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Quick pulse, dizziness, light headed, shortness of breath, syncope ECG results, PR 132, QT 320, ST 190, QRS 57, pregnancy possible ? Foul odor and wind from vagina, causes, treatment How are chest tightness and pain treated ? Back pain, arthritis, spondylitis, taking Xeristar, Fluoxetine, Tramadol. Back ache, slip disc, muscle pain, loss of appetite, weakness Accidentally swallowed tissue. Treatment? How is shoulder pain and shortness of breath treated ? How is sinus infection treated ? Lipoma on hands, thighs, stomach. Cost of surgical removal? Mucus discharge from nose and throat, frequent dark urination. Gall bladder related? Ferritin level 555, abdominal pain, COPD, shortness of breath, non-smoker What causes swelling in the limbs post surgery ? Sperm quantity 52 million, movement zero. Medication to increase traffic? Prominent vein on penis, withhold urine while erection How is sebaceous cyst or folliculitis treated ? Can pleural effusion be malignant ? Is smoking marijuana and drinking red wine once a month harmful if I have alcoholic fatty liver? Internal fever, weakness, anal discomfort What should I do if I have heartburn, tenderness at the base of my throat? What can I do to get a developed penis and proper erection? Intercourse with high class sex worker, condom breakage after withdrawal, anxious What does it mean when my MRI report shows exaggerated lower lumbar lordosis? What is the dosage of Diflucan ? High risk sex, purple spot on penis, irritation, red rash, taken Cortizone 10 Painful bowel movement, blood in stools, acidity, reflux What treatment should I seek if my ears feel blocked, my nose bleeds when I blow it? Blister-like fluid filled bubble under tissue of left side palate and right upper back molar,pinkish How is high BP controlled ? Swollen, painful neck glands, stiff neck, sinus, loss of hearing, throat lump, headache Is using a sunbed related to pain in the left side of the chest? How is muscle strain treated ? Bull mastiff, blood in stools, vomit, diarrhea, from bone with fatty blood and marrow ? How is snoring decreased ? D12 compression fracture. Side effect of surgery? Sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, white patchy mouth sore, swollen gums, penicillin How can I cure my problem of constant bladder leakage? How are ruptured tendons treated ? How do I relieve swelling and pain in my hand after injury? Does wysolone cause infertility in men ? Bleeding under skin of forearm, slight patch with itch, allergic asthma, causes How can chronic neck pain be treated? No erection while sexual intercourse How can I treat a viral infection which causes swollen glands in the neck? Vertebral hemangioma, unable to run, walk fast, 25 radiations, alternatives ? GGT level 138, consume whisky, stomach infection, taken Norfloxacin. Related? How can I stope my eight year old son from wheezing during the night? Is it ok to have delayed periods after a breast reduction surgery? Is atrial fibrillation related to chronic intermittent tingling or numbness of hands? What is the treatment for muscle spasms in my neck, underarms, biceps and forearms? Can bath salt be a reason of having dilated pupils and nervous-type body movements? I found a lesion in the roof of my mouth which is bleeding. What should I do? BP medication, Ecosprin, Atorva, weight loss, irregular BM, mucosal thickening Bruises in knee and calf, hematoma, drainage, surgery, alternative therapies Unprotected sex after last period. When did I conceive? Cough, rectal temperature 101.9, loss of appetite, stomach pain, viral infection Sneezing, watery eyes, metal taste during coughing, phlegm, weakness PCOS, Laparoscopy to unblock tubes, brown mucus discharge. Normal? Operation for stepdectomy, not to lift weights, gym and exercise to be stopped ? Why do I have sustained cramps on one side if I am perimenopausal? Swollen lips, redness, sun exposure. Vitamin deficiency? What does presence of blood in stools mean? Are reddish palms, soles of the feet and heels as well as a flushed face signs of allergy? What medicine can be taken instead of Warfarin to avoid its side effects? Does it make sense to take the Gardasil vaccine if I have already been exposed to the human papillomavirus? Semen analysis, vol 2 ml, alkaline 9, motile 45%, sperm count 106 million, pus 6-8, few bacteria What controls the electrolyte and fluid balance of the body and how can I keep it normal? Sticking of stomach over navel and under breast. Reason? Heartburn, taken Nexium, AST 848, ALT 1025, ALP 174, Bilirubin 3.7, Reason? Is it normal to have white and cold toes and fingers in frostbite after exposure 3 months ago in frostbite? What is the connection between collagenous colitis and soreness on the buttocks? How do I treat the coughing spasm remaining after an episode of acute bronchitis? Drew blood from arm, pumped air into vein by mistake, pain in arm, chest burning Sudden production of yellow semen. Concern? What should I do I my throat hurts and it is painful to swallow? Irregular periods, spotting, vaginal fluid, odor, pregnancy ? Which foods are safe to give to a three year old who is allergic to yellow food dye, dairy products ? What medicine should I take for a white discharge in urine? Is it realistic to lose 60 kilograms of weight in 40 weeks? Bloody stools. Due to high body heat from sun exposure? Constipation. Home remedy? Why do I get pimples and boils on my back frequently? What should i do in posterior disc bulge with cervical lordosis ? What can be done to treat a red lump on the outside of the wrist which is painful to the touch? Abdominal pain, blood and urine test normal, blood urea 67, serum creatinine 1.8 How can the scar left behind by suturing below the eye be removed? Shoulder pain, tendonitis, bursitis, sleeplessness, mobility restriction How do I bring down my high blood pressure? Warm sensation, cold chills. high BP and heart rate, normal sinus rhythm, on sectral, celexa, ativan When can I expect a reduction in the size of my waist after having abdominal surgery for fibroids? What could a thick, white, odorless discharge from the vagina mean? Pain in chest, while lifting, pain on standing, costochondritis, musculoskeletal problems Bleeding while passing stools, lactose intolerance, anti-inflammatory medication Can taking a tetanus shot cause swollen lymph nodes? Is there any exercise or medicine to reduce antistreptolysin? Can medicine cause shortness of breath while walking and light headedness? Can the small pox vaccine spread through sperm? How can I deal with stomach ulcer, blood in urine and shortness of breath? Dizziness, blurred vision, dark smudge in eyesight, blind spots Will taking two pills of Cipro give false negative results for gonorrhea? Which treatment should I follow as i am having two different etiologies? Tingling in palms, soles of feet, behind knees, legs, moderate pain on neck Abortion at age 20, now 23, bleeding post intercourse, ovary pain, back pain Chronic chest pain between center of chest and right nipple,spasm in heart stress test,muscles tight,atenolol Hypertensive, coversyl AM, nebula, gastritis a side effect ? How to treat boil and swelling at the coccyx ? Is stapled anopexy a good surgery for piles ? Is it advisable to take Norvasc and Avapro HCT with Digesic ? Left lung collapse, no trauma, no medical history Red itchy bumps with white spots Constipation,gastric,diarrhea,stomach pain,internal hemorrhoid in anus,anxiety,blocked nose,hydrocortisone Breast implants, scar from nipple, lumps, no pain, scar tissue ? What are the causes for irregular menstrual bleeding ? Does penicillin cause allergic reactions ? What could cause recurrent loss of pregnancy ? What can be the hard irritating lump in the pelvic area? How can a swollen labia be treated ? Digestion problems, gastritis, loose stools, pain in stomach, IBS How are panic attacks and anxiety neurosis treated ? Swollen calf, venous Doppler, DVT. Diagnosis? How to treat watery eyes ? Home pregnancy test, HCG hormone, hunger, cramps What must be done to relieve pain post wisdom tooth removal ? Left chest discomfort Breast spasm, papule. Diagnosis? How is Urticaria treated ? Can levonorgestrel show up in FSH and LSH test ? How is hypertension treated ? Recurring chills and fever, asthma with mucus and cough Kindey stones, pain while sitting, joint pain, weak back muscles Excessive vaginal tissue Fast heartbeat, Concor. Dosage regimen? Thyroid lobectomy, follicular lesion, anxiety, adrenaline rush Fainting, blurry vision, thirsty, cold sweats, heart racing, hungry. Diagnosis? Unprotected sex, bumps on penis, clear discharge, STD How to treat allergic rashes due to medications ? How to cure purple spots in the left eye ? Numb in feet, back pain, bladder problems, urine infection, tingling in feet Miscarriage,pregnancy with IVF,bleeding,brown blood,reason for miscarriage? How are scales on vaginal labia treated ? How should I treat constipation, pimples, nausea and sperm leakage? Gallbladder sonogram. Stone, cyst, vascular calcification, or angiomyolipoma? Fatigue, hypersomnia, depression, anxiety, nausea, diarrhea, gallbladder problems. Cipralex, wellbutrin, sleep study. Hypothyroidism? Kidney transplant patient, flu, bilateral bacterial pneumonia. Antibiotics? Regular blood donor, Sharp tingles and quarter size lump on arm. Normal? Is T Therapy safe for 17 year olds ? Can the candy stucked in the throat cause bruised and bleeding tonsils? Is there a chance of pregnancy if you had sex one week before expected periods ? What causes penis and scrotum to turn purple black ? Right knee Legament break, anterior cruciate ligament. Treatment? How is erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation treated ? What causes abdominal pain and continuous sense of urinating all the time ? How to treat pain in the feet ? Unprotected sex 30 minutes after consuming contraceptive pills. Pregnant? Can birth control pills cause depression leading to marital problems? How is tachycardia controlled ? Codine, cocodamol, diclofenac prescribed; detected cocaine. Black marks spread on neck, eyes and forehead, normal blood tests. Treatment? How to mend a broken thumb ? Acid reflux. Caused by fibroid? Would a urinary tract infection be caused due to different blood groups between couples? Have bulge in upper abdomen, extraperitoneal fat. Had muscle repair, umbilical hernia. Liposuction needed? What can be done about cracks on the tongue and itchy burning black spots on the lips? Knee Injury, MCL tear. Suggest doctors Tubal ligation, excruciating pain, pain on right side lower abdomen to right leg, sensation to vomit, irregular period, cannot sit or stand Can urethritis be the cause of a burning sensation in the urethra? Chest pain,pain in ribs,sweaty all over body,blood test,chest x-ray,ECG,urinalysis all normal What causes problem with the fetal heart functions with the heart valves? Hard,tender lump on side of face,lump rolls,eyelid swollen after tick attached to it Throat tightens,unable to sleep,generic of nexium,generic for allegra,healthy diet Weakness,lethargic,soreness left side,ALT level in blood test high Could it lead to a serious problem if my five year old daughter has pre-juvenile acne? Itchy clitoris,strong odor,used a new sex toy,not sexually active,no pain Bell's palsy,chichen pox when young,janumet for high blood sugar,prednisolone dosage? Thalidomide medicine for myeloma ,can this medicine be excreted in semen while ejaculation into the vagina? Can dehydration cause severe chest pain if i have had aortic valve replacement? Injury to testes due to hit,less pain ,pain during intercourse,sensitive to touch What will happen if the earing backing goes inside the ear? Entire muscular system tightened,muscle in other arm shrunken,Novolog regular insulin injections How can an irritated clitoris be treated ? How are autoimmune diseases detected ? What is te Borderline hypertension, hypothyroid, family history of CAD, first-time AFIB, synthroid, antihypertensives, atenolol, metoprolol, stomach pain, chest pain, insomnia. Side effects? Overweight,is folic acid supplements and pre check up advisable before planning pregnancy? Upper right quadrant pain and sweaty mornings,burning,blood test normal,more pain while periods,medication Cystitis,frequent urination,irritating sensation in abdomen and penis tip,levofloxacin and vitamin c,pain in tendons Frequent boils in inner right eyelid,legs in 7 year old.Treatment? How can I treate white discoloration and itching around my anus and vaginal area? Shingles shot,cold with sinus congestion,blood blister on both side eardrum,blood discharge How to treat the irritating skin of the penis? What does it mean if X-ray result say that I have pelvic calcifications? What treatment should be given to a two year old with severe abdominal cramps ? Can exercise affect the test results for AST and ALT? Can a hypoglycemic take HCG diet? Could a urine infection cause severe lower abdominal pain? What causes hot flashes from neck to head daily? How can erectile dysfunction after exercise be treated? Stopped blood thinners,ibuprofen for procedure for hurting back,,anti-inflammatory for sciatic nerve pain Could you suggest an anti-allergic cream for a burning sensation in my vagina? Leg weakness,use crane,pain outer hips and thighs,MRI report no evident bulge or herniation,early termination of thecal sac ,epidural fat
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