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How is acute cholestasis treated during pregnancy ? Low sexual drive, tiredness, depression. Reason? Swelling in lower abdomin, total hysterectomy, above scar. This is? Reduced GFR, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, night time flank pain, severe raynaud's, carpal tunnel, LVH history, chest pain, migraines How is bone cyst or osteoporosis treated ? On hydroxycut, hair loss. Suggest. Pulmonary embolism, pulse deteriorates from physical activity, on coumadin, oxygen saturation decreased on exertion. Why? How are dents and depression in the skull treated ? What are the side effects of stopping betnovet ? How is brain aneurysm detected ? How are degloving injuries treated ? Dissection of ascending aorta,no pulse. Heroic measures needed? How is testicular trauma treated ? Small bumps on left side of nose,swollen,pain and sensitive both sides of nose and bottom ear,headache,migraine What is the dosage of meprate and provera ? What are the risks of infection from having mandible chin and cheek implants ? Overflow incontinence, bed wetting. Treatable? What is the treatment for catarrah? Fever, on temptal, acetaminophen oral, crocin drops, cavit, vitcofol, nasoclear drops. Medication okay? Are the white spots on the tongue due to dentures? White bump on labia majora, after period. Treatment? Blood circulation of baby and mother low, baby weight low. Increase how? What is the problem if I have tingling in my arms and feet? What is the reason for stomach ache,vomiting and leg pain for a 5 year old child? Melanoma, dark brown mole, peeled out. Serious? Palpitation, racing heart, burning hair smell, weight loss, generalized anxiety disorder, depression. Cancer? Should I have cramps and bleeding if I take birth control pills? Is there any need for a colonoscopy if i have reddish,blood like stools? Why are my liver enzymes high? Ecosprin 75, pregnant, bleeding. Affect the baby? What is the remedy for gynecomastia? What is the reason for severe lower back pain for a 15 year old female? Vasectomy, testicles pain, vas deferens was hardened, pain in lower abdomen Why did I get my periods early? Is excessive sweating caused due to diabetes? Should I worry about a renal cyst? Are blisters on penis normal for uncircumcised males? what is the remedy for heavy bleeding and period for 3 weeks? Why am I experiencing chest pain after meals? What can be the reason for pain in neck and one side of head that is worsening ? Why does my son have a purple rash that suddenly showed up on his knee ? Does a hard bump on the middle knuckle without flexibility cause any problem ? Adenomyosis, uterine and abdominal pain, severe bloating, bladder infections, irritated bladder. Serious? Should I have rinsed bruised forearm with hydrogen peroxide? Headache, right side of head, behind the ear, irritating, dizziness Is a cyst in mid cortex with calcification curable ? Can tightness in the head be a side effect of taking aspirin for some time now? Mushy bump on anus,herpes virus,HIV test negative,no bleeding,burning while diarrhea. Should proctologist be seen? Can discontinuing usage of Melacare cause reddishness in face? Is NSAID damage reversible ? Is bacigyl-n safe as a first medicine against lose motions for 10 month old baby? How should I use a FAS 3 kit ? CA Breast, chemotherapy, CT scan, pulmonary embolism, on acitrom, weakness. Suggest medication? Is frequent urination with stinging feeling sign of an infection ? Is a surgery required if I have shown improvement in the strength of my right hand ? Dizziness, off-balance, on antidepressants, temporomandibular joint syndrome. Suggestion? Will the follicle in my ovary effect my fertility ? Does taking ubi q 500 really help in improving erections ? Is dizziness after waking up from heavy sleep common ? Will a football hit at the temple effect my health as I'm 64 years old ? Should I wean the dosage of serquel while on HCG shots ? Partially red eye, strained eyes. Cause? Can red palms be a sign of hormonal changes? Can spasm of the esophagus cause fainting? Can an eye infection spread to the private parts? What can be done to treat postural dizziness? Endometriosis, ovarian cyst removal, depression, nausea, shivers, night sweats, abdominal pain, prolonged period. Help? Blood clot in leg, pulmonary embolism, swollen elbow, discoloration spreading, painful when touched Can you give me information about Staphylococcus simulans? Sucrase-isomaltase deficiency, intestinal enzyme deficiency, bowel resection, bowel ulcers, limited necrosis of bowels, NSAID damage, unconsciousness, weakness, hypoglycemia. Serious? How can I clear pigmentation on my face? Dry mouth, wellness and panel test, AST and ALT elevated slightly. Meaning? Should there be testicular pain after kidney donation? Do bath salts show up on routine nasal swab culture? Why do I have heavy bleeding? Pimple on clitoral hood, painful. Curable? Can breast cancer spread to thyroid? Can one get a false negative HLA B27 test possible? What oil can I use to numb sensitive penis for sex? Kidney tumor, burning sensation on back, aches. Serious? Seizure, gilbert's syndrome. Related? Should the fetus be terminated if HCG levels are high? Should I worry if my mouth got burned by hot food? Why does my penis become limp before sex? When should I check for follicle formation? Why do I have nagging pain near my rectum? What does a yellow and green discharge indicate? Why did I get swelling after a tuberculin test? Loss of sex life, heavy smoker, loss of interest. Advice? Cough, yellow sputum formation, on levofloxacin. Side affects? Cholestrol, triglycerides. Angioplasty essential? What is the pink tissue passed in urine? Is there a way to remove sebaceous cyst with minimal scarring? How should I deliver Berodual to my baby? Is it ok to take sleeping pills? Duralast, premature ejaculation. Medication recommended? Can't see clitoris, off-hormones, weight loss, tiny bumps, no reaction to stimuli Is Econorm good for a child with constipation? Hypertrophic acne scar, laser, steroid injection. Treatment? How can I grow taller? Does Crystal Meth affect the potency of insulin? Should I get side effects if I take Lisinopril? Bruise on my left calf, painful in shoulder blade, had c-section What can I do to reduce heart palpitations? Is it ok to have a hard painless bump on my collar bone? Fever, vomiting, bad appetite, on dolopar, entergerminia, domstal. Right treatment? Lumps on shins, calcium deposits, eating disorder, osteopenia, osteoporosis, magnesium citrate Why have I developed cough while taking Rotacaps? What can I do to soothe swollen, inflamed vaginal skin? Perspiration at night, dry cough, sperms in urine Do I need surgery if I have fibromyalgia? Head injury, sore neck, pain in shoulder blade What can cause sticky labia? Is surgery indicated if I have bulging disc? What could be a yellow and foul smelling discharge? What is your opinion about recurring pus filled bumps? Why do my hands freeze after exposure to low temperature? What can be done to treat bipolar disorder? What should I do if I have taken an overdose of Verapamil? What can I do to soothe itchy rashes on my penis? Is it worth taking chemotherapy for liver and pancreatic cancer? Is it safe to take penis enhancement pills? Is there a medicine to treat GERD ? Why do I have blood in my stools? Should we be concerned if the CBC reports are abnormal? What should I do if my child's gums are bleeding and smelly? How can I reduce my son's power from -11? On amlodipine, ramipril, simvastatin, high BP, erectile dysfunction. Take viagra after viapro? How is pinched nerve in the groin treated ? What are the possible results in a CT scan in case of mild pain just below left ribcage ? Contracting and blocking air flow after eating, walking and sleeping. Reason? Is it advisable to undergo an operation for right leg movement that was dysfunctional post Right Frontotemporoparietal craniotomy ? Sore throat, fever, night sweats, all reports normal. Cause? What is calcified granulomatous disease? Does it lead to tuberclosis or is it considered as tuberclosis ? TB of mesenteric lymph nodes, caseous granulomatous necrosis, quantiferon TB, on ethambutol, pyrazinamide, isoniazid, rifampicin, weight gain Dizziness, double vision, nausea, unsteadiness, spinning vertigo, endpoint nystagmus, subclavical steal syndrome, on meclizine, nortriptyline, zofran, lisinopril Duralast recommended to increase sexual desire? Does Vitamin B12 deficiency cause dizziness, eye twiching, cold feelings in legs and weakness ? Does belly growth indicate any tumor with history of Spondyloarthropathy ? Swollen and bruised knee, enlarged spleen. Okay to travel? Can mensovit plus be used for abortion or as an ECP ? Burning sensation in thighs, private area, blood in urine, heated sensation, bad smell, discomfort How is scabies, allergy and eczema treated ? How is Labrynthitis treated ? Pain in hip joints, post pregnancy, over weight, low vitamin D, on mega doses, pelvis pain. Permanent? Small penis, erection problems. Possible infertility? Can I pregnant from a sperm taken from a condom? Persistent bronchial infection, upper respiratory infection. Carbocysteine, N-Acetylcysteine or guaifenesin effective? How is muscle and soft tissue injury treated ? How can cold sweat with runny nose but no fever in 6 month old baby be treated ? Weak sexual desire, sexual performance weak. Reasons? How is melanin pigmentation controlled ? Is reduction in penile size possible ? What could be the cause of sore and tight feeling in penis while masturbating ? Are the bubbles on my stool fat or air? Does endovascular surgery cause loss of sensation in the penis ? How is Acute Coronary Syndrome detected ? Hip surgery, stress fracture, pain in groin, knee pains. Avascular necrosis? Can I take a double dosage of seroquel from the prescribed amount? Explosive diarrhea, cold, ankle pain, dry mouth, lower abdominal pain, IBS, intestinal ache. Meaning? How are pearly penile papules treated ? How are purple bruises caused and treated ? Do delayed periods indicate pregnancy ? Can I play badminton if I have cervical stenosis and cervical spondolysis ? Worried about penis size. Surmise the essential? How is GERD caused by anxiety ? What are the chances of pregnancy from unprotected sex after delayed periods ? How is Irritable Bowel Syndrome treated ? Missed period, unaware of ovulation, on susten 200, thyroxine, thyroid problem. Pregnant? Underarm discomfort, stingy feeling, itching, pain. Cause? How is erectile dysfunction in men treated ? Prolonged menstrual period, took Dicynone 500, urinalysis, cervical erosion. Cancer? Can pus cells in the semen affect the health of an unborn baby ? Norvasc, dizzy, sleepy. Suggestion? Can light tan stools be caused by a steroid shot? Can CT scan cause damage to the brain ? On Azax 500, winolap, throat infection, allergic to dust, cold, sneezes, sinus infection, antibiotic treatment How are stomach ulcers and infections treated ? History of high BP, strict diet, moderate exercises, on lisinopril, simvastatin. Salmon high on cholesterol? Are there any creams that can thicken penis skin and avoid inflamation and redness post sex ? Diabetes, suicidal, stroke, loss of sexual desires, penis half sized, depression What ointment must be used to treat penis warts ? Using a chastity device, CB-6000. Will the restriction of erection damage the penis? Are delayed periods, cramps in lower abdomen, soreness in breasts and erected nipples, signs of pregnancy ? Gallbladder removed, diarrhea, vomiting, tiredness. Reason? Prolonged itching of clitoris glans, anus, pessaries, urine like stench LFT results, SGOT 50.30, SGPT 71.40, protein 8.33, albumin 5.05. Treatment for high SGPT ? Low sodium, high liver enzymes, ear infections, overweight, psychotropic medicines, high cholesterol How is vitiligo treated ? How are irritated hair follicles causing folliculitis treated ? What is Cervical dysplasia ? What could be the cause of deep burning pains in sternum area and left rib cage ? How are chronic colds, running nose and sinus infection treated ? Is it OK to take white pills only even if amoxicillin is taken ? High BP, on metoprolol, lisinopril, diuretic, low heart rate Polycythemia vera, loss of balance, aphasia, dizziness, joints hurt, low hemoglobin Is sudden growth of warts above the base of penis a sign of any disease ? Does intake of Zentel 3 days prior to conception have any effect on the pregnancy ? Is it normal to have small amount of fluid in the cul di sac ? What is the cause and meaning of small amount of fluid in cul de sac ? Why do I have no discharge during ejaculation ? Does taking diabetes and blood pressure medications have any side effect ?
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