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How do I treat irritation due to hair dye? Can I have a baby with these semen analysis results? Can dientamoeba fragilis be passed from mother to fetus? How can Mild right renal dilated pelvicalyceal be treated ? Twisted foot, swelling, bruises, non healing fracture, stress fracture. Treatment ? How can the pain,infection and bleeding in the ear be treated? CBC, low red blood cell count, low WBC, low neutrophiles, cystic acne. Treatment ? Does medication for Autoimmune pancreatitis have any side effect on 5 week old pregnancy ? How can I treat a flutter in my chest? Post coital bleeding,pelvic examination,ultra sound,dark brown blood stain Treating aneurysm, bypass in iliac artery. Can both be done together ? Is a banana shaped gestational sac dangerous? Cipro,elevated PSA,biopsy.Prostate cancer? Why does my baby have red bumps on her feet? High prolactin level,irregular period,asthma,prednisone,diabetic,dostinex High fever,sore throat,normal blood work,ibugestic plus,secef,relent What treatment should be given for stomach pain, gas and vomiting? Vaccination for TB, inflammation, pus, covered with scab, green pus, deep wound. Treatment ? Safe period for unprotected sex Are white bumps on my lip due to herpes? Can sperms from a dead person be taken for fertilisation? What is the reason for feeling gassy and bulging of waist? What could be the cause of blood discharge instead of urine and a tearing feeling in penis ? Is a bacon like smell of urine due to urinary tract infection? How can I stop weight loss due to injecting bath salts? Why do i have regular palpitations? Why is my nipple becoming sensitive? How can lower back pain be treated? Why does my stool have a sweet smell? How can discoloration due to injury be removed? Is the irritation around my vulva due to a yeast infection? What should I do to treat hematoma? Is it normal to pass involuntary stool after a piles operation? Acne, stiemycin, scar repairex, dark skin near chin. Treatment ? Periods, no sex for 6 weeks, heavy bleeding. Pregnancy ? Severe flu,malaise,fatigue,sore throat,sneezing,virus,cold,ENT Does intake of Depakote, Zyprexa and Theralite by partner have any side effect on 6 week old pregnancy ? Vitiligo prepuce, psorasis on scalp, digestion, sleep, energy okay. Treatment ? Diabetes,hypertension,hypoglycemia,calcium deficiency,weigh gain How is itching and burning in the vagina treated ? What is the reason for pain in the frontal lobe area, disorientation and disconnectivity? Is a gland infection or cancer causing soreness in left breast with nipple erection ? Inflammatory arthritis, swollen hands, feet, anemic, enlarged lymph nodes. Treatment ? Heart palpitations, feeling faint, losing potassium. Treatment ? Is soreness in my left testicle due to CABG? Is it safe to breastfeed my 11 month baby if i get a lip augmentation with juvederm? Retinal detachment,pressure in eye,severe cold What is the remedy for black patch on my neck? What is the reason for difficulty in swallowing,throat pain and red and white patches on throat? Blood loss,abortion pills,iron tablets.Diet? How is brain fog treated ? Is it safe to have Zeet Expectorant cough syrup being 6 weeks pregnant? How can high bilirubin levels with Hepatitus A infection be treated ? What are the effects of sexual sadism? How to treat a bad cold, sore throat and coughing persistent for 5 days causing a marble-sized lump in throat ? Should i be concerned about low bp and palpitations? Headache,nausea,burping,white coating on tongue,dehydration,mucous on stool,diarrhea Swollen lymph nodes,headache,fatigue,protein blood tests HCG diet,stomach pain,pain in ribs,ulcers,prevacid Should my 5 year old who fell and hit his head be examined? What are the effects of Topamax taken after a bone marrow transplant? How is neck stiffness and soreness treated ? Why do i feel pressure in my bladder and constantly feel like urinating? How can worms in 1 year old child with low appetite be treated ? Why do i have sharp left abdominal pain when i breathe deeply? Should exposure to computer be avoided in case of myasthenia gravis or horner's syndrome ? MRI,lordosis,spondylosis,degenerative disc disease,arthropathy,osteophyte Nauseous,dizziness,accelerated heartbeat,fatigue,cramps,lactose intolerant How is clotisis treated ? Mirena coil,endometriosis,ovarian pain,hyteroscopy,hair loss,cystic fluid,abdominal pain MRI,renal cyst,no hydronephrosis,ovarian cyst What is the remedy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome? How can pain, blurred vision and photosensitivity in right eye be treated ? Semen analysis,no liquefaction,less motility,prolactin,estradiol Is pain in the heel of polio affected left leg due to mild fracture? Throat pain,ear pain,increased heart rate,thyroid problem,lumps,tingling Can smoking methamphetamine with Xanax 2 mg cause heart attack ? How much alcohol can i drink without increasing my weight? Will removing foreskin reduce pain while having intercourse? Can stopping intake of Cefdinir and Z pack for 2 days cause itching in fingers and palms ? Virgin,unsuccessful intercourse,penetration problem How to increase hunger/apetite after pancreas-kidney transplant? Cervical spine x-ray,normal bone density,cervical spondylosis,osteophytes Does deformation of skull towards the left post surgical treatment of Traumatic brain injury ? What is the remedy for sebaceous cyst under my right breast? What is the remedy for unbearable tailbone pain due to coccyxdynia? Thyroid operation, scar now weeping. Suggestion? What are the causes of splitting headaches during orgasm and how can it be treated ? Does "questionable vague area of irregular density adjacent to the left cardiac border measuring 1.8 X 1.7 cm." mean I have lung cancer ? Why do I have episodes of low modd, increased sleep, heavy head and lethargy every 2 -3 months ? Ejected semen, got it put physically, abnormal period. Pregnant? Regular outbreaks, genital herpes. Preventative medicine or measure? Will having synechai during 20th week of pregnancy cause problems? Blister on inner part of eye,bloodshot,visible veins Can going out in the heat or taking shower cause non-itchy red splotches all over the body ? How can Kidney failing, drop in pulse, bloating in abdomen and lethargy be treated ? Is a count of 36 million/ml and 50% motility rate enough to conceive? Does Uroscol 300 cause increase in SGOT and SGPT levels ? Is it safe to have anal sex 13 years after total colectomy with reattached small intestine and a J pouch? Is there any remedy to increase my pulse rate? Can multiple sclerosis cause erectily dysfunction and difficulty in urinating ? What could be the cause of pain in trachea while inhaling which increases while walking ? How can neck pain with headaches be treated while on antibiotics for sinus infection ? Kidney stones,lithotripsy,infection,ultrasound,scarred right kidney Is it safe to take Adipex for weight loss ? Ache and tiredness after tanning under the sun, joints swell, over weight. Lupus? Is it normal to have spotting in the first two days of periods and normal bleeding only from 3rd day ? Holter test,nuclear stress test,palpitations,prolonged OT,heart pains Are there any anti-inflammatory creams that do not damage the skin on penis ? Why did I faint after eating too many cherries and was unresponsive with my eyes open? Holter monitor test,common cold,cough,normal pulse rate,atenolol,arythmia,echo test normal ECG, sinus arrhythmia, intra-atrial conduction delay, borderline ecg. Serious? What could be the cause of pain in left scrotum area persistent for 4 months causing pain during ejaculation? Is it normal to have sudden high blood pressure post angioplasty in a diabetic - on insulin ? Ectopic pregnancies, bleeding, DNC, on xanax Does chemotherapy help in case of blast stage of Leukamia ? Exposure to sun,cold hands,varied heart rate What could be the cause of a lump on right elbow when pierced with a surgical needle has dark bloody fluid ? Is pressure and pain in my ears due to TMJ? Neurofibromitosis,headaches,recklinghausen disease Is a 'pop' sound when my baby fell on his head indicative of neck injury? What are the causes of arm weakness ? Can history of anxiety disorder lead to shortness of breath especially while eating and lying down ? What techniques are used for penis enhancement ? What are the exercises and diet one should follow to reduce fat ? Roof of the mouth red and white, holes, painful, swollen glands, ear pain, ear infection, sore. Treatment? Over weight, diabetic, on speed. Dangerous? Is lumbar drain procedure safe to maintain CSF flow developed post TBI ? Brain bleed, depression, schizophrenia effective disorder. Suggestion? Raised erythrocyte sedimentation rate,continuous allergy,ayurvedic treatment Hypothyroidism, thyronorm, depression, pepper and salt water, knee and back pain. Why? Loud heart pulse,problem sleeping Racing heart rate,normal ecg,normal blood work,normal sinus How do i deal with depression after an accident left me a paraplegic? Is there any alternative medicine other than Vertin, Biocobal forte for dizziness and pain in neck ? Why is there a growth on the back of my leg? What are these painful cracks on the foreskin of my penis? Nurocysticircosis, siezures, CT scan, MRI, perietal tuberculomas multiloculated, enhanced lesions, perifocal odema, raised Cho/Cr ratio, lipid lactet, ATT treatment, nuerocystic. Suggestion? How is valley fever treated ? Coronary artery disease,lung cancer remission,hypothyroidism,plavix,metroprolol Is it enough to take Micardis plus to maintain normal blood pressure ? Why do i experience sharp abdominal pain everytime i eat? Grade 2 anterior cruciate ligament tear, grade 3 lateral collateral ligament tear, lateral meniscocapsular separation. Meaning? Cluster of rashes below breast,swollen,reddish Should cartigen forte and miol be discontinued when planning to conceive ? Inflammation,belching,fatigue,diarrhea,dehydration,pulmonary embolism,diabetes How is pregnancy detected ? What are the side effects of Beta Glucan 3D ? Is it safe to drink semen a few days old? Menstrual irregularity,no PCOS,glucophage,raised blood insulin,ovarian cyst How is bent penis treated ? Why do I have abdominal pain and fatigue? Are my breasts hurting due to heavy period with clots? Frequent severe flu,back ache,normal blood work Physical test normal,gaseous and smelly stool How is sore throat treated ? How is back pain and pain during urination controlled ? Ovarian cyst,nacfil,irregular menstrual cycle,pregnancy test negative Acid reflux,esophageal ulcer,biopsy,zegerid,H-pylori,NSAID Ringing in ear,numb,warm ears,heavy head Does discontinuation of avloclor malaria and contraceptive pill cause delayed periods? Is my echo test result indicating any critical heart disease ? Does nail polish remover kill hair follicles ? What is Mitral regurgitation ? Hit in the ear,perforation of eardrum,minimal hearing Should i get a CT scan for my 7 year old who fell 12m on her back? What is the remedy for and constipation and gas due to gall bladder removal? Angiogram,echocardiogram,panic attack,SOB,sharp chest pain,smoker Hypochondriac,yellow bowel movement Chest pain,anoerexic,ritlin,seroquel,stress,laxatives,low blood pressure How is costochondritis prevented ? Is taking antibiotics during last 2 weeks of pregnancy safe? Why does my son get pain in his leg starting in his upper thigh when he walks? Bump on anus,purple,anal sex.STD? Overweight,irregular heart beat,stress,panic attacks,anxiety,holter monitor,ekg,ecg Multiple sclerosis,ear pressure,numb,sinus pressure,anxiety Cystic acne,bleeding on intercourse,brown discharge,no birth control,spironolactone Gonorrhea,chlamydia,chest pain,blotchy skin,weakness,heavy feet What causes high BP and kidney problems ? What is the white substance near my jaws and on my legs? Laziness,fatigue,constipation,premature ejaculation,disturbed sleep,acidity HCG test, pregnant, pain in abdomen, no yolk sac seen. Chances of miscarriage ? Anal fissure,lump,rectogesic cream,bleeding,infection,swelling,overweight How is primary lung malignancy treated ? Are extensive fibroadenosis symptoms of breast cancer? How is itching and skull depression treated ? What is the reason for heavy cough, breathlessness and chest pain? Gonorrhea,chlamydia,urethritis,inguinal lymph,large,painful Normal liver function test,fatty liver,inflammation Itchy scrotum,erection problem,erectile dysfunction Ablation procedure,infection,back pain,back surgery,laminectomy disectomy Dizziness,fatigue,heart condition,prolonged Q-T syndrome Looking for a marriage counselor. Reference? Does my ALT levels show liver damage ? Quit smoking,lipitor,cholesterol,depression,rhinoplasty,allergy,irregular heart beat Why do i have a feeling of congested nose and throat? Can the nasal pyramid be repaired naturally ? Mild enlargement of liver, focal hepatic lesions, cortical prominence in mid pole. Treatment ? Under active thyroid, miscarriage, thyroid now stabilized. Safe to conceive ? Why do i have white vaginal discharge with fishy smell?
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