERD and taking Nexium tab. Long bronchitis cough. Problem? Fell on knee which was replaced, bruising, pain in back around rip area, swollen knee. Treatment? Done spinal surgery, caudaequino syndrome, taking cremaffin plus, no effect Numbness and pain in the right side of the body. Pinching of the vertebra on nerves. Treatment? Had low BP, headaches and nausea. Was on midodrine. Increase the dosage? Swollen tonsil, sore throat, cough, plugged ears, swollen gland. Cure for symptoms? Cough and fever, gave medicines, fever reduced and cough increased, vomited. Reason? Weakness, reduced dexterity of hand, arm trembling and also in cervical musculature. Prescribed EMG. Advice? Suffering with Giardiasis. Have been talking Flagyl over a time. Is it good to take Flagyl for longer time? Diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. Reason? Symptoms in advanced stage? Swollen lymph node in neck for a year. Previous result showed high hemoglobin. Any ideas? Bleeding ulcers in stomach and blood clot in right lung. Can i do zumba exercises? Pain in testicle after getting kicked. Anything to worry? Pain behind and around eyes, blurred vision. Taking eye medications. Suggestions? Sore throat, swollen, solid food causing burning in throat. Father had throat cancer. Consulting ENT, what should be asked? 6 year, diagnosed with collodium baby syndrome from birth. Suggest better treatment? Cut on penis. STI or a regular cut? Had ekg and stress test, silent heart attack according to test, scar tissue damage. Wait few weeks? Pain in calf, feeling weak and sleepy. Had protected sex with escort girl. STD? Which test should i undergo? Constipation. Undergone colon resection, hysterectomy. Was endometriosis reason? Leg pain, joint pain, lower back pain, swelling, ulcerative colitis. Done MRI, CT scan, blood work. Had Gallbladder removed. Suggestion? High BP, pain in knee. Taking knee injection, still having pain. Solution? MRI shows lesion in brain. What does this mean? Torn frenulum after masturbating, unable to pull penis skin back. Advice? Taken pill. Any chance of pregnancy after pouring sperm outside vagina during ovulation? Had Crohn's, taking cimzia, pneumoniax3, humera and contracted pneumonia History of diverticulitis. Suggest diet? Swollen lymph node under armpit, painful, numbness. Taking cefalexin. Advice? Brain and heart zaps. Given reglan and benadryl. Heart attack? Blood test done. Consequence of abnormal result? Bruise on inner, upper right arm, thigh, swollen foot. Increased heart medication dosage. Reason? Pelvic scan done. What does findings mean? 4 year old, pain in legs, occasional vomiting in mornings. Are these related? Anything to worry? Due for periods, cramping, vaginal bleeding. Taking clindamycin. Side effect or normal periods? Penis curved on left side from birth. Treatment? High sugar level, abscess on stomach, sore. Can urine cause high sugar, soreness? Conquered Hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, pancreas problems, hip and shoulder deterioration, high AIC Taking buspar, shaky jittery feeling. Could buspar causing this? Anxiety? Hypertension, polycystic renal disease, kidneys, liver and ovaries are cystic, RA, lupus, PTSD, panic attacks. What can help? Mild stroke, left side unresponsive, loss of speech. Span of life when cancer spread from cervical to brain? Red spot on leg for 8 months, blood and pus after pricking. Doctor unable to diagnose reason. Suggestions? Rash spreading throughout body, itching, pus oozing. Remedy? Late periods. Unprotected sex, taken pill, sex again, coitus interruptus. Solution? Headache, swollen mouth, tight feeling in chest. Allergy tests done, normal. Reason? Constant ache in legs, feet, tingling, numbness in hands, lower legs and ankles, back aches, getting blurry vision. Reason and Cure? Diagnosed with IBS. Symptoms are minor. Controlled diet. Stomach pain during nights. Elevated liver enzymes. Taking omnitrition, zolpidem, losing weight. Advice? Had hysterectomy, spotted, burning sensation in stomach, started bleeding. Normal menstrual cycle? Seeing black spots every time when heart beats. History of asthma, high BP. Anything to worry? Taking pill for heavy periods. Problem at the entrance of vagina and cervix. Bleeding. Suggestion? Pins placed in left hip. Any option other than pins which allows more flexibility? Constant headache, body pain, pain while urinating. Tried medication, no improvement. Cause? White spots on face after applying asepxia soap for pimples. Suggestions? Had tubal ligation, irregular period, cramps, on tampon, stopped bleeding, headache, nausea. Pregnant? Injured while masturbating, blood clot in penis vein. Treatment? Pain in labia, black and purple in color. Any ideas? Tender, swollen knuckle after getting cut. Keeping splint on it. Taking levothyroxin, iron supplements. Advice? Growling noise from stomach for 3 years, high metabolism. Underweight. Any ideas? Burning sensation after using veet hair removal cream in scrotum area. Allergy? Mycoplasma pneumonia. Taken azithromycin. Infectious? Pain when swallowing, tonsil enlarged, blood blister. Problem? Tingling feeling in tip of penis. Cause? Abdominal pain. Having colitis, endometriosis. Taking prednisone, rash, hives. Solution? Pregnant. HCG level of 38. Any chance of miscarriage. Advice? On pill Ava. Skipped sugar pills next month. Sore breast, high temperature. Light brown spotting. Miscarriage? Stomach pain. Endoscopy and colonoscopy normal. Prostrate cancer two years ago. Suggestion? Bloating in stomach. Normal X rays, scan, going for endoscopy. Recommendations? Pain on inside ball of foot, swollen, red. Carried heavy weight. Remedy? Frequent urge for urination, pain. Urine tests shows blood. Taking cipro. Having PCPS. Suggestions? Been on chemo, pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis, flu shot, kidneys hurt, low back pain, fever, stomach hurts Burning, pressure in urinary wall. Tests shows clear urine, acidic PH, thinning vaginal wall. Taking amoxiccilin for infected tooth. Advice? Stomach pain, itching, loss of appetite. Diabetic,taking humalog, solar star. Solution? Shooting pain in right fingers. Had surgery 3 years ago, nerves balled up. Advice? Pain in ears, bleeding after accidentally hitting ears. Any chance of rupture in eardrum? Lower back pain, weak legs. Bruises after taking toradol, demerol, verset. Side effects of medicine? Pink watery discharge, having pregnancy symptoms. Pregnant? Heaviness in head, dizziness, numbness in hand. Taking levothroxin, now in normal range. Suggestions? Have had fibroid, cystic ovaries, menopausal. Had pre cancer cell removed. Done ultrasound. Recovery from invasive surgery? Have HTN after birth, on nifedipine 30mg, baby hair shedding, refusing to suck nipple. Suggestion? Survivor of ovarian and thyroid cancer, fatigue, morning nausea, spider veins on abdomen. Reason? Severe pain in large intestine, constant diarrhea. Taking antibiotics for diverticulitis, suggested IV. Opinion? Pain in right arm. Suggested surgery. Advice? Pregnant women. USS shows bright spot on bowel, small head and cyst on the umbilical cord. Should any precautions be taken? Dull pain between vagina and rectum, occasional pain around ovaries, change in nature of periods. Any ideas? Numbness on left knee, occasional burning sensation. Doing exercise daily. Any ideas? Excessive sweating and stomach pain. Felt hot while driving. Normal there after. Suggestion? Infant having fever result of immunization. Tubular epithelial cells in urine. Consulted pediatrician and Neohrologist. Consult specialist? Appendectomy,trouble urinating,excessive sweating,diarrhea,loss of appetite,blood in stool,peritonitis,ibuprofen,couldn't recover from anesthesia.Suggestion? Endoscopy done and biopsies of throat and stomach taken. Nissen Fundoplication. Nausea and painful stomach. Concern? Bleeding from belly bottom, bad smell, secretion. Reason? Sore throat after kissing, no other sexual contact. Reason? Bleeding heavily after delivery. No menstruation until now. Pregnancy test negative. Advice? Thinning hair cut to shoulder length. Completed HCG injections. Related to diet? Advised to take 50% Chlorogenic acid. Consume extra capsules to make up to the dosage? Mid back pain, bloated stomach, muscle spasms, gaining weight. Any ideas? Appendix and Ileum removed, endometriasis, pain while bending, hernia, broken hip, sore throat, esophagus hurts Trying to conceive, difficult ovulation pains. Normal scan results. Advice? Acidity, pain for years, losing weight. Having hernia. Had surgery. Treatment? Tiny balls of mercury in baby's mouth. Emptied stomach, normal urine, blood tests. Anything to worry? Chronic kidney stones, cystitis, endometriosis. On oxycodone. Trying to wean off. Safest way? Knee pain, no cartlidge in knee. Needs stronger medicine, not interested in surgery. Have fatigue, muscle and bone pain, borderline hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia. On synthroid. Had LapBand. Is it cancer related? Right lung resection when a bronchoscopy showed inclusive results. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis and cough. Advice? Smooth to the touch lesions or circular sores on vagina,clear smelly discharge. Regular menstruation. Diagnosed with herpes with no outbreak or cold sore. Medication? Swelling at the base of neck and clavical bone, pain in chest and arm, stiff neck. Reason? Pain due to stress. Itchinng, burning and sensitivity of skin in right arm with numbness and tingling in hand. Pain in neck, shoulder and chest. Remedy? Bump on forehead. Feel pulse through it. Shoulder pain. Using Suboxone and had miscarriage. RH negative. Advice? Popping in head while coughing, headache, throwing up. What should be done? Stomach pain, cramps, irregular bowel movement, bloated. Cure for symptoms? Old woman in constant AFIB. Pacemaker dependent. Weakens heart, low refraction rate. Advice? Child having swelling in arm pit and red scratches. Applied cortizone and soft lump is still present. Blood and urine tests done. Cancer? Cough started after colonoscopy, running nose, on z pack for air born infection Numb jaw line with minor pain. Headache, cheek sore, pain at temples. Rotator cuff not operable and sinus infection. Remedy? Bumps and pus filled spots on pubic area. Very itchy. Infection? Taken ciplactin for few says and stopped. Discoloration of skin. Suggestion? Anal warts, applied podowart, hurts when passing stool, white skin around anus, dry, anal juice Excurating headache after receiving an injection of steroid into knee joint. Orthopaedist did not help. Remedy? Having problem with high BP medicine atacand, side effects makes feel poor. Any other medicine? Dizziness, nausea and difficulty in breathing. Diagnosed of Bells palsy. Is it an emergency? High blood pressure, diarrhea, gastric stones. Done endoscopy and colonoscopy. Had gallbladder removed. On antibiotics. Worry about? MCV and MCH levels low. Iron deficiency anemia and Hematologist gave Omeprozale and in for an infusion. Normal? Cold, sore throat, shivering, fever, body ache, headache. Suggestion? Back pain, numbness in legs even after lumbar discectomy. Treatment? Lower abdominal pain, too much sex drive, pain when not having sex. Taken painkillers, no help. Suggestions? 6 weeks pregnant. Scan done. What does result suggest? Baby born on this September. when could be the conception date? High fever, given tylenol and motrin, has moderate sized VSD, breathing faster. Go to ER? Cluster of black heads in armpit for years, increasing in size. Should i meet a doctor? Dizziness on standing. Underwent valve replacement surgery. Symptom relief measures? Have hypothyroidism, dexa test done calcium -1, taken calcium and Bio D3 Plus, leg fractured, diagnosed gap in knee. Suggestion? Bacterial infection on arms. Using HHFUDIC cream. Can i expose the area of infection? Bruise on stomach, back and kidney, tenderness and throbbing sensation, nausea, chills, malaise. Urine test done. Help Fever, all test done waiting for results, on paracetamol and antibiotic. Suggestion? Bladder problem, stomach acid taking flomax, prevacid, liver function have take a jump. Suggestion? Back pain, MRI done results imaging through the lumber spine demonstrates heterogeneously low signal of bone marrow. Means? Thigh injured, on antibiotics, yeast infection symptoms, vaginal itching. Yeast infection treatment or itchy relief cream? Excessive bleeding and irregular periods. Stopped taking OCP. Endometrial thickness. Measures to stop bleeding? Large bruise on the back of hand, pain, raised area below the last knuckle of middle finger. Recommended ice and hard splint. BP elevated. Concern? Sleeping pill is beige yellow and circle not bigger than birth control. Information? Child having large spot at the bottom of his foot. No injury. Advice? Started Flagyl for c diff. Does throat. Contains t Doctor? Tongue bite, stitched, laceration swell, noticed no taste buds. Is this all normal after a tongue laceration? vaginal pain, back pain, heart burn, nauseous, irregular period, hurting nipple. Suggestion? Bump on butt crack near the vagina. More than normal vaginal discharge and sore throat. Sexual infection? Painful cyst like bumps on buttocks and upper inner thighs. Pussy and painful sometimes. Treatment? Tooth extraction at a minor oral surgery. Pain controlled using Carbamazepine and Ibuprofen. Weak and dizzy. Suggestion? Dark circles. Used Dermovate cream clobetasol propionate. Continue medication? Nausea, strong heart beat or flutter. Warm hands and feet. Suggestion? Symptoms of hyperthyroidism, dizziness, sickness, diabetes, dehydration. What may be wrong? Abdomen pain, feel relief when induce vomiting, started after dinner. Cause? High fever 2 days ago,blood stinks on pillow,mixed with saliva,teething a while now.Suggestion? Bitten by something,itchy,burning,dizzy,thick saliva,chest pain.Treatment? Limp on back,squeezed,brown stinky puss. Suggestion? Done HSG test, can some online Doctor help me read the so and so test report Pain in lower spine. Pain relieved when rubbed with knuckle of index finger on spinal area. Taking Aspirin and Tylenol. X-ray shows spinal arthritis. Relief? Suffering with Wegeners disease. Going to start on Cytoxan and Rituxan. Allergic to Prednisone. Alternative treatment? Interstitial lung disease, cough, breathlessness, hypertensive, diabetic. On homeopathic medication. What else can be taken? Swelling and pain in tail bone. Remedy? Yellowish discharge from ear, diagnosed infection, prescribed antibiotics, rash swollen earlobe and cheek. Suggestion? Bug byte, taking benadryl, hydrocortisone, histamine blockers. Recommendations? Had a lump on shoulder, Cyst according to doctor. Any medicine instead of surgery? Have facial flushing, increased food allergies, urticaria, dizziness. Oral glucose tolerance test done. Do I have insulinoma? High ck level. How to reduce this? other possible illness caused by high ck level? Trying to conceive. Delayed period. Done pregnancy tests, negative. Given avocet. Does it have side effects? Pimples, marks, colour fade, prescribed, sun mate spf30, clindamycin, Nicotinamide, absolute tablet. Suggestion? Have strep throat, loss of appetite, fever and pain. On Ibuprofen. Should I discontinue course? High protein and low carb diet. On whey protein and amino tablets. Take multivitamin tablets and liver care tablets? Crawling sensation on scrotum, slight stings, jock itch. Treatment? Acne prone,dry,itchy,pimples,betnovate. Treatment? Abortion. Unprotected sex. Bleeding in urination. Diagnosed with a UTI. Normal? Watts on face,spreads,consulted dermatologist,no positive result.Treatment? Acute ear pain with swelling and discharge. Prescribed Antipyrine and Benzocaine. Remedy? Irregular periods,urine test,novelon,one year.Suggestion? Missed period. Unprotected sex. Pregnancy test negative. Reason for missed period? Birth control. Primolut, progesterone and contraceptives. Will spermicide help? Had giddiness, liver infection, hepatitis B. Given liv 52 tablets. What diet is to be followed? Trying to conceive. Increased pain during period, have anteverted uterus, endometrial thickness and fibroid. What does HSG indicate? Stomach pain and mucus in stool, amoebic colitis. Prescribed PanD. Will I feel better? Bloated and painful stomach. Gets worst after dinner. Suggestions? Fever, cough, yellow discharge from eye, rimmed red eyes. Does she need antibiotics? Discolored and thick toe nails. Suffering with Alzheimer's. Does polishing nails harm her? Hurts when i pee, white discharge,bladder wont squeeze, itchy, bad smell, spotting blood. Suggestion? Will step up help in height growth? Infant frequently falls while walking. Ruled orthopedic. Is he having a seizure? Hormonal imbalance, have bleeding. Stopped meprate. What is the reason? Have acute back pain, vomiting, headaches, sickness. Allergic to morphine. On demerol. Is that sufficient? Infant had diarrhea, pus cells, mucus present. Done stool test. What medication is recommended? Sinus from childhood, joint pain, hair loss. Undergone several treatment. Recommendations? Helicobacter pylori,should under go one more round of blood test. Suggestion? Inflammation in anus on the back, have a bump, excessive sweat, burning and tingling. What will work? Nerve pain, collapsed vertebrae, sciatic nerve, hearing loss in ears, rheumatoid arthritis. Been on Endep and methotrexate. Dosage? Ringing in ears, shivers all over body. Alcohol consumption. Worry? Back and neck pain, stiffness, had cracks in neck, painful, lack of sleep. What will help? Pregnant. Pus filled spots on vaginal lip and anus, blisters, itching, soreness. Is it herpes? Worry much? Tongue cancer survivor. Lumps in neck, submandibular, have belching, heartburn. Done surgery, neck dissection. Reason? Lump on cheeks, used to be a pimple, white head, popped, very painful, have body fat. What is it? Neck pain, numbness in arm, tingling in fingers. Taking medication, no result. Suggestions? Sharp pains, fibrosis. History of liver failure in the family. What could this be? Withdrawal bleeding, brownish discharge, unprotective sex, taken monthly pill. Pregnancy? Bulging disc L1-L5, high BP, pain. Compression fractures in thoracic spine. Any suggestions? Problems with balance. Ear infection? Blood tests done. Explain details? Feeling giddy, shortness of breath, chest pain while standing in hot or crowded place. Reason? Rash after taking antibiotics for cold. Reason? Swollen uvula. Taken z pack, tired, felling sleepy. Are these related? Having micro aneurysm in retina. Suggest supplement to reduce elevated intraocular pressure in eyes? Stinging at tip of penis while urinating, darker urine. Cause? Trigeminal neuralgia, painful swallowing, high BP. On neurontin. Had chiropractic adjustments. Suggestion Eardrum affected, bleeding, cloudy hearing. Used hydrogen peroxide. What are home remedies? Feeling off balance due to visual problem, nausea, dizziness. Cure for symptoms? Late periods, pregnancy test positive, took cycotek, painful crumbs, bleeding, lower back pain. Still pregnant? Dizziness, increased heart rate, low BP, anxiety, weakness, bruises over legs. What does it sound like? Enlarged thyroid, sore breasts, missed period, dizziness. On radio active pills. Negative Pregnancy test. What does this show? High BP, cholesterol, osteoporosis. MRI shows white matter disease. Treatment? Had an injury, cervical and vertebral fracture. Underwent open reduction. What is wrong? Late periods, took tablets, had unprotected sex. Pregnant? HSG test done. Can i be pregnant with these result? Underweight, cough for a month. Suggest proper diet and exercise? Scan done. What can be understood from the result? 13 weeks pregnant. Scan done. Any risk? Suffering from UTI. Diabetic. Blood tests done. Advice? Anxiety, nervous feeling, shy, feeling cold or hot while waking up. Treatment? Can Foltanx be the same as using Metanx? Pressure behind right eye, neck, lump behind ear. Any ideas? Had tonsillectomy, white tissue disappearing. Is it scar tissue? Baby accidentally taken food in melted silicon baking tray. Is this toxic? Headaches, dizziness after inhaling paint thinner, vapor fumes. Remedy? Hyperthyroid. How long does thyroid medication take to get result? Have graves disease, had miscarriage, thyroid hormones weren't functioning. On neomercazole. Can I get pregnant again? Experiencing visual hallucinations. Treatment? Medial meniscus torn. Have an MRI. Done therapy. What will help further? Pain in jaw, ringing in ears, shoulder pain, headache. Elbowed accidentally in jaw. Should i meet a doctor? Have ulcers and colitis, anxiety. On protonics, lialda and zoloft. Explain situation 32 weeks pregnant, back pain, tightness in stomach, white discharge. Normal? Have PVC and PAC. Taking sotalol. Done EKG. Is it cause of concern? Which are the days during my cycle which i cant get pregnant? Cystic ovaries, very painful. Done hysterectomy. What can help the pain? Weight loss, leg cramps. Diabetic. Any ideas? Feeling of food struck in throat, throwing up food to breathe. Reason? Have cramps and bleeding, lower back ache, spotting. Next choice emergency contraceptive. What is the cause? Can a woman be pregnant without having proper sexual intercourse? Can sperm near labia cause impregnation? Have BP issues, edema in knees and ankles. Allergic to lisinopril. On metformin. What is the solution? Cramps in ovary, follicular cyst, painful sexual intercourse, pressure sensation. Negative HPT. What does this mean? Large multicolored spots on head, oozing pus. Taking medication for dementia, antibiotics. Opinion? Have Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, shortness of breath, have cold, fever, coughing up green mucus. Is it pneumonia? Redness in vulva, discomfort. Used polysporin and betadine cream. Transvaginal ultrasound done. What can we expect? Bump on groin, swollen lymph node, vaginal yeast infection. Is it STD or HIV? Psoriasis, itchy, patchiness, stressed. On dovonex. Will that suffice? Abdominal and testicular pain, hot flashes, high calcium level. Done biopsies, CT scan and ultrasound, negative for cancer. Suggest 5 year child, vomiting, stomach pain. Taking medication, no improvement. Advice? Kidney donor. Had UTI, back pain. On ciprofloxacin. What can be done? Fever, dark brown vaginal discharge, periods not due. taking beechams all tablet. Cause? 3 year baby, fever for a week. Taken medication, no improvement. Advice? Chest pain, flu, discomfort, emotional instability. Had severe reaction to effexor. Affected the immune system? Stomach aches, itchy breasts, constant pain in lower abdomen. Had oral sex, precum in penis. What are the symptoms indicative of? Open ulcerations on legs, shingles, pickers disease. On cortisone. Will anti itch cream help? Sharp back pain on left side, difficulty breathing, coughing at onset of pain. Solution? Constant burping, tightness in breast bone, headaches. On pantoprazole and probiotics. What can help in relief? Pimple like bumps on chin, on neck, painful. Remedy? Had heart attack, excessive sweating, dizziness, losing hair, loss of memory. Was on ramipril and atenolol. When will I feel better? Bleeding, discomfort in abdominal area after next day of unprotected sex. Cause? Have headaches, been shaky, been bulimic. What is going on? 21 month baby, fever, loss of appetite, vomiting, diaper rash. Treatment? Burning sensation in thigh when touched. Reason? Spotting blood, having mild cramps ever since the D&C. How longer should this bleeding last? Pain in lower left quadrant of stomach for short duration. Any idea? Sore scratchy throat, burning pain, coughing mucus, blocking feeling in chest. Cure for symptoms? Headaches, dizziness, ringing sensation in ears, hallucinations. Is it mini stroke? Addicted to splasmo proxyvon capsules. Depression, disinterest, loose motions when stopped intake. Help Headache, cluster on right temple when being out in sun with blurred vision. Help from diclopar. Suggest Spreading, itchy patch on skin near eyebrow, white scaling when scratched. Any ideas? Discomfort under shoulder blade, relieved after burping. Have hiatal hernia, high BP. History of pulmonary hypertension. Guide Delayed periods, mild spotting. History of having sex, followed by intake of porstinor 2. Concerning? Large, tender knot under center of chin. History of being on accident, detected minor concussion. Thoughts? Delayed periods. History of ovarian cyst, medically ruptured. On birth control, no history of unprotected sex. Pregnancy tests negative. Suggest Constant constipation. Had surgery for stress urinary incontinence, prescribed stool softner, antibiotics. Advice Swelling in back above inflammed sciatica. X-ray shows narrowing at base of spine and stenosis. Due for ultrasound. Suggest Softer, smaller, stringy stools like moss. Have IBS. History of fractures at t12, l1. No help from diet changes, stopping alcohol. Help Severe migraines, neck and shoulder spasms. Taking metoprolol, causing high BP, bruise. Side effect? Obesity, fungus over skin, depression. On antibiotics. What can help? Hearing problem in left ear, buzzing sound, dizziness. Any ideas? Severe abdominal pain for months. Improvement after taking vikadin. Undergone back surgery years ago. Suggestions? Feeling slight headache, dizzy after using BELVIQ as an appetite suppressant. How long does one BELVIQ last? Undergoing homeopathy treatment for candida, no improvement. Suggest better solution? Bleeding for 2 weeks, dizziness, cramps, back pain, jelly like blood discharge. Any ideas? Hemorrhoid near bottom of anus, sore spots, itching. Used suppositories, taken ibuprofen. Suggestions? Taking Aspirin for two stents inserted in heart. Hemorrhage in left eye. Drug Avastin. Consult ER? Trembling lips, sluggish walk, sluttering, loss of spirit after being on medication for behavioural problems. In need of psychiatrist in New london, Ct ara. Help Sudden loss of leg movements for a while, cramping in legs, no pain while stretching. Ideas? In need of medicinal pain doctor in Black Canyon city. On oxycodone for pain and nerves. Help Child. Fever, sleepiness, throwing up, cold. History of fall and hitting head on metal real. Have allergy problems. Suggest Teenager. Occasional small bump in the area where body touches vagina, orangish fluid discharge when squeezed. Thoughts? Infant. Severe pain in stomach, spitting up. History of feeding breastmilk which was a day old. Concerning? Pain management doctor changer soma drug to C2 which made tongue and throat tingle, hyper breathing, arthritis. Advice? Feeling of flap in vagina, traces of blood and tissue when finger inserted. History of natural childbrith after detecting small opening at cervix. Normal? Extreme mood swings. HIV positive. History of tragedy in family. Help Swelling on bottom of penis, swollen gland. Treatment? Hard bumps on outside of labia, itching. Under treatment for UTI. Any ideas? Ejaculated sperm. Stomach ACH and thick secretion. Diarrhea and tender breasts. Problem? Been on implanon. Yeast infection. STD or HPV? Miscarriage. Heavy bleeding. Suggestion? 2.5 year old fell down, ear pain, tiny flecks of black blood. Should i meet a doctor? Severe headache, joint pain. Remedy? Hoarseness, raspiness, and raw throat for month. Prescribed antibiotics, steroids, still having symptoms. Treatment? C-section done. OB refusing to discuss VBAC. Risk? Recurring chest pain, loss of appetite. Quit smoking. Solution? Pain in hip, buttock, front leg, increases while walking. Taken cortisone injections. Opinion? Breathing problem from childhood. Taking asthalin, using inhaler, no improvement. Advice? Missing periods for 2 months, usually irregular. Taking primolout. Chance of pregnancy? Can precum overflow to the base of condom. Any chance of pregnancy? Plate on fibula. Pain and lump above ankle. Concern? Rocky Mountain spotted fever, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. What does body need? Sore throat, flu, fever, swelling, abnormal WBC count, swelling in lymph node. Taken ceftriaxone. Worry about leukemia? Reddish spots on feet, mild edema, scratchings. Taking Lipitor and levothyroxine. Advice? Pain in chest, wearing nicotine patch, heavy smoker, cough, copd Mucus producing cough over a month. Taking steroids, not getting better. Recommendations? Bare movement in right testicle while coughing. Is erection size of 5.1' normal penis size? Trying to avoid salt and sugar products. What to do with fruits containing natural sugar? Palpitations, lack of energy. Taking synthoid, thyroid now in normal range. Reason? Recurring rash. Diagnosed as wring worm, given ointment. Suggestions? Had bunion surgery, arthritis and hammer toe, doctor have to insert a tendon through the toe Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, 1.5 type diabetics. Will taking a shot help? Stage 2 lung cancer, had stroke, smokes and drinks. Chances of having a re-occurrence of Cancer? Smelly periods, dark blood discharge. History of yeast infection. Hormonal problem? Pain between heart and ribs while breathing. Any ideas? Cramps in stomach, pain in middle of chest. Trapped gas? Diagnosed with small rectocele. Had hysterectomy years back. How is rectocele repaired surgically without mesh? Takes attenonol 25, no health problems, BP is 140/80. Any careful measures to fight hypertension? Bump outside anus, fluid oozing, uncomfortable to sit. Taking antibiotics, applying cream. Suggestions? Tenderness in right knee, groin area. Treatment? Semen analysis done. Treatment to improve motility rate? Trachibrady syndrome and pacemaker. Taking Digoxin and Metoprolol. Shortness of breath due to side effects? Urination after having bladder prolapse, depression, incontinence. Is there a solution? Dizzy spells, light headed, forgetful, unable to grab objects, problems with vision. Any ideas? Blood on penis after sex, tear on banjo string, had sex with an unknown female previously. STI? Burning sensation in leg, lower buttock. Under treatment for neck pain. Injury? What is the meaning of following MRI result? No aneurysm but T2 hyperintense focus measuring 5mm On amlodipine and irbesartan for Blood Pressure. Any advice? Loss of appetite, drooling, teething, Green, slimy, diarrhea. On Propranolol. Anything to worry? Cough, pain, Green and yellow mucus, streaks of blood. Sinus and chest issues. Any treatment? Difficulty in sleeping at night, thigh pain, heavy legs. Taking magnesium citrate. Suggestions? Viral, widal says Typhoid. Prescribed Ofoxacin, Peptocid-D, Aciloc, Betnesol, Nimesulide, paracetamol. Suggestion? Lymes meningitis, postural tremor, post meningeal migraines. Taken neurontin. Tremor has returned. Treatment? Had bacterial conjunctivitis in eyes, very painful, had breast cancer, premenopausal. Done chemotherapy. Will I feel better? Leg pain, heaviness in the leg. What could be the reason? Brothers were on kidney dialysis, died. What are the symptoms? Color of urine? Hair loss, strange sweat smell, cyst under nipples. History of being treated for lyme disease. Suggestion? UTI, swollen bartholins gland, tender, uncomfortable. Treatment? Discharged after heart attack. Preventive things to be done to avoid further attack? Hole in ear drum, feeling pulse in ear, painful. Given antibiotics. Recommendations? On birth control, missed pills, started bleeding, spotting. Is it normal? Addisona disease, ultrasound shows slight renal cortical thinning. Kidney death? Special diet? Pain in knee, swelling, worse while bearing weight. Remedy? Pain in calf muscle. Varicose vein painful, shortness of breath, allergic. Given respirator. Relief? Trying to conceive. Light pink stains after intercourse, cramps and sore breasts. Advice? Viral fever, body pains, swelling. Remedy? Dull pain under right arm pit to breast. Hysterectomy done. Problem? Desmoid tumor. Bleeding after surgery and pain. Problem? Predinosone for lupus. Taken Triamterene for finger swelling. Thyroid or Triameterene causes sweating? Pain from neck to forehead. Took Tylenol and Advil. Chiropractor? Hep C, viral load dormant. Taking Suboxone. Pain in abdomen. Advice? Feels like chest is closing, fast heart rate, feels like more poo to come. Reason? Difficulty in swallowing, sore throat. Work place has lots of dust. Allergy? Small intestine resection surgery, unable to keep down liquids. What can i feed her? Eyelash growing underneath eyelid, irritation. What is it? Back pain, rib cage hurts, lifted granddaughter, taking robaxacet extra strength. X-Ray? Chest pain, breathing problem, faster heart beat. Diagnosed as costochondritis. Prescribed steroids. Suggestions? Cut in upper lips, pus oozing out after 2 days. Taking medication. Infection? Belly button ifs few inches off center, more fat present according to internist. Reason? Possible bladder infection, bloating, pressure sensation. On keflex pill. Done ultrasound and urine test. What is advisable? Stomach pain, stool culture done, high fever. Treatment? Symptoms of concussion, blurred vision, fatique, headache, dizziness. Consult ER? Infection, previously had it during pregnancy, unprotected sex. Chances of pregnancy? Swelling in ankle for 9 months. Diagnosed as varicose vein. Treatment? Bleeding after sex, missing periods. Having nabothian cyst. Can i still be pregnant? Dentist reshaped the teeth. Pain in ear, neck and throat. Taking Alive. Pain relief? PCOS, androgenic hair loss, scalp pimples with pus. Taking Flagyl for c Diff. Topical medication? Back pain, moves to ribs and lower abdomen, felt like urinating. Treatment? Alcohol related dementia. Taking seroquel. Diagnosed with Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Anti psychotic medication? 4.9'in height. What can be done to increase height? MRI done. What are the suggestions from findings? Taken cytotec tabs to abort baby, 2 tabs vaginally inserted, no bleeding, brown discharge. Baby still alive? Heart transplantation suggested. Muscles are weak and declining. Artificial heart effective? Does a HIDA scan or endoscopy look at liver or pancreas? Paroxismal atrial fibrillation and elevated BP. Taking Diovan, Metoprolol, Warfarin. Legs swolled. Side effects of medication? Had brain surgery, mean and aggressive, hallucinations of people abusing him. Treatment? Muscle cramps in legs, tonic water with quinine, CAD patient, 5 stents, fatigue, GI Cut on upper lip in accident, required stitches, dots of blood. Can I clean the area? Upper back pain, radiating pain in neck and arm, fatigue, joint pain, flu like symptoms, History of CAD Had night sweats, minimal chrones, chills, allergy. Reason? Cubital tunnel release on left elbow,carpal tunnel on same arm,severe burning down arms,nerve damaged,second surgery on ulnar nerve.Treatment? Pain inside of belly button, lump, sore and red, have had cervix cancer, does regular check ups Pain in upper left abdomen, profuse sweating. Finished antibiotics for diverticulitis. Gastritis? Pain in foot below ankle and in front of heel on outside. How to reduce pain? Odd feeling in chest, irregular heart beat. Horrid slouch to spine. Treatment? Rash on back after inguinal hernia repair. Taken prednisone. Is rash due to reaction of mesh use? Bruising feeling in areola, noticeable veins on breast. Had saline implants. Cause? 93 year old, diagnosed with nose cancer. Is doing a surgery required at this age? Infective gastro. Thyroid tests normal. Diagnosis? Skin tag along anus, itchy, sore with pus filled. Hemorrhoids? Cold, runny and clear nose, WBC went up. Treatment? Sperm released immediately after sex. Can my wife be pregnant with this condition? Persistent lower back pain, nausea, dull abdominal pressure. History of actopic breast. Grandmother had cancer. Advice? Abdominal swelling, bloating, adult acne, pressure around anus, rapid heart beat. Suggestion? Using Coumadin, two BP tablets and Aricept. Loss of memory, confusion. Alzheimer s? Bruise from elbow to wrist, difficulty in rotating elbow, got hit while playing. Should i meet a doctor? Trying to conceive, missing periods, streaks of blood discharge. Negative HPT. Problem? Uterine fibroids, prescribed alessa, heavy periods, anemic, had IUD, removed Under stress. Taking sizodon plus, experiencing side effects. Advice? Numbness in thumb, radiating from elbow. Normal MRI. Stated as auto immune disease. Meaning? Is it safe to use endura mass to gain weight. Any side effects? Allergy. Running nose, draining down the throat, cough and headache. Down causes distress? Cyst with irritation, open sore, smells. Advice? Nauseous all the time. Have osteoporosis, allergies, thyroid. Causes ? Dry lips, no bleeding. HIVv? Infant stools containing blood cells. Given Velocef and Bifilac. Pus cells. Recovery? Ear drainage, bad smell. Started after removing ear tubes put 9 years ago. Suggestions? Stomach pain, watery bowel movement, rectal bleeding, red colored substance. Any ideas? Done Open heart surgery, type 2 diabetes, on dialysis, quite. Reason for not responding normally? Swollen foot, bruise after dropping ice pack, lump on that area. Anything to worry? 9 year old, recurring abdominal pain, itchy rash on face, arms. Pain started after taking benadryl. Opinion? Moody, lack of sleep, unstable mental condition. Taking valdoxan, not helping. Suggestions? Multiple joint pain, diagonosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, on depo provera shots, pass blood clots Does any growth medicine help in increasing height? Pain from right hip bursa. taken cortisone injection, prescribed voltaren gel, to apply moist heat. Correct treatment? Itching on lower scrotum for years, spreading. Treatment? Have lesions in liver, possible kidney stones. Done CT scan. Is it cancer? Severe pain in lower back, legs after taking cortisone injection for lower vertebrae problem. Suggestions? Diagnosed with C diff and given Vancomycin and switched to Flagyl. Diarrhea, no abdominal pain. Suggestion? Sore clitoris and clitoris hood, red, pale and swollen vaginal opening. Reason? Had salmonella poisoning, itchiness on palms and soles. Treatment? Knee swelling, shoulder pain, foamy urine. Had kidney stone, removed. Done laser surgery. What does this show? Eye sight loss, cannot hold neck up, off balance. History of headaches, hard to sleep. Why ? Taking antibiotics for abscess on chin and staph infection, swollen lymph nodes in neck and ears, lump PCOS, trying for baby, prescribed Ferrous Ascorbate, Folic acid, Glycomet. Safe ? Sweating and cheeks become red when eating fruits or vegetables. Reason? Abdominal itching while eating, premature born, had shingles, MRSA, lung and heart surgeries as a baby Fatigue, Pain in shoulders, neck, back, chest and stomach, high BP, anxiety, survivors guilt Had cystoscope. Am i having pudendal neuralgia? Was assaulted, bleeding from ear, light headed, dizzy, nausea, blacking out. Treatment? Diabetic. Was on insulin, glimepiride and metformin. Worth worrying? Irregular periods due to hormonal imbalance, want to get pregnant, no periods yet. Pregnant? Endometeriosis and underwent IVF cycle. No symptoms of implantation. No stress. Advice? Diagnosed as Bipolar type 1, GAD, not taking caps, feeling good except minor bouts of depression. Concerned? Had a cesarean section, pressure and pain between shoulder blades. Reason? Asthma, cough. On prednisolone, was put on anti histamine and ventolin. Why is there no improvement? CT scan report shows small area of hypoattenuation in right posterior parietal region Redness in neck, fades and leaves a pale area, weight gain, tired. Thyroid? Has peripheral interstitial lung disease, severe breathlessness, running nose, cough, fever. Underwent CABG. What else will help? PCOD, periods twice or thrice a month, planning for a baby. How to conceive soon? Have issues with spine, disc bulge, thecal impression, canal encroachment, transerving nerve roots. Done MRI. What is the cure? Had gold seeds in prostate, had 37 treatments, tired, weak legs. How long does it last? Vitiligo spot on hand, reddish, blisters, darkness in surrounding area. Is the darkness temporary or permanent? Premature ejaculation, stress. Suggestion? Had sex with two women, scab on penis, oral sex. Reason? Pain during cough and sneezing. Remedy? Masturbates, sexually active, lumpy sperm upon ejaculation. Prostatitis? Senselessness and pain in legs, not able to stand or walk. Reason? Anterior cervical, bilateral tonsilar lymph nodes and bilateral inguinal nodes. BMI given. Suggestion? Left chest pain, acid reflux, have allergic reaction, panic attacks. Prescribed nexium. Done endoscopy. Had EKG. What could be wrong? SHL problem in ears, advised to use hearing aids, cold, blocked nose. Any homeopathy treatment? Done intercourse, missed periods. Any chance of being pregnant? Off birth control. Have hot flashes, nausea, sore nipples, tiredness, milky discharge, moody, delayed period. What can help? Had duodenitis erosions, prescribed clarithromycin 250mg, T Razo 20mg, Metrogyl 400mg,foot pain. Side effect? Period cramps after ending period, had sex, pain on sides of vagina, lower back hurts, stomach pain Stung by bee, severe stinging, swelling. On steroid, benadryl, used baking soda and Ibuprofen. Autoimmune disease? Pregnant, cough with phelgm, coughs hard. Any problem if i cough hard? Done bronchospy, had stomach pain and pneumonia. Has a shadow on kidney and lung. Meaning? Unprotected sex, period not due, breasts hurts and feel heavier, missed pills. Pregnant? Fibroid present, had pain in left thigh. Caused by fibroid in left ovary? Diagnosed with pco, trying to conceive, getting periods after 6 to 7 days, spotting. Chance to conceive? Diagnosed with anxiety, nausea, excessive sleep, borderline personality disorder, irritated. What is the reason? Low weight. Eat eggs and nuts. Immune system low. Problem? Pus cells and albumin present in urine. Advice? Diagnosed with C.R.E.S.T. syndrome, pulmonary hypertension. Treatment? Red patch on lower left side of tongue. Problem? Endometrosis, bleeding, dizzy, light headed, cold, cold sweats, feels weight in belly. Reason? Asthma with chest infection. Given antibiotics, steroids, nebulizer. Still drowsy, nauseous, dry retching. Reason? Diarrhea, frequent stools. Alternative medicine for Darolac-z in US? Tired, vision blurred, light headedness. Stress? Having hypothyroid, pregnant. Did low dosage affect brain development of fetus? Taking heart medicines for angioplasty. Normal BP, renal function. Weakness. Cause and treatment? Child fell from height, got consciousness after months, not able to speak, walk. Effective treatment? Had genital wart, blood test done non reactive for HIV, removed warts,again growing, urinal infection. Suggestion? Numbness growing from fingers, hands to mouth. What is the cause? Sharp pain. Under right shoder blade. Breast cancer and attack of Diverticulitis. Diabetic and on Type I insulin. Suggestion? Diagnosed with endometriosis or ovarian cyst. Use Althea pills instead of Gonadotropin? Suffering from chest pain. Consulted Heart specialist. Advice? Thyroid, anemic. Doctor given Ivermectin, thyroxine. Fatique. Consult specialist? Runny stool, discomfort in stomach. Consult Doctor? Dehydration, low potassium, bowel obstruction of small intestine. CAT scan done. Pain in feet, ankles. Advice? Cramps in right hip. Right calf. Taking potassium and calcium along with quinine. Given Metformin and Lisenopril. Remedy? Pregnant. Does pubergen injection cause any kind of impact to the baby growth? Erectile dysfunction, weakness, memory issues, have hair loss, penile discharge. What do the symptoms indicate? Experiencing a lot of pelvic pain on the left, bad back pain, taking utovlan pill. Pregnant? Reason? Minor heart attacks, have cough, discomfort in chest. Have stents placed. What may be wrong? Irregular periods,fertomid,injection,ultrasound test,normal report.Suggestion? Muscle cramps, swelling of body, high fever, have UTI and kidney stones with kidney infection, low potassium level, high BP. Help Backache, urine test done more epithelial, recommended ultrasound, it tell about abortion. Suggestion? Operated angioplasty, metal stent inserted, suffered from peptic ulcer. On ecosprin. Go for bypass? Does buTrans patches interfere with marijuana receptor sites and neutralize the high or euphoria associated with Marijuana? Severe chest pain, pulled muscle, tiredness, spot on lung. Had bunion surgery. On nitroglycerin and aspirin. What is the reason? Increased appetite and weight gain, acid formation in stomach. Was taking tryptomer. Will I get better? Stomach pain, fever and pain, possible virus. On antibiotics. Any other solution? Hip and back pain. MRI showed thecal sac indentation, early lumbar spondylosis, no nerve root impingement. Why? Have dengue fever, back and throat infection, gastric issues, weakness, high BP. How will I recover? Hyperacidity, stomach and chest pain, diagnosed acid peptic disease, paraduodenal hernia. On econorm. What is going on? Have insomnia. Had complete knee replacement. Taking oxycodone. Was under OTC medication. What can help? Prenatal stroke, depression, weakness. Done MRI and sinus CAT scan. Is it related to damaged brain? Ulcerative colitis. On prednisone. Why are symptoms getting worse? Suffering insomnia due over breathing, anxiety. What to do? Have test report. Can any online doctor help me in reading it? Having lower back pain. Ayurvedic medicine? Does misoprostol need to be inserted into vagina or it can be taken orally? Taking Micronor, suffering from lack of periods. What could be the reason? Red pimples on forehead. Is there any solution to them? Infant having rash on bottom, huge, painful, puss coming out. Cure? Have some sort of mass in sphenoid sinus cavity. How to treat it other than surgery? Unprotected sex. Burning sensation while urinating and mild pain on left side and vomitting. Is this any kind of STD? Hard lumps around vagina, dark red, puss coming out. What this could be? What should i do? Pregnant, baby is still on transverse lie position, doctor planned cesarian delivery. Is it safe? Using microgyen, nausea, stomach cramps, mood swings. Pregnant? Masturbate while sleeping every night. How to stop this? Severe pain in left side of ribs, sweating a lot, HIV positive and have done cocaine few days back. Cure? Surgery putting steel plate and screws on forearm bone. Doctor said pain was due to nerve block done by anesthesiologist. Taking Percocet. What might have gone wrong? Ultrasound resulted anechoic cyst on right ovary, on pills, getting headaches and mood disorders. Cure? Absent status epileptics and in medically induced coma facing continuous seizures. Please advise on how to proceed in getting a second opinion? Suffering from dengue, variation in P count. How much time it takes to come back to normal? Have dissolvable bloody stitches around ears, along hairline. What is the best way to clean the stitches? Had hysterectomy. Cure? Had heart attack, stent fitted, troponin levels high. Reason? Heart damaged? Throat infection following fever. Small bruises on knee. Reason for weight loss? Infant suffering from cold and cough, suggested tuspel plus, relent +. Can i give both? Have tingling down leg, foot while sitting, trouble walking, back pain. Reason and cure? Smoked marijuana resulted in increase of heart beat. How to get back to normal? Frequent urination, loss of appetite, abdomen pains, not pregnant, have nexplannon fitted tonight. What to get relief? Can a man that had a prostatectomy suffer from adhesions? Smoke cigarettes with marijuana through bong. Have asthma, can breath with one nostril. Trying to quit. Any suggestion? Kicked left breast, severe pain, taking cap. Injury? Concerned? Have sour stomach, bloating, tried zantac, no relief. Cure? Have plate, screw in right temporal area, horrible headaches, pain, vision problem. Plate shift? Reason? Had safe sex, used condoms, getting stomach pain. Pregnant? Have crawling sensations in head with migraines, chest pain, heartburn sensation. What should be done? Have severe chronic pain, headaches, neck and spine pain. How to get relieved? Fell on my hand, wrist pain. Pinched nerve? How to treat it? Extreme swelling in stomach, arms, legs, ankles, prescribed oxyicodone. Can oyxicodne be causing the swelling? Had occurrence of Bell's Palsy. Treatment to get fully recovered? Infection in bladder, IBS. How to get cured? Inhaled insecticide, witnessing heaviness in chest, difficult to breathe. How to get relief? Took postinor after sex, getting headache. Could postinor be the cause of the headache? Pregnant? Pregnant, losing mucus plug, urinating. Anything serious? Having weakness in lower extremities, back, leg pain legs, doctors diagnosed abnormal lab with bone marrow. What could this mean? Blister or cyst on bottom of penis. Could it be herpes? Does herpes go deep into the skin like cysts do? Felt pop in clitoris/vaginal hood area, swollen now, itchy, painful. What this could be? Had undergone treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis, left scar. What should i do to cure it? Get the feeling of being very cold, hot, chills all at once, headaches. Reason and cure? Can one get the heb b and c virus after the blood test? Facing problem due to bigger butt. How to reduce it? Black spots on belly back, itchy, multiplying, painful. What to do? Have white patches of dry skin on lower legs and feet, itchy. How to get rid off it? Have acid reflux, excessive mucus in throat, problem swallowing, constipation, taking cap, no relief. Cure? Asthmatic, taking singular, stopped accolate, feeling uncomfortable. Does Accolate cause side effects to liver? Experiencing low back pain in tail bone area, numbness, taking cap, no relief. Cure? Take synthroid for hyperthyroidism. Bitten by brown recluse. Was on antibiotics. Have rash, vomiting. Medical cure for this? Severe vertigo after getting flu vaccine. What to do? What percentage of SJS is caused by Flu shots? Suffering from hysterectomy. If cell growth is high what would be the harm in removing uterus? Have history of kidney stones, having sharp pain with movement in left kidney area. Reason? Used tretinoin capsule to cure acne problem, again it started coming back. How to get rid off it? High BP, taking number of caps. What harmful effects it may cause? Can i ask a doctor online? Need doctor for gallstones Would menstrual cycle increase pain from a hernia? Feeling a sense of tickling on right ankle. What it could be? Ankle cracked, swollen and bruised, using ice. When will the swelling go down? Suffering from thyroid since many years. Effective treatment? Have multiple health issues. Can any online doctor help? Suffering from osteoathiritis, neuropathic pain syndrome, back pain. Cure? Child having epilepsy, taking valparin, has seizures Diagnosed with acute osteoarthiritis. What are the alternatives to surgery? Having pneumonia, took antibiotics, no relief. Alternative solution? Have cholesterol reading. Can any online doctor help in reading? Have PCOS, body always burning up, thermometer shows normal body temperature. Why? Have cough producing yellow phlegm, no fever. Medication? Dark blackish dry skin under left breast, itchy, hot. Any suggestions? Experiencing sharp pains in middle right side of back. What should i do? While taking shower, blood squirting, gushing out of right lower leg, have got wounds in past. Reason? Have blisters along side of stomach, burning sensation. How to get rid off it? Herpies on forehead, took harpikind tablet, cream, spread to eyes. Prescribed Valacir, Renur. Itching continues. Solution? Itch on forearm and leg, taken oxycodone-acetaminophen, changed to hydrocodon- acetaminophen, hurting eye. Suggestions? Red spots on abdomen, buttocks, tender to touch. Prescribed antihistamine, zantac, returned on stopping medication. Cause? Vagina sore, relief with salt bath. Soft white tissue inside, no pain. What is it? Broken tooth, gargle with salty water before sleeping. Any suggestions? Taking Valium for suspected Akathesia and Restoril for sleep. Do the two medicines fall under same drug category? Diabetic with pump insulin, foot surgery, stents in heart, MRI showed small vessels. Any treatment? Child diagnosed herpangina. Throat sore, gums swollen, red, bleeding. Is it gingivitis? Medication? Got hit on chest with a soccer ball. Have diagnosis report. Can any online doctor help me in reading it? Colonoscopy done, six polyps, one Adenomatous. Why they are not taking it out? Difficulty in swallowing, reddish and watery eyes, excess saliva, prescribed vitazyme, colic aid. Any suggestions? Child vomiting with stomach pain. Appendicitis? Fibromyalgia, HBP, high cholesterol, overactive bladder. Take acetaminophen, Tramadol. Concerned about ginseng, guaranae side effects? Diagnosed with myeloma, kidney impairment with creatinine,low platelet count. History of BP, arthritis. Help? Dry cough, wheezing, tightness, bronchitis. Using inhalers, smoking. Larynx Cancer? Kidney stones, heavy pain, put in stints, removed stone, on heavy medication. Any alternated treatment? Rash on arms, shoulders, wrist, belly area. Gave Benadryl and oatmeal bath soak, cortisone cream. Help? Smoked marijuana. Doctor appointment due. Will they keep the report confidential? Didnot get periods , took Voltaren suppositories due to knee pain. Help? Hot flushes, blood clots in legs, hysterectomy, on hormone replacement tablets. Any advice? Have frequent UTI's. Took amoxicillin, ciprofloxacin, cranberry tablets, not much relief. Solution? Used to take Bonadea, now advised to take Loette immediately. Took break, should skip this month? Had unprotected sex after periods ended, getting menstrual cramping, on prenatals. Help? Bump on the back of heel, cannot walk, diagnosed Achilles tendonitis. Cure for symptoms? Condom split during intercourse, no ejaculation, felt sick, stomach pain. Took morning after pill. Cause? Irritation on labia, itching, pink discharge, told yeast infection, used Monistat, it become red and swollen. Treatment? Severe sharp pain in lower abdomen, mild back pain, gallstones and urinary infection. Problems with pancreas? Got red bumps whole inside of hands. Any effective lotion? Eye pain, pain in eating solid food. Suspected sinusitis and put on antibiotic, no relief. Suggestion? Have varicocele. Will smoking/vaping marijuana would help or worsen it? Left lower leg numb, tingling, nerves of leg sick, swelling in knee Have arm pain, cannot lift, prescribed Gabapentin, not helping. Recommendations? Hates and scared of sex, doesn't mingle with others, lost interest in education. Help? Rash, itchy, like mosquito bite, prescribed antibiotic benedryl, had symptoms of cold. Cause? Have slime in bathroom, no poop. Maybe ibs. Changed eating habits. Now slime smells like rotten meat. How to overcome this? Having advanced stage dementia, hospitalized for liver infection, UTI. Do the infections mean one is in the late stages of the disease? Had sex, bleeding heavily along with clots, bleeding even during sex. Suggestion? Metallic smell in nose. Could this be caused by age? Could dietary changes cause this? Neuromyelitis, transverse myelitis, increased heart rate, shortness of breath. MRI and ultrasound done. What seems wrong? Increasing dosages of methotrexate, alcoholic. Any advice? Painful foot, numb, cold, aches, surgery thyroid removed, on thyroid medicine. Treatment? 14 year old white hair, taking evion 600mg, blood pressure 140/80, hyper tension. Recommendations? Constant headache, migraine, changed diet, sharp pain on back head, upset stomach. Healing time? Cold,when sneeze back of heart hurts, pinching feeling. Cure for symptoms? Depression, anxiety attacks, having PTSD, fibromyalsia. Treatment? Follicle in ovary, headaches, abdominal and pelvic area pain, bloating, endometriosis. Underwent lupron suppression. Solution? Sexually abused when minor, pains during intercourse, bright red blood, bleeding. Suggestions? Switched from Arimidex to Taxol. Have prolapsed valves and high bp. Evolved a clot in my jugular vein. Safe remedy? Pregnant. Have had recurrent headaches, neck pain, dizziness, lightheadedness, panic attacks. What is the root cause? Dry cough, taken benadryl, grilinctus, Vicks 509 & azax 500. Treatment? Had a disc replacement. Had pain management, aqua therapy and massage. On cymbalta. Need fine tuning. How to overcome this? Infection on vaginal area, took plan b pill, heavy brown discharge. Healing time? Fell down and leg hurt. No bruising. Pain till groin and knee and ankle hurt. Consult ER? Using Metformin for Type II diabetes. Pain in mid back, urine smells. High Bllod sugar. Advice? Started bleeding,no cervix inflammation, on implanon contraceptive implant, taking cerazette pill. Treatment? Penis is paining. Have discharge sometimes. Did urethral test. Shows mixed growth of staphylococcus, Aureus. Prognosis? Mandibular joint pain, jaw pain, sternal heart area pain, ruled out heart attack. Is it trigeminal nerve? Diabetic, hypothyroidism. Allergy symptoms. Solution? Pain from hip to knee and calf, cramping in foot. Constant pain. Suggestion? CT scan and doctor said Gliosis formation behind left eye. Serious? Hit head, dizziness, nauseous, suggested vertigo, have concussion. Treatment? Bad rash itching for over a year. Diagnosed for Psoriasis and prescribed Pregnezone. Reason for psoriasis? Gleason scale, suggested hormone therapy, radiation or surgery. Suggestions? Have congested cough, pain around rib cage. Reason? Fell asleep, head fell down onto chest, no response, hands fell to side, did not remember this. Minor stroke? Scars on upper lip, depressed due to underlying scar tissue. Dermal skin grafting help? Bumped head, light pressure, minor bump. How long it continues? Heart burn not going with change of diet and trying antacids such as tums. Sour on stomach. Remedy? Abdominal surgery, surrounded by sigmoid colon, hysterectomy, colonoscopy normal.Treatment? Light headed, nausea, gastritis, chest pain. Tested for heart attack. Bad diarrhea. Advice? Infant making high pitched noise to take breath and acts frustrated. Problem? Nickel sized red bumps which itch and painful. Doctor said those were bites of hives. Taken predisone. Remedy? IBS with constipation, no bowel movement, bloating, extreme rectal discharge, taking laxative. Cure for symptoms? No stool, painful rectum, sensitive. Should i use a laxative? Bowels problem, rectal seal, took stool softeners, mucus plugs. Recommendations? Red discoloration on the head of penis, bumps. Yeast infection? Pricked finger with needle after inserting an IV. Patient, i tested HIV negative, had steroid shot. Will steroid medication cause false negative. Right lower limb shorter than left, on palpation, groin, pains by rotation. Preliminary diagnosis? Feeling movement in stomach, headaches, frequent urination, late periods. Reason? Developed several lymph nodes down neck, suffering from microscopic colitis in past. Cure? High blood pressure and CMT, bloating, sour burps, indigestion, chest pain. Reason? Back pain,cold,infection,on tylenol. Suggestion? Taking Panadol osteo for hip replacement. Using Airomir inhaler. Side effects? Have prolapsed uterus. Done AGUS and LSIL pap smears. Should colonoscopy be done before hysterectomy? White spot on tonsil, something stuck under tongue. Taking Amixicillin will help? Colon removed, diarrhea, vomiting with bad gas. Unable to eat well, becoming very weak. Help? Tightness in chest upon waking. Stress test, normal. Have thyroid cancer, using synthroid. Further testing required? Difficulty in swallowing, clinches her fists in sleep, changes in vision. Resembles scleroderma symptoms? Needing to write everything down to remember,irritability, suspicions, vivid nightmares. History of alzheimer s. Help? Toe nails falls, nails are dry with no secretion. Oral antibiotics, same. Help? Touched boys tip of penis,got razor cuts on legs. Any chance of HIV infection? Have pimple like round red rash on arm, itches, liquid comes when scratched. Herpes or pimple? Bad acne with sensitive skin. Using cephalexin, sulfacetamide sodium, moisturizing lotions. Suggestions? Whole colon had thin layer of sticky yellowish stool. Caused due to eating yellow hot peppers regularly? Suggestion? Pain in right side, have diverticulosis on left side. Prescribed laxative. Help? Stone in right kidney, right flank pain till lower rib cage. Cough and vomiting. Reason? Have problems with skin, acne, rashes, Red patch on penis with sore. Is it genital psoriasis? Help? Obesity, on strict diet, pain on right side of waist and inside arm, blood in stool Stubbed on toes resulted in swelling between big and second toe, seem bruised and pain. Help? Testing for TachycardiA, stress done. Tongue numb and tingling. Headache. Cardiologist? Ear clogged, couldn't hear, hear buzzing noise. Cure for symptoms? Birth control, bleed heavily on 7th day, ovulation on 17th day. Suggestions? Diagnosed with herniated disc. Advised ibuprofen, tramadol and cyclobenzaprine. Got rashes on neck, hips. Stop medicines? Had miscarriage, want pregnancy. Does progynova helps? Suggestion? Donated plasma, swollen arms. Will i have a clot in arm? Sinus related headaches, cheeks get red, dry blood in nostral, allergic. Remedy? White patches on finger because of allergy, repigmentation. Melonocyte transplantation give original skin color? Vaginal and anal itching, frequent urination, dry mouth, thirsty, foul odors, fatigue Fell down and hit his head, bump behind ear. Skull fracture? Chest pain, arteries are clear and free. ultrasound to check fluid was negative. With antacid, same. Suggestion? Had a Colonoscopy, pain during the procedure, abdomen hurts. Reason? Abdominal pain when sneezed, lasts for a few seconds. Reason? Toes and legs hurts, feel swollen, back pain, hands hurts. Is it MS? Dizzy, nauseous, lightheaded, headache. Reason? Treatment? Breastfeeding, took pepto bismol. How long should I wait before I nurse? Unprotected sex, took nordette, abdominal cramp. Pregnant? Side effect of nordette? Ankle surgery and plates inserted. Ankle swelling with pain and bruised. Dislodged screws? Had unprotected sex, getting cramps but no periods. Pregnant? Body aches, loss of appeitite, low grade fever, had bladder infection, flu like symptoms Hairline fracture on left back. Wrapping is not possible and painful. Advice? Having weird upset stomach on and off. What to do? BPD 9.89 cm, no evidence of placenta previa, liquor adequate, single live intrauterine gestation. Need explanation? Weak and heart rate goes up. Arms and face itching. Hiatal hernia causing problems? Bowels are frequent, loose or watery with minimal warning. Psyllium husk powder helps? Help? Spots after acne. Using Region A dermovate and skin bleaching cream. Remedy? Cysts in breast. Cysts leads to cancer? Is biopsy safe? Abdominal pain, watery stools and burning. Pain in lower abdomen. Concern? Pregnant and smoked marijuana. Still remains during delivery? Have plate in wrist, numbness in palm due to radial fracture. Now numbness in ring finger. Help? Cancer. Disoriented, weak and has headaches. Bitter by west Nile virus? Diabetic. Taken insulin. Black molds on toilet. Related to Diabetes? Fever. Given antipyretic. Sore throat. Monocytosis? Obesity out of hand. Not on diet. MRI done to back for slight discomfort. Ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis. Advice? Bed bug bites mostly near the genitals. Bugs in vagina. Consult Gynecologist ? CT arthrogram states Articular cartilage fissure. Advice? High temperature and shortness if breath. Sick with Tamiflu Strain. Danger? Sore throat, cough , taking antibiotics, stomach hurts, dizziness, chest rapidly beats, smokes Burning feet soles, hardening of skin, arthritis in spine and hands, exercises. Reason? Numbness and tingling on lower jaw, neck, tenderness, neck pain, feel a nodule. Reason? Mother and aunt died of cancer. Any test to detect the presence of cancer? Pregnant, blood, baby heart beat is less and less sac growth. Will heart rate gets stronger? Headache, diagnosed new daily persistent headache, taking doxycycline and singulair. Treatment? Gassy in evening, takes BM, vitamins, drinks more water, low sugar diet. Reason? Diagnosed with non familial hematuria. No frequent urination or burning. Urination pink. Periods? Had laporscopic hysterectomy and prolapsed bladder repair, burning sensation, tenderness Stabbing pain in the middle of arch. Pain when foot is flat. Problem? Putting on weight. Exercise everyday. Leads to Diabetes? Pain in Perineal Raphe, uncomfortable, raised from anus to scrotum. Treatment? Need information about haemorrhoids Done emergency C-section. Have low grade fever, redness, swelling. Taken amoxicillin and bactrim. Is the medicine correct? Buttocks hurts, biceps pains. X Ray of left shoulder shows arthritis in clavicle. Advice? Had a brain lesion, cancer had spread from lungs to brain, seizure, bad memory Does anidepressant medication like Remeron or Lexapro (low dosage) and/or anti anxiety medications hinder the grieving process? Drawn blood, sore and stiff arem, lump, bruise, pain in arms, hand feels weak Robotic radical hysterectomy. Bladder to be realigned. Burning sensation on leg. Is that normal? Taking pills. Will the drug be out of his body within a week? Remedy? Delayed menstrual cycle. Spot bleeding, tired and sore breast. Problem? Dizzyness, light headaches when getting up or lying down. Help? Itchy scabs on back. Difference between scabies and other rash caused by chicken pox virus? Taking sandomigran for migraine. Advised to take alprim for bladder infection. Alprim increases migraine? Itching on inner arm creases, head, chest and back, bumps, stopped smoking, exercises Acid reflux, nausea, vomiting. Advised elevated white blood count and signs of inflammation. Suggestion? Advised apo-medroxy for getting periods. Got periods before taking that. Is it advisable to take? Dog bite, took antibiotics. Now swelling in shoulder and body aches. Related to dog bite? Had periods a week ago, again started bleeding, On birth control. Reason? Late and irregular periods, regulated after using birth control, sexually active. Treatment? Could not move until test implant of nerve stimulator. Now on zovirax. Correct treatment? Pain when chewing on right side, have braces. Pain caused by tooth or hard palate? Pregnant, having Acitron daily. Any side effects on baby's health and mental development? Pain from knees after walking too long, trying to reduce weight, strain in ankle. Resolution? Have virtual hernia, had lung surgery due to breast cancer, eight lymph nodes removed Chronic eosinophilic rhinosinusitis, MS and neurosarcoidosis under control. Treatment? No periods for 4 months, pinkish discharge, fishy odor. Pregnant? Rash on face after having general anesthesia, burns, puffiness. Reason? Had kidney stones, lithotripsy procedures done, major sciatic nerve pain, no tissue between L4 and L5 Blood in urine. Irrigating the bladder and blood clots have come down. Diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Reason? Itchy skin rashes, prescribed livocitrizen and cotosteroids, Homeopathy Diagnosed with pytiriasis lichenoides chronic a. Used Minocycline and Cortisone. Best treatment? Drug addict before, pain, involved in car crash, placebo.Suggestion to this situation? Applied salon to scrotum to treat a small bruise. Skin irritating and swollen. Remedy and treatment? On birth control, skipped pills, unprotected sex, taking ampicillin for skin conditions. Should I be concerned? Suffering from stomach problems like acidity, loose motion. Doctor prescribed Secnil forte. Symptoms of any serious disease? Testicles swollen, red, sore to touch. Diarrhea. Concern? Lower abdominal pain, done urine and blood test. Test result shows quantity 60 ml, color yellow, albumin nil Lips darker. Pigmentation on chin, forehead and dark circles. Radiant tan free complexion? PCOD, going for follicular study, not conceiving, thyroid problem Epileptic, having a seizure when trembling, stress. Any diet? Head hurt. No concussion, slight headache. Trauma or any other problem? Hernia repair with mesh. Scan shows another Her is. Stomach muscles are very thin. Flexible marsh? Tender lump in upper arm muscle and moves upon palpatation. Muscle pain upon stretching. Consult doctor? On birth control pill. Mood swings. Doctor to put on different medicine? Pain in neck and back-shoulder, numb neck, pain when swallowing. Serious? Have defibrillator implanted in heart. History of heart attack. Does Zzquill have side effects? Burning sensation in genitals. Urologist prescribed Pruflix and Mildfil. Diabetic and on insulin. Reason for medication? Putting on weight with no change in diet, staph infection, high BP and cholesterol. Short term memory. Suggestion? Taking herbal products for penis erection. Suggestion? Pimples on face after chickenpox, applied melacare cream, face becomes red when exposed to heat Pregnant. Had pox few months earlier. Effect on baby? Difficult breathing, cough, dry mouth. Advised sleep apnea and CATSCAN as lung capacity is weak. Correct? Lump under palm skin, blue, tender, throbs, diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome. Treatment? Periods are on time, but bleeds light pink rest of the time. No symptoms of pregnancy. Help? Will Cymbalta has side effects of weight gain? Itchy and hot rash on left breast, history of cancer, had malignant melanoma, spots on liver observed Formation of gas in stomach, liquid stool, takes pantoparzole and librax. Relief? Sperm test done. What are the findings from the report? Had knee, shoulder, hernia surgery's, carpal tunnle, was drinking before. Cure for symptoms? Had Pcos, regular periods, have hirsutism. Will i get pregnant? Diagnosed PCOS, trying to get pregnant. Should i try IUI? Allergy, sneezing, coughing continuous for an hour. Treatment? Short of breath, panic attacks, pain in collar bone. Misdiagnosed as panic attacks? Bad cramps, clumps of blood. Miscarriage? Divaticulitous, surgery to remove abscess, early period with dark heavy blood, pain at end of urination 3 years old, fever from 7 to 8 days, blood test, TLC 0000. Treatment? Lesions, cin iii, discharge, postcoital bleeding,abdomen,pap test, urgent biopsy, coloposcopy. Cervical cancer? Left leg weaker, looks odd. Suggestions? Tonsilitis, neck pain, numbness, on antibiotic. Cure for symptoms? Swollen ankle, red, warm, high blood pressure. Treatment? Have hypothyroidism, hysterectomy done. Taking Aldactone, Finpecia, thyronorm, tugain foam. Any side effects if stop tablets? Dense and good hair, prescribed hormone pills for improvement of acne, hair loss and weak. Treatment? Pregnant with twins, bleeding, took susten. Safe to use susten? One year old, hard stools, every time. Recommendations? Anxiety, tightness in head and chest, damaged nerve, obese. Smoker. What is the treatment? Hair fall, using anti hair loss cream. Treatment? Hip pain, worse during night, pain on knee, tight.Cure for symptoms? Get itchy pimples on labia minor often, heals itself, keeps on coming. Reason? Less weight, taking endura mass, Any side effects. Suggestions? Uncomfortable feeling in abdomen, no pain, difficult to sit. Is it gallbladder? Homosexual, shaking of penis. Recommendations? Bloating and indigestion. Have history of weak digestive system. Tried altering diet but gave little relief. Suggestions? High BP, dizziness, weakness, loss of strength. On losartan. Are there any side effects? Trying to lose weight. Prescribed Duromine. Thyroid normal. Advice? PCOD, on treatment since 3 months, on diet, maintaining weight. Healing time? Root canal treatment, when needle inserted tint of blood, taken tinimox, need to take apicoectomy. Recommendations? Enlarged lymph node, prolonged periods. CAT scan for abdomen done. Ovarian cancer? Had MRI, parietal white matter, old ischemic foci. Treatment? Has missed abortion history. Conceived again. Prescribed folic acid, duphaston. No heartbeat seen during ultrasound. Missed abortion again? Unprotected sex, taken ipill within 26 hours, bleeding on 5th day, vaginal bleeding. Recommendations? Lower abdominal pain, cramps, vomiting, irregular periods, unprotected sex, took i-pill. Pregnant? Skipped periods, bleeding after 5 days, not got periods till end of month. Suggestions? Started hemmorraging, history of breast cancer. Treatment? Wet cold, cough, gave maxtra syrup and calpol, fever, headache, body ache. Treatment Dark band appearing in lip, drinks black tea. Reason? Reduced HDL good cholesterol, thyroid, panic disorders, anxiety. On Atenolol. Advice Got four wisdom teeth's pulled out. Feel spinning when wake up or go to bed. Took steroid injection in lower spine. Taking aggrenox. Have anxiety, depression, high BP Operated for ca-rectum, had radiotherapy and chemotherapy, hip pain extends to testis Penis stands during sex, unable to raise once again. Medication to improve sex life? Black patches on cheeks, neck, prescribed glysija lotion, gigaplex tablets, bengel, efaderm, alfa facewash. Recommendations? Severe anxiety and stress, dizziness, disorientation, rapid heart rate, swollen glands in neck, low BP. Is pur bloka safe to take? Sun burn, patches, dull and dark skin. Advised epishine vitamin c, vitamin e cream. Any suggestion? Itching on whole body, used Incid l, reappeared itching. Can it be changed to crotorax? CML patient, taking Dasatinib. Can i reduce the dose? How to treat skin rash, itching, swelling of the face, lips, tongue, breathing problems? Done Lipid profile test, taking lipicard, exercise, dizziness, tired, no concentration. How to lower triglyceride level? Tiredness, bloating, heavy stomach, feeling hungry, severe cramps, mild back pain, had intercourse. Pregnant? Had intercourse, missed periods, tiredness, bloating, heavy stomach, feeling hungry, cramps, back pain Rapid heart rate, chest pain, lump in left arm. Cure for symptoms? Loose motion, poor digestion, burps, bloated stomach. Any treatment? Synthetic skin graft applied on ankle. Can amniotic fluid be applied over graft wound to heal soon? On Haart Medicine( Hiv medicine), done pap smear, period irregular due hormone imbalance. Treatment? Acne and acne marks, using kojiglo cream, clindamycin, zitcare capsule. Advice? Smoking, quit now if i smell cigarette smoke feel unconciousness, chest pain. Treatment? Uneven smile on face and tightness. Underwent a facial surgery for face injury. Suggestion? Symptoms of Emphysema, inhalers and spiriva does not work anymore. Any treatment? Ear infection, shooting pain, external itching, on scalp. Cure for symptoms? Feverish, bowel movements, discomfort in the stomach, nausea. What could this be? Thyroid patient, irregular periods, trying to conceive. Suggestions? Pain in rib, shoulder, burning pain, gastric. Any advice? Sleepy, lethargic and body pains. Diabetic. Can Revital be used for being energetic? Developed colitis, transverse colon. Could it be related air forced into the abdominal cavity? Used noriday for 1 month heavy bleeding changed to femulen, no periods. Am i be pregnant? Trying to conceive, husband has pus cell, gave me ovashield. In follicular, egg didnot rupture, chances of pregnancy? Low blood pressure, went to the semi coma stage. Any advice? Pain in the back. Hair line fracture in the vertebrae. Using Tylenol. History of osteoporosis. Alternative medication? Suffering from chronic kidney disease. Any treatment? Foot swollen, on birth control, back surgery, suggested it was blood clot. Any treatment? Allergy on aspirin, squeeze in heart, unpleasant feeling. Cure for symptoms? Two neuro fibromas removed from hand, gave shot in incision, swelling in eyes, fibroma near eyebrows. Solution? Hit over the head, long indentation on top of skull, forgetfull, tired , runny nose, scalp itchy Cramps. Been on contraceptive shots for a couple of years. Is this normal?
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