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Feeling of something stuck in throat, white phlegm, no fever, mild pain in thyroid section of neck. Treatment ? Bloating, gastric problems, constipation, rectal pain On MTP, lesion on the cervix during pap smear , vaccinated for cervical cancer. Is colposcopy, cryotherapy required ? Bloated stomach, dizziness, off balance. Serious? Side-effects of Metpure XL 50, 'Losar A','Pantacid' Ayurvedic treatment for retroperitoneal fibrosis Rapid strep test negative, throat sore, tiny pus pockets on tonsil, on and off fever with chills, on azithromycin. Best medicine? Two bumps above penis area,painful pus filled bump,unprotected sex. Herpes or something else? Headaches, night sweats, MRI done. Menopausal symptoms? Extreme weight loss, loss of energy, popping sound under rib, heart palpitations, headaches, blood work, MRI normal. Causes ? Farting, fresh blood in stools, blood clots, on saline, wants to do colonoscopy, history of hemorrhoids and constipation. Treatment ? Cheesy vaginal discharge, vaginal and anal itching, sweating, taken acidophils, partner got itchy rash on penis after sex Skin rash in the base of spine, thigh muscle pain, fatigue. Reason? White coat hypertension, high BP, omron blood pressure monitor. Reading varies? Leg ache with swelling, pitting edema in ankle, extreme tiredness, had anemia Lymph edema, vein problems, addiction to subutex, panic attacks, red shiny blisters on feet. Treatment ? Erectile dysfunction, tight foreskin, history of asthma. Treatment? Dry skin on the penis, using eczema cream. Cure? How long should i use disposable underwear to avoid recurring jock itch? Unable to conceive, heavy periods, wants to take clomid, multiple fibroids in sonogram, MRI normal. Treatment ? Will stamlo 5 cause harm if consumed twice in 14 hours? Tender nipple, swollen breast, swollen vagina, tiredness, uterus and ovary removed, on thyroid medication Past experience with lady doctors, more caring, attentive, genito-urinary exams by male nurses. Okay to have lady as primary care physician for male patient ? Bloating, nausea, unprotected sex. Pregnant? Red itchy bruise on tailbone, had hard fall on tailbone, clears using A & D cream. Cause? Lump in the vagina, painful bloated stomach Painful bumps on the penis, unprotected intercourse. Is it herpes? Excessive sweating. Reason? Tests done for cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL, creatinine. Normal? Stomach ache, inflamed tonsils, given rocephin and augmentin, sonography done, density around appendice Bug bites like welts on arms,hands,neck,itchy and increasing in number,sore throat Sleep apnea,severe congestion in night with breathing problem using CPAP machine. Ideal setting for CPAP? Red bumps around hip, skin rash, not itchy. Treatment ? Dizziness, depression, anxiety disorder, on albedazole, wysolone, levipil, frazium, history of seizures, neurocystercosis. Cure ? Two ileums found in small bowel follow through study,CAT scan normal Soft lump on penis base, at intersection with scrotum. Treatment ? Penis bending backwards, peyronie's disease, abstinence from sex, no ejaculation, only masturbation. Causes for disease ? Saphenous vein stripped, soreness, lump, lymph node, on amoxycillin. Serious? Deep kissing, protected oral sex, unprotected oral sex, genitals to hands. Chances of contracting HPV ? High BP, on pacemaker medtronic model E1DR01, good health. Okay to travel by flight ? Hair loss, hair transplant surgery. Normal hair growth possible after surgery? Rheumatism, pain and swelling in joints, on allopathy, ayurvedic, homeopathic medication. Treatment and diet suggestions ? Pre-pregnancy counselling, taking folic acid Frequent sneezing. Allergy or Sinusitis? Pregnant, weight gain. Pregnancy and delivery guidance? Pain in the foot, stiff knee, difficulty in bending the knee Blisters on the nose, swelling, sunburn, taken advil. Treatment? Pimples, taken Isotropin, laser treatment done. Permanent cure? Low sperm count. Infertility chances? Pain in shoulder and arm, breathing trouble, taken Aleve. Chances of any lumps? Numbness in leg and feet while sitting, lower back pain, overweight, on vegan diet. Is it a pinched nerve? Constipation, insulin resistant, edema in the legs, used colon cleansers and laxatives Lump in the breast, lobular carcinoma, biopsy and mammogram done. Chances of malignancy to other organs? Semen analysis report. Normal? Doubt having Cancer, pdf attached for reference High stress, growing fatness. Anti depressants helpful? Low testosterone, dizziness, hyperthyroidism, low LH, FSH, TSH, high T4, had right testis orchiectomy, history of testicular cancer. Treatment ? Pain under the rib cage, abdominal pain, pain while breathing. Need immediate care? Bleeding after sexual intercourse Prostatitis, chlamydia. Prescription needed? Enlarged spleen with pain, high calcium in blood, weight loss, nausea, tested for sarcoidosis. Diagnosis? Painful bowel movement, greenish stool. Treatment? Enlarging bump on the chest, reddish swollen skin Plugged ears, pregnant, taking sudafed. Is it safe? Swollen leg after injury, discoloration of the calf Red tag hanging, bleeding, yellow discharge Whitish tongue, swollen taste buds, using Hexetidine mouthwash Frequent flatulence, regular meals at correct times, no food allergies. Treatment ? Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy detected. Treatment? Shoulder clicking, pain in arms, elbows, sore wrists, not injured, pain in muscles on waking up. Causes ? Genital warts, chronic condition, PAP test normal. Chances of it being contagious and recurring ? Sciatica, done MRI scan, post delivery exercises Non penetrative sex with sex worker, masturbation, no exchange of body fluids. Chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases ? Sex with prostitute, oral sex, masturbation, no exchange of body fluids, history of genital herpes. Chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases ? Lip twitching, nausea, dizziness Condom break, swelling, yellow discharge, used savlon. STD? Lack of penis sensitivity during sex, delayed ejaculation, normal sensitivity during oral sex. Due to vaginal secretions ? Pain in the knee, hole under the knee cap, no meniscus tear, done X-ray and MRI Two months pregnant, urine infection, on rantac-d. Safe to take niftas medication ? Weight loss, loose stools with mucus, lumps on abdomen, stomach tightness, diabetic, blood count and stool samples normal. Bowel cancer ? Cirrhosis, alcoholic, lethargic, breathlessness, had a transfusion. Treatment? Power in both eyes, lasik surgery, cosmetic surgery. Advantages and disadvantages ? Injury on shin, knee cap injury, swelling, painful, numbness. Serious? Trichomonas contraction, vaginal irritation and pinkish discharge after treatment Frequent urination, pressure on penis, on antibiotics, not urinary infection. Causes ? No periods, stopped Nor QD birth control pills, negative pregnancy tests. Causes for delay ? Throbbing and tingling in head, vein or muscle inside head, episode lasts for few seconds.Causes ? Limb lengthening surgery, duration for complete treatment, wants to gain height. Safe to do surgery ? UTI, penis itchiness, urine incontinence, kidney stone surgically removed. Treatment ? Mouth ulcers, tooth pain, chronic condition, recurring. Dental or gastro problem ? Quick pulse on left side of neck, temple, left arm pain, fatigue, diaphrea, EKG normal. Treatment ? Bone age of seventeen, stunted growth, facial hair, on cortisone, X-ray done, growth chart flat. Treatment ? Ring worm infection, on ring guard medication, temporary relief, problem recurring. Treatment ? Tonsil cancer, spread to lymph nodes, throat, lungs and other organs not affected, no radiation, surgery preferred. Life expectancy ? Took a fall, pain in left butt cheek, swelling and pain worsening. Treatment ? Pain in the foot, collapsed foot joint, Plantar fasciitis, steroid shot taken, no improvement. Treatment options? Constipation, bleeding with stools, white yellow mucus, no medical history. Antibiotics required ? Extremely high blood sugar, keytone urine test normal. Emergency situation ? Fibroids, heavy bleeding, abdominal discomfort, on progestin, wants to try birth control pills, wants to do myomectomy. Safe to fly ? Post natal heavy bleeding, cervical erosion, ployp in cervix during first pregnancy. Second pregnancy risky? Scar tissue on brain, poor leg reflexes, unable to sleep deeply, on baclofen medication. Treatment ? Dark patches on penis, spreading condition, no pain, no increased sensitivity. Causes ? No blood in urine, stools, prostrate biopsy performed. Can I resume sexual activities ? Rectum cancer stage four, fatigue, on chemotherapy, low platelet count in blood test, high CEA count. Treatment ? Recently married, low sperm count. Treatment to increase sperm count ? Small lump on the upper left side of pelvis, tender to touch, twinges while walking. Treatment ? High blood pressure, prostatitis, seminal leakage on getting aroused, urinating. Treatment ? Married, don't want a child for one year, on leotte pills, less bleeding during periods. Safe to take to prevent pregnancy ? Blue vein on the face of the child, had swollen node and cough. Is the blue vein normal? Back pain, right shoulder and buttock pain, unable to sit continuously High fever, on azithral, sinarest, crocin, loss of appetite. Side effect of medication ? Low sperm count, pus cells, epithelial cells in sperm report, no medical history. Cure ? Flu, on vitamins, drink juices, recurring condition, infection contracted from others. Treatment ? Wound in peri-anal area, on many medications, wants to do colostomy, skin grafting, biopsy normal. Treatment ? Calf muscle cramps, sore and tender calves, played golf . Cause? Genital warts, chronic condition, new sexual partner, not recurring now. Chances of it being contagious ? IBS, E-hystolica in stool report, stomach pain and cramps while taking metrogyl. Do I need antibiotics? HIV test report. Result reading? Tight and swollen chest after eating, pain in breast bone, followed with bowel movement, gall bladder removed Masturbation addiction, unable to stop, performed before sleeping. Treatment ? High blood pressure, Stomach cramps, taking lisinopril, prozac and ativan. Cramps due to medication? Job stress, indigestion, loss of appetite, dark urine, reddish pink in color, ectopic pregnancy few years ago, no other medical history. Treatment ? Bipolar disorder, taken depakote, want to restart medication. Any new alternate medication? Blood on pillow, have severe coughing, smoker. Advise ? Dark red blood post ejaculation, urination, pinching sensation, sore penis, irritation. Treatment ? Unprotected sex, withdrawal method, last day of periods, on TriSprintec, missed pills. Okay to take Plan B emergency contraceptive ? Cough, runny nose, headache, fever. Allergy? Unprotected sex on fertile days, pulling sensation in vagina, burning post urination, delayed periods. Chances of pregnancy ? Difficulty in urination, burning. Cause? Headache, abdominal spasms, fatigue, pet having worm infestation. Chances of contraction? Stress, anxiety and depression, taken citalopram, discontinued medication, withdrawal symptoms Vaginal bleeding post sex, history of chylamidya infection in partner, symptoms cleared post antibiotics. Chances of recurring infection ? Chronic bilateral knee pain, stage four osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, on oxycodone, xanax. Treatment ? Weight gain, body hair loss, hypothyroidism, on steroids and thyroid medication, MRI done, history of SLE. Reasons? Very Low B12 levels, taken B12 shots and supplements, no result.Cause? On birth control, took all pills, two sex partners, diarrhea, positive pregnancy tests. Tests to determine father of the child ? Asymmetrical chest, build up of cartilage, no pain, X-ray done. Okay to treat through chiropractor ? Bleeding during intercourse, stomach cramps, enlarged uterus due to fibroids, done pap test Black/purple bruise on eyelid, on cholesterol and BP medication.Suggestion? Clay colored stool, had diarrhea, vomiting and white stool Hit on the head, knot, chronic condition, hard, no pain, skin moves freely over it. Treatment ? Back pain, joint pain, fever, chills, upset stomach, headaches, on salonpas medication. Treatment ? Lump on back near shoulder blade, non tender Quick pulse, low BP, indigestion, nausea, vertigo, doing body trim, history of mobile gallstones, asthma. Treatment ? Can take steam bath while taking warfarin? Bitten by stray cat, took rabies vaccine rabavert. Side effects of encephalitis, meningitis ? Back acne. Remedy? Dizziness while lying down, getting up, episode lasts for few seconds, on medication for heart problems, depression. Cause of concern ? Elevated liver enzymes, on aleve for tooth pain, birth control, milk thistle medication, blood test, ultrasound normal, AST, ALT elevated. Treatment ? Advice on Pancreatic cancer Broad nose bridge after injury, not swollen Skin growth on the nipple, no pain Back pain, burning in stomach and throat, EKG and ECHO done, have anxiety and GERD. Chances for heart attack? Factor XIII deficiency, bleeding. Other diagnosis methods? Pain in the upper chest, difficulty in bowel movement. Pulled chest muscle? Soft stools, stomach flu symptoms, stomach ache Vaginal thrush, osteomyelitis tuberculosis, on antibiotics. Safe to have sex? Reading an Echocardiogram Burning in ankle and foot, pain in toes, no injury Infection on left elbow, puss formation, taken cephalexin and sulfameth Discharge from penis, tingling, itching, taken Metronindazoleg Low blood pressure and low heart rate, suggested pace maker Jock itch, red mark after treatment. Is it cleared? Delayed periods, bleeding after i-pill, unprotected sex. Chances of pregnancy? Elevated blood pressure in doctor's office, normal readings at home, taking beta blockers. Advice? Stomach virus, swelling and tightness in throat, vomiting. Swelling due to lymph nodes or inflamed esophagus ? Erectile dysfunction, taking penegra and atormac TG, history of high triglycerides, symptoms persist despite medication Testosterone results. Normal? HSV1, no symptoms in child, partner, no cold sores, test reading shows HSV1 antibodies, older infection. Treatment ? Pain in the hip, taking zerodol and shelcal, MRI to be done. Any other medication? Dehydration, headaches, hand tingling and swelling, chest pain, no medical history. Causes ? White patches on face, leg, white hair. Causes, medication, treatment ? High blood pressure, flu shot, aortic valve replacement surgery. Causes ? Low grade fever, fatigue, bloating, vaginal hysterectomy, normal ultrasound, blood test shows elevated monocytes, anemia. Treatment ? Pregnant , need Medical termination of pregnancy by pills Sudden severe body rash, small tumor, nodules in breasts, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical removal of tumor. Treatment for dermatomayositis ? Cough, mucus, on flovent for asthma, nasal endoscopy, sinus CT scan, chest X-Ray, pulmonary test normal, allergy test positive. Treatment ? Tumors on body, dry eyes, tremors in the iris, neurofibromitsosis, wants to do tests. Specialist recommendation ? Lower back pain, abdominal pain, blood in stools, nausea, dizziness, vaginal ultrasound normal, history of ruptured ovarian cyst. Causes ? No bowel movement, done saline enema, had diarrhea, stool tests -ve, diabetic and sleep apnea. Suggestion? Involuntary neck movement, MRI brain attached, was in shock over an accident, had spondylitis. Diagnosis and cure? Tiredness, diarrhea, headaches, heaviness in arms, legs, blood, thyroid, sugar, cholesterol tests normal, family history of celiac. Causes ? Gemzar, chemotherapy drugs. How long do they stay in the body ? Vomiting post meals, on omerprazole for acid reflux, family history of high BP, cholesterol. Treatment ? Pain during urination, no stone, no infection Erosive oral lichen plan after taking beta blockers, had essential tremor for long time. Non-pharmaceutical remedy? Good immune system, Should i go for flu shot? Respiratory infection, on mothers milk, ragi, cherry mixed with milk, cerelac. Diet suggestions for infants ? Had boil on penis, cured. Shall i worry as HIV or other STDs? Hair loss. Advice and Using helmet causing it? Fatigue, body pain, eye irritation, no medication, no medical history, detected weakness, nervousness. Treatment ? Retching, urge in rectum, stressed, rash outside anal opening, nausea, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, CT scan. Treatment? Why is my anus soiled repeatedly? Dark brown discoloration, on left labia minor of vagina, sexually active, one partner. Causes ? Psoriasis skin disorder. Ayurvedic, homeopathic and allopathic medication for treatment ? Sudafed taken in combination with cipralex. Drug interactions ? Diabetic, back pain, knee joint pain, on diapride plus, piosys, fiabtor medication, high tryg-levels. Treatment ? AVM of left breast, breast implants. Surgeries caused AVM? Sliding hernia at esophagus and duodenitis, endoscopic report, gastroenterologist. Curable? Headaches, fear of aneurism, pulsating, on advil, MRI, CT scan normal, family history of kidney stones and high BP. Risks of getting aneurism ?
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