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What treatment can I take for an on and off pain in the penis after hurting it ? Allergic reaction, ibuprofen, facial swelling, redness, treatment with benadryl Severe back pain, muscle pain in body, tragus's swollen, red, painful, headache What treatment can I take for severe abdominal pain with swelling and blood in stools ? High blood pressure, lipid profile, sugar, kidney tests, specialist and medication for treatment Does Diabetes cause fatigue and weakness ? Cervicalgia, pain while sitting, travelling for 15 hours by plane life threatening ? Is Lasik a good option for a power of -9 on the left and -7 on the right eye ? Overweight, weight watchers diet, bells palsy on face, crocodile tear syndrome Rubbed eyes, itching, allergic conjunctivitis, trauma, penetrative injury Is chronic bronchitis contagious ? Jaundice, SGOT 1810, SGPT 1966, strict diet, now normal levels, alcohol consumption Stomach upsets, diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss, mucus in stools Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, 5 out of 24 lymph nodes extracted, chemotherapy the right option ? What is the cure for heaviness in the abdomen in the prostrate area ? US medical culture, rejection of orthopedic osseointegration, lags behind in technology Is TB a contagious disease ? Can you suggest some good hospitals for treating hepatitis B ? Does a thick uterus cause complications during pregnancy ? What are effects of overdose of Tylenol PM ? Codeine, cough, severe chest pain, difficulty breathing, clammy skin, sweating Regular periods, sex, unwanted 72, cycle disruption, pregnancy chances Erectile dysfunction, normal erection during masturbation. Treatment? What can be the reason for changes in the childhood mole suddenly ? High prolactin, pituitary tumor, stopped medicine, weight gain, hair loss. Related? Bloating, back pain, taken Lactulose, tired, heavy, painful periods Hepatitis B, 100 virus/ml blood, HBVDNA PCR positive, HBeAg negative, wife infected? Is a yellow pus like discharge from sore anus a sign of STD ? Do anti perspirant roll used on beard cause baldness in the area ? Is lucozade advisable for a type 2 diabetic ? Can incisional hernia cause bulge under right rib and chest burning ? Blue veins on labia majora, redness, white spots, burning, abdominal pain Abdominal pain, lymph node swelling, muscular pain, painkiller causes gastritis Can usage of durex performa cause erectile dysfunction ? Distance runner, runner's knee issues, bruised painful knee after run What are Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections ? Laparoscopic surgery, ovarian follicle cyst, dull headache. Normal? Is it critical to get a tetanus injection post scrapping due to rusted nail or metal ? Is there a natural remedy ? What are the side effects of Implanon ? How can recurrent urinary tract infections with history of prostatectomy be treated ? Anal pain, external hemorrhoids, cannot move or stand. Home treatment? Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation. Physical or mental problem? Is it OK to have mild spotting post 118 days of pregnancy ? Is a recurrance of jaw cancer at stage 2 fatal ? What dietary precautions will help in case of diarrhea and vomitting during 9 1/2 weeks of pregnancy ? What is the root cause of Crohn's disease and how can it be treated ? What are the side effects of smoking crystal meth while having chemotherapy ? Can cerebral palsy - spastic diplegia in both legs be completely treated ? Can treatment for peyronie disease cause bending and hard spots on penis ? White and pink boil on penis, sensitive to touch, appears occasionally Angina,overweight,68 years old,angiogram under conscious sedation possible? Weight lifting at 15 years. Stunted growth or height? Telogen effluvium, taking iron ineffective, normal blood, no thyroid, not menopausal Orthostatic Hypotension Can pectus excavatum cause severe pain in chest ? Unprotected sex after 6 days of last period at 53 years. Pregnant? Is it important to ejaculate prior to marriage ? Protein S deficiency, Coumadin and Claritin taken together? What medications can be taken for seasonal allergies with history of stroke due to Protein S deficiency ? Neck and back injection, shortness of breath, flushing, BP 164/94, rate 115 Drinking more water lowers pulse rate? Potassium, magnesium effect? Coughing sensation, head, throat, chest pressure. Due to computer or TV? IBS, abdomen gas, dizziness, ringing ears. Result of diet change? Running nose. Substitute for Coriminic drops? Dosage of tamaxofin for male gynecomastia Can medications cause temporary or permanent impotency ? Lack of periods due to nuva ring removal Cardioconversion and its safety How is Sarocodsis cured ? Does oxyelite pro product have any side effects ? How to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ? High TSH, normal T4, T3, contricted throat, yawning, Diphenhydramine safe? Ringing ear, dizziness, painless, good hearing, normal BP, pulse rate How to cure Tinea Corporis ? OCD, continual glancing at women in public. Advice? How to treat viral fever and headaches ? How to handle an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy ? Chest pain, normal ECG and blood, hyperacidity. Effect on heart? 6 months pregnant, hereditary blindness. Risk to baby? Sugar level 341, weak heart, tiredness. Treatment? OK to travel? Medication to improve sexual performance? Pain near belly button, bump, after going to bathroom Hypertension, 130/85, taking Tazloc H, Nebicard, Back pain, weight gain Hodgkin's Lymphoma, chemotherapy, getting drunk on less alcohol, How to cure muscle weakness and improve mental health ? What are the causes of sore throat, fever, muscle pain and extreme malaise ? Cysts in armpits, festering, draining Alcoholic, seizure, face swelling, black stools and vomit, potassium,vitamin B Genital and anal itching, white testicular and anal skin, wounds What is an adequate penis size ? Nausea, dizziness, sweating, fainting, Brain, EEG and Echo test negative Tenesmus, anorectal abscess, infectious colitis, proctitis,Inflammatory bowel disease Rheumatoid arthritis, humira, methotrexate, oxy elite pro okay to take ? How to treat blood blisters ? How to cure lymph nodes in the breasts ? Acro Sclerosis, skin infection, stiffness, pigmentation, breathlessness, joint pain, treatment What could be the cause of persistent pain in left pectoral and numbness in left arm ? Atrial fibrillation, electrocardioversion, on Multaq, longevity effected ? How to treat Chlamydia and Gonorrhea ? Prostate infection,antibiotic,to inject diluted peroxide into penis Tremors, shaking in hands, legs, stress, masturbation, lack of sleep Pain on left side of body below belly button,blood in urine in 65 years old male How to cure giddiness related to stress and anxiety ? No periods, unprotected sex, negative pregnancy test, pregnant ? Does "exposed to syphilis" in blood test mean confirmation on being infected ? Acid reflux,hyperacidity,heart burn,precautions and preventions needed? Uncomfortable,unable to sleep,cold,sweating in night after application of almond oil on whole body Red,swollen,small blisters with clear pus on right cheek,sensitive and painful,right face and teeth hurts,anbesol and neosporin,no improvement Are there any chances of pregnancy with irregular period and abnormal bleeding ? Can moisturizer or cream be used with emoderm on face?Any side effects? Overweight,vaginal discharge,no infection,want to conceive. Excessive sputum, foul smell, blood, pus, gum infection How is oral thrush treated ? Why periods are delayed and is this related to pregnancy ? Angioplasty, physical exercise, sexual activities, weight loss, quitting alcohol, smoking How to diagnose lump next to rectum with history of digestive problems ? How to cure headaches in diabetes patients ? Diverticulitis, hole in bladder, nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting Watering eye, infection, irritation, cold ice, water, eye soothers Nausea, hallucinations, face redness, seizures, brain damage, hot flashes Does anal masturbation cause harm to one's private parts? What is the treatment for frenulum tears in the penis ? Involuntary urination at night, during deep sleep, stress, overactive bladder, kegel exercises Pain in lower abdomen, brown discharge, heavy periods, shoulder, neck pain, hormonal problems Pituitary tumor,benign thyroid tumor,weight gain,best diet plan? How to cure acute gastroenteritis ? How to treat cough and sore throat ? How to cure diarrhea and constipation ? Can cold medicine be taken with IC Bupropion HCL XL? Can cabergoline medication be taken while on HCG diet ? How does one treat swollen reactive lymph nodes ? Abortion, clots in menstrual cycle, spotting, vaginal bleeding, ovarian cyst What causes gritty menstrual bleeding ? How to treat dark patches under finger nails ? How to treat general weakness and fatigue ? What are the side effects of ipill ? How to make the urethra smaller in men ? White patches on beard, vitiligo, betnesol safe to use ? How to treat shortness of breath due to allergens ? Rapid heart rate,tunnel vision,running,not sedentary. How to treat Sciatica and Spinal canal stenosis ? Water retention,skin disorder,flu-like symptoms,red bumps all over body,severe body ache,nausea,headache,fever,chills,sensitive and burning skin,face hot,blood test normal Bleeding and brown spotting after pap smear How to treat obesity and associated weakness ? How to treat loss of taste in the mouth ? What are the side effects of taking xenadrine for weightloss ? How to treat side effects of masturbation ? How is maxillary sinusitis be treated ? Severe hormonal problems,on synthetics,facial hairs,clitoris bigger,stopped hormones I am vomiting blood, have dark stools, am positive for coeliac disease and have a history of depression. How can this be treated? High blood pressure, folate, fish oil, biofeedback, autogenic training Low blood platelet count, autoimmune disease, bone marrow, spontaneous bleeding Stabbing pain in femur, in one leg, not muscle pain, minor fracture, infection Pain under ribs, GERD, IBS, hemorrhoids What is stasis dermatitis ? Breast cancer, blister growth in breast, drainage, hemangioma 7 weeks pregnant, unable to feel corpus luteum, previous miscarriage, ovulation pain Pain behind knee, limping, cannot bend knee, minor discomfort, inflammation, connective tissue injury What does Early Diastolic notch in scan report suggest ? Unprotected sex, abdominal pain, light periods, leg cramps, negative pregnancy test, pregnant ? Unprotected sex, post periods, without birth control, ECP to be taken as precaution ? What is the cure for hyperacidity ? Rash near vulva, upper thighs, skin peeling, stress incontinence, dermatitis, fungal infection Unprotected sex, on pilll, vaginal pain, vaginitis, pain during urination Virgin, boyfriend came in underwear, not in vagina, HTP negative, PMS symptoms, pregnancy chances Urine test,specific gravity 1.02,leucocytes 2+,pus cells 15-20 hpf,mucus cells,epithelial cells positive. Medicines to be taken? Childbirth, unprotected sex, pink discharge, losetrin 24, pregnant ? How to treat an underarm abscess post rupture causing a large lump ? Paracetamol overdose,can doctor predict the overdose? Ammonia symptoms while clearing throat, GERD, helicobacter pylori infection Sex after 2-3 weeks of delivery,incomplete inception,chances of conceiving? Nausea, extreme fatigue, vomiting, dizziness, treatment General anaesthetic, mood swings, depression, low energy, plastered foot, anxiety, sore throat Massive haemophilus vaginalis infestation, vaginal infection, abnormal flora, vaginal mucosa What could be the cause of abdominal pain with watery diarrhea ? Is it OK to put cold cloth on reddened eye due to scratching by dog ? Is heart burn a symptom of perimenopause ? What could be the cause of absent mindedness and black outs ? Acute irritable bowel syndrome,food poisoning, frequent bowel movement, fullness in belly, hemoglobin, pain in body and bones,sigmoidoscopy,colonoscopy,blood analysis normal How is corneal erosion treated ? Hair loss, sun burn, rashes, cold hands, fingers and palms purple coloration, joint, ankle pain Can any injury to the cervix cause moderate bleeding ? Can an energy drink prior to blood test increase RBC levels ? Eye yellow in white part of eye,high fever,irritation and swelling in eye,red with discharge, ear infection,eyelid drooping,on antibiotics What causes neurofibromas and lipomas ? What is duct ectasia ? How are gastrointestinal infections treated ? Pregnant, took X-Ray, harmful effects of radiation on fetus Pregnant, miscarried, no bleeding, dizziness, vaginal discharge, delayed abortion possible ? Child birth, pain under belly button, sharp pain in colon, sexual activity, muscle pull ? Trying to conceive, overweight, penis not near cervix while having sex, ovulation bleeding, implantation bleeding difference Recurrent fever, augmentin, throat congestion, nasal discharge, no cough, diarrhea, Addicted to marijuana, smoking daily, blood donation possible ? What does the dating scan for pregnancy show ? Pre-poning periods, femilon, brown discharge, dosage of pills Weakness, shivering, eating something makes it better, hypoglycemia, thyroid, stress, postural hypertension What are the early symptoms of pregnancy ? Tail bone pain due to fall, pain while touching, overweight, dislocation, fracture, coccyx injury What is the remedy for rash on upper thigh followed with low fever ? Will travelling by flight be safe during pregnancy?
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