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Numbness and tingling in body, bad vision, plugged ears and slurred speech after smoking cannabis. Why do I react differently? Diagnosed with acute pancreantitus. Have a large pseudocyst in the tail of my pancreas. Other causes? Is vocal cord paralysis related to edema? Have dysphagia after lumbar surgery with intubation. Swollen bump on labia minora while masturbating. Is it dangerous? Will it go away on its own? Had a syncope that followed fatigue, brain fog. CBC, MRI, ANA normal. Could it be anxiety or stress? When will I get periods after stopping Endogest if I am not pregnant? Trying to conceive. Recurrent bacterial vaginosis, shrinking clitoris. Cramps due to ruptured cyst. Painful sex. Help! Can i safely use Minoxidil as a male whilst trying to conceive? Genetic abnormalities? Sperm count decrease? Blood work showed low WBC count, ezetrol ceased. History of osteoarthritis, stem cell injection. Connected? Had fever, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain. Why does my stomach still feel sore? Is it stomach ulcer? Bumps on groin, chest, back, elbows and buttocks. Scabies, bed bugs or allergic reaction? Low WBCs, Iron and RBC level fine, get frequent infections. Does it sound like AIDS or HIV? Temperature high in day time and normal by night. Why is there ringing in ears? Do GERD sufferers experience palpitations? Abdominal pain after eating. Heart racing. Burping. Itching and swelling in legs, patches of broken weeping skin. Am type 2 diabetic. Alopecia is caused by what? Can't the causes be treated first? Bilirubin, platlet count, lipase, INR, CBC, lipid tests done, had high ALT level. Diagnosis? Child has enlarged lymph node on groin. Taken MMR shot. Could it be anything serious? Penoscrotal ulcer which resembles Behcet's syndrome, no mouth sores. Syphilis negative. Grown in size. Chest pain treated by exercise. CTA, echo-cardiogram, treadmill test reports normal. Why the constant pain? Child has cough. Passing frequent stools after taking Levolin. Is this a side effect or is it normal? Dizziness and vomiting. Has pacemaker and vertigo. What could be the cause? Child has immovable lump, no pain, not swollen or red, vomiting, no appetite, nosebleeds. Taking medication for reflux. Which is the best time for intercourse? Cycle of thirty-one days and taking Folfit and Letroz. Suggest food suitable for parkinson's patients with dysphagia Bumps on thigh, flat and brown, no pain or itch. Do they look like HPV warts? Vomiting, severe menstrual crampms, fatigue, stress, bronchitis, coughing. Have asthma. Want to get better. Delayed periods with nausea, vomiting. Have acid reflux. Connected? Other causes? Joint pain while going to bed at night and while waking in morning. Pain below shoulders when sneezing. Pregnant and positive for chlamydia and ureaplasma. Do not wish to risk antibodies. What can be done? Fetus has hypspadias with peno-scrotum transposition, nutrient deficient. Outcome of surgery? Problems due to head to body ratio? Feel hot, forehead sweating, not menopausal. No medical history. Suggestions for gaining weight without using steroids. Am exercising without weight gain. What is the cause of burping, head ache and heart burn? Why did my bowel movement have color change? Ate powdered donuts. Is it related? On gudcef for UTI for increased WBC count. Can be consumed in pregnancy? Red Sore throat, nasal congestion, under eye puffiness, mild ear pain, taken Z-pak Taking thyroxine for spider nevus on legs and arms. Could thyroxine be the cause for difficulty in breathing? Thin, brown threads after washing mouth with Listerine. No pain or bleeding. Hope this is not gum disease. Diagnosed with diverticulosis. Leads to pain in lower abdomen, urinating frequently. Why does it pain even during sex? Erection problem due to stress. Normal sperm count and motility. Suggest medicine to overcome the problem. Periodical blood in urine, no pain or burning. Reason and treatment? Itching in penis and not able to pull foreskin of penis. Red rash in armpit and behind ear, itches and peels; also developed swollen glands, sore throat and fatigue Cannot sleep without taking Clozaril. Developed blurry vision. Can I replace it with Rozerem? Fatty liver, taking Udiliv and Ursocol. Raised liver enzymes. Suggest better medicine to cure me earlier? Itching, pimples/boils on body mostly on arm. Safe to use crotorax & atarax lotion during pregnancy? At risk of gonorrhea or chlamydia by falling on public toilet? Want second opinion. Can Remeron and Xanax taken for depression and anxiety elevate liver enzymes? Skin tag under penis, felt in erection, no pain. Why is there? Pins and needles in feet and hands, tingling sensation in face, general malaise, normal annual medical check-up. What are the symptoms of Gout? Was diagnosed of stress of the heart and inflammation of chest joints. Has breathlessness, back spasms and chest pain Persistent cough. X-ray and breathing test good. Taking Omeprazole for heartburn. Esophageal cancer possible? Twitching of thumb, pinches all over body, low pulse rate, had binge eating disorder & irregular heart beat Pelvic pain. CT showed pelviectasis and calcification. No kidney stones. Colonoscopy showed diverticulosis, Further evaluation needed? Hard, red areas on bottom of foot with whitish center. No pain or itching. Pink blotches on arms and legs, had athletes foot, shower results in red patches. What are they? Stomach pain and swelling after drinking alcohol. Could I have cirrhosis? No fatigue, vomiting, fever or jaundice. Would MRI findings correlate to MS? Giddiness, nausea, vomiting, blurry vision, delay in urination. Burning face. Will eczema skin come back when I stop using Locoid? Can a swollen nose hurt? Irritation, pain in ear & rashes after taking lamitor OD, epileptic since long, taken valparin chrono to reduce convulsions. Suggestion? Irregular menstruation, have PCOD. Suggestion to use clomid? Safe method of abortion. Any problems in conceiving after an abortion? Lower abdominal pain, worse when bladder is full, frequent urination, swollen tummy, failing to conceive.All related? Difficulty in breathing. History of Precordial Catch syndrome. Treatment? 33 year old with bed wetting problem, ammonia smell in urine. Have IUD inserted. Home urine test done. Causes for bed wetting? Pain in chest, vomiting after food, history of acid reflux. Diet, exercise and precaution? Sharp stabbing pain in the lower abdomen, frequent urination, pain in the penis. Suggestions? Having dandruff and hair loss. Permanent cure? Persisting high fever. Pet horse diagnosed with virus. Chances of transmission to humans? Child has seizures. Done MRI and EEG. Combination medication worked temporarily. No family history of epilepsy. Positive ANA test. Am i HIV +ve? Swelling and pain in belly button, constipation, frequent urge for urination. Advice? Protected sexual encounter, pimple popped during sex. Precum may contact site. What's my risk of getting HIV? Pulsating feel in left breast, no lump, EKG normal. Cause? Have photophobia, chronic fatigue. Is it due to muscle weakness? Almond taste in mouth, blurred vision, cold sweat. Advice? Scab on shin not coming off, ankle swelling. Any ideas? Husband has alcohol withdrawal seizure. Burning and tingling sensation in thigh after a fall. Will it go away? Does thickening of endometrium suggest cancer? What does heterogeneous mean? Lump in neck. not painful, growing in size. Have diverticulosis. Should I be concerned about it? Is false positive tests for HTLV 1 & 2 in case of menopause possible? Is my blood pressure reading high? Suffering from anxiety. Numbness in legs, hands and face, shooting pain in head, sleeplessness, pain intensifies with gas, had fibromyalgia, lupus, thyroid. Advise? Scrotum pain, weeping scrotum. soft mass behind testicle, tubular in mass. Any ideas? Red mucous membrane around shaft of penis, skin peeling off on penis head, STD tests -ve, taken nystatin for yeast infection. Advise? Capsule size hard blue raised bump on hand. What could be this? Thickening of tip of foreskin, feels tight when pulled back, blisters. Using Lotrimin. Is it a fungal problem? Triple bypass surgery after a heart attack, developed tricuspid and mitral valve regurgitation, now has edema. Survival possibilities? Diagnosed lymphedema from previous breast lumpectomy. CT, cardiogram, MRI normal. Serious? Pregnancy problem, have PCOS, hairloss, was on diane-35, taking deviry, no period, PCOS scan result A lump below knee cap doesn't seem to go. Why? Chest pain, after pneumonia and bronchitis. Why do I have rapid heart rate, fatigue and joint pain? Urine color brown, on amoxicillin after being diagnosed by strep throat. Normal? Done semen analysis. Are there any chances for me to become a father? Heartburn, abdominal pain, pain below armpit, swollen glands on neck, no fever. Concern regarding swollen glands. Yellow discharge from rectum that leaks, a discolored bowel movement with white mucus. What is it? Deep and cracked heel, red in color. Is it psoriasis? Treatable? Loss of facial hair pigment, skin seems lighter, no other lighting or pigment change. Worry? Rh negative blood, wishing to take HCG diet, fearful of delusional pregnancy and strange bodily reactions to it Excessive beer while on metroprolol can be harmful or will do any good? Wristdrop in both hands after exercise under sun. MRI normal. Radial nerve trapped? White spots around nipples, has an asymmetrical lump. Fordyce bumps? CECT thorax report, no nodules seen, a focal calcified mass. History of TB, diabetic. Does report suggest harm? Rolandic seizure, was on valparin and frisium, recently seizures have returned. What can be done? Is the combination of Galantamine, Aspirin, Clonazepam, Lovastatin, Lisinopril causing any problems? Recommend best contraceptive pills. Pain and swelling in legs after sitting for a period of time. Left ventricular tachycardia, ablation therapy done,energy loss, anxiety, extra heartbeats in chest Got cut and slight bleeding during threading, thread felt wet. Are there any chances of infection if saliva has touched the cut? Pain around cheekbone and eye. Taken paracetamol and Amitriptyline. Could this have been caused by anesthesia? Irregular periods, then no periods. Negative pregnancy test. Recommend medication available in India. Child has diarrhea and low grade fever? Was it a virus? What can I do to resolve it? Tentative dilated right ventricle, done electrocardiogram, normal stress test. Family history of bad heart. Worried. Mononucleosis. Back pain, tonsillitis, infected tonsil. Given hydrocodone, steroid and antibiotics. No relief. Treatment? Recurrent pain in the abdomen. Urine test shows pus cells. No kidney stones in Ultrasound. Have to do cystoscopy. Advice? Sudden development of a pronounced facial indentation on the cheek. Reasons? Penis tightens on thought of sex but while trying it looses itself. Advise Suffering from liver cirrhosis. On medication. Liver transplantation not suggested. Possibility of stem cell therapy? Burning feeling on the face. Used macrobid for UTI and retinol lotion. Medication side effects? Elevated creatine levels. What does it mean? Peroneal tendon, bunion on the foot, tendinitis reoccur. Had cardiac bypass surgery. Caused by stationary cycling? Irregular pulse and frequent urination, symptoms of FIB. Had an ablation for atrial flutter. Need ablation to cure FIB? Feeling pressure on the temple and headache during flight. Took decongestant. Advice? Artery blockage from birth. Wants to take stemflo. Advise Smelly fluid from the rectum due to injury. Is it serious? Blisters on the back, symptoms of shingles, fever, spreading to eye. Taken L-Lysine. Treatment? Increased heart rate while lying down. Had sinus tachycardia. Causes? Blurred vision, headache, head and chest pain. Have diverticulosis. Am constipated and have neck lump. Could this be anxiety? Three year old with constipation. Treatment? Dizziness, fainting, vomiting. Taken cannabis. Side effect? Skin over the thyroid gland turns red like sunburn during periods. Treatment? Hives on hips, back and feet. Taken prilosec. Allergic reaction? Burning sensation and tingling in the pelvic area after using bath salts. Related? Enlarged vein under the tongue. Dangerous? Sinusitis, congestion, headache and pressure. Taken azithromycin and nasonex. Allergic to antibiotics. Advise Fatigue, pain in hands and legs, irregular periods. Have BP and Diabetes. Taking Jalra, Telsar and Evion. Further treatment? Having Hypertension and Diabetes. Which doctor to consult? Lump on the lower shin bone and palm. Are these related? Unprotected sex, itchy skin, abdominal pain, dysentry, sore throat, vaginal bacterial infection, flu. HIV negative. Weak immune system? Had changes in bowels, told it was stress. Having diarrhea, painful pressure and sound in rectal area. Any idea what it is ? Pain in the abdomen, swelling, weight loss. Taken alcohol for weeks. Could it be due to liver failure or cirrhosis? Can tests confirm who the father of the child in a pregnant woman is ? Side effects of wysolone for children causes nephrotic syndrome. Is it immune suppressant? Comprehensive metabolic panel test done. Aspartate aminotransferase level known. Meaning? Diabetic, diarrhoea. Colonoscopy done. No Elisa, H.Pylori, giardia, IBS. Liver problem? Recurring of alopecia totalises. Have BP and diabetes. Blood tests done. Medicine? Weak in legs, tired even after night sleep, can't climb stairs. Is it normal? Having headache. X-ray, CT scan, blood sugar, urine tests done. Grenil, vesograin taken. How to get relief? Adrenaline rush when emotional. Now have nerve pain in abdomen, heart rate and dopamine levels increased Salty taste in the mouth during an orgasm. Is it normal? Tried skipping periods by taking birth control pills. Heavy periods now. How to end it ? Pain on hips, soreness in tailbone, later looked as pimple / blood bister, HIV +ve with undetectable viral loads since long Taken marijuana before colonoscopy. Does it have an anti-coagulant effect? On 2mg of warfarin a day. Will using Meladerm effect INR? 22 yr old, diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia. On injections, sublingual pills, Adderall for ADD. Switched to Ritalina la, feeling tired, dizzy. How to cure it? Blackened feet and loss of control of bowel movement. Cause? History of high bp, diabetic, stroke. BP still high while on medication. Remedy ? Consistently low body temperature, lack of energy. Taking atenolol, lexapro. Blood work normal. Causes for low temperature? Biopsy shows pus in the back of throat, low grade fever. Sign of infection or cancer ? Taking fruta planta from a month. Having yeast infection. Is it from the diet pills? Does a broken blood vessel in finger cause swelling ? Severe pain around cheekbone and eye area. CT, MRI, scan and eye test done. Amitryptilene taken. Advise What to do for knuckle swelling that develops during the martial arts training ? Had RCT. Shared a cigarette with a friend who has HIV. Any risks ? Feeling urgency, frequent urination. History of kidney problems in family. Tests show elevated kidney function. Possible kidney problem ? Thick white vaginal discharge that clings to vaginal wall. Tested negative for all STDs. Possible causes and treatment ? Tingling in the face followed by hive like elevation and then sinking. What can be the cause ? Fibromualgia, muscle, knee, hands hurt, bad gait and balance, feel tired. Steroids, orencia taken. Treatment? Abdominal pain, cramps, lower back pain, pressure below sternum. Drinking soda, not feeling better. GERD or indigestion ? Sharp chest pain, exhaustion, burping and feels crappy. Protonix taken. Treatment? Feeling dizzy. BP normal, 22 yr old. Any idea why ? 20 yr old, sexually active female, taking Primolut to postpone periods. Missed periods, HPT negative. Am I pregnant ? Irregular pap smear results, advised colcopsy. Had heavy last periods. Worried cancer or pregnancy ? Stopped micronor a month ago, breastfeeding. Having bad headaches, no periods, lower back pain, home test was negative. Can I be pregnant ? Diabetic, traveling. Taking insulin. Fasting sugar level more. Advise to take or not glysophage? Diarrhea from 6 months, severe weight loss, unable to find cause with various tests. Any tests that you recommend ? Desperate to gain weight. Medicine? Best solution for big hole in the ear drum Irregular periods after miscarriage. Now pregnant, experiencing pain in abdomen, pain while urinating. Is it normal? How to increase the height, memory and concentration in a child? Trying to conceive, regular period, worms in the stomach. Can take mebendazole? Suffered an intense feeling of nausea followed by fainting. BP was normal. What could be the cause ? Chronic constipation, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea. Born with pyloric stenosis. Treatment Does a gout patient have increased PSA level? Swollen sore throat, heavy and tight chest, cough. Reasons ? Pregnant, mild blood clot leaks at intervals, low abdominal pain. USG shows Placentomegaly with subchorionic hemorrhage, mild IUGR. Best solution now? Dr said I have sperm. What to do ? Depression, social anxiety and panicky. Taking propranolo HCL, paroxxetine ER+clonazepam. Having erectile dysfunction. Anxious? Having urinary incontinence during sexual intercourse, stopped taking Prozac. Cure ? Threatening and derogatory voices heard. Feels elated or sucidal at times. Treatment? Occasional migraine like headaches, numbness, tingling around eyes and forehead, pain in upper neck. What do symptoms signify ? Multiple lipoma all over the body, spread occurred in hands and hip. Any treatment to stop spreading ? Round red patches on legs, itchy, skin dries and sheds, changed razors. Reason? Hair follicle bumps on the scrotum and penis. Wants laser treatment. Advise Feel blurred vision in bright lights and rapid movements. History of anxiety, vertigo, allergies. Any advice ? Smoking while pregnant. Will it harm my baby ? Watery semen. Reasons? Had strep and took medication, sores on both cheeks and sides of tongue, yellow tongue. What can I do ? Experiencing excessive vaginal lubrication, had a partial hysterectomy. How can it be reduced ?
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