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Underactive thyroid,synthroid,irregular period,PCOS,trying to conceive Penis chancre, TPHA 640 titre, Penicillin injection, umbilical cyst Urinalysis,putrid smelling urine,endoscopy,bile reflux,acid reflux,inflamed larynx Shared shaving tools, sterilized by boiling. Chances of HCV? Blood pressure,anxiety,panic attacks,lisinopril,liver issues Stress, panic attacks, electrolyte imbalance in QT prolongation Higher dosage of atarax.Side effects? Anxiety, panic attacks, irregular heart beat, cardiac problem? Pulmonary tuberculosis,akurit 4,severe back pain Fasicular tachycardia,long voyage.Safe? Cold, runny nose, popping ear, swollen face. Aneurysm or sinus? Sudden ejaculation, nervous High blood pressure,cough,ramipril,difficulty conceiving Coughing, white viscous phlegm, taken Ciprofloxacin, chest pain, uneasiness Hepatitis A, fever 101-104, hemoglobin 7.2. Cancer? Quit alcohol, withdrawal symptoms, depression, anxiety, diminished libido Steroiids,surgery,ammonia,mucous,colonoscopy Contraceptive removal,irregular period.Possible pregnancy? Headache, dizziness, hypertension, taken betahistine and robaxin, nausea. Catarrh? Fibromatosis,foot pain.Surgery? Dizziness,bowel movement,unconsciousness Red growth on vagina Sore collar bone, no breakage in x-ray, lymph node swelling Side effects of weight loss medications, high blood pressure and heart rate Sebaceous cyst infection on leg, painful red patches, swelling in leg due to varicose veins? Car sick, vomiting, taken dramamine UTI,avelox,fatigue,pain,flu Severe acne,hemochromatosis,accutane Colonoscopy,rectal pressure,inflamed bowel movement Off contraceptive pill, brown discharge, pregnancy test negative Heartburn,antacids,rantacadine,pressure under ribcage Black pigmentaion on face,high melalin production,chemical peel Headaches,advil,neck pain,pressure,pulsations Pain in the lungs, normal CT scan report, possible viral bronchitis Discomfort on upper left abdomen,diarrhea,water in toilet red,two glasses of hawaiian punch Previous shingles. Causes positive herpes test? Blood test,bacteria few,RBC 3.46,mean corpuscular hemoglobin 34.2 Dog bite, immunized for rabies, cleaned with peroxide, iodine. Doses of TT? Low sperm count, decreased motility, hormonal factors, no smoking, no drinking Episode of angioedema,hives,thyroid with no deficiency,steroids and histamine Red marks, acne, dry skin, bleeding, flaking AST 56, ALT 118, preeclamsia, gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes Itchy vagina, tender, red bump, full of blood, painful Hands numb, warm arms, chest pain, type 2 diabetes, metformin. Clogged artery? Irregular periods after childbirth, vaginal discharge after taking birth control pills IgA nephropathy, hematuria, calf edma, protein in urine, idiopathic edema IgA Nephropathy, hematuria, persisting idiopathic edema Very low blood pressure,BP 95/50,pulse 90-100,frequent urination,normal temperature,weakness,dizziness,back pain Skin blisters for a child, Pyoderma Gangrenosum? Diabetic medication during pregnancy safe for fetus? Sinus drainage, cough, phlegm, feverish taste, bad breath, coated tongue Unprotected sex, sore throat, swollen lymph node, red blotches. HIV infection? Aortic valve replacement, porcine valve, leak, murmur. Rollercoaster safe? Abdominal discomfort after alcohol, subsides after eating Rhinoplasty, taken Oxandrolone, Clenbuterol. Effect on rhinoplasty? Acid reflux, chest discomfort, anxiety, dizziness, neck pain, taking Xanax, acid reducer Bruises on skin without injury, blood disorders or liver problems? Pinworms, taken Mebendazole, anal itching, rigid scrotum, weeping fluid Labile hypertension, taken Metopolol, Losartan, BP fluctuation during menstruation Pain in lower abdomen, pain in testicle, prostrate gland inflammation Lump below ear, fills like cyst, minimal pain Cocaine, fever, sweaty, diarrhea. Hepatitis C or HIV? Took colmid, pregnant via IVF. Effect on FSH levels and follicle count? Abdominal pain, constipation, headache, fatigue, weakness, absolute:neuts 1.7 Taken Vyvanse, Clonazepam, Lorazepam, Ambien. Danger? Strep throat, UTI, side effects from Avelox. Cipro advisable? Tattoo, improper sterilization. Chance of HIV and hepatitis C? Itchy labia minora, reddish, white dry stuff, applied Sorbelene cream Cold, sore throat, ear infection, on antibiotics, symptoms still persist Interstitial pneumonitis, burning from incision to nipple, taken pain pill Can smoking cause Eustachian tube blockage? RT-PCR test for Dengue, fever, urine test negative Elevated triglycerides levels, medication needed? Recovery period after TURP procedure, had chronic prostatitis Diabetic neuropathy, low potassium levels, medication side effects Elevated liver enzyme levels after binge drinking GERD, hiatus hernia, medicinal interaction? Drug interactions of Ramipril and Valerian Irregular heartbeat, no chest pain, Mitral valve prolapse. Bursitis medication safe ? Use of stents in cardiology, anticoagulant medications, had stress test, carotid ultrasound Rashes on the penis, dry foreskin. Is it allergic problem or STD? Burning pain and redness on the pelvic area, on antibiotics Phimosis, preputioplasty, effect of steroid ointments IUI, no follicle left in ovary, pregnancy chances? Swollen neck glands, sinusitis, FNAB to rule out malignancy White powdery stool, diarrhea, weight loss, Giardiasis Headaches, anxiety, feeling sick, shaking hand Hypothyroidism, insomnia, depression, mood swings, high level of antibodies Chronic asthma, gall bladder removal, IBS, weight loss methods? Anxiety and pain medication during pregnancy, abortion chances? Discomfort in testicle and penis, STD tests negative, chances of epididymitis Feeling pulse in the teeth, tingling sensation, is stress a reason? Drug interaction of alcohol and depression medication On medication for congestive heart failure, vertigo symptoms Fatigue after mononucleosis relapse, vitamin supplementation dosage Cough with chorine tasting sputum, bacterial bronchitis On TB medication, rashes on penis, phalloplasty for penis enhancement Blood in stool, hemorrhoids, non-surgical treatment options Fluttering sensation behind the ear, congestion in the middle ear Gall bladder stones removed, elevated LFTs, persisting pain after surgery Bumps on skin, skin tags, molluscum contagiosum, benign? Fatigue, symptoms of viral infection without fever Inflammation in eye due to accidental fall of dye, antibiotic drops, early treatment needed GIST, tumor of connective tissue, treatment options? Missed periods, pregnancy test result negative, accuracy of home pregnancy tests Red blisters on penis after intercourse, chances of STD Delayed periods after taking birth control pills, pregnancy test negative Pain in the arm, nausea, hypertension, not on medication PCOD, diabetes, on medication for dysfunctional bleeding, advice on medicine dosage Mucus in stool, is it a concern? Swelling at the back of the head, pain in the neck muscles, head injury? Prickly heat rash in infants, use of aloe vera safe? Severe stomach cramps, anti spasmodic medication Tachycardia, stent placement done, triggers for racing pulse Vaginal itching and discharge, transmission of bacterial vaginosis Pain in the chest after physical activity, scoliosis, viral brobchitis Nausea, loose stools, retching, no vomiting, mucus in cough. Is it due to gall bladder problem? Staphylococcal infection in the semen, recovery period Crohns disease, hemoptysis, bleeding from mouth Lumps in the vagina, discharge, chances of genital warts Thyroid hormone levels and hypothyroidism Autoimmune encephalopathy, on steroid medication, Cushing side effects shown, medication tapering required Something stuck in throat, indigestion, overeating, had flu. Lime seed stuck? Constant swallowing of excessive saliva, anxiety, obsessive thinking Birth control pills, weight gain, family history of fibroid cysts, breast enlargement Growth on the side of uvula, no pain, chance of malignancy White spot on the penis, is freckle dangerous? Allergic to molds, ear, nose throat infection. Antibiotic usage safe? Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation after the use of verruca-freeze TURP procedure done, bleeding due to masturbation, recovery period Blood clot in the ureter after hysterectomy, surgical removal Done urine test EZ split cup, no drug abuse. Reason for amphetamine and opium positive? Hypertension, on beta blocker, recurrent bradycardia Diabetes, sleep apnea, morbid obesity, numbness in the left hand, chance of heart attack? Radiating pain along the jaw line, neck pain, headache at night Enlarged spleen and liver, biopsy done, diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, chemotherapy. Survival chances after treatment? Cyst in the breast, planning for breast implants, risk factors? Delayed periods, home pregnancy test negative, Beta HCG test for confirmation Nose bleeding, CT scan reports normal, fear of leukemia, radiation risks Abdominal pain, bloating, Upper GI endoscopy suggestion Discoloration of the teeth after injury, lymph node inflammation, FNAB needed Lump on the knee, no pain, should be concerned? Nerve pain, chest pain, no stress. Related to heart or brain? Numbness in the fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome Lower back pain, elevated SGOT,SGPT levels, fatty liver Pain in the hip, diagnosed with tendon calcification and arthrosis, blood test normal, calcium reabsorbed. De calcification methods? Hearing loss, ear blockage, chest disorder, used nose spray and hot obus oil Acne scars removal, laser treatment, derma roller treatment Hard lump on the knee, no pain, malignancy chances? Tail bone injury, flu, difficulty standing, sitting, sneezing, coughing Persisting sleep apnea after CPAP therapy Pain in the abdomen after a fall, chest and abdomen x-ray suggested Skipping heartbeat, taken Tenormin, worn holter monitor, echo, have svt, mvp, pvc, pac, aneurysm Intermittent shallow breathing, acidity, normal vital signs, no cough, no mucus, no temperature Fungal infection, taking Onabet V1. Is it safe to become pregnant now? Black spots on the tongue, hyperpigmenation Fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, low vitamin D levels, anxiety disorder? Anxiety, depression, palpitations, on cezarette, side effects? Excessive saliva production, low concentration. Reason? Difficulty in erection, colonosopy done. Is the erectile dysfuntion due to the test? Dizziness, imbalance, arm vein pumping hard, skin moving, ECG, BP Pain in the rib cage after unprotected sex, HIV and STD tests negative, stomach discomfort, LFT Red blotchy skin on the lower abdomen, Chances of herpes? Breast cancer, CT scan shows pericardial effusion, on oxygen support and pain medication Burning sensation on the arm , Anxiety, methylcobalamin supplementation for nerve compression Swollen glands, fatigue, clogged ears, blurry vision, had CT scan, had surgery for sinus infection. MRI? Persisting pain in the finger after injury, difficult to bend the knuckle. Reason? Bruising on right upper arm, right let, below knee, due to fly to Paris. Advice? Uterus fibroid, had miscarriage, delivered premature baby. Best doctors? Depression, ADD, taken Abilify, Paxil, Concerta. Risk of weight gain offset by Concerta? Erectile dysfunction, testicular lump, less semen, taken prohormone, Nolvadex, Clomid, post cycle therapy. Low testosterone? Hair fall, not genetic. Medication? Excessive nausea during pregnancy, pregnancy discontinued, irregular motions. Medication to avoid vomiting? Passed A1 medical test, color vision test, fog test. Details about 100 Hue color vision test? Headache, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, sudden temperature drop, very cold at times Tremors, anxiety, weak limbs, taken Thyronorm, calcium, Pregeb, thyroid antibodies, had bronchial asthma Stomach heaviness, no kidney pain, no appetite, taken acidity tablet, have kidney stone MGUS, bone pain, fatigue, no fever, soreness in axilla, cardiovascular disease, GERD, and RLS Severe pain, cat scan, bone and femoral intertraction, pelvis area hurt, sigmoid colon removed, anti inflammatory pain relieving medications, opioid analgesics Anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder, nervousness, vertigo, acupuncture, neck injury, muscle pull at the base of the skull, poly cystic ovarian disease, anemia Depression, suicidal tendency, disinterested in studies, stays aloof, does not talk Giving ragi without milk to 6 month old baby, Cerelac, less milk. Diet fine? Had 4 miscarriages, 39 years old. When most likely to ovulate? Arm pain, High ALT, not overweight, taken Hep B and A vaccine. Hepatitis C symptoms? Anxiety, depression, taken iron supplements. Anxiety due to overdose of iron? Failure to maintain erection, menopausal wife has no sexual desire Abdominal cramps, soreness, vaginal discharge. STI or TSS? Hair thinning, want to take Minoxidil Abdominal pain, feel sick after eating and drinking fizzy pop, taken Spasmonal, Nurofen Sore throat, headache, taken methylprednisolone, ibuprofen, celebrex, CT scan, had kidney pain Testicular and rectal itching, taken antibiotics, had chlamydia Bump on penis, had unprotected sex. Herpes or Syphilis? Tightness in kneecap, done P90-X type workouts for 8 months High BP, not smoking, not drinking, no salt, strength training, taking thyroid medication, relocated Excessive weight loss, type 2 diabetes, blood sugar out of control. Diet? Missed heartbeats, stress test, had heart palpitations Accidental injection of vitamin B12, found blood. Worry? Hip pain, done acupuncture, had back pain after tummy tuck and lipo. Correction of pelvic misalignment? No urine, body tightening, taken insulin due to diabetes Gonorrhea, taken Ceftriaxone. Correct medication?
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