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Groin pain, kidney stones, no erection. Serious? Can masturbation cause testicular torsion ? Does Meftal syrup cause stomach ache ? Are black spots on the arm related to schizoprenia? How can high fever with stomach pain in 3 year old be treated ? Does RBBB cause severe pain in stomach, back and chest ? Can fever, fluctuating appetite and sleepinees be caused due to cocaine withdrawl ? Minor keratolytic winter erythema, red blotch inside leg. Suggest ointment? What could be the cause of hard, painfull lump on pallette near tonsils ? Does Cromazone cause hole in the heart of baby during 21 weeks of pregnancy ? Does a mildly open cervical canal lead to abortion during 10 weeks of pregnancy ? Irregular periods, on birth control, hormonal acne. Tetralysal medication a cure ? Should Actiblok AM 50 be stopped if blood pressure is low? What could be the cause of terrible muscle / joint pains, swelling with no fever ? How can pain in left big toe around the nail bed and dark nails be treated ? Pelvis ultrasound,enlarged uterus,iron deficiency anemia Why is the widal test repeated after already having typhoid? EKG, inferior wall ST-elevation myocardial infarct, occluded coronary artery. Warnings? MRI of lumbar spine, mild spondylosis, annular disc bulge. Analysis and treatment ? Loratadine,medical check up.Effects? Does slightly high levels of Vitamin D and TSH cause acute hairfall ? Fibroadenomas in both breasts. Operation or medication? Does increased work load and stress cause erectile dysfunction and back pain ? Rash in vagina, yellow discharge. Serious? What are my chances of having children after a laparotomy? How can lump sensation and choking in neck persistent even after thymectomy be treated ? What are the symptoms of diffuse cerebral atrophy? Polio, aroff SR, Narvigen, calcium of intas company. Suggest injection? What could be the cause of a minor hard lump on the majoria labia under the skin ? Is it normal to have a sudden change in the pattern of periods ? Hypertension,edema,skin rash,hydrochlorothiazide,amlodipine Can I have sex with a stent in my bladder? High ALT of 74, tested, heavy drinking the previous night. Abnormal result ? Are red or tiny white spots on chest, shoulders, neck and back due to eczema ? Is it an allergic reaction if I have fluid filled blisters in my gums? Throat pain.lump.shortness of breath,back pain Pus coming out from penis, pain on urinating, pain after sex. Treatment ? Should I worry about twisting of my testicle due to surgery? Why has my frenulum become white? How do I know who the father of my child is? Does skipping slimming pills for two days cause dizziness, heavy head and eyes ? Why do I have a burning sensation in my leg? What could a white pimple on my nose be? Sore throat,ENT,biaxin,GERD,prilosec,bumps on tongue Can benign positional vertigo make me feel sick? What is the reason for missed period and brown discharge? Dizziness, off balance. Brain tumor? Overweight,ovulation injection,negative HPT,brown discharge,cramps,duphaston Is there a scientific way to plan for a baby with specific gender? Should I continue antibiotics if I have chest/nasal congestion? What is the harm if the compression of the sciatic nerve in the lower back is untreated? What is the reason for my swollen wrist? How can I plan my eating habits to get flawless skin? What can be the reason for missed periods and negative pregnancy test? Which is a good moisturiser cream for keeping the skin good and avoiding pimples? Type 2 diabetes, normal test results, sudden loss of weight. Reason? What are the chances of getting rabies after being bitten by a guinea pig? Can a person with aged and low heart rate be on drip to survive? How to handle the problem of pubic pain during pregnancy? What is the reason for longer bleeding during treatment of trichomoniasis vaginalis? Can an implanon located close to the artery cause numbness in left side of arm ? What can be done about the fever and pain due to bee sting? How can phimosis be treated and can the penile size be increased ? Does Antihypertensives, Cholesterol lowering, Anti ulcer drugs, Anti Psychotics medications cause weight gain? How can pain due to arthrosis be relieved? What precautions are required to prevent pheumothorax? Is it ideal to start treatment to avoid balding if the vellus hair is 7.8% ? Why do I have skin flakes from nose after washing face ? Will excess of masturbation and small penis size affect the married life? Is my widal test report normal ? Does smoking cause blood in the mouth and dry nose? Is it normal to have increase in temprature, pain, swelling and redness in throat after taking zithromax ? Pinkish red stool, abdominal pain, perspiration, easy bruising, weight loss. Bowel cancer? Chest pain, front shoulder pain, normal cardiac tests, prilosec, maalox, GERD, excess saliva, non smoker. Lung cancer? Is it ok to have general anesthesia for rotator cuff surgery with nasal congestion ? Sperm count zero, nodules, ultrasound. Serious? Testicular biopsy, seminiferous tubules, mild focal interstitial fibrosis. Meaning? Diagnosed with acute leukemia, young patient, unwell for few days. Information and treatment ? Eye pain, early stage lattice, floaters, increased pain, burning, itchiness. Treatment ? Lump in anal hole, piles, blister, fluid inside, foul smell Is it normal to have cramps in calf 3 weeks after fracture and cast fitted to knee ? Is an irritable cough related to a possible high BP from being physically active? Yellow sclera, stressed. Help? Chest pains, shortness of breath, painful, difficult to talk, CFS, blood clots. Treatment ? How can erectile dysfunction since 3 years be treated with no change with herbal supplements ? What could be the cause of swollen lymph node under the chin, right shoulder and front wall of vagina ? Does TMJ cause tingling in hands, dry and heavy eyes and heart murmur ? Is the feeling of tiredness, weakness and dizziness be due to withdrawal from Klopin ? When does fluid in the cul de sac become concerning to a diagnostician? Rhinoplasty, nose disfigured, swelling. Cause? Rash on penis spreading, red, smooth. Suggest? What is the impact if Netoporal and Lisinoprol intake is stopped suddenly ? BP 117/90, anxiety, OCD. Dangerous? Is there a possibility of death in repeat C-section ? Does slightly high blood protein level cause repeated infections ? Lymphoma, chemotherapy, no radiation, bedridden, spreading cancer. Recourse? Is surgery the only possible treatment for Hydrocele and how safe is it ? Unprotected sex, norlevo emergency contraception, brownish blood discharge. Pregnant? Is it Ok to try for conception with a boil on skin of penis with possible blood discharge ? How can non itchy, painless, skin coloured bumps on arm, chest and legs be treated ? What does "AST - 31, ALT -42 and Gamma-GT -19" mean in blood test results ? Is it safe to try Pixel perfect lazer for dark and deep under eyes ? Is it just bruising if I develop a lump after an injury? Enterococcus Faecillis bacteria, semen culture, pain in penis tip, fatigue. Treatment ? Lower abdominal pain, delivered a baby, stretchy discharge, water in abdomen, inflammation. Related? Lethargy, travel sickness, tension headache, sore tongue, fluctuating BP. Treatment ? Cyst in left lobe, neurocysticercosis, on bendex, steriod, levopil, frazium. Serious? Highly stressed, highly allergic, node near groin, lymph node, stomach virus, headache, diarrhea, muscle and joint pain, perspiration. Serious? Can a fungal or bacterial infection cause small painless and slightly itchy eruptions with genital herpes ? What is the method to terminate early pregnancy? What could be the cause of dizziness while relaxing while on thyroxin medication ? Extreme constipation,frequent urination,muscle ache,potassium deficiency,klonopin,tonsillectomy What is the reason for liquid stools along with Chron's disease? Does a painless lump inside rectum near the anus require any treatment with history of hemorrhoids ? Is it okay for my infant boy to never had an erection and a history of UTI? Is a blood pressure reading 87 / 47 normal ? Loss of erection during intercourse, stress. Cause and cure? Can "doxycycline and lactic acid bacillus" capsules be used to treat UTI ? Can ulcers and raw throat cause dry heaves and strips of blood in vomit ? How long does it take to get marijuana completely cleared from the body with IgA Nephropathy? Groin pain,testicular pain,epididymitis,urologist Will the self removal of dry puss from the wound in the elbow be ok? Is the semen analysis report normal and is there possibility of conception ? Ferritin level of 292, family history of blood disorders. Treatment? Is headache with dizziness, jaw numbness nad arm tingling related to angioplasty ? Are opioid analgesics prescribed for depression symptoms? Sinus histiocytosis,hemosiderosis,oncologist,chemo,radiation.Cancer? Acne scars, dermaroller treatment, laser treatment, subcision. Suggest? How can sexual pleasure be attained when semen is released ? How can redness, hot and burning sensation in hands and feet be treated with history of chemotherapy ? White bump on tongue,canker sore Bloated stomach,shortness of breath,ultrasound,metabolic blood test Left bundle branch block, skin peels,callus, symptomatic, paranoia Does pelvic ectopic kidney prevent a vaginal delivery and increase the risk involved ? What does "Septal myocardial infarction" in EKG report mean ? Feeble pulse beat,quiet blood pressure Hot wax on chest, burns, bleeding, very painful, norco Chronic headache, topamax, weight loss, IV drops, reglan, depakot, DHE, magnesium, LP, blood patch, undetectable CSF during spinal tap, mild ehlher-danlos, chiari malformation. Cure? Trauma of ear drums, infections, tympanoplasty, CT, fluid and nodular membrane, thick mucus drainage, keflex. Medications? What should I do to treat burns on my breast? What could be the cause of swelling in both parotid glands ? Played golf, temperature 107, hearing blood flow in the neck, wrapped in cool towels. Causes ? Diagnosed type 2 diabetes, blood test, glucose level. Treatment ? Is a black line down the center of the testicles possibly a vein ? Creatine level, different reports, dialysis, diabetes, vein enlargement. Suggest? Does doxycline make implant ineffective? Weakness, parasites in stools, irritable bowel, gastro problems. Treatment ? Will the bursitis heal if the spur is not removed surgicaly? Why am I not able to have penetrative sex? What can I do to cure male breast gain? Parkinsons disease, syndopa, dotiph, gabantin forte, qutan, pramirol, delusions Should I see a doctor after pain due to a massage? How can I know that I am infected with HIV? No erection, tension, stress, penis size 2 inches, erectile dysfunction. Treatment ? Why is my eyesight fuzzy after waking? Leg pain, numb, surgery, pins and needles in buttocks and testicles, sharp tingles in toes Why do I have recurrent rash under the foreskin? What are the causes of repeated spells of dizziness ? Uneasiness, bulging tummy, cramps, stiffness, spotting How is wax from the ears removed ? What do I take for a burning sensation in the vagina? What are the causes for low blood pressure and low pulse ? What causes yeast infection behind the foreskin in males ? How is H Pylori and nausea treated ? What causes excessive vaginal discharge in women ? How are swollen lymph nodes behind the neck treated ? Compounded tablet of test, finasteride, letrox, erectile dysfunction. Compound effective ? How is gangrene on the tongue treated ? How are skin allergies to condoms treated ? What causes light pain and soreness in testicles ? Is CT scan or ultrasound better to detect kidney conditions ? How is swelling from bikini waxing treated ? Ginette, menstrual cycle, acne. Recommended? How is Pruritis ani treated ? What causes the body to be cold after death ? Is bursitis associated with knee weakness ? Pain below and behind right ear, under right eye, right foot. Reason? Total cholesterol 271, HDL 63, LDL 169, triglycerides 195. How to lower naturally? Would xanogen be safe to take while taking enalapril ? How is bloated stomach cured ? How are cysts in the testicles treated ? Vaginal thrush, delayed period, itching, uncomfortable sex, burning HIV transmission through clothed genital rubbing What is the dosage of abortion pills I need to take ? How are panic attacks and generalized anxiety treated ? Vet, handled a dog, rabies, didnt touch saliva, blood and not bitten. Vaccination required ? What medications and techniques may be used to increase level of sperm count ? What are the complications after plastibell surgery ? How is swelling in lymph nodes under the ears treated ? How is diarrhea due to infection and vitamin deficiency treated ? What are the complications after root canal surgery and how are they prevented ? How are bulges on the forehead treated ? How is vaginal pain during penetration prevented ? What medication do I take for dry skin on my testicles? How is back pain after drinking alcohol treated ? Dark pigmentation, face, neck, forehead. Derma roller good to use ? Is my sperm count enough for pregnancy to occur ? How is enterobacter infection treated without antibiotics ? Can neosporin be applied to dissolvable sutures ? Backache, taking Tema 20 for BP. Shelcal500 advisable?
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