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Itchy genital area,wet discharge Pulmonary ablation,aggressive massage over catheter,hematoma,left testicle bleeding Is my tiredness related to my thyroid removal or the drugs for TSH control ? What is the reason for brown, slightly raised blister spots on my face? How can a painless hard lump behind left ear be treated in a Type 2 diabetic with family history of death bycancer ? Fall,lower back pain,difficulty lifting leg Can a surgical procedure be used to correct thin skinny leg ? Normal LDL,raised WBC count,infection Is bubbling feeling in my left chest due to acid reflux? Aquille tendon,rerupture.Second surgery needed? Unprotected sex,sore breasts,mild cramping.Pregnant? Sunburn,prednisone,antacid.Effects? Is the reason for swollen eyes,constipation,indigestion and depression my hypothyroidism? Pregnant,iron supplements,dark green stool Diabetes,erectile dysfunction,cialis,watery semen What is the reason for severe pain in my hands and legs? What could be the cause of tingle and swelling all over my body that started with bursitis on shoulder ? Does it require to take both rabipur and beribub shots for a house dog bite ? Premature ejaculation problem.Medicine? Miscarriage,infertility,hysteroscopy,subbseptate uterur,septoplasty Does positive TB IGM is related to my endometrium thickness and conceiving ? X-ray,pulled patella tendon,fissure,dark circle on femur What are the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy ? Masturbation,burning clitoris,swollen.Friction burn? What could be the cause of painful small dark lump on the side of anus and how can it be treated ? Trying to conceive,dull pain on right side,bloated stomach How is muffling in the ears treated ? What could be the cause of brownish orange stains between toes of right foot only in the mornings ? Is it irrelevant to get an elevated calpro test for irritable bowl syndrome ? Baby oil on vulva,allergy,swollen labia majora,bleeding,neosporin,painful Can Amoxicillin intake for 5 days cause yellow smelly stools in 11 month old baby? Lower calf pain,swelling,bruising,vein prominence,streaking,no blistering What could be the cause of painful spots when pierced discharge white clear liquid followed by blood leaving marks ? Can a pinched nerve cause throat numbness while swallowing or could it be Bulbar onset? Weight loss,normal colonoscopy,pelvic ct scan,spot on liver,hyperthyroidism White discharge from penis,itchy,smelly,painful foreskin How to treat Urinary tract infection in 60 year old woman ? How to prevent flatulence while coughing due to internal hemorrhoids ? What is the meaning of "Hydroquinone free" ? Is meladerm safe to use ? Reduced sperm amount,watery sperm,pristic,cozaar,sleeping pill How are moles on the leg treated ? Metabolic panel, creatinine, ketones, proteinuria, cholesterol, on simvastatin, enalapril, diovan, diltiazem cd Bipolar,depression,mania,thalamocortical dysrhythmia,weight gain,lamictal,bipolar spectrum Blood blister/bump on inner thigh, groin, fowl odor, seepage of blood Does swimming post a heavy meal lead to constipation with severe stomach pain ? What could be the cause of sudden painless bump on scrotum ? Fluctuating heart beat, breathlessness, stress in past How are pre-ventricular contractions during pregnancy controlled ? Are there any treatments for sexual anhedonia? Diabetic neuropathy, high BP, depression, anxiety, asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol, pain, tingling in palms, numbness, on amlodipine accord, lergigan for, sobril, zoloft, novorapid flexpen, tegretol retard Does taking bath salt 2 days in a row cause insomnia ? PCOD, folic acid, folinic, ovacare. Pregnancy possible? Hair coloring, allergic reaction, itchiness, neck glands sore. Solution? What is the reason for chest pain in a 4 year old with fever and neck pain ? Gastroenteritis, blood sugar low, fasting. Suggestion? What is the reason from blood in stools and eczema in face and groin area ? Resting pulse rate, AFIB, weakness, dizziness, GERD, on nexium, tramadol, tylenol Irregular period, cyst, had spotting, on deviry tablets. Cause? Blister on penis, unprotected sex, herpes What can be the blister on my penis that appeared after unprotected sex ? Does use of Somatropin help cirrhosis of liver? What can be the reason for feeling tired, low and very sleepy ? What treatment can be taken to avoid hair fall ? Are there medicines that can be given to quit alcohol addiction ? Rectocele, painful, areas near tailbone, bovine graft, surgical mesh Will the consumption of doxycycline hyclate affect my fetus? Does intake of Androgel induce panic attacks and anxiety ? What is the reason for a pink discharge ? Does a 180 degree rotation cause muscle sprain with discolored skin ? Cyst on right testicle, burst, leaking toxic fluids, having it removed, spermatocele. Opinion? Foul body odor, type 2 diabetes, heart attack, broken hip, hip replacement, shifted from crestor to lipitor. Cause? What does a fat nodule in my arms and stomach indicate ? Can breast cancer be detected through a mammogram ? Discomfort in chest,fatigue,blood pressure,cholesterol,cardiac ct scan Dizziness, vomiting sensation, diarrhea, weakness, painful, no appetite Does nail biting cause calloused bumps on the skin around nails ? What can be done painful heels due to walking bare foot on gravel path ? Should I worry about the left bundle switch and go ahead with GBS surgery ? Why do I have pain in my testicles since a long time ? What is this discomfort near the vagina opening where the rear end starts ? Stomach upset,stress,anxiety,prilosec Sleep aid,RA,OTC,auto immune disorder Skin pimple on uvula,anxiety,benign What are the three spots on my right foot that does not hurt or itch ? What is the reason of flushing sensation in the upper cheek ? Kunscher nail on right femur,osteoarthritis,knee replacement Bee sting,numb face and lips,hydrocortisone cream,shortness of breath,ankle pain Hypertension,cortisol test,blood test,migraine,vomiting,low blood pressure ICSI,vomiting,gallbladder removal,infertility,banoside,domstal,ovuloc.Effects? What can apply for raw bleeding blisters due to burn ? What medicine can I take for an itchy rash in the anal region ? What can be done to overcome my wife's disinterest in sex ? Why do I get pain in my testis while watching a sex movie ? Pain in leg, back, groin, hip, on movical. Suggestion? Brain MRI. frequent headches, flair hyperintense foci, ischemic foci. Meaning? Can I still get pregnant with cytomegalovirus infection ? Calcification,normal echo density,non residual urine,no pro minim in middle lob What are the side effects of withdrawing prodep medication ? How can one get rid of burn scars? Habitual abortion,duphaston,pregnant,blood spotting Is Ornidazole and Ofloxacin safe to take during pregnancy ? TBPCR positive, infertility. Treatable? Seizure,severe pain in sternum,painful cough,X-ray How is knee friction and pain controlled ? Is their a relation between thyroid levels and blood sugar levels ? How is breast malignancy or lipoma treated ? Overweight,liposuction,PCOD.Effect on conception? What causes low WBC and platelet counts ? How are classic hemorrhoids treated ? How is fibromyalgia and high blood pressure treated ? What are the complications of heart bypass surgery ? How is cervical spondylottic changes in the spine treated ? How is Escherichia coli infection treated during pregnancy ? Is a painful white tongue, pricking sensation in throat some sort of allergy ? What can I do for stiff knuckles and ankles that started with some insect bite ? Why do I feel like something is stuck at the back of my throat ? Why does my wife have a painful lump below the knee after her arthroscopic surgery ? What is the significance of IGA and IGM together? Increase in bilirubin, liver function test normal, hep B, hep C, liver sonogram, CBC What medicine can I take for redness on the mouth, under the nose and on the temple ? Can a itchy vagina with yellowish discharge be some infection ? How accurate is an ekg that repeatedly comes back with anterior or anteroseptal infarct ? What can be the reason for pressure in my jaw preceding with a viral infection ? Can the cracking/popping of neck be due to vitamin deficiency? What can be the cause of enlarged prostrate with discomfort in testicles ? Dry skin on hands,cracked,bleeding Why do I get a sharp pain just below the rib cage ? What can be the reason for pain in the legs with goosebumps on the thighs ? Can shortness of breath be related to my thyroid problem ? Rough cracks on buttocks, dry brown patches. Suggest? Anger management problem,nose bleed,head ache What can be the reason that my 2 year old has fever and curls up with tears ? History of vaginal bleeding, abdominal ultrasound, hysteroscopy, endometrial, hyperechoic, lesion, myoma. Cancer? What can I do to lose weight ? Why do you think the lymph gland on my neck is getting bigger and hard ? Poison ivy,rashes on arms,itchy,puffy face,swollen eyelids,benadryl,swollen face What medication and diet do you suggest for elevated cholesterol ? GERD,irritable bowel,burning hands,itchiness,blood vessel spots,reynaud's syndrome Does continuous shaking of legs while coughing is something to worry ? Will a long non sliding foreskin affect my sexual activity ? Sleeplessness, depression, on stalopam plus, itching. Physical disease? Agrophobia,fear of travelling,panic attack,anxiety Will use of Primolut while pregnant cause any problems ? On lactogen, no excreta, green stool, pain. Reason? What medicine can I take to postpone my periods ? Hepatitis B positive, AFP level, tumor marker, liver cancer, abdominal pain, weakness, nausea, fatigue, herbal treatment, jaundice, hepatitis C negative, non smoker, no alcohol. Acute or chronic hepatitis B? Is it normal to have swollen neck and itchy bumps on face after having pixel laser done ? DVT,mild swelling in calf,warfarin injection,knee surgery Why does my husband suffer from recurrent fainting episodes ? H-pylori,brown vaginal discharge,urinary infection,painful urination Gonorrhea, sore penis, shivers, aches, sore stomach, black excreta. Suggest? Raised hemoglobin level,diabetes,stomach pain,diarrhea Why do I feel a pressure on my chest during my period? What is the reason for lump like swelling on my back ? What are signs of anxiety attacks ? Is sinus congestion, dryness of throat also related to thyroid problem ? Frequent urination,urinary infection,lower abdomen pressure.Prostate exam? What treatment do you suggest for soft bleeding gums ? What could be the cause of internal trembling with excessive sweating ? Why did I have a white stool after having a coffee with cream? What is causing the tingling in my extremities with weakness and soreness in my shoulder and back ?? Is a BP 138/81 high at the age of 30 ? Miscarriage, tests, lost child, precautions for next pregnancy. Reasons for miscarriage ? Mettalic body odour, consistently elevated liver enzymes, liver ultrasound, Suggest? Does low fever with fatigue,chills and stomach pain seem like infection after the gum surgery ? Premature ejaculation,difficult penetration,homeopathy,painful intercourse,conceive No penis foreskin movement,skin bridge from glans to foreskin.Penis enlargement medicine? Does taking thyroid medication have any side effects? Does heaviness in breast during periods indicate cancer ? Does shortness of breath relate to the palpitation and chest discomfort ? Sharp shoulder pain, gallbladder surgery, IV in hand, phlebitis, What treatment do you suggest for a hurt toe with the broken nail ? Knee pain,cartilage problem,small baker cysts,shallow patella groove,inflammation What is the reason for stretchy feeling between the rib cage ? Is a plasmacytoma painful and where is pubic rams inferior located ? Swollen calf,muscle tear,ultra sound,MRI scan,edema,DVT,plaster cast,purplish leg Can I lose enough weight by 1400 calories in my diet? Diabetes,raised AST and ALT levels,fatty liver What is the reason for tarry stools with pain in abdomen ? Should I worried about the pus sac in the back that is growing ? Thyroid function tests, T4, T3, thyroid removed, hair loss, sore pimples on scalp. Overdose of thyroxine? Drug test,amphetamine salts,aderall,valium Can I consult a urologist for urine infection ? Optic neuritis,MS,MRi scan,overweight,high blood pressure Anxiousness, depression, social issues. Lexapro recommended? What treatment should be taken for watery clumpy diarrhea for a 2 year old ? What can be done for urine problem with lower stomach pain ? What do flared itchy red bumps on my body signify ? Overweight,abdominal pain,cramp.belching,sneezing,diarrhea What medication can be taken for severe vaginal itch with heavy white discharge ? Is the swelling of the hand inside the cast normal after 3 days of fracture? Benzoyl peroxide treatment, pimple, red, irritated, cracked, dry, used moisturizers, cortisone, aloe gel. Healing period? Does masturbation make the foreskin longer ? Does a TVT cause slight bleeding while using the toilet ? Elbow injury, pain in shoulder, cervical spine Ap lateral, osteophytes, spondylotic, zyloric, uric acid. Suggestion? Keloids on chest, pimples on back. Treatment? Should less bleeding during the periods after D&C worry me ? Is an increased albumin count controllable ? Pericardial cyst removed, low fever, cough, CT, blood count, X-Ray, esophagus, on voltaren, Ibuprofen Diabetes,high BP,protected intercourse.Possible STD?
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