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Varicocele on left side.Surgery or embolization? Missed period, dark blood discharge, stomach ache, uncomfortable, angry, mood change Why do I have consistent heart palpitations while trying to sleep which reduce with Advil ? Smoked fake weed, sleeplessness, dizziness, weakness, fast heartbeat, pressure in head Is there any effective solution for neuropathic pain developed post chemotherapy ? How can sperm motilitiy be improved with no sign of improvement inspite of taking drugs ? Dry tongue,burning,soreness.Diet and medicines? How can dark under eye circles be treated ? How is nerve compression and irritation treated ? Herpes, PAP results negative for HIV, chlamydia, hepatitis, malignancy negative What is the treatment for ant bite ? Nordette contraceptive pills,unprotected sex,emergency contraceptive How is hydrocele treated ? What is the treatment for acne ? What are the complications after root canal surgery ? Arm and chest pain, bypass surgery, taken morphine and nitro Weight gain,vomiting,distorted vision,contraceptive implant,bleeding,clear cervical smear and STI red spots on leg, blood in semen, unprotected sex. STD or cancer? How to determine sex of the baby in the ultrasound scan ? What causes heart angina ? Enlarged blood cells due to antifungal medication. Griseofulvin caused pain? Diabetic,damaged kidneys,dialysis,high bp What is transient ischemia ? HIV, cirrhosis, no alcohol, count 270. Liver transplant? Nutrition plan? How to remove clots inside the uterus ? Diet change,good fats, gym, loss of erection, low sex drive. What are the causes for repeated spells of dizziness ? How is swelling and bump on the head treated ? Regular gym, protein diet, chest pain after consuming protein product Scrotum swelling due to rectal cancer surgery? How is Balanoposthitis treated ? Baby measurements, abnormal values, dwarfism. Treatment ? Can letrozole be used while planning to conceive ? Anterior Listhesis,spondylolysis,disc bulge,thecal sac indentation,foraminal stenosis.Surgery? Does thyroid problems in the mother affect the baby ? Lump between collar bone, weight gain, hair fall, bloating, joint pain Is any medicine available to avoid car sickness for an infant ? How is testicle trauma treated ? How are ADHD and memory loss treated in children ? Accidentally taken two Microgynon 30 pills Lump in scrotum sack,painful How is premature ejaculation treated ? Mouth and skin contact with vaginal fluids, hugging, kissing. HIV? How is melasma treated ? Blood test result, mild neutropenia, WCC in reference range. Cause of concern ? When is fetal heart beat detectable ? How is chronic diarrhea and cramps treated ? How is sinusitis treated ? Rash on upper lip,swollen lips Medical abortion, bleeding for 6 weeks. Cause of concern ? What does clear discharge from penis indicate ? Tingling, itching, dry, rough, oozing lips. Reaction from sunscreen? What is brain stem injury and does in cause urine incontinence ? Can Tetralysal cause skin rash ? Normal TSH level, symptoms of low thyroid disease. More tests? Raised BP, swollen testicle, no pain Liver problem due to Winstrol What is duodenal ulcer ? Accident,stitches on face,scars,hair fall Head bumped against wall, big lump, tenderness, numbness. Normal or serious symptoms ? How is fungal infection on the penis treated ? What causes pain during ejaculation in men ? What causes lack of sensitivity in tongue post removal of wisdom teeth ? How does one lower cholesterol levels ? Stress, hearing unknown voices at night, sleeplessness How is pain due to acid peptic disease treated ? Plaquenil,vitreous detachment.Side effect? What causes chest vibrations ? Late onset seizure, taken Eptoin. Problem due to sudden stopping? How is burning sensation on penis treated ? How good is instaflex for treating osteoarthritis? ECG test,mild abnormality,sleep problem,cold Pimples on lip, no pain, dryness, chapping, spreading. Medication? How is hepatitis B infection treated ? Pain on left lateral calf,obese,bilateral knee.Cause? How is food allergy to eggs treated ? HTN, taken Norvasc, Approvel, Omega 3, iron, calcium. Weight loss reduces LVH? What causes bloody sputum while taking warfarin ? What is the difference between hemachromatosis and fibromyalgia ? Laceration on vagina.Accidental penetration? BP 180/156, pulse 148, jerking, anxiety, taken Sectral, Celexa. Pheochromocytoma? How is breast cancer treated ? Over dose, black outs, hallucinations, queasy stomach, face numbness, sleeplessness What causes moderate to severe chest pains ? Pregnancy test positive,termination,mifepristone,misoprostol What is physiogic prominence of the CFS canal? Diet,herbal life,Divalproex ER,vomiting,abdominal pain,bloating,weight gain Cut hand on tripping, dirt inside cut, cleaned well, travelling. Tetanus shot required ? Very high BP, exhausted, non smoker, regular exercise. Suggest. What is the likely cause and remedy for pain on left side of the neck while swallowing ? DTH injection, joint and leg pain, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus. Treatment ? Excessive masturbation.Medicine? Can someone with elevated WBC go on HCG diet ? Prozac 40 mg,50 mg tramadol.Ok together? PCOS side effects, excessive hair growth, hormonal imbalance. Insurance coverage ? Does reduced days in periods signify pregnancy ? Should I worry if my semen is yellowish in color after suffering from fever ? Does depo shot cause fatigue and depression ? 132 beats per minute heart beat, fever. Normal or heart related problems ? What is the reason for constant twitching and numbness in my upper lip ? Pepper spray, head pounding, tension headaches, nasal mucosa. Treatment ? Does CPAP use cause chronic mastoiditis ? What is the best sleeping position after an inguinal repair surgery ? Doctors in Vellore to treat Asthma patients Blood rush in ears, tension headache, hypertensive. Tinnitus or cervical spondylosis ? What can be the red colored extra growth inside my lip? Bad taste in the mouth, burning sensation, fluttering in stomach. GERD symptoms ? Weak erections, difficulty penetrating, bent penis. Causes of erectile dysfunction ? Is my ECG report abnormal due to relapsed hyperthyroidism ? Why does anal itching happen ? Shot in shoulder area, grazed collar bone, shattered bones. Damage sustained and recovery period ? Can an unusual growth in calf muscles and less urination be a symptom of filaria? What is the reason for pain in the knuckles ? Is there a treatment for an obsessive love disorder ? Headache on one side, left eye pain, face numbness What medicine can I take to heal the wound in my mouth and I am anemic ? What can I do for the dark spot that appeared on my left butt ? What could be an itchy red stain on my forehead? What medicine can be taken by a 4 year old for mild fever with headache ? Why do i feel a lump in my vagina while having intercourse? Itchy skin,blood blisters,bleeding.Cure? Can insect bite be the cause of dizziness and varied sugar level ? Early periods, 4 days early, recently married. Causes ? Is back pain,headache and stabbing pain in armpits a symptom of myositis? Swollen eye,concussion,numbness in face,X-ray,CT scan Can high sugar level cause vaginal itching and bleeding ? What factors trigger panic/ anxiety after waking from a nap? Why does my daughter's urine have a strong odor ? Abnormal toes and fingers, lack of knuckles, albright's hereditary osteodystrophy, fibromyalgia Dx, constant pain Intercourse with clothes on, oral sex, no orgasm or ejaculation. Pregnancy possible ? Flu, cough, fatigue, tiredness, levaquin, heavy lungs. Pneumonia or bronchitis ? Normal blood work and urine,high bilirubin.Pancreatic cancer? Is heavy bleeding which is slimy is a result of progesterone orals ? What do you suggest for a perforated ear drum due to a fungal infection? Pressing on tonsils, semi hard balls come out. Serious issue ? Pityriasis rosea,pregnant.Miscarriage possible? Open inguinal repair surgery, sore muscles. Normal? Laproscopy,drained cyst,positive home pregnancy test Sunburn, tender skin, sore. Normal? Does STD come without any symptoms ? What do low GGT and ALP levels signify? What is the cure for red allergic spots on my back that I got due to waxing ? Does an old E coli infection cause slight bleeding Profuse sweating. Cause? Harmful? What dosage of amoxicillin is required to cure gonorrhea? Dark spot on outer labia, discolored spot, itches. Melanoma? What is the cause for pink bumps that appear and get inflamed ? Brown spots on skin, small bumps on left arm. Is it serious? What is the cure for hair folliculitis in my private area? Red raw throat, bubble blister on hand and tongue, tiredness, on amoxicillin, paracetamol, calpol, tonsillitis Seronegative arthritis, polyarthralgia, plantar fasciitis,L5 protrusion, stress-related hypertension , PCOD, on cerin plus, salazar, carvic BID, RBS glucometer. FBS and PPBS esseential? What is the cure for vasculitis ? Do vitamin B12 supplements aggravate rosacea ? What is the reason for lump above my left testicle? Multiple sx, nuro sx, white spots on brain, lupus, SLE Does delayed periods with negative tests still mean pregnancy ? Should I be on a statin drug like Zocor? Cataract surgery, no peripheral vision, clouded eyes, sore, non smoker, over weight, Pain in teardrop muscle, fluctuating pain, light leg extension. Suggest. HIV,intercourse.Contagious? How can i stop masturbating? Can you suggest approved centers to terminate pregnancy in Mumbai ? Is it safe to have an abortion being 3 months pregnant with muliple uterine fabroids? Multiple uterine fibroids. Can I abort? What do sperm analysis and progesterone levels indicate ? What is the reason for black colored stools as I am Type 1 diabetic ? Delayed period,I-pill,home pregnancy test negative What is the reason for intense throbbing pain in my thighs ? Why am I having heavy bleeding after withdrawal of Primolut ? ACWY injection, vaginal allergy, painful sex, delay in period, Pregnant? Masturbation from the last 5 years, addiction, want to quit, himalaya tentex royal. Side effects ? Abdominal CT scan, colonoscopy, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, painful, green stool, on ranitidine. Reason? Cervical biopsy,bleeding,light period,blood in urine,cramps What medicine can be given for my 9 month child for brown spots around her mouth and chin ? What can be done for a 4month child who is constipating ? Can a fractured tendon in the toe be fixed ? How are piles treated ? Does a pain in the testicle recur due to an old injury ? Mucosal thickening of sinuses, cysts, deviated septum. Cure with surgery or medication ? Can reduced immune levels cause purulent sores all over my face ? Does intake of Citalopram cause tightness in chest and light headedness ? Period delay, tired, sick, headaches, back and shoulder pain, dizziness, transvaginal ultrasound, HPT, cysts, PCOS What can be the reason for wetness in vagina ? Why do I have dizziness when I have a bowel movement ? Is a sudden chest pain on both sides related to heart problem ? High fever,diarrhea,shivering,tylenol High fever,red gums,swollen lip Can fever be caused due to severe heat in the environment ? What is the cause of white cracks that bleed on the foreskin ? Can you suggest safe abortion medicines ? Does masturbation cause small lump/dot on the penis head ? What can be the reason for constant fever since 15 days ? What is the reason for low grade fever with sore throat since 6 weeks ? What does a constant flutter feeling with headache for a week indicate ? Pus in vagina, had herpes. Recurrence? What are the options for disc injuries ? What care must I take before flight as I went into a fib 18 hrs ago ? Is there a home remedy to remove the air bubble in my vein due to IV drug abuse ? Pneumonia,dizziness,infection,dehydration,weigh gain,bloating Is my ultrasound report of neck and treatment suggested correct ?
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