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Neck pain, shoulder pain, leg numbness, weak arms. Face numbness after taking muscle relaxants. What could it be? Have tailbone pain, swollen area above buttock crack, no redness or drainage. Have pilonodial cyst. Worrying too much? How do I lose belly fat? Have variant follicular papillary carcinoma Chest pain, breathlessness. ECG clear. Could it be stress, anxiety or chest size? Have tumor in ovary, pain under ribs, sonogram showed no stones. Going for hysterectomy. Pain due to tumor? Have PCOS and irregular periods. History of miscarriage. Had cramps, abdominal pain. Worried Prescribed Zpac for acute bronchitis and sinusitis. Now have metal taste in mouth. What could it be? Weakness in shoulder, feeling dead, painful. History of shoulder injury. Anything to do? Abdominal rash, chest pain, rotten egg burps, dizziness. Have anxiety disorder. What is this? Child has abdominal pain, fever, sore throat, joint pain. Taking Keflex. Had strep throat. What do you think? Have metastatic rectal cancer. On palliative chemotherapy. Done blood test. Want to understand results? Taken Nystatin for oral thrush, aluminium taste, cannot eat spicy food. Taken antibiotics and cortisone Had D&E done, no heartbeat in ultrasound. What would cause this to happen? Vaginal discomfort, am sexually active, clear discharge, bleeding. What could this be? Child has constipation, yellow and sticky feces after taking glycerine suppository. Should I be concerned? Have damaged and blocked tubes. Suggested removal of tubes and IVF to get pregnant Taking Acitrom for clots in lungs. Does it cause increase in fasting sugar level? Child has popping in brain, done ear exam. Brain tumor? Hard calves, spasms, cramps, purple and bruised. Am diabetic, overweight and have high BP. Circulation problem? Road rash after falling off bicycle, bruised knee, ankle and shin. Broken fibula? Blister on forearm due to burn, fresh skin with white color. Want scar ointment Swollen, throbbing and warm biceps. Discomfort. Overworked muscle? No periods, pregnancy test negative, prescribed Sysrone. Suggestions? Brown spotting, cramping during 4th week of pregnancy. Is it normal? Had protected sex, delayed periods. Worried about pregnancy Family history of knee problems, have knee pain after doing squats. Any advice Herpes outbreak on lips. Taking Zovirax cream, tablets. Alternate anti-viral medication, does sexual contact cause herpes? Sudden pain, bleeding from clitoris. What cold be the reason? Weight gain, ankle swelling, inflammatory problem. Taking Methotrexate and olic acid. Gout or psoriatic arthritis? Blood test shows low potassium and electrolyte level. Feel weak, nauseated, dizzy, muscle cramps. Help Skin lesion enlarges, becomes reddish, turns yellow and bursts. Treatment? Masturbating daily, cannot feel ejaculation, sperm discharging slowly. Remedies? Itchy bumps on head, neck, back, chest and legs. What could it be? Irregular periods due to ovarian cyst, had unprotected sex, have fever, headache, stomach pain. Pregnancy? Bumps on penis, scrotum and lower stomach. Pink with white center. Herpes? Clear liquid oozing from forehead, irritated. What could this be? Itchiness around genital area, bumps, red. What could be causing this? Joint pain, stiffness, joint locking, movement limited. Remedies? Painful mouth sores, prescribed Acycylovir and Cephalexin. Herpes? Abdominal pain after walking on treadmill. Should I continue walking? Lump on neck in between throat and collar bone, discomfort, trouble catching breath, fever Child has sore throat, headache, stomach ache. Any ideas? Itchy hands in sunlight, heat bumps. Prescribed Merimox, Rantac and Betnesol. Are these effective? Child has itchy vagina, swollen clitoris, red, blister. What is it? Swelling and numbness in hand after PICC line, no spots Muffled hearing, buzz when bending, ears ringing, negative blood work, orb in peripheral vision Child has fever, no cold, increased heart rate, irritated. Prescribed Azithromycin and Tylenol Lansol, Omez and Ganatone ineffective fro acidity and gastric problem. Permanent solution? Had unprotected sex, taken Primolut. Is it okay to take Famila because I do not want pregnancy? Continuous stomach pain, sleepiness. Does it require immediate medical attention? Want to reduce weight. What are the safe methods, guidelines to reduce weight without any side-effects? Recovered alcoholic, bulimic, fatty liver, pregnant, nausea, sickness, heart pain, severe liver pain. Cause and remedy? Disturbed sleep. Taking Eption, Seloken, Ecosprin, Acitrom, Zolfresh. History of stroke. Medicinal side-effects causing disturbed sleep? Lactation. Taking Domstal. Any medicinal side-effect, is soya formula at par with normal formula? Irregular periods, bleeding after intercourse, difficulty in conceiving. Pregnancy test done. Taking Phentermine. Reason, treatment? Have hirsutism, face acne, regular periods. Done baseline follicular scan. Interpret result? Prescribed Productive M for low sperm count. Correct treatment? Have itchy bumps in vagina, had protected sex. Herpes? Had convulsions, MRI showed tuberculoma. Safe drugs for epilepsy Continuous bleeding, swelling on knee wound after fall Taken cortisone injections for sinusitis. Now heavy vaginal bleeding, aches, cramps. How can I help myself? No yolk sac or fetal pole seen, have blood in urine, prescribed dydorgesterone. Miscarriage? Done tests, want to lose weight Elevated bilirubin, normal US scan and KUB x-ray. Can I take Liv52? Taking Glimeperied, Metformin, Vildagliptin. Combination ok? Skin between legs getting dark, penis getting dark. Suggest cream Discoloration on lower lip Pain on right side, chest pain, lumps. Had kidney stones Prescribed Melthix, Nebula and Rabinoc for not being able to stand on feet. Right treatment? Taking Femilon, done ovary scan, periods stopped after stopping medication. Treatment? Have irregular periods due to thyroid problems. Prescribed Maintane. Purpose? Child has loose motions, heavy and hard stomach. Taken Norfloxacin syrup. What to do? Hematoma on cheek near ear, painful. Taken Reparil gel and ice pack. Had facelift. Concerned? Creamy nipple discharge, heartburn. Am on Depo shot. Related? Taken Rifamixin and Ofloxacin for acidity and burning sensation after eating. What could have happened? Pain in penis during masturbation, intercourse, yellow liquid discharge. History of masturbation. Reason for pain, discharge? Fainting, sudden darkened vision, weakness, low energy, disoriented. Side-effect of taking Vitamin C in empty stomach? Raised SGOT, SGPT levels, fatty liver, hypertensive, was treated for hodgkins, no diabetes, heart normal. Advice? Penis of skin goes back when having sex. Will it rip? Have giant cell arteritis. Am regular marijuana smoker. Want information Fainting feeling, vomiting, weakness. Taking Thyroxine for thyroid. Suggestion? Have rash on thighs, red bites on buttocks, had protected sex, dry and patchy skin Test shows intramural fibroid, cyst in ovary, hypoechoid nodule in wall. Have irregular periods Taken painkillers for ankle sprain, done tests, used belt support. Now pain and swelling Taking chemotherapy for AML-M3. Any facility for unrelated donor for BMT in CMC? Child has fever, leg pain, unable to walk, done blood test. Anything to worry about? Abdominal pain, had appendix removal, stomach making noise, urge to urinate, bladder fullness Taking Glucopage, Mebex and Montair. Fasting sugar level has increased Delayed periods. Taken Vacfol tablet. For how long this medicine needs to be continued? Child has loose motions, positive for test stool for reducing substances. Advice? Unable to stand erect, dragging leg. Have ulcers, undergoing orthopedic treatment Spasms after smoking weed, neck discomfort. What should I do? Bleeding after using Mifegest and Cytolog. Is it enough for clearing pregnancy? Abdominal pain after taking Primolut. Alarming? Dizziness after masturbation. Help X-ray shows bronchovascular marking in lung, blunted CP angles. What does this suggest? Child has soft feces, gets stuck to bottom, smell like tar, difficult to wipe. Baby only breastfed. Advice? Abdominal pain after exercising, high ESR, done stomach scan. Should I continue walking? Have irregular periods, not sexually active, not taking birth control or other medication. Help Have fluttering feeling in chest after taking Benadryl. Related to anti-histamine Chest and back burning, blood taste in spit. Done tests. Diagnosis? Itching, burning and pain due to lichen sclerosus. What can I put on my vagina? Taken Mobizox for back pain. Want anti-inflammatory medication Taking Librax for IBS. Want an alternative for Norflox Discomfort in esophagus, high BP feeling, anxiety White spots on wound after excision of sebaceous cyst in armpit. Normal? Burning urination, urethra burning, have dark brown discharge after abortion. Had unprotected sex. What is going on? Excessive brownish color saliva in mouth, bitter taste, unpleasant breath. Quit smoking. Reason? Rib injury to the left side below the chest, hospitalised, taking pain killers, still getting sharp pains. Suggestions? Have high uric acid levels, knee pain. Taken Zyloric. Treatment? High SGPT level, swelling in joints, ankles, wrists, veins, difficulty in standing, moving body. Treatment? Had unprotected sex using withdrawal method, missed periods, no pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy test positive. Am I pregnant? Had abcess on inner thigh, could not drain, on antibiotics, area red, cannot walk. Suggestions? Can a 23 week pregnant lady travel by train after takin tab.Duvadilan without any side effects? Had abortion few years back, did not go for follow up, had no problems till now. Will the doctor now know that i had an abortion? Infant having teething, passing green, greasy stools, weighs 8.3 kg. Normal? Prescribed Naturogest for hormonal imbalance. Will it support my pregnancy? Can lack of sleep cause minor pain on forearm? Pink bleeding, frequent urination, bloated stomach, flutter in stomach. Pregnant? Child losing hair gradually, had patch on head. Suggest medication Dark line on side of toe, constantly stubbing toe. Could melanoma appear that quickly? Anus pain, testicle pain, stopped masturbating. Abdominal pressure. Is this epididymitis? Heavy and thick bleeding, stomach growing, leg pain, increased weight. Suggest medicine Bump on forehead with clear pus, no acne. What bit me? Episode of lightheadedness, pounding heart, feeling of fainting after meal, on Ramipril, levothyroxine. Cause? Have angina, chest discomfort, radiating arm pain, stress test normal. Is this unstable angina? Hair on face after applying Pendrem cream, skin darkening. Solution? Cut not healing, no stitches, hand twitching, painful. Will it heal? Got electric shock from interstim therapy implant, pain in shoulder and hand. Is this a cause of concern? Shared cigarette with male with visible Herpes scab. Have jaw pain. Premature symptoms of herpes? Flank pain, negative blood work, red and itchy rash in armpits. Related? Moles after shaving pubic hair. Diagnosis? Have filariasis, pain and pus in foot. No relief from medication. Is surgery possible? Electric shock in foot after ankle arthroscopy. Numbness and pins and needles feeling Delayed period, white and sticky fluid discharge. Pregnancy? Child is anxious and combative when going for medical visits. How to deal with it? Have erection when seeing men, have OCD. Do not want to be gay Taking Elpiem, Prozac for bipolar disorder. Have arthritis. Want to change Elpiem to lose weight Painful palpable lump in front of ear. Whom should I see? Am anemic, have irregular periods, have PCOD. Want to reduce weight and get rid of PCOD Done orthopedic surgery, dropping hemoglobin, no internal bleeding, dark urine. Reason? Ultrasound shows bulky uterus, expanded myometrium, cystic mass. Surgery necessary? Have depression, cognitive impairment. Taking Fludac, Veniz, Sertraline and Clomipromine. Help Peeling skin from labia, not itchy or swollen, no discharge, STI clear. Asking for advice Trying to conceive, have tooth ache, constipation, back pain. Pregnancy sign? Trying to conceive, on Clomid, have spotting, tiredness, nausea and dizziness, negative pregnancy test. Pregnancy chance? Black coating on tongue, had taken pepto bismol for diarrhea, history of acid reflux. Help? Hairline crack near ankle, advised cement plastering but using crepe bandage with massage, light swelling. Advise? Chronic joint pain, positive for RA and Sjorgens, want to go for herbal treatment. Will Instaflex help? Suffering with mental disorder, always under fear, low self confidence. How can I cure it? Random swelling on body and face lasts for few days and disappears, limited success with antihistamines. Solution? Intermittent urine infection, temporary relief with antibiotics, intense pain and discomfort. Advise? Headache after doing exercises in fitness boot camp. Am I doing the exercise wrong? Prescribed Terbiforce and Terbinafine cream for frequent balanoposthitis. Medication sufficient? PICC site on arm puffy, blood clot near lungs and heart. Due to not changing dressing? Red anus, painful, patches of blood. Friction burn? Child has stomach pain, dizziness. Is this anxiety? MRI shows diffuse bulge in C5-6 and C6-7. Have pain in neck, shoulders and back Have lung TB. Prescribed Forecox. What is the problem? Had unprotected sex, missed period. Is Mensovit plus ok for abortion? Lower back pain, numbness in hip, tingling spine. MRI showed degenerative change in L5-S1 disc. Pain management? Have nasopharyngeal carcinoma, have fever, not eating properly, breathing problems. Side effects of chemotherapy? Vein throbbing on the left side of the neck, painful, constant headache, goosebumps on the left arm. Causes and remedy? Abdominal pain, green and foul smelling feces, family history of colon cancer, history of opiate addiction. What should I do? Lower back pain after bending. Taking Nurofen, Endone and Valium. History of surgery Have hives at night, swelling of lips. Taking Telfast. Feel dizzy. Have high IgE. What to do? Have diarrhea, cramps, no improvement after taking Diclocamine and Lovasin. What could it be? Had unprotected sex, now feeling cramps near uterus, lower abdominal discomfort. What can it be? Child has loose motion, given ORS and zero lac. Normal stool test. Why is loose motion not stopping? Had unprotected sex, taken contraceptives. No periods. Pregnant? What could happen if I do not have my child's damaged baby tooth extracted? Done TSH test. Am I significantly better? Air Borne Contact Dermatitis, outbreaks on face, forehead and nose during change in seasons, leaving scars. Permanent remedy? Fitted mirena coil, no bleeding, tiredness and weight. Is this normal or any other symptom? Sleeplessness due to continuous dreams, racy thoughts, fear in mind, continued after taking prodep, stopping clonafit. What should be done? Rash under armpits, itchy and flaky, keeps peeling, worsens at night. Temporary relief with fucibet. Cause? Rapid heart beats, feeling of passing out, grainy feeling and tingling in throat, discomfort after smoking weed. Cause? Finished a pack of microgynon, had unprotected sex, have heavy withdrawal bleeding, frequent urination. Pregnancy chance? Thyroid ultrasound showed a small nodule on left side of thyroid, reports said between adenoma and carcinoma. Diagnosis? Constant pimple with greyish head filed with white, sore on popping, brown and dead skin on squeezing. What is it? On Cerazette, had severe stomach pain on missing a pill, had sex earlier. Protected or not? Missed period, negative pregnancy test, regular periods after PCOD treatment, taken Mensovit. When can I expect periods? Painful pus formation in lower buttocks, discharged black blood. Worried Abdominal pain, scan shows bulky anterverted uterus, intra uterine fetus. What does it mean? Breaking out into sweats, fever, sinus infection, anxiety. Thoughts? Child has cerebral atrophy. Taking Axepta, Lonazeb with no improvement. Worried Taking Metaloc for BP. Will Alprazolam help bring down BP? Inner ear pain, head ache like needle pricking. Suggestions? Mammography shows fibroadenosis. Interpretation? MRI shows nodule in kidney, may be renal cyst. What does this mean? Used Destrogen to abort and bled, taken Fertyl and bled again. What should I do now? Have PCOD, had unprotected sex but no ejaculation. Chance of pregnancy? Late periods, abdominal pain in the lower left side, increased appetite, dizzyness, lightheadedness, hard to breath, numbness in the legs, tingling sensation in the hands. What could this be? Child with dry cough, fever, aggravates at night. Prescribed Clavam Bid, Calpol, Tussol. Suggestion? Delayed period, backaches, vaginal discharge, cramps. Taken after pill post sex, negative pregnancy test. Cause? Hard, marble sized lump on anterior of thigh, labia post injury. Worrisome? Delayed period, had scanty flow followed by spotting post protected sex. Pregnant? Volley ball player, wrist hurt during play, ganglion cyst, blood vessel popped, persisting tenderness, swelling. What should be done? Primolut- N on day of period with scanty bleeding, flow stopped, then started abruptly. What should be the date for next cycle? Low grade fever, low platelet count before periods, sudden bleeding on skin without rash and irritation. Cause? Had abortion yesterday, bleeding, brownish discharge today. Normal? Mentally handicapped person, has fluid in heart and lungs, heart rate too high, on oxygen and lasix, multiple problems. Can you refer any doctor to treat this person? Have disc protrusion at C3-4 levels effacing ventral subarachnoid space. What does this mean? Widespread rashes, prescribed Levocetrizine. Should I allow more response time before seeing allergist? Leg pain, morning vomiting, lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, headache. Pregnant? Abdominal swelling, polyuria, urgency to urinated, had miscarriage Taking Sumatriptan for migraines, now vomiting and dizzy. Thyroid? Pain in side near ovary, weakness in arms and legs, shaking, stiff neck. History of ovarian cyst Feeling jittery. Had fever, body ache and headache. Could this just be from being ill? Constant rash in penis, advised not to use latex, painful testicles. Herpes?s Back pain, had stent placed, had kidney stone removed. Can stents cause UTIs? Heavy cart ran over big toe, using neosporin bandaids, ibuprofen, nail turning yellow, bottom has brown substance with white specs, does not hurt to touch. What should be done? Severe pain in the left abdomen, uteric strincture found, advised open surgery and inserting stent. Any alternative? Ovarian cyst, undergoing ayurvedic treatment, regular diet and exercise. Will it be cured? Infant with chesty cough, has core temperature on the back of neck that keeps oscillating, advised to avoid drugs. Will he recover without them? Child with asthma, continuous wheezing and coughing, taking asthalin inhaler, nebulizer. Can I give him Piriton CS? Teen, sore and swollen testicles after being stepped on the groin, burning during urination, darker urine. Cause of concern? Lump with sphere like object along the testicle on having sex with numbness, subsides within minutes. Advise? Bleeding throat, difficulty in swallowing, swollen gland on jaw, worsens with Abilify. Infection? Fluctuating BP, bout of dizziness, prescribed stamlo. What should be the dosage? Flatulence, motions immediately after meals, weakness, throat inflammation, rashes, dizziness, headache. Cause and remedy? Breastfeeding, had scanty periods in one cycle followed by heavy in the other with no pain. Treatment required? Itchy, scaly and dry rashes on legs with a pimple, no changes after various anti-allergic, breastfeeding. Remedy? Chlamydia treated, constant lower abdominal pain,reports showed PID, negative chlamydia. Diagnosis correct? Underwent tests during pregnancy, torch test positive, sac seen, foetal nodal absent during first scan. Normal? On birth control pills, was about to start a new pack but my periods are not stopping. Reason? Muscle aches, headache, sore throat, fatigue after delay in flight. Advice? Bleeding while passing stools. Should I go to the doctor or wait? Abdominal pain, bloody, watery diarrhoea, jaundice, elevated LFT levels. What is the diagnosis? Spotting between periods, delayed periods, vaginal discharge, tender breasts. Pregnant? Pregnant, vomiting, dizziness. Wants to take emeset medication. Safe during pregnancy? Tiredness, bloating, frequent urination, nausea, heartburn. History of IBS. Treatment? Small bump on shin bone, bruise on top of skin, hard lump. Treatment? Dry throat, congestion in esophagus, pain in stomach after drinking pop. Treatment? Diabetic, have leg tenderness with occasional sharp pains, have long sitting hours at work. Cause? 9 weeks pregnant, low fetal weight, no heart beat. Ultrasound done. Cause of concern? Hurting feet, feet numbness, swollen feet, ankles, leg, hand pain, tiredness. Reason? High indirect bilirubin level, cold hands, legs. Reason? Throbbing pain from knee downwards, numbness in leg, cold knee. History of fall. Reason, treatment? Sore throat, tongue, sexual intercourse. Possibility of HIV, STD? Unprotected sex, hurting lower abdomen, fuller breasts, increased bowel with bleeding. Possibility of pregnancy? Missed period, had bleeding post sexual intercourse, used withdrawal technique. Advice? Have chest pain and lightheadedness, ankle infection. Have pernicious anemia and stroke. How abnormal is this? Stopped microgynon due to raised BP, helped in losing weight, prescribed Cilest. Will Cilest help in reducing weight? Diagnosed with complex PTSD, prescribed mirtazepine, quertapine. Suggesttion? Fungal infection below breast, underarms, fatty liver, taking Terbest, Nucoxia causing headache, eye pain, dizziness. Terbest safe? Tail bone injury, numbness in fingers, feet pain, muscle cramps. Treatment? Breastfeeding, had bright red discharge post sex first time after delivery. Cause? Wants to avoid pregnancy. Taking althea pills. Safe to have unprotected sex after 7 pills? Have avascular necrosis on hip, leg feels cold and tingling. When should I go to the doctor? High cholesterol levels. Taking storvas 10. Cholesterol test done. Medication necessary? Breathlessness, chest discomfort after drinking rum. What is going on? Sore swollen pinky finger, unable to bend it, bruised, no injury. Treatment? Nausea, back pain, stomach pain, delayed periods. Negative pregnancy tests. Pregnant? Swelling on inner arms, stomach, lower back, red itchy bumps, itching on scalp. Treatment? PCOS, irregular periods, on diane-35, had spotting with tiny flesh post periods. What other than pregnancy could cause this? Irregular periods, want to conceive. Tests done. Taking Thyronorm. Prescribed with Ovral. Will Ovral hinder conception? Spotting. Using GNC product. Normal symptoms or pregnant? On glaucoma medication since years, one eye completely dead but started gushing with blood and popping out. Treatment advise? Pain radiating from head to spine after sleeping, lying down, headaches. Treatment? Patient with chronic heart failure, controlled diabetes, raspy voice, lightheadedness, low salt diet, walk regularly. Can I have a decent life in future? Had unprotected sex using withdrawal method, mily white discharge, areola getting bigger, tiredness. Chances of pregnancy? Zig zag lines or crescent shaped flashing lights during vision, glaucoma, migraine. Advice? Circle, watery blisters all over the body, spread, color not red. What could this be? Bruise on the top of the feet, wearing soft strap sandals, reddish pinpoints around ankle. What could this be? Recurrent fever, stomach pain, subsides with paracetamol, tests normal. What could this be? Had unprotected sex using withdrawal method, late period, home pregnancy test negative, no pregnancy symptoms. What could this be? Tiredness, achy leg while standing only, nuclear stress test normal, has large hernia. Advice? Broke ankle after trauma, surgery to put plate and pins, constant headaches. Is it due to immobility? Having vitiligo, advised to take targeted phototherapy. Should I or not? Weakness, softness in the skin, weightloss, on medicines. Advice? Bruising, swelling after bitten by an insect, inhibits hand and wrist mobility, took medicines, swelling gone. Should I see a doctor for the bruise? Had unprotected sex, cramps, orange colour discharge. What is the reason? Pain in the knee after falling down, radiating to ankle, numbness, having osteoarthritis. Suggestions? Purple discoloration in the inside of the bottom lip, smoker. Reason? Bleeding after fingering during sex, finger carried semen. Chances of pregnancy? Trying to concieve, all parameters normal, preparing for IUI, failure of IUI and IVF previously. Should I be concerned? Underwent trauma, cut in the head, blood coming through the nose while blowing. What could this be? Had tubal ligation, diagnosed with fibroids, pain in the lower left quadrant radiating to the vagina shortly after periods. Opinion? Ultrasound shows normal gall bladder, bile duct, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, small ovaries with cysts, fibroid seen. What does it mean? Diagnosed with hyperthyroid, have highly evident dark circles. How can I get rid of it? Partial black stools, constipation, followed by diarrhea. Treatment? Weak legs, feel dizzy with shortness of breath. Had heat stroke and heat exhaustion issues. Any ideas ? Arthritis. Neck pain, stiffness, cracking neck, shoulders, headache. X-ray done. Taking Naproxen. No relief. Treatment? Knuckles of ring finger feels out of place. Joint inflamed due to mosquito bite ? Large laceration with swelling on forehead, total numbness on right foot, goose bumps on LLE BK. 2 cervical discs removed. Another disc blown ? Have PCOs. Taking birth control pills. Recommended methods to increase the chances of conceiving twins? Extreme pain and numbness in lower right leg. Ultrasound shows occlusion in the mid/distal SFA. Angioplasty with stent ? Diagnosed with slight bi-polar disorder, on Effexor xr, lamictal and geodon. Do these drugs cause problems ? Swollen feet, ankles and tight skin after hip replacement. Causes ? Lt para central small-medium disc herniation. Dr advises surgery. Any conservative treatment ? Stomach pain, heavy periods. Wants to do urine, blood test and ultrasound. Causes? Taken Eptoin as per prescription post tumor operation. Can I quit it now? Chest injury, raised bump under skin. Cause of concern? Chest pain, back pain, high pulse. EKG normal. High pulse cause of concern? Pregnant, cough up blood occasionally, phlegm during cold, test showed irregular heart rate, sinus tachycardia in ECG. Advice? Pain on bending leg after fall, swelling, taken painkillers, used ice. Will it settle down? Lump behind ear, pain, redness. Taking tylenol, motrin, no relief. Treatment? Small bump between ear and mouth, excessive salivation. Dental X-ray shows no infection. Causes? Excruciating pain in lower back and stomach, no relief with changing positions, history of irregular periods. Cause? Sudden swollen and sore knuckle, popping makes it feel better. Any ideas ? Unable to straighten arm, elbow after a fall. Injury / fracture ? Sneeze every time I eat. Allergy, blood tests are negative. Advice ? Dizzy spells, unbalanced, with weird vision and difficulty in swallowing. BP, blood work normal. Suggestions ? Small sore red spots, on a course of flucloxacillin for boil at the back of head. Suggestions ? Delayed periods, constant back ache and bloating, sore nipples. Pregnant ? Pain in my upper stomach just below ribs, pain in testicles. Reasons ? Scraped knee after injury, swollen shin with pain. Infection ? Is breathing cleaner for mr nose harmful ? Localized skin itching on face and hands, allergic to pollen. Can this be for the same reason ? Yeast infection, unprotected sex. Taken Fluconazole, Levonorgestrel. Will Fluconazole affect the purpose of levonorgestrel? Sexual intercourse, tightness, swelling in vagina with lumps. Surgical removal required? Bumps on skull base, headaches, itching in hands, night sweats, lethargic. Treatment? How to overcome the habit of hand practice? Shortness of breath, abdominal, vaginal pressure, lower abdominal cramps, lower back pain, frequent urination, cold feet. Reason? On birth control trinessa. Missed pills. What do the green pills do? Cut on head with metal, bleeding. Applied antibiotics. Do I need medical attention? Delayed periods, unprotected sex, cramps, excessive discharge. Missed taking birth control pills. Pregnant? Anal fissure, intertrigo. Taken Diltiazem hydrochloride, Calcium dobesilate, Lignocaine, topical steroids, Hydrocortisone acetate, Allantoin. Permanent cure? Painful sore lumps on legs getting larger. Diagnosed with Sjogrens. Reasons ? Pain between shoulders in back, stool has white balls, bouts of tachycardia. IGG deficient, asthma, elevated liver enzyme. GB ? Delayed periods, heaviness in belly. Had unprotected sex, home test negative. Can I be pregnant ? Can I take Nutralite products with ongoing thyroid problems ? Blood in urine. On anti inflammatory dyclophenac for arthritis. Should be concerned ? Swollen neck glands after sex. HIV test negative, eosinophil 1200. Worried about HIV ? Bit by a spider,infection lanced and drained. Yellow discharge, wound culture is positive for MRSA. Advice ? Post traumatic stress disorder. Having problems with present boyfriend's family, speak nasty things. Suggestions ? Bruising on right thigh with large swollen area on right thigh between knee and hip. How long will swelling last ? Swelling, looks like solid lump on left side of face front of ear. Had tooth removal from left jaw. Causes ? Little pain in hip, cannot flex foot or circle the ankle . Reasons ? Red spot under right arm, grows into size of dime, morphs into a ring. Any ideas ? 4 year old with high fever, cold bath and ibuprofen make no change. Suggestions ? Severe diarrhea after taking 50,000 IU of vitamin D, fishy odor, headaches and cramping. Side effects of Vitamin ? Chewing smokeless tobacco, white spots on the bottom of teeth and throat. Strep throat ? Came off depo, started bleeding heavily. Is this normal ? Had sex using postinor 2, usual cycles. Delayed periods, home test positive. Any effect of postinor on pregnancy ? Trembling hands, arms, jerking movements. Family history of condition. Treatment? Skin on thighs near vagina peeling, dry skin, itching. Using baby powder. Treatment? Large vein popping out above ankle, painful. What could be the reason, Achilles tendon? Stuffy nose, fatigue, throat tightness, low energy, head pressure, intermittent cough. Reason, treatment? Done pregnancy test, ultrasound. How soon can an ectopic pregnancy be diagnosed? Delayed periods, had unprotected sex and took the morning after pill. Home test negative. Chances of pregnancy ? Moderate on and off fever for 6 1/2 year old. Reason for concern ? Lower abdominal cramps , milky discharge from breasts, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and frequent urination. Will all these affect my conception chances? Lump in the armpit. Pins and needles pain in the arm. Taking methrotrexate for psoriasis. Symptoms due to medication? on Plavix and Lipitor after having a stroke. Painless lump in the chest below collar bone. Asked to do X-ray. Should I be concerned? Urine pregnancy test negative after unprotected sex. Severe bleeding. Miscarriage? Removed cholesteatomas from both ears. Having fake ear drums. Fluid discharge on blowing the nose. Will blowing nose damage the ear? Pap smear test showing abnormal cells. Pain while urination. History of miscarriage Hole in the heart. Episode of breathlessness. Will this affect the life expectancy? Breathing difficulty, throat closing up after meal, headache, stomach cramps, diarrhoea. Reason, treatment? High cholesterol, fluctuating BP, leg, feet, arms, hands numbness, weakness, fatigue. Taken Lisinopril. Reason, treatment? Excessive sweating on face and head. Prescribed with hypertension medication. Alternate treatment? Stomach ache and nausea due to taking Vivotif. Can 2 more doses be tolerated ? Want to conceive. Early periods, light bleeding, short duration. History of miscarriage. Possibility of pregnancy? 5 year old takes deep breath every 30 seconds opening mouth wide. Anything to worry ? 3 infected toe nails that aren't healing, blurry vision in afternoon, bulgy lump under left breast. Diabetes ? Small bump on the inside of labia, seem like ingrown hair / pimple, painful. Any suggestions ? Tingly burning feeling in vagina and on clitoris, urge to urinate but very little comes out. What is it ? Condoms slipped during intercourse, no ejaculation. Had periods after this. Chances of pregnancy ? Twinges in lower abdomen, sore uterus, pressure in head. Had unprotected sex. What are the pregnancy chances? Difficulty in urination, frequent urination. Should I be worried? Child having boils. On different antibiotics. Had severe allergic reaction to bactrim. Should I be concerned about having diabetes? Reddish itchy bumps in cluster on the body. Not responding to benadryl. History of allergy, reynauds, IBS and fibromyalgia. Used cortisone. Permanent solution? Pus filled itchy rashes on fingers and wrist which is spreading. Relieved on taking Methylprednisolone. Reappeared with itching and redness. Cure? Blacking out, forgetfulness, involuntary muscle jerking, head injuries, concussions, dilated temporal arteries. Cause of the symptoms? Injured the ear drum accidentally. Having bleeding. Cleaned with peroxide. Will it heal of its own? Had unprotected sex. Heavy bleeding and vomiting after taking emergency pill. Chances of pregnancy? Stiff neck, pain in neck and hip, headache, difficulty in lifting arms. Causes? Had ACDF for spinal compression. Normal X-ray. Tingling sensation in the arm. Need medical attention? Pain while urination, difficulty in complete urination, excessive thirst. What could it be? Diagnosed with PVD and thinning of the upper portion of retina. What is the recovery period for a tear or detachment? Is the surgery successful? Can I ask a doctor to help understand the uterus ultrasound report ? Prescribed with norgest and evecare for PCOS treatment. No periods. Had hypothyroidism and cholecysterctomy. On thyroxine sodium tablets Suffering from severe cold. Pain and popping sound from chest while sneezing. Causes? Vaginal bleeding, pregnancy test negative. Delayed periods, pain in lower abdomen and back. What is the chance of ectopic pregnancy? White spots on brain, tingling in body, cold rush sensations, some heartburn, shortness of breath. MRI normal. MS ? Vomiting and diarrhea, weight loss, headaches. Born with one kidney, had testicle surgeries. Any advise ? Blood test done. What does the reports indicate, treatment measures? 85 year old diagnosed with stage 3 multiple Myeloma, beginning to attack kidneys, chemo by injection weekly. Life expectancy ? Itching in right foot, little blisters under the skin, scratching peels skin off. Cure ? Is there a connection between smoking weed, acid reflux and joint weakness/pain ? 32 year old, planning for baby. Have hypertension, hiatus hernia, had an abortion, ovulation stopped. What to do ? 14 month old having diarrhea and constipation, tiredness. Drinks only lactose free milk. Causes ? Red bumps on the sides of stomach that doesn't itch. Had a swim in the lake. Chicken Pox ? Increasing numbness and tingling down left arm into middle index finger and thumb. Reasons ? Shakes in torso, arms, neck and jaws, starts slightly but increase to a crescendo, then suddenly cease. Reasons ? Heavy menstruation, had transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasound . What does myometrial echotexture is inhomogeneous mean ? Lower backache, hypertension, high BP, headache. CT scan, blood, urine tests done. Small arteries lineage. Treatment? Sore, blocked throat, fever. Blood, urine, stool tests done. Taken Azithromycin, Levofloxacin. Treatment? Arm muscle pain above the injection site after drawing blood. Reason? Had a nuclear stress test after pneumonia recovery. Short of breath,sore chest and throat, cough after the treadmill test. Normal? Bump on the lip. History of lump in the anus and yest infection. Tested negative for HSV 1 and 2. What could this be? Yeast infection on the penis after protected sex. Treated with athletes foot medicine. Do I have STD? Feeling bubbles under the ribs, heavy breathing and nausea. Vomited stomach acids. Diagnosed with IBS E coli and white cells in the urine. Taking antibiotics. Is it normal to have dizzy spells? Did candidiasis cause E coli? Burning pain in the back, sever migraine. Taken aspirin for fibromyalgia, arthritis. Remedy? 32 year old feeling tired, excessive sleep and weight gain. Is it normal? Brownish vaginal discharge after using primolut for delaying periods. Pregnant? Pinkish lump on the hamstring. No STD. Had pinworm infestation in the past. What could it be? Dizziness, tender breasts and frequent urination. Negative home pregnancy test. Chances of pregnancy? Reddish itchy swollen leg after a bee sting. Treatment? Swollen lymph nodes on shoulder, done blood test, itchiness. Fear of future Have acne, lump under chin, painful, discomfort. Have asthma and allergy to cats Pain in the knee, cramps and grinding and popping sounds after a knee injury. Tibial plateau, ACL and MCL broken. Suggestion? Severe sharp pain under the foot. Difficulty in walking and driving. Have bunion. Advice? Excessive coughing after getting choked on a pill. Tried hydrocone medication. Pain in the throat. Is the pill still stuck there? 4 month old having diarrhea. Gave rinifol syrup. Giving ORS. Further treatment? Prickly burning pain in thigh after intercourse. Took diflucan, labia got dry, nerve pain. Herpes ? Having a deeper voice. Is there a voice therapy to adjust the voice? Taking birth control pills and metformin for PCOS. Irregular periods. Movement in stomach. Pregnant? Strange metallic, rotting odor in nose, headaches. Ate raw celery, broccoli, carrots. Any relation ? Hard red and heated sore lumps in arm after injecting ritalin tablets, appears when 3mil barrels are used. Treatment ? 3 year old prescribed with ammoxill for throat infection. No fever or cough. Could this be a tooth sore? Child had fibril convulsions. Treated with Valperin and Jr. Lenzol. Need permanent cure? Change in menstruation. What are the causes? Trying for conception. Had a miscarriage due to weak fertilization. Any advice? Bedridden after having blood clot in the mid brain and CVA. Any permanent cure? Pregnant, itching in nights, rashes and hive like marks on skin. Had antibiotic for infection. Side effect ? Bumps on legs, appear more when flexed. What is this ? Fungal infection in groin area with bumps, using gentalene plus cream, no help. Treatment ? Lump under the skin of clitoris, rounded and painful, clear liquid discharge. Treatment ? Anemic, fluctuating Hb level. Fever every time iron drops taken. Why ? Irregular periods. Took contraceptive pills, still continues. What to do ? Swollen leg after shower with warm water. Cut leg with saw, stitches on leg. Is it normal ? Diagnosed Achard-Thiers syndrome. Alternate medicine for cure ? On treatment for cystic acne, only getting worse. Dr advises Iret, tronin, saslic facewash. Right medicines ? Irregular heavy periods with more pain, leaking breasts, painful intercourse. Tubes tied after delivery. Reasons ? Developed lump on tongue, cold, gums pain and unable to swallow after quitting tobacco. Cancer ? Inner and outer vaginal surface itches. Some relief after using dermatriad. Permanent cure ? How to avoid doing masturbation and problems it can cause ? Unable to track the periods, on Lutera for over a year. Common effect of the drug ? Lips of vagina is turning purplish. Anything to worry ? Had sex during ovulation period, bright red discharge in toilet. Miscarriage / Implantation bleeding ? Upper left lobe removed due to nodule. Onset of rattling, gurgling. Is it normal? Acne, freckles. Taking Sotret. How to get rid of acne marks, freckles? Undergoing anxiety treatment. Rapid heart palpitation. EKG, Holter monitor, blood, urine tests done. Taking Xanax. Reason? Continuous periods bleeding, cramping pain on lower left. Taking birth control pills. Reason? Less facial hair, thin moustache. Is there any treatment to increase facial hair? Neck pain, taken Mefenamic acid, bump on scalp, weakness and tingling in arms and wrist. Should I be concerned? Having orange urine. Gall stones present. Any other treatment than surgery? Home remedy? Small lumps over the body. Overweight. Is it advisable for women to do chest press? USG showing gestational sac without the fetal pole. History of D& due to absence of heart beat. Need help
Pregnant with vaginal discharge. What is wrong? On medication for hypertension and cholesterol reduction. Hydrocele surgery suggested. Fatigue on light exertion Brown splotch on glans of penis. Worried about it being cancerous Swollen lymph node behind the ear. Inflammation persisting after taking antibiotics. Taking amoxicillin now. Low WBC in blood work Vomiting after eating. Stomach pain on not eating. What is the treatment? Is it normal to have spotting after penile insertion? Pain in lower abdomen. Frequent bowel movements. Not responding to antibiotics. USG-WNL, blood picture N. Advice? Baby having continuous cough, cold. Taking Cheston, T-Minic, Cerzin, Delcon. No relief. Treatment? Continuous periods bleeding, heavy bleeding. What could be the reason? Have PCOD, want to conceive. Follicular study done. What does it indicate? Delayed periods. Pregnancy test done. Possibility of pregnancy? Shorter duration periods, dizziness, light headed, headaches, back pain, swollen tonsil, ringworm on thigh. Reason? Baby has pyogenic granuloma on navel. What treatment should be taken to get relief? Having testicular pain on both testicles, pain radiating to pelvic, lower abdomen, watery sperm. Reason? IBS, distended gall bladder. Fluctuating bowel type, pass foul smelling gas, stomach pain. Ultrasound done. Treatment? Hit on head. Headache, dizziness, pressure on injury site, eye redness. Should I be worried? Have difficulty self-cathing, had cystoscope and dilation, have intermittent UTI. Could I have prostatitis? 5 month old having reddish skin patches. Atopic dermatitis diagnosed. Taking flutivate and fucidin and atorax Boil in the vaginal wall. Advised for herpes and urine test. Prescribed with azithral. Is herpes curable? Numbness and pain in the jaw, difficulty in swallowing and choking on foods. History of bulimia, swollen lymph nodes, acid reflux and dizziness Pregnancy test showed positive. Used MTP kit. No pain and no bleeding. Any other options? 19 year old having tingling in the left arm and fingers. Heart problem? Having irregular periods and heavy bleeding. Scanning showing cyst in the ovary. Took glycomet for a long time. No improvement. What to do? 2 year old having eating problems, underweight. Concerned about not having a balanced diet. Blood test showing anemia Suffering from endometriosis and adenomyosis. Laparoscopy done. Suffering from severe pain. On meftal spas and dyanapar injection Burning sensation and sore throat on swallowing. Painful lump on the neck under the chin. Brownish phlegm present. Advice? Infant with small raised spots on the chest, fever. Blood and urine test normal. Reaction to amoxicillin? Had unprotected sex. Taken emergency contraceptive pills. Urine pregnancy test positive. Pain in the stomach and nausea. Could this be correct? Pain in the chest. Suffering from tachycardia and vitamin deficiency. Advice? Rolling feeling under the rib cage, neck and back. Could it be pinched nerve? Normal ultrasound Taken antibiotics for pneumonia. WBC levels high in blood test. Having pain in the body. Is it normal? 9 year old having bleeding from nose after injury. Has internal swelling. Need immediate care? Frequent urination, pain and burning on urination. Took ciprobid, urispas and citralka. Can I use phytoral ointment? Done laparosopic surgery for ectopic pregnancy. Taken Fertyl during pregnancy. Should I be worried? Dark reddish lines in the eyes with burning. What is the problem?
Painful swollen toe. Blood test showing elevated uric acid levels and gout. History of osteoarthritis on the hip Itchy lower abdomen, stomach area, bruise on right, left lower abdomen, delayed periods. Taking Ortho-novum. Reason? Horizontal divot in right leg above knee, tender, painful. Taken Ibuprofen, muscle relaxer. No relief. Treatment? Hair fall, salty water. How to control hair fall, possibility of hair regrowth? Bites on shoulders, breasts, back of arms, legs, white discharge from vagina. What are these bites? Have gas, prescribed Prilosec for stomach distention. Have burning pain in abdomen. Explain Asthma, heart disease, diabetes, drastic sugar level fluctuation, uncontrolled serum creatinine. Bypass, prostrate surgery done. Treatment? Have enlarged gallbladder, severe pain, nausea. Done Ultrasound. How to get relief? Having hair loss. What treatment, medication should I take to get relief? Done Coronary Angiography. What does the reports indicate? Twisted ankle after a fall. Have a painful swollen bruised knot. Need to be consulted? Pain int the wrist. Painful on bending. On anti inflammatory medications and compression bandage. Chances of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome? Suffering from congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, lowered kidney function and ascites. Paracentesis performed. How long the treatment is needed? Increased levels of LFT. Had blood transfusion. Suffering from uterine carcinoma. Treatment? Callus on the foot got cut. Have discoloration. What to do? Bump on external urethral meatus. What could be the reason? Taking Eutroxid for under active thyroid. Have heartburn. Why? Taking multivitamins Difficulty in breathing, chest discomfort, increased heart rate. Concerned 1 year old having rashes on arms. Could it be food related? Grating noise from the knee on bending, swelling in the knee on exercise. No pain. Have high triglycerides and on gout treatment Severe stomach ache, nausea, start shaking late in the evening. Any ideas ? Feel bloated, cramps, pregnancy symptoms, woke up normal. Had a miscarriage. Worried ? Weight gain, pigmentation in full face. Took akt3 and akt4, asked to continue for 6 months. Advice ? Cat scratched the white part of eye next to cornea, flap of skin that irritate. On Omnipred drops. What is the flap? White discharge and blood after sex, lump near the clitoris that hurts. STD tests negative. What's wrong ? Depression, feel tired and mentally weak, itchiness and aching in head due to benzhexol. Took amlodipine, fluanxol also. Side effects ? Does Mild MVP with MR Grade 1 seen during 2D Eco mean any heart problem ? Rash on the bottom of butt cheek, starting to spread into crack. Was in a hot place and very sweaty. Allergy / infection ? Cough, diagnosed TB positive, on medication. Severe headaches. Reasons ? Swollen and red toe, taken antibiotics, x-ray shows re-fracture of big toe. Should I redress it? Having chest pains. What could be the reason, relief treatment? Difficulty in eating, drinking, reddish gums. Taking Warfarin. How to get relief? Having periodic fever, appetite loss, difficulty swallowing. MP, typhoid, chest infection tests done. Treatment? Continuous pain in the centre of both palms and feet. Taken Penidure LA 24 for 8 yrs. Should start Penicllin injection again ? Unable to sneeze, runny nose, left head pain, left eye twitching, shortness of breath. MRI done. Treatment? Queasy stomach, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, bloating. Do I need immediate medical attention? Continuous vomiting, weakness, unable to eat. What could be the reason? Delayed periods, back pain, stomach pain, leg pain. Pregnancy test taken. What could be the reason? Diagnosed with PCOD. Follicular study done. Taking medication. What is the probability of getting pregnant? Diabetic, sugar levels not under control inspite of a good diet. Can I ask a doctor to check on the medicine advised ? POP for spiral fracture 5th metatarsal, partial weight bearing, pain tolerable. Hypertensive, diabetic. Is non weight bearing absolute ? PCOS, on contraceptives. Feel bloated, sharp pains under left rib, IBS. Causes ? CT and ultrasound show Complex ovarian cyst on left side. Is surgery the only option ? Heart skips a beat, 17 weeks pregnant. EKG, echo normal. Reasons ? Trying to conceive, Dr advised IUI. AMH level low. Does it mean infertility? Had 1 Lettz & 2 cone procedures, transformational cerclage put into 2 months ago, pre pregnancy, advised HSG. Is this through ? Suffering from skin problem after taking medicine to increase sperms. Suggestions ? Dull pain around ear and temples, jaws are stiff. CT suggests chronic mastoiditis. Middle ear had burst, grommet inserted. Mastoidectomy ? Body aches, tender breasts, delayed periods after unsafe sex. Home tests were negative and positive in morning. Advice? Small lump on areola and lower stomach. Diagnosed with a meningioma on optic nerve. Which doctor to see. ? 22 weeks pregnant, advised to take Susten since 17th week. Does it have any side effect ? Redness, itchiness in the area between leg and scrotum. Is it an infection, caused by sweat? Bipolar disorder. Taking allopathic medicine. Chances of getting treated by using alternate medication like ayurveda? Painful hard knot in thigh-pubic crease, itchy, liquid filled rash on scrotum, penis base. Treatment? Severe pain in back, hip, left shoulder, left arm. Had lower 5 dissection, gastric bypass. Reason for pain? Diabetic. Underwent abortion. Prescribed with Novomix 30 penfill injection, Glycomet, Polybion CZS. Purpose, dosage of medicines? Ear pain, bump in throat, difficulty in swallowing, neck pain. Reason? IBS, appearance of red blotch on upper arms, hot to touch. How to diagnose food intolerance? Pain in calf muscle while walking, chronic back pain, smoker. Taking Oxycontin, Panadeine Forte. Reason? Black scars on body after lichen planus treatment. How to get rid of the scars? Liquid discharge from site of tooth extraction, diarrhoea. Taking pain killers, antibiotics. How to get relief? Inability to conceive. Recommended to do sonosalpingography. What is this test? Is expressed milk, formula milk recommended for baby, instead of breastfeeding on rare occasions? Painful, swollen shin after being hurt, swollen, dark bruise in ankle. Reason, treatment? Severe groin pain, left testicle throbs. CT, MRI normal. Had cortisone shots. Any ideas ? Sun burn, swollen forehead, bridge of nose. Taken Ibuprofen, Benadryl. No relief. Treatment? Dark brown spotting. What could be the reason? Pain in right ear,swollen right eye, head hurts, cannot chew on right side. Reasons? Pregnant. Pain in right side of abdomen. Is there any possibility of ectopic pregnancy? Diagnosed of having PCOs. FSH, blood test done. Why am I not able to conceive? Done clinical pathology. What does the results indicate? Delayed periods, unsure of pregnancy. Medication to control pregnancy? Have melasma. Used lactic acid chemical peel. Do not want to use it long term. Recommendation? Irregular periods, masturbation, red mucus from vagina. Causes and treatment? Enlarged bladder, pressure, unable to empty bladder completely, bloating. Causes? Short menstrual cycles, hypothyroid, muscular pains. Can I conceive again? Severe headaches, pain in head, right eye, sore scalp, hair loss. Cause of concern? Smoker, overweight, on BP medicines, left carotid stenting. Doppler show still open. Tired, anxiety, chest pain. Depression ? Stomach distention, bloating, pain, hair fall, red spots on face. Diagnosed of stomach ulcer. Taken Lanzoprazole. Treatment? Jaundice, less fluid in stomach. Taking encorate chrono. EEG is normal. Medication to be continued? Have yellow blister on tongue. Painful. Prescribed Gupisone. Is it safe? Is there any side-effect of Deviry on the fetus? Suffering from bronchitis allergy. Wheezing issues. Will homeopathy help? Went to sleep after smoking. Why high BP? Head heavy, why? Pain in limbs and groin. X-ray shsws light osteophytes and suggests lumbar spondylosis. Painkillers sufficient? Suffering from hypertension and water retention. Stop dytide? Take natrilix? Why is my soft palate dark red? Why is tonsil large? Had birth Control Implanon removed. Had sex, unsafe. No period. Meaning? Chronic asthmatic, have extensive polypoidal sinus mucosal disease. Explain Suffering from migraines. Have had visual aura. Why is arm and leg weak? Suffer from PCOS, irregular period. Why hasn't it started? Why does abdomen pain? Why tired more often? Pimples on neckline and chest. Why are they recurring? Elisa came positive. Hepatitis B positive. What do the SGPT and SGOT results tell now? Difficulty in swallowing after the removal of wisdom teeth, pressure on the face, can not open the jaw. What to do? Whooshing sound in ears. Elevated blood pressure. Increased heart rate. Causes? Sex after period and took pill. What are the chances of pregnancy? Does type 1 radial fracture require surgery? Discomfort in elbow and arm. Heal with braces? Ingrown hair. Can I have sex? Unprotected sex. Taking microgynon. ECP taken after 36 hours. Pregnancy chances? Trying to conceive. Failed. Ultrasound detected ovulatory cycle. Further? Diagnosed with ulcer. Took Omeprazole. Helped. Is it okay to continue? Tender lump under skin of anus, no bleeding, pus, unable to touch it, sit or walk. Treatment? Throbbing pain in chest, shooting pain in pelvic area, behind head. Treatment? On duphaston for cysts and ovaries. Had unsafe sex. Are my pregnancy chances increased? Tiny itchy bumps spread on the hands. Could this be dyshidrotic eczema. Swelling in the lips with a blister. What are these? Dry lips. Ultrasound scan shows fatty, enlarged liver. Diet recommendations? Stomach pain, loose motion, vomiting. Taking Zonacin, Meftal, Mucaine gel, Ondem syrup. Stomach infection, recovery time? Lower back pain. MRI shows cervical spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis and bulging disc. Should I be alarmed? Have night sweat, hard lymph node on neck. Painless. Advice? Have dizziness and drowsiness after taking Olanzapine and Escitalopram for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. What should I do? Am diabetic. Have high cholesterol and BP and hypothyroidism. Done blood test. Help Displaced fracture of tibia from an accident. Installed nail through the bone. Cracking sound in the knee. Is this normal? High levels of sugar, uric acid in blood test. Suggested to take telsartan, glycomet. Having back pain and chest pressure after medication. Side effects? Pregnant, water infection, back pain. Normal water test, high WBC. Treatment? Can see parasite in limbs and eyes when soaked in epson and baking soda. Is it a hook? 3 year old having frequent cold and cough with wheezing. Prescribed with omnacortil and salbutamol. Is the dosage high for a child? Protected sex where condom failed. Had pill. Will I conceive? Nausea, no periods, unprotected sex. On birth control, seven day break. Pregnant? Trying to conceive. Taking Levaxin for thyroid problem. On pregotime after blood tests. Prolonged periods. Reason? Pain in jaw, swollen gums, popping sensation, bleeding from gums. Treatment? Pain in ears after fall. Using hyland. Why is it increasing again? High TSH earlier. Will it affect breast feeding now? Should I stop thyronorm? Scar on the nose after an accident. Suggested clearz max and CO2 laser treatment. Advice? Taken prednisone for poison ivy. Feeling head pressure and excessive thirst. Medication side effect? Pain in the toe nail. No swelling or redness. Infection? Took laser treatments for pimples. Painful acne on neck. Using cetaphil lotion. Advice on reducing the acne occurrence Diabetic on insulin. Diagnosed with underactive thyroid. Increased thyroxin dosage. Will it help? Knee of both legs in pain. For lumbar and neck pain. Help? Have a cronic back. Extreme pain. Now on subaxone. Have methadone. Help? Have prolapsed uterus, a cystocele and a slight rectocele. Recommended sacrocolpopexy with mesh. Safest surgery? Swollen vagina, irritated after sex regularly. Why did I spot blood? High BP. Taking medication. Shall I proceed with nabistar? Miscarriage, brown discharge from vagina. Taken cytotec, bleeding continues. Treatment? Frenulum vein attached to penis. Will it tear during vaginal sex? Sonography shows bulky and long uterus. No periods. Suggestions? Bitten by dog that has current rabies. Taken tetanus shot and antibiotics. Will I be ok? Upset stomach, loose motion, vomiting, appetite loss. Taken Vominorm, Ofloxacin Ornidazole, Mefenamic acid, Dicyclomine hydrochloride. Treatment? Itchiness inside vagina. History of yeast infection. What could be the reason? Stomach pain during urination. Done USG. Recommended FNAC. What is FNAC, indication of test report, treatment? Chronic toothache, redness in ears. Teeth X-ray done. Is redness in ear related to the toothache? Minor chest, rib cage pain. EKG, X-ray, brain scan, blood test done. Muscular skeletal pain, anxiety? Urge to urinate frequently after stopping to masturbate. What could be the reason? Back pain and MR scan finds lumbar spondylosis. Help? Operated for ovarian cyst. Ovaries are normal. Had miscarriage. Why? Can I conceive? High uric acid levels. Taking medicines for GOUT. Why was uric acid level high? Pain medicine can effect menstrual cycle? Why do I have dark brown discharge? Neck pain and lightheadedness followed by tingling in jaw and ear area. Help? Trying for a baby. Suggest herbal pills for sperm if required based on reports Upper GI pain. Barium test had showed peptic ulcer. Is that it? Difficulty in conceiving. Can Ferrous ascorbate, zinc sulphate, folic acid tablets increase the chances of conception? Diabetic. Taking Gluconorm G3. What type of exercise equipment can be used to control sugar levels? Baby having atopic eczema. Prescribed with Clarithromycin suspension. Can this medicine treat the eczema? Pain in left wrist, redness on underside of wrist. Treatment? Sound from mouth or chest when stretching, popping throat. Should I be worried? Rash after getting tattoo done, no itching, have bumps. Is cortisone ok? Bleeding during intercourse, cramps. What is the problem? Swollen meatus, painful, tear between meatus and frenulum, cannot masturbate. What shall I do? Back pain, no periods, stomach pain, acne. Treatment? Lump or wart near anus, no itchiness, not had sex. Is it a hemorrhoid? Have stents after myocardial infarction, taking Plavix. How am I doing? Fibromyalgia. Brain shock, hot body, cold head, hands, feet, tiredness. What could be the reason? Osteoarthritis in hands, spine, neck, painful hands, feet. Taken Glucosamine, Chondroitin. No relief. Is instaflex recommended? Baby having watery green stool with white specks. Possibility of digestion problem due to formula milk? Have intermittent PVCs and PACs, taking Toprol. Family history of ventricular fibrillation Scheduled for surgery for removal in colon area, using bag to urinate. What is involved? Hurting throat, sensation of something stuck in throat, yawn under chin. What could be the reason? Pain, stiffness, swelling in hands, wrists, arms, legs, feet, lower back, Possibility of arthritis? Trouble with memory, part memory of incidents, unable to remember spelling. What treatment should I take? Regular muscle spasms in right arm, painful, discomfort. What could be the reason, treatment? Copper coil fitted in, heavy bleeding, bright discharge, blood clots, missed periods. Normal symptoms? Diabetic, vomiting, gagging on a regular basis, non verbal. Treatment? X-ray normal after shoulder injury, bump over collarbone, now AC ligament separation found. Surgery? On birth control pills. Have brownish discharge. Urine checked for infections. Normal. What could be wrong? Frequent masturbation, reduced sperm amount. How to increase sperm and sperm count? Pregnancy ultra sonography showing a slow growing sac. On FOL, Ecosprin and Susten. Are these safe for the baby? Itching arms, spots on neck and back. Family history of malignant melanoma Problem with catheterization, have pre-renal failure, had bilateral stroke. What is going on? MRI shows herniated disc, bulges in cervical area, spinal stenosis, painful. Can this wait? Suffering from swollen throat, enlarged tonsils with white spots and fatigue. Tested negative for strep and mono. What treatment to be given? Having severe lower abdominal pain during ovulation after getting sterilization done. Had barium edema. Any complications? Clear anal discharge. Normal colonoscopy report. Have mild hemorrhoids. Due to this? Pain in the wrist, shoulder and knee joints. Painful to stand. Any suggestions? Popped neck, stiff neck and pain, looks swollen. What can I do to make it better? Spot on nose that scales, bleeding, negative biopsy. History of basal cell carcinoma on nose Can monistat be used on the rectum for a yeast infection? Vomiting on eating. pain in stomach when not eating, reddish gums with bleeding Pain in the abdomen and hip. Blood in urine. Kidney stone found. Suggested to see a gastroenterologist. Why? Severe hair loss problem, swollen clots on upper lids. Took Fesovit Z. Alternate medicine ? Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, vertigo and balance disorder. MRI said chronic microvascular ischemia. Suggestions ? Hospitalized with gallstones, jaundice in eyes, raised creatinine, low EGFR. Is kidney function normal ? Large bleed and pain following a termination. Knees and finger swollen, feels warm. Is this normal ? Back ache right in the middle, tenderness in stomach, sore ribs. 20 weeks post delivery, struggle to breast feed. Any ideas ? Have hemochromatosis, done blood test. Recommendation? Have nosebleeds on left nostril. What can I do? Laceration in leg, swelling in ankle, uncomfortable to sleep. Hematoma or serious? White spots on penis, dry skin, no pain or itching. What is it? Broken neck in accident, neck pain, x-ray shows fused bone in spine. Want second opinion Have nausea, constant urination, negative pregnancy test. Should I wait for positive test? Gushing sensation in chest, tightness in chest, have mitral valve prolapse. Should I be worried? Grey spots on thigh, no pain. What could it be? Discoloration on stomach, abdominal pains, light bruise Lump underneath armpit, smelling, whitish-brown pus, hair discharge. What is this? Slight sharp pain in left upper arm. Hairdresser, broke right wrist, using left hand. Muscular pain ? Can I get pregnant while taking decapetyl since 2 years ? Itchy bumps on inner thighs, knee and on butt. Have HPV, had sex that night. Are these mosquito bites ? Neck pain, frequent head aches, pain in arms and shoulders. MRI says Disc dehydration with spinal cord indentation. Anything serious ? Elevated liver levels due to excessive alcohol. Indicative of permanant liver damage ? Breathlessness, dizzy, raised heart beat with shaky hands for 62 yr old after walk. What happened ? Having fever, muscle ache, headaches, diarrhea with fishy smell. Causes ? Pins and needles sensation in legs and arms for 5 yr old. Reasons ? Smoking marijuana to help pain, agitation, fatigue, stress from a painful anal abscess. Fistulotomy in 13 days. Any problems ? Pain in the joints, knees swell during hot weather, difficult to get up. Causes ? Have RSD. Become tired after eating, need to sleep. Need help Is my HCG level normal? Am pregnant, dizzy, have burning in lower back, cramps, anemia Had protected sex, have groin pain and flu-like symptoms. Is infection possible? Cannot move mouth or body, hand becomes claw-shaped after drinking alcohol. Worried Infected bruises on back, bleeding, taken antibiotics, hurts to put pressure Central zone of prostrate shows heterogeneous echo texture and corpora amylacca. What does it mean? Sores on arms, itching. What could they be? Done blood test, back x-ray shows atherosclerotic calcification, history of high cholesterol, family history of heart disease Feet slipping, lower back pain, left side sore, applied ice Chest tightening, pain, full of mucus, using nebulizer with albuterol sulfate Slight bleeding, trying to conceive. Implantation bleeding ? Pain on the left side of womb after d&c due to heart beat loss. Anything wrong ? Lessened sperm count after varicoccele operation. Taking Vite+3. Advice ? Red-brownish spots that doesn't go and spreads. Tried deworming, cortisone, but more on legs, stomach. Cure ? Blurred vision, tried, dizzy. Suffering from sore throat and fever. Cure ? Hard hit on the head, some dizziness and blurred immediately, headaches, bump with a dent in the middle. Should I see Dr. ? Type 1 insulin dependent and starting to drink. Best and safest procedure to drink Numbness along chin line. MRI found 4 white masses, one large. Concerned ? Suffering from vertigo, loose stools, dizziness. Are these allergy symptoms? Have migraine, eczema, itchy and sore eyes, limb pain. Help Distended abdomen, exercise regularly, good diet, no help. Advice? Vaginal bleeding between periods. History of vaginitis, drinker. Reasons for excessive bleeding ? Having frequent migraines, dizziness and buzzing sound in the ear. Vomited bile. What could be the problem? Swollen painful penis with pus discharge. Tested negative for gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV. Other chances? Abdominal pain after I drank heavily, small lump in the stomach area. Any ideas ? Several bloodclots in left upper arm. Been on blood thinner, took me off warfrian. Reasons ? Had an abortion and was on primolut. Got periods, had sex during this time, having upset stomach, heartburn. Pregnant ? Does an ultrasound in 21st week reveal if it is twins and will they inform me ? O-ve blood group, low Hb, urine infection, 7 month pregnant. Any problems for pregnancy ? Difficulty in passing motions, visible bulge on upper left side of abdomen, suppository the only way. Any ideas ? Nausea, excess salivation, frequent urination, pains that radiate from legs to pelvis, facial hairs. Tubes clamped. Reasons ? On birth control pills, had unprotected sex, delayed periods, sticky and brown discharge. Chances of pregnancy? Ruptured eardrum after travelling over the mountains, bleeding, pain, vertigo and vomiting. What is the immediate care? Itching and white discharge in the vagina. What is the treatment? Scalp biopsy showing androgenetic alopecia. Severe hair loss. How to grow the hair back? Pregnancy test positive. Nausea, breast tenderness, abdominal cramps. Severe bleeding with cramping. Still pregnant? Swollen feet, sudden weight gain and migraines. Pregnancy test negative. Had a miscarriage Pain below the rib cage on breathing and touching. No injuries. What are the causes? Having heart burn, vomiting. Had unprotected sex. Could I be pregnant? Child sweating, no temperature, right eye bad, not responsive, eating difficulty. What could be the problem? Suffering from small cell lung cancer. Dehydrated, low electrolyte and potassium levels. On oxygen.What is the survival chances? Lump in the hand and wrist, above knee caps and on abdomen. Fat deposition? Nauseous, fever, get sweaty and then cold post colonoscopy. Should I be worried ? Hot flushes, nausea, weakness, headaches. Have RA, PCOS, insulin resistant. Is this full blown diabetes ? Diarrhea, little brown discharge after stopping birth control. Is this due to stopping birth control ? 17 year old son had 2 episodes of spontaneous pneumo-thorax (20% collapse). Surgery advisable ? Left side of head hurts to touch, burning sensation, bald patches on the lower back part. On depakote for migraines. Side effects ? Hurt from left shoulder to left hand, forearm sore due to shock on direct current panel. Treatment ? High fever with shivering. Can I ask a doctor to advice treatment on basis of CUE results ? Internal pain, burnings in my upper and lower limbs, had liver transplant a year ago. Is this normal ? Vaginal dryness, loss of period, liver damage. Addicted to painkillers like Vicodin, Percocet. Reasons ? Swollen tongue. Pierced 2 yrs ago, allergic to silver, silver ball on the underside, no pus. Medicine ? Severe muscle spasms in shoulder and spine. Tried morphine and fentanyl. Could it be related to SLE or disc degeneration? Milky discharge from nipple. Pregnancy test negative. Could I be pregnant? On Logyon contraceptive pill. Missed a pill. When to take the next dose? Feeling pressure in the head, excessive seating. Normal CT scan result. Normal blood pressure and sugar levels Having chest pain after taking alcohol. Is this heart related? Have noise in ears, insomnia, stiff neck, abdominal pain. MRI shows pineal cyst. Removed ovaries. Lyme's disease? 29 year old talking irrelevant things, memory loss. Taking oxcarbazepine, fluxetine, trifluperazine and olanzapine. What are these medicines for? Torn ligaments in the back after lifting heavy objects. Pain in the lower back and burning in legs. Are these related? Suffering from excessive urination. RBC in urine test. On medication for overactive bladder. Taking omeprazole for IBS. Reduced ejaculation On topax, balfen and cambia for severe headache. Pain in the neck and spine. MRI normal. Need help Pain in the lower back after ice tubing injury. x-ray showing a minor crack. Normal MRI. Any treatment needed? Sudden onset of chills and shivering. No pain or no nausea. What can be done? Inflamed incisive papilla. Suffer from swollen joints, hips and knees. Have lupus like rash on the face. Tested negative for lupus. Other reasons? Developed skin rashes as an allergic reaction to amoxicillin. On steroids. Having itchy palms. Related to the allergy? Suffering from bone cancer. Affected the skull, brain, arms, legs and ribs. Broken bone in arm. Vomiting in black color. Anything can be done? Cannot move the wrist, hurt while falling from stairs. Broken or sprained ? Strange biting and needle-like feeling in and around her anus, vaginal yeast infection getting worse. Reasons ? Throwing up along with loose motions. Took lomotil, domstal. Possible infection. Can Sporolac help ? Missed Sprintec for a week and started again. Had unprotected sex, spotting, heavy bleeding. Pregnant ? Random stomach ache when laying or sitting down. Reasons ? Fluid build up everywhere under skin, itching. Luke-warm showers help. Is it dry skin problem ? Pain in left knee, cracking sounds and burning, pain in left hip also. Reasons ? 2" incision in epigastric region due to enlarged gall bladder in laparoscopic cholecystecomy 3 weeks ago. Can I swim ? Severe indigestion with pressure around the collor bone, back pain. Took Bio 101 test, on supplements. Whats this ? Felt dizzy, pupils got big, headaches after a fowl ball hit in face. Had previous major concussion. Is this a minor one ? Light period than usual, sore abdomen, urge to urinate frequently. Possible pregnancy ? Taking risdone from two year. Side effects of the medicine ? Diagnosed respiratory infection, on Z pack. Still congested, cough with green phlegm, inflamed lymphnodes, red patch of itchy dots on roof of mouth. Reasons ? Lump at the left side of throat, flares up occasionally. On thyroid pills, have acid reflux, back pain. Any ideas ? How is it possible to have fluid in the middle ear with a long term tube in place ? Rash on chest and shoulders, prescribed Cetirizine Hydrochloride, but no help. Allergic reaction ? Hurting lower belly, cloudy urine with white powder. UTI ? Vomiting due to foul smell in mouth. Had full reconstructive nasal surgery. How to get rid of this ? Severe stomach pains, Dr said she could die if kidney infection enters bloodstream. What's happening ? Severe knee pain, pain on straightening the leg. What to do? Suffering from disseminated tuberculosis with cold abscess in hip. Prescribed with Rcin, ethambutol and pyramide. Having stomach pain. Proper medication? Severe back pain, abdominal pain and fatigue. What is the reason? Discomfort in upper arm radiating to lower arm. Pinched nerve? Tingling sensation on fingers and palm. Cure? Took emergency pill after unprotected sex. Delayed periods. Could I be pregnant? 16 year old having chest pain, pressure in the chest, breathing difficulty and abdominal pain. Did ultrasound and blood test for celiac disease. Advice? Swollen calf, lumpy veins. Exposed to severe cold weather. Should I be concerned about a clot? Child having continuous cough with vomiting. No fever. Medication? Stopped taking Microgynon pills. Having prolonged periods, reduced menstruation circle. HSG test report showing normal. What is wrong? Having palpitations and headache. History of Afib and had ablation. Should I be worried? Having symptoms of depression, crying spells, anxiety. Taking betacap TR. Tremor in hands upon stopping the medication Can I use norethindrone tablets as emergency contraceptive pill? Had unprotected sex. Alternate medication? 36 year old having chest pain. Trop T negative and TMT normal. Elevated uric acid in lipid profile test. Pain due to this? Missed taking nordette pill. Have spotting. Is this normal periods? Pregnancy chances? What is the natural remedy for diabetes? Prescribed with reclemate. Can the dosage be reduced in future? Pregnancy ultrasound scan not detecting the fetus. Trans vaginal scan showing gestational sac and yolk sac, low heart rate. What is the survival chance of the baby? Infant having stomach ache, loose stools. Symptoms persisting despite medication. What is the recovery period? Extradural haematoma in right temporal fossa, subdural haematoma in right fronto parietal region, perifocal oedoma in left temporal region after head injury, taking medicines, drowsiness. Normal? Suffering from pain in the upper abdomen, blood in stool. Having regular exercise. Reason? Whitish vaginal discharge. Taking modus, candid gel, fesobyc and tryptons. What to do? Non-itchy white ring like patches spreading over the body. Darker skin inside the rings. What are these? Suffering from osteoarthritis. Managing with exercises and medication. Severe pain in the knee after walking and standing. Do I have to go for knee replacement? Irregular periods with reduced bleeding, tender breasts. Is this menopause? On birth control Severe lower abdominal pain. History of infection after cesarean delivery Not able to stand for a long time due to trembling of body. Elevated heart rate. Taking beta blockers. Need to consult a cardiologist or neurologist? Suffering from epididymo orchitis. Used cefipower, ultracet and calford. On Taxim injection. Pain in the testis, back pain and fever. How long will it take to cure? 90 year old developed shaking of mouth and lips suddenly. No other health problems. Advice? Child suffering from fever, cold, cough, sneezing, vomiting and loose stools. Fever high despite taking crocin. Further medication? Rashes near testicles and legs. Prescribed with keflex cap and advantan. Any side effects? 15 year old having blood clots during periods. Is this normal? Growing painful lump on the clitoris. Advice? Raised itchy skin colored bumps in the hip area spreading to breasts, armpits and underarm. What are these? Suffering from constipation. Using Isabgol. Not available in market. Alternate medication? Prolonged bleeding. Report saying left adnexa showing large tubular cystic lesion with internal septa. Advised with placentrex injection. Any alternate medication? Not able to get a proper erection. Using USN hyperbolic mass. Could it be due to that? Clear discharge from belly button. Should I be concerned? Itchy skin during periods. No STD. Treatment? Lower abdominal cramps and back pain during periods. Taking meftal spas. Have PCOS. Feeling drowsy. Remedy? Oily scalp with itching and dandruff. Need medication Swollen reddish sore on the chin. Having sore throat, swollen glands and fever. What could this be? Pain in the neck. Have sinusitis. Are these related? Does not respond to antihistamines and azithral. Advice? Herpes symptoms after sexual contact. Is it sexually transmitted? Urge for frequent urination, dripping after urination. What is the reason? Presence of air in the chest. Had perforations in intestines due to rabies injections in childhood. Allergy to wheat and milk. Need cure Took medications for yeast infection. Delayed periods. Pregnancy test negative. What is the problem? Took antibiotics for tonsillitis. Developed yellow coating and raised reddish bumps on tongue. What to do? Lump below the knees. Have tibial tubrela enthesitis. Having pain on playing. Permanent solution? Prolonged menstruation. Ultrasound report showing small follicles in ovaries. Is this PCOS? Taking cycloreg and tremaxonomic acid. Recurrence on stopping medication Delayed maturity, ultrasound shows small uterus, hormones normal. Suggestions? 20 year old having back and muscle pain. Growing pains? Family history of Lupus. Should I be concerned? Having pimples on the face. Can you suggest a good face wash? Pain in the rib cage, shoulder and chest, shortness of breath. Causes? Having bloating excessive burping. Taking sibofix and probiotic. Can I use this for long term? White patches on the face. Is this due to vitamin deficiency or diet related? Heavy painful bleeding. Treated with thermal balloon in the past. Suggested hysterectomy. Going on vacation. Any medications to stop the periods? Need diet advice to put on weight. Underweight with weakness. No illness Swollen joints due to osteoarthritis. Prescribed with ultracet, jublin, ostospray. Still having swelling Infant having high fever. Gave paracetamol and neurofen. Gave meftal on empty stomach accidentally. What to do? Severe stomach pain with diarrhea. Have gastric problems. Need diet advice Irregular light periods, nausea after eating, lower back pain, dizziness. Pregnancy test negative. Help? Need help in reading the pregnancy scan report. Result showing single live intrauterine pregnancy in cephalic presentation, normohydraminos Will soya milk cause weight loss? Trying to gain weight. Any side effects for endura mass? Feeling tired, dark circles under the eyes. Any suggestions? Dark and sticky lips. Lips became darker after a lip infection. Permanent cure ? Affected by gardnerella, spotting, burning during urination. Is this bacterial vaginosis? Cure? Pain in left calf area, varicose vain explosion, legs swelled. Clear ultrasound. Another lump an inch away, should be worried? Fat legs, red ulcers, severe pain, high temperatures, sensitivity. Please guide. Cold, cough, bronchitis. Went through nubilization, had respinil syrup. Is this good medication or can it lead to asthma? Atrial fibrillation, breathing problem, peripheral veritigo and diabetic. Had mitral valve regurgitation on pills. Will doxolin help ? Pain on the left side of chest, just behind left breast. ECG came normal. Reasons ? Dark circles around the eyes. Applied Lebolite, irritation and redness. Why ? PCOD, taking T.Obimet for typhoid, irregular periods. How to overcome these problems ? Pain in upper right abdomen, pain under breast bone area, Dr says Tietze syndrome. Endometriosis ? Pain in lower abdominal area tranversely across, slimmy discharge from rectum. Tried south-beach diet. Any ideas ? PCOS, no periods since a year. Ejaculated on face, run down to vagina. Chances of pregnancy ? Sore pimples all over the body, making scars. History of herpes Zoster on nose. Advise ? On 20-24 spasmocip plus capsules since 4 years. Lost weight, feel weak after stopping. How to regain weight ? Red inflammatory marks on cheeks, swelling under eye area. Used face cleansing treatment to remove black heads. Side effect ? 2 yr old suffering from cough and cold with fever. Chest X-ray says mild bilateral broncovescular periphiral congestion. What is it ? Vomit regularly, pain on sides one or both. Hot bath helps relax. Suggestions ? Sore throat, heavy chest, difficulty in breathing. Treatment ? White dry skin forms and peels from penis head after intercourse. Reasons ? Fluttering in ear, blood stains in the ear bud. Listening to songs on ear phone. Should be concerned ? 12 year old diagnosed with ADD and rheumatoid arthritis. Taking Vyvanse. Is the medication safe? Infection of the stitches after cesarean childbirth. Opened up the stitches to remove the pus. Is it safe to open the wounds and heal of its own? White patches,dry, itchy on whole body after tanning, history of eczema. What could this be? Twins suffering from cold, cough, sneezing, watery, swollen eyes, too antibiotics, recurring sneezing. Cause? Small child, high fever, shivering, cold hands, feet. Taken ibuprofen, tylenol. Treatment? Hiccups in short intervals, heart palpitations, confusion after smoking, eating. Treatment? Pregnant. Taking folic acid, optogest, white discharge. Normal pregnancy symptoms? Spikes in BP, erectile dysfunction, diabetes. Taking trigulin. Can I take viagra? Non malignant lump in the non glandular region. MRI and FNAC done. Inflammation swelling on the chin. Had a dental implant in the past Loss of appetite, chest pain, breathless, weight loss, dizziness. Causes for symptoms? Trying to conceive. Was taking acutret medication. Will this medication cause birth defects? 58 year old having acne and itching on the body. Undergoing psychiatric treatment. Advice? Taken emergency contraceptive pill after ejaculation. Had withdrawal bleeding. Have clear vaginal discharge. Pregnant? Am very hairy. Hormonal problem or skin sensitive to testosterone? Want to increase height. Want to know the ingredients for Ayurvedic urea Having frequent eye cysts on the eye lids. Is there a permanent cure? Using Blephamide Took misoprost for termination of pregnancy. Have bleeding. Having acidity problems. Need help Had bilateral spontaneous pneumathorax, had pig tai; chest tubes inserted. Can I roller coaster? Had chest x ray that showed vascularity in the right lung. Have bilatreal kidneys. Help? Neurotin and Lyrica daily for Neuropathy in feet. Why is my anger always flaring? Cyanosis, ear pain, headache, throat pain. Treatment options? Feeling breathless, thudding in the chest. On BP medication. Family history of heart diseases and strokes 6 year old having typhoid symptoms. Taking Cefixime and Azithromycin. What is the recovery period? Diet advice? On birth control pills. Never missed a pill. Delayed periods. Chances of pregnancy? Pain in the abdomen and back, non healing sores on the body. Do I have Chron's disease? Reddish rash like marks spreading on the cheeks. Allergy? Have angiomyolipoma on the kidney. Having pain in the kidney and leg with nausea. History of benign tumors and auto immune diseases Having stomach ache, loss of appetite, frequent bowel movements. Took Tempra forte. Stomach pain not reduced. Causes? Depression, bipolar disorder. Taking wellbutrin, abilify. Can these medicines cause delayed periods? Male pattern baldness on forehead. Can trigaine help? Landed on back. Pelvis and hip hurt. Home remedy? Irregular heartbeat, sweaty palms, shaking uncontrollably, heart racing. Treatment? Why am I so possessive about my girlfriend? Abdominal pain after eating, shooting pain in stomach, headache, neck pain. Treatment options? Swollen breasts, tenderness, frequent stools, little bleeding. Pregnant? Child has red, sore bottom, skin around anus. Not sleeping, no BMs. Will Fucidin help? Inguinal hernia, open surgery with mesh, problems with erection. Problem? Any kitogenic doctors in chennai? Senstive skin, itching, rash and a red mark. How to get rid of the mark? Had sex with protection, took unwanted-72 within 1 and half day, thick bleeding, lots of pain, no menstruation. Is this due to pregnancy? Lump beneath the skin on the shin below the knee and beneath left nipple, movable and painless. How to determine if these are harmless cysts? Blood pressure, diabetes. Prescribed Losar, Lepicure,Triglimi,arbophage. Second opinion? Brown discharge, no pains, cramping, backache. Is it common to have brownish discharge during second trimester of pregnancy? Eating issues. Why do I pass out during period? Why do eyes and mouth start drying? ... Have impaired diabetes. Regular diet, losing muscles and weakness. Meaning? Undergoing infertility treatment. Done HSG, IUI. Who can interpret laproscopy? TSH reading and anti TPO antibody results mean what? What should I do? Have dark red patch like a bruise under tongue. What is it? Isolated tiny red spots on foot. Why are they spreading? Pregnant, first time. Is spotting in red normal? Took doxycycline. Having burning in stomach, chest pain, throat congestion and difficulty in breathing. Are these side effects? Painful itchy pimples on the body which bleeds. What are these? 1 year old having painful lump on the pelvis. Need immediate medical attention? Had protected sex after medical abortion. Having bleeding with stomach pain. On marvelon. Pregnancy test positive Had bladder sling surgery. Had the sling cut through urethra. Wore catheter. What can explain groin pain? Severe bleeding with abdominal cramps on stopping the birth control pills. Why? Chest x-ray showing densities on the upper lobe. Never had PTB. No cough. Prescribed with antibiotics. Any advice? Infant having fever. Given calpol and meftal. What is the dosage of Ibugesic plus for a one year old? Ultrasound shows single foetus with head to the left side, placenta fundal, posterior, no anomalies, normal flow to cerebral artery. Normal? Tubes in ears, bleeding, yellow clear fluid, no fever. Treatment for infection? Small child, suffering from dysentery, semi solid stools. Prescribed zanocin syrup, zedott. Treatment? Rash in groin area, itchy, inflamed, small bumps, upper back itchiness. Treatment? High BP, blood rushing to head, headaches. Taking atenolol. Treatment? Bleeding after doctor checked cervix during last week of pregnancy, cramps. Is it labor? Head injury, vomiting bile, dizziness, sleeping, lack of appetite. Treatment? Dark urine color, bladder fullness, swelling, muscle pain in back. Causes? Lung congestion, taking deep breaths, breathing in fur of pet cat. Treatment? Ovulation, white vaginal discharge, unprotected sex, spotting, cramps. Implantation bleeding? Spent time in pig barn, coughing, wheezing, sore throat. H2N3 virus? Recurring boils on labia minora, anus. Herpes test negative. History of bacterial vaginosis. Treatment? Skin darkening on forehead, travelling in the sun. Tried depiwhite cream. Treatment? Temperature with shivers, blocked nose, sore chest, blocked head, took medicines, no relief. Advice? Bump in the vaginal area with pus. What could it be? Opened mouth, loud popping sound near jaw, ringing in left ear, ear congestion. Treatment? Diagnosed with bone tuberculosis. Wants to do weight lifting, light exercises. Can these be done? On microgynon contraceptive pill. Stopped due to cramps. Why am I spotting? Insemination, periods, heavy dark blood clots, severe bloating. Negative pregnancy test. Miscarriage? Lump on left breast. Ultrasound said heterogeneously dense breast tissue seen. Worry? Pain in stomach, moved to right side, tugging feeling, nausea, vomiting on eating. Treatment? 36 weeks pregnant, grade three placenta, smoked during pregnancy. Abortion required? Wanting to reduce weight. Taking homeopathic medicines. Side effects of medication? Sex, pain in left kidney, burning in vaginal area, kidney stones. Treatment? Swollen hair and sores on scalp. Is it due to infected utensils? Need oral medication? Fontanel is not closed yet and appears to be pale. What do the blood reports say? Have had ear ache, headache, sore gums and blocked sinuses. Why? Low immunity? Lose weight. How? Can't starve. Help Brown spotting, cramps, stomach pain, sensitive nipples. History of miscarriages. Causes? Pregnant, skin darkening. Using melacare forte, cannot use during pregnancy. Alternative options? Have painful tooth cavity, uneasiness in jaw, nausea. Should I remove temporary filling? Ankle sprain, lump on ankle bone, increased pain. Treatment? Fever, cold, chills, sore throat, body pain, enlarged lymph nodes. Abnormal blood test. Lymphoma? Tiredness, weakness, dizziness, sad, negative emotions. Tests conclude anxiety. Treatment? Throat pain, taking Nexium, swollen tongue. Help Have depression, cannot live with girlfriend. Help Testicle pain, lump above testicle, prescribed Defin B12. Expert opinion? Abscess drained in mouth, cheek swelling, pain. Normal symptoms? Tool prevera. But period still irregular. Why? Can I have sex after fertomid? Had unprotected sex after removing implant. Why is my nipple area bumps filled? Tummy itchy due to hives. How do we know? Take foclin XR? Dust related asthma issue. What can help? Is Nutrilite Triple Guard Echinacea trust worthy? Nagging cough. Short of breath. Finished TPE. Further? Why would a girl be sick, scared and exhausted? Why does her nose bleed? Small pimples on cheeks. Why do they replant after scratching? Cancer that stopped paining. Have smoked in past. Consequences include? White bumps on labia minora. Why is one side bigger than the other? Yeast infection? Chest pain, GERD, lasts for few days. Taking ibuprofen. Angina or GERD related? Physical fight with pregnant wife, bruises on stomach, wounds. Is our baby safe? Have varicocele, testicular pain. Exercise or home remedy? Loss of balance on yawning, heart palpitations, short episodes of dizziness. Treatment? 4 months pregnant. Taking microgest, montair for allergic itching. Safe to take? Chronic headaches, nausea, muscle pain, fatigue. Blood test, MRI done. Treatment? Have fatigue, stiff joints, clicking in arms and shoulders, back pain, neck pain, breathlessness. Any ideas? Have pain in bladder, lump in anus, colonoscopy found hemorrhoids. Can tumors grow on the outside of organs? Have menorrhagia. Waiting for hysterectomy. Taking Norhisterone and Prostap injections Child had heart transplant at infancy. Done heart ablation. Slurring. Should I worry? Vaginal pain, burning on urination, thick discharge, headaches. On antibiotics for bladder infection. Treatment? Pain in left side, lump in rib cage, tenderness, done blood work. Help Swelling in inguinal region. Appendix surgery done. Treatment? Brown discharge before and after periods, delayed periods, virgin. Causes? Cut finger, lost consciousness, head injury, vomiting post eating, pain in bridge of nose. Treatment? Hand stiffness, recurring on lying down, not pinched nerves. Causes and treatment? Sexually active, multiple polyps on vaginal wall, normal skin color. Treatment? Colonoscopy, spleic laceration, left sided abdominal pain, diarrhea. Treatment? Bruising in left breast, inverted nipple, no trauma. History of irregular periods. Treatment? Child is frequently vomiting, uneasy due to gas. What is the problem? Beauty spot on face, pain on touching. Chances of skin cancer? Itchy flat bumps on labia majora, inflamed on scratching, itchy skin. Treatment? Have acanthosis nigricans. Applied Melalite fote. Will homeopathy work? Swollen knees, tingling feet, pain in hip. Any insights? Positive for gonorrhea but no treatment. Had protected sex. Am I still contagious? Have thoracic back pain, MRI shows spinal twist. Any ideas? Have polio-affected leg. Any surgery to improve legs? Have nausea, tiredness, frequent urination, bloating, lower back pain, negative pregnancy tests. Possible? Have mood swings, feeling empty, getting angry easily. Help Increased heart rate after exertion. Am overweight Have heart stents, taking Lipitor, Plavix and Lisinopril. Family history of heart disease. Is sauna safe? Arms, legs and nose tingling when flying. What is this? Have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, small penis, high sexual desire, less sperm. Treatment? White discharge from areola after surgical abortion. After how many days should I take another pregnancy test? Spinal pain, neck pain while lowering barbell. Could this be a nerve pinch?
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