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Elevated sugar levels in urine Ringing in the head. Causes? Blepharatis gland blocking. Using warm compress to loosen oil. No tears, blurred vision, swollen eyelids. Allergic to clorfenical drops. Any damage to eyesight? Severe cough. Dust and smoke allergy. Medication? Chalazion on the eyelid. Non-surgical treatment? Can get TSS from wearing a pad for long hours? Does my blood report indicate liver or kidney disease ? Swollen belly button with bleeding. Using antiseptic cream. Treatment? Severe itching in armpit and groin area, diagnosed with pressure dermatitis and heat production, prescribed steroidal cream. Advise? Have genital herpes since long, pathology report of WCC, WBC, lymphocyte, Eosinophil. How to get normal range? Tired, sore upper back to the neck, light headaches. Reasons ? Persistent bleeding from penis, had TURP and scar tissue removal surgery, catheter removed, confusion about taking fluids Nervous, jittery and edgy feeling, diagnosed essential tremor of neck. Remedy? Heart palpitations since long, nausea, hot flashes, sharp short headaches, skipped heart beats, ECG and blood tests normal.Worry? Irregular periods, tubes removed through surgery. Vaginal fluid mixed with blood, big clots in blood. Causes for symptoms? Severe middle back pain, worsens on eating. Heart, spine, ribs and stomach test done. Causes for back pain ? 3 months baby vomiting milk 5-6 times. Dr advised 1 mg of domperidone with Gaviscon. Expert advice required 4 year old male child, symptoms of coughing. Circumcision surgery planned. Safe to perform ? Pain and ringing in ears after flight descent, used ear drops, awful sensation while moving head, loss of balance, high BP, taking thyroxin Mild lower back pain. urine test done, shows HGB, WBC, RBC. Urine infection? Cut left thumb, had 5 stitches, given LA. Feels sore, twitching. Anything to worry ? Bleeding for four weeks. Stopped taking birth control midway through the pack. Ways to curb the bleeding ? High BP. On diltiazem, terosozin medication. BP lowered significantly with lower dosage. Regression of hypertension normal ? Urine test +ve and blood test -ve for pregnancy, light bleeding, felt bubbles in tummy, bloated stomach Difficulty in swallowing saliva Upper stomach pain, suggestion for gastric and colon cleansing Urine drug test positive, got urine in mouth who is regular narcotic drug user Wart like growth on scrotum and face, diagnosed with seborrhoeic keratosis, no heart problem Sticky head of penis, wet and cold feeling in penis, no discharge, had sex.Suggestion? Skin irritation, sore thick artery. Groin hernia operation done. Is the skin itch related to the operation? Diabetic since long. Type 1/ type2? Gastric bypass. On xanax, sipralexa. IMC done. History of HTA and asthma. Risks of gastric bypass surgery? Sleep disorder,anxious, eating disorder, stroke patient, taken nexito forte for depression, lost speech. Suggestion? Diagnosed migraine, tension headaches. CT scan done and normal. Can it be aneursym? Vaginal itching, left labia minora edges white, red rash on inside right labia minora, redness in area between vagina & anus Bitten by a mosquito behind ear, itching, red bumps, hard lump under the skin. Treatment for the lump? Small epididymis cyst. Ayurvedic or non surgical treatment available? Dengue fever for 5 days, Dr adviced for blood transfusion. Is he critical ? Sharp pain in leg while lying down, diabetic. Cause? Head collided with front glass of car in accident. Chances that glass particles remain in head, affected hair growth ? Had total thyroidectomy for papillary follicular cancer. Facial and neck swelling, ultrasound shows residual thyroid? Whats TBG level ? Sores on lips with clear fluid filled inside, pops and drains on biting, recurring condition. Causes and treatment options ? Facing pattern baldness, thinning in middle and w shape on crown. Which's better Xtin Plus & Morr F / Follihair & Morr F ? Blood test results show low RBC, Hgb, high MCV. On B-12 shots. Wants to do bone marrow biopsy. Lack of RBC due to bone marrow ? Diagnosed TB, taking AKT-4. Bad stomach problems. Side effects of AKT-4 ? 14 yrs old with sever joint pains, high protein, low sodium, primary hyperparathyroidism. Causes of joint pain? Trimethoprim medication. Can it cause tinnitus if taken for a prolonged period ? Dizzy spells, urge to urinate and defecate. Had kidney removal surgery due to large tumor. Causes for symptoms ? Chafing due to masturbation, penis sensitive during sexual activity. Surgery to increase length and width of penis ? Vericose veins in both cheeks of buttocks, protruding in different directions, burning sensation on sitting down, no chafing, rash. Cure ? Somebody who is on steroids can go with a baby to get polio vaccine? Anal rash, spreading, itchiness. Using acyclovir, cortisone creams, no relief. History of genital herpes. Causes for rash ? Usage of Bidanzen Forte prescribed by an ENT? Urinary tract infection. Taking cipro for one week. WBC and HPF in urine sample. Mild or severe infection ? Pea sized lump in the neck Diagnosed homozygous for C282 mutation in HFE gene. Arthritic and painful joints, frequent pSVT.Can phlebotomy resolve SVT, halt arthritis ? Unusual painless skin lesion on thighs, faded away turning greenish yellow. Signs of STD or immune system ? 79 year old, atrial fib, one pacemaker leads is high impedance, developed Vtac in 4 months. Anything to do with pacemaker ? 22 yr old, had anesthesia given for minor procedure, feeling fatigued, blurred vision, dream like state. Anesthesia problem ? Tooth pain. Taken three doses of advil liquid gel. Safe to take acetaminophen with codeine for pain relief ? Chronic headaches. Taking IM Toradol. Proper medication? Unable to conceive. Blood test shows low progesterone. Visiting a gynecologist. Tests and treatment for infertility ? Painful erection, tenderness in testicles. Possible prostrate infection. On antibiotics. Suggestion? Patchy hair loss, itchy scalp. Waiting for the blood report. Treatment? Nails trimmed, had a scratch. Risk of HIV ? Constant headaches, fatigue, nerve pains, disk issues, acid reflux. Had neck surgery for cord compression, heart ablation. What does it tell ? Increased breathing and sweating when exercising. Normal ECG. Taking Telvas. No sugar problem. What is it? Sore and splotchy throat. Taking Azithromycin. Allergic to bactrim and motrim. Cure? 17 month old with blister on the gum, fever. Given acetaminophen. Is the infection due to teething? T- bone collision in car accident. Severe abdominal pain, hernia, disc protrusion, high sugar. Can hiatal hernia be due to abdominal trauma? Having PCOS. Repeated cyst removals done through laparoscopy and aspiration. Taking Glyciphage and Krimson 35. Permanent cure? Noise in one ear. Any reasons? Patient of interstitial lung disease has developed severe ARDS, developed body edema. Will intubation help recover? Unbearable pain in right side of chest while sleeping. Causes? 35 year old feeling pusle on the lip. Is it a concern? Erectile dysfunction. Smoking addiction. Can it be cured in 3 months? Pain in the right side of the body when lying down. Reasons? Regular periods, trying to conceive, delayed by 2 weeks now. Home test gave negative. Can I be pregnant ? Having single kidney, Hypertension. Taking Nicardia, Nebicard and Aquazide. Risk factors? Can the blood from frenulum tear cause pregnancy? Suffering from cold and cough, taken A2Z with no help. Blocked ears, blowing nose problem. Cure ? Burning sensation in esophagus after meals, taking Rosavus after dinner. Any medications ? Having cold, headache, burning sensation in the throat. Taken allegra and Dolo. Remedy? Can Norvasc be taken with Viagra? Mri scan show non-specific signal changes in frontal and parietal white matter. What does it mean? Can Turmeric force be taken with Atripla medication? Pain in the esophagus and stomach problems after the open heart surgery. Mitral valve repair, aortic valve replacement done. On pacemaker. Is it GERD? Liver cirrhosis, low sex drive. Alcohol addiction. Treatment? Cord like vein on the penis. Causes? Can STDs be detected with blood test? Unsteady gait and vertigo. MRI showing Mild diffuse cerebral atropathy and ishemic changes of the pons. Can you simplify? Early periods. On birth control pills. Is it normal? Bruising on the cheek, black eye. History of chronic allergies. Why? Painless bump on the lips in the mornings Mass in placenta with no blood flow, 26 weeks pregnant. Fetus fine in the ultrasound scan. Chances of abnormalities to the baby? Occasional palpitation, mild hypertension. Taken metpureh. Medication changed to Asomex. Advice? Difficulty in retracting the foreskin of the penis. Circumcision needed? Have long-standing genital herpes. Done blood test. What should I do to get normal results? High blood pressure readings. History of thyroid cancer. Reason? Strange urine odour. No infection in the urine test. Reason? 11 year old with intermittent diarrhea and shaky spells after eating. History of ruptured tympanic membrane. Advice? Safe allergy medications during pregnancy? Fluid filled lump in the groin area, nausea. Diagnosed with gall stones. Biopsy not required. Causes? Belching problem, stomach pain and spasming with skin lesion break, elevated levels of troponin. Related? Heart attack? Bumps on the knee, started itching. What can it be ? Bruised skin on the elbow. No injury. No pain and swelling. Have to go for blood test. Advice? Had handshake and kissed forehead of a person having staph. Concerned about spread of infection ? Balance problem. loose motions, fatigue. All tests normal. What is the problem and its treatment? Constipation, mucus in stool, vomiting. Diagnosed with Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma and renal failure. On chemotherapy. Are these side effects? Had a surgical abortion 6 weeks ago, positive in pregnancy test after unprotected sex. Can I be pregnant ? Had vaginal hysterectomy, swelling in legs and thighs. Are these signs of clot or normal ? Having nipple discharge. Had breast/under arm examination, all normal. Taking cerazette. Worried ? Infected with Herpes zoster in early pregnancy. Taken acyclovir. Is it safe for the baby? Have bleeding during intercourse. Worried ? 26 yrs old, planning to conceive. IGG positive, IGM negative. Should I get rubella vaccine ? 45 yr old, had 4th stroke, left side paralysed, left lung flat, unconscious. Chances of survival ? Can I go through my health insurance to see a doctor and not risk losing my job if I have HIV? Stomach pain and bloating. Surgery done for tumor removal in colon. Temporary ileostomy done. Cure for the pain? Work on assembly paintline. Having bloated stomach, gas when at work. Possible reasons ? Can cephalexin be used for epididymitis ? Slow breathing. Concerned about clogged vein and blood flow changes. Bumps under the arms. Had a Hobo-spider bite. Is it cancer? Torn foreskin on the penis. Treatment? Traces of Albumin in urine during pregnancy. History of miscarriage. Is it risky? Fluttering feeling above the stomach area. Causes? Taken thoraxinne for sleeplessness. No effect. Why? Prolonged spotting in the first period. Is it normal? Pain in the knee, high blood pressure, overweight. On Fluoxetine. Is the weight gain due to medication? Epilepsy first time due to overdose of Proxyvon, Nitravate. Taking Valparin, no repeat attacks. Any precautions ? Painful red spots on the leg. What could it be? Taking medicines for social anxiety and depression. Do they cause erectile dysfunction ? Have brown pin point spots that open upon feet and hands, skin peels away. Tried all foot fungus products. Good medicine ? MRI of brain shows few lacunar ischaemic foci in bilateral cerebral hemispheres. Possible cure and precautions ? Taking regular cortisone injections for nerve blocks.Have joint pain, hypothyroidism ,weakness, reduced sex drive. Suggestions ? Sleeplessness accompanied by puffy veins, edema back heels, high triglyceride and increased hepatic echogenicity After treating potassium levels, get tingling sensations in upper body. Worse tingling after beer. Why? Haemoglobin and jaundice report out of normal range, urine test, digestion normal. Cause & cure? A shot of MDVP resulted in dizziness, vomiting blood with yellow substance, leg and hip pain, numbness Back pain, chronic diarrhea. Diagnosed with T-12 stenosis, spinal cord injury. Done MRI, ultrasound and blood test. Suggestions? Hard tender bruised knots on knee. History of 3rd stage SLE Lupus. Advice? Depressed by small penis syndrome. Nexito, clonazepam caused side effects. How to fix it? Result of CAT scan shows prominence of left ovary. Suggests cancer? Diagnosed with BPH and hydrocele. Periodic invasive drainage a better option? What body fluid in scrotum? High BP suddenly. HTN in family genes. Is it harmless to exercise? A lump on the eyelid with no pain or redness, in oval shape. Harmful? Weakness and dizziness, allergy reaction to glue on nitroglycerin patch. Due to weight loss programme? Had a fusion 360. Can it result in strange pain and tingle in arms, shoulders and upper back? Can mouth sores be a symptom of Giardiasis? 28 year old with OCD. On Fluvoxin CR. Mild symptoms still persist. Advice on stopping medication? Burning and tingling of legs after using new salt for a bath for a pregnant lady. Worry about the baby? Have reacted badly to diovan for G6pd. Lisinopril not in list. Other options? How many treatments should I expect to clear the warts on penis for a reasonable amount of time? Reddish bruise appeared on arm, painless with normal blood reports. What is this? Pricking in abdomen, jumping nerve in buttocks, electric shocks under arm and pain in foot after chemotherapy for breast cancer. Stool smelling like burnt hair and watery. Is it a symptom of any disease? Extreme pain on left vagina, swollen and hard. Took pain medication. Why is nothing helping? Dizzy, high blood pressure, stress due to emotional trauma. Can that be the cause? Prostate cancer has spread to abdominal lymph nodes on the aorta. Advised hormone therapy. What do you suggest? Do house moulds cause heart Arrhythmias ? Itchy rash, nausea, low grade fever, am nursing baby. Taken probiotics. Can I be allergic to it? Can it cause symptoms? 5 year old having itching on the body, no rashes. Taken Amoxil for sore throat. Drug reaction? After gallbladder surgery, HIDA report showed low ejection fraction, endoscopy showed inflamation. Possible pancreatitis? Foamy urine. High bilirubin levels in urine test. Diagnosed with Gilberts syndrome. Should I be worried? Child got diarrhea after overdosing on Vitamin C lozenges. Now feels better. Should I be worried? Using Maxoza to increase sperm count. Have varicocele. Other capsules to improve motility? Abdominal rash, no itching or pain, raised and red. Applied Neosporin. Urgent and liquefied BMs. Any idea? Heavy bleeding, Norethisterone worked temporarily, using nappies to absorb blood. Should I stop taking tablets? Trying to conceive using IUI, regular travelling job. Will that affect the chances of conceiving? Pain and heaviness in testicle, occasional dizziness, no pain during urination and no discharge. Hyperactive one day and very quiet the next day, fragile, depressed. Is this bipolar disorder? Treatment? Heavy bleeding with cramps after delayed periods. Blood is jelly-like. Is it early miscarriage? Ear pressure imbalance, tinnitus, stuffy nose. No sinusitis. Taken Allegra, Ebastine. Want permanent relief. Will Kill Kilo help me lose weight? Have underactive thyroid gland and recently had a baby. Swollen and painful testicle, creamy discharge from penis after waking up in the morning. Lose power in legs and neck in a fit of laughing, don't make a sound, have a deep internal laugh. What causes this? White mucus in stool even after cleaning anal cavity with enema. Have HIV, am gay and smoke meth. Eye flashing a few times a day and seeing black floaters all day. Swollen forehead after injury, did not lose consciousness. Have put ice and taken Ibuprofen. Anything else I should do? Newborn has unfused tongue. What is hypoglossia? Known treatments? Lump on the scrotal skin. Treatment? Itchy anus before bowel movements, unable to control bowel movements. What could be causing this? Hives on scalp, itchy. Developed after taking penicillin to go to the dentist. Will emergency contraceptive pill affect the results of a smear test? Taking Microgynon, ovulation kit shows not ovulating. Should I worry? Throat pain with burning sensation, white spots on the tonsils, swelling and pain. Cure? Red, shiny and raised spots on scrotum and penis. Not painful and no blistering. Concerned about herpes. What is the mechanism of discrepancy between cued vs. spontaneous performance in the context of heightened emotion? Pontine CVA. Twisting and turning of stomach and pain after eating fish. What could this be? Altered body odor. Not on medication. Is it a symptom of a disease? Child has no vision in eye, can see only white. Pain after pyeloplasty surgery. Had kidney stones and stent removed. Growth or scar tissue or nerve damage? Mouth ulcers. Taking Epilim and Tegetrol. Side effect of medications? Do I have rosacea? Swollen and painful nose, burning and itchy cheeks, dry skin, bad allergies. Have urticaria. Pain in the arm muscles. Remedy? Anxiety, feel uneasy with unwanted thoughts. Taking Alprazolam and Sertraline. Unprotected homosexual incident. Have open cyst above anus. Can I get infected with HIV via the cyst? Tender knot on the knee after a fall. What to do? Orange discharge while urinating after having sex, burning inside. Is the discharge and burning connected? Stomach pain, bloating, back pain and feeling of fullness. Bulky ovaries found in MRI. Suggestion ? Is it appropriate to ice swollen lymph nodes to reduce swelling? Appeared after ankle surgery.
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