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What drugs can be used to prevent rheumatoid arthritis ? How are sebaceous cysts on the nose treated ? Coronary artery blockage,stenosis,bypass,distal What can be the reason for polyps in my vaginal wall ? What are the side effects of paraesophogeal hiatal hernia surgery ? What causes change in color of penis tip ? Irregular menstrual cycle,frequent menstruation Pulmonary embolism,burping,coumadin,INR,increased oxygen saturation,reflux Sneezing,coughing,severe diarrhea Idiopathic fibrosis, arthritis, hyponaremia, UTI, lacunar infarcts. Medications okay ? Fatigue,numbness in legs,tingling sensation Blood clots,calf cramp,pain,swollen calf How is swollen uvula treated ? Oral sex,scar on penis,red,indented How is typhoid treated ? What does my EKG indicate ? Is there any pill that can stop the bleeding since the first depo shot ? Why do i get massive vibrations from upper abs to the heart which increases my bp? What could be the cause of tiny, smooth and squishy lump underneath the skin on hand, with asthma, IBS and GERD ? Ventricular tachycardia,cardiomyopathy,arrythmias,implanted defbrillator,diabetes,high blood pressure Diarrhea,vomiting,abdominal pain,irregular period Why does my wife have loose motion,vomiting and cold after abortion? What could be the cause of tingling sensation in hands and fatigue ? Is tiredness, tightness of chest and unsteady feet the indications of anxiety attack ? Cold hands and feet,abdominal gas,dehydration,urinary infection,fatigue,normal blood test Elevated liver enzymes,increased ALT,AST,celiac disease,effexor,abilify.Safe? Does tingling in the hands relate to the carpel tunnel worsening ? Lightheadedness,fatigue,pounding heart,vision problems,CAT scan,normal EKG,blood and urine test,gallbladder removal Should I worry for nausea, sweating and slight crushing in the chest ? How are insect bites treated ? What can cause and cure tiredness all the time ? How can i get rid of oily skin and hair ? Pregnant,back pain,arcoxia.Effect on baby? What are the best and recommended ways to reduce weight ? Cipro,allergic reaction.Benadryl safe? Is pregnancy possible while on registrone and without ejaculation inside ? What can be the reason for constant pressure in stomach with very weak erections ? Can the child be safe and free from TB while father is under treatment of bone TB ? Is pain in my knees due to salomenelle typhi ? Can I get pregnant with treatment for PCOS ? Acute neck pain,ear and back pain,fever,pressure How could I get rid of the non itchy rashes behind both my ears ? Lower abdominal pain,heavy drinking,normal blood and liver tests Stroke,congestive heart failure,nose bleed,choking Irritated navel, swollen, foul odor, peeling. Treatment? Blood pressure,irregular systolic and dystolic pressure Cold,loss of sensation to smell and taste Why do I have a strange squeezing pain under the breast bone while I'm diabetic and obese ? Ovarian cyst,ovral l,contraceptive pill,penis enlargement,semen analysis,good motility Diabetes,severe acidity,indigestion,heavy breathing,back pain Groin rash,thigh rash,red,splotch,no pain,no itch What can be the reason for visible discharge from both the nipples ? What is the reason for hard pea size lumps on the testicles with occasional twinge ? How are migraines and heart palpitations treated ? How is paraosmia treated ? Sepate uterus,endometriosis,IUI,IVF White spots on nails,stress,antidepressants,cystic acne,candida,leaky gut syndrome How is tooth decay in children prevented ? How is dysfunctional uterine bleeding treated ? Carotid artery screening,low blood pressure,sinus bradycardia,left atrial abnormality,anteroseptal myocardial damage What are the complications post menopause ? How are cholesterol levels controlled ? Is it normal to have clear fluid discharge from right nipple 8 months post quitting breast feeding with history of cyst removal ? Weight loss,nausea,blood taste,burping,loose stool diabetes,lump.Stomach cancer? Does benign paroxysmal positional vertigo cause sudden dizziness, unbalanced drunken and nauseous feeling with sweaty palms ? How to cure the anterior tibialis spasms in my left leg ? Masturbation, muscle loss, body pain, low testosterone level, skin infection, tinaderm solution. Testosterone injection or further tests? What followup treatment would be required after mammogram for sore and leaking breasts ? Can lower leg pain and urge to urinate frequently be related to lumbar strain ? Pinkish line on lower lip.Normal? GERD,prilosec,EGD,benign polyps,stomach pain,appetite loss,weight loss,CAT scan What should be done for irregular periods with less discharge ? Is everything normal in my semen analysis report ? Will meth show up while doing the thyroid tests? Cellulitis boil,red,swollen,antibiotics What are the complications of SVT ablation surgery ? Erectile dysfunction,diet pill.Medicine? How is high stress and BP treated ? How is chewing gum stuck in the throat extracted ? Can I start taking a new RX for seasonale before my next menstrual cycle ? Penis foreskin stuck,painful,swollen penis head,white discharge Light brown spots,purple spots on neck Palpitations,EKG,normal blood work,low potassium,high lipase,black stool,shoulder blade pain How can severe itching developed two weeks post gall bladder removal be treated ? How can tumor cells in the spinal fluid be diagnosed ? What could be the cause of odour in urine, metallic taste and leg cramps in night with low back pain ? How is localized ballooning on the chest treated ? Is it normal to have lumps on left testicles persistent for 2 years ? E coli,digestive distress,diarrhea,probiotic supplement,appetite loss,fatigue How to treat an ulcer caused due to injury from fingernail 2 weeks ago ? How to treat an ulcer caused due to injury by finger nail 2 weeks ago ? How is candida vaginitis treated ? Hepatic steatosis with mutiple cysts in both lobes, ultra sonography of liver, cholesterol reducing medicine. Treatment? Colic baby, colicaid, no improvement, while crying turns red, kicks, tight tummy, overfeeding, rashes, cold, father suffering from chicken pox. Precautionary measures? Macular degeneration,vision disorder,acupuncture,ayurveda How is thyroid cancer treated ? How is urethritis prevented ? How are sores under the stomach due to weight loss treated ? What are the complications after adenoid surgery ? Masturbation,peeling skin,bleeding,red,scabbed.STD? How are bronchitis attacks treated ? How is constipation in children relieved ? Swollen area on neck,painful,jaw ache,nose bleed What is angiography ? How is tight foreskin of the penis treated ? Abdominal injuries, infected wounds, weight loss, pain and scars. Treatment ? What is the medical process to increase height ? Regular menstrual cycle,hormonal imbalance,blue veins on leg,urine test,negative pregnancy ESR of 120, granulomatous inflammation, tuberculosis, multiple myeloma. Treatment ? Pink spot on upper inner thigh, small, round, chronic, turned reddish, burning. Treatment ? Kidney infections, cipro, bactrim, culture negative. Treatment ? Biliary drainage output, cloudy, flowing fast. Good to flush biliary catheter ? How are gonococcal and bacterial infections treated ? What causes vaginal bleeding in the second trimester ? Itching on penis, light red spots, white marks on testicles. Treatment ? Rolling hernia, wants to conceive a child. Medication ? How is nasal turbinate hypertrophy treated ? Unprotected sex, overdose of contraceptive pills, breast pain, headaches, cramps, no periods. Birth control symptoms ? When are my ovulation days ? How are bug bites treated ? How is pain in the throat from swallowing tablets treated ? How is a defibrillator used ? What are the side effects of working with concrete ? How are bulky uterus and fibroids treated ? Are erectile dysfunction since 3 weeks and pinched nerves in shoulder and lower back co-related ? Can bulimia or annorexia cause Interstitial Cystitis ? How is cricopharynx tear treated ? Vocal cord polyps, several scabs on face, shin. Due to crystal meth use ? How to treat a small lump on high ankle which pains when pushed ? Is a person in coma aware of her surroundings? White pimples near groin, painless, decreases and disappears with time, no scar or mark. Causes ? Is a lump on the center of the penis shaft a sign of any STD ? Height 5' 3", height increase, short physique. B-tall ayurvedic medicine can help ? COPD, difficulty breathing, pulse rate 119, Sp O2 is 92%. Treatment ? What are the symptoms of diabetes with high blood pressure ? Do pistachios cause puffy eyes? Is there a home remedy for an ingrown toe nail? Is ulnar nerve sugery using cable grafting successful? Is abdominal pain due to periods related to palpitations? Is there any risk of aneurysm associated with scuba diving? Heart attack, passed away, 80% blockage in right artery, PAT 190, blockage not discovered. Reasons ? What is the cause of pain in the roof of the mouth? What does low implantation of gestational sac mean? Nursing a baby, not emptying bowels, minimum amount emptied, causes. Treatment ? Lump on both sides of the neck, no pain, no family history of cancer Anxiety medication, fishy smell post sex, cold sores. Side effects of meth or STDs ? Need online prescription for Risperdal and ventolin Regular masturbation,firmness on testicles,no pain Asthma,allergic cold,sneezing,wheezing,asthalin inhaler,difficulty breathing Why am I not confident and scared of people? Embryo transfer.Best diet? Do I have typhoid if I have periodic fever? Is it advisable to have multiple teeth removal in one sitting? Hysterectomy, menopause, heated, perspiration, anxious, snoring HBA test 6.7%, glucose 145.6. Diet recommended? Can Deviry 10 mg be taken along with thyroxin in order to help conception ? How can blood in urine with burning, post strenuous, exercise be treated ? Citalopram,oxyelite pro.Effects? How can the problem of wiping constantly for soiling due to fissures be resovled ? Is developing a brown spot and itching in left armpit any allergy to using deodorant rock ? How to control fluctuating TSH levels ? Can cunnilingus transmit infections to a patient on chemotherapy ? Pain under armpits,stress,sleep aid OTC,no swelling Why do I have a shaky and weak feeling during first day of period ? Large tummy, liposuction, wheezing, on asthalin Inhaler. Cost? Does Oxy elite pro and SSRIs effect the same way on serotonin levels ? Unprotected sex,chest infection,negative HIV test.HIV? Zoon's balanitis, calendula cream. Side effects? Tigboderm, allergy, acne, red reaction Can stopping birth control cause joint pain ? Do skin grafts done 15 years earlier tan along with natural skin post sun bath ? Extreme hunger,sweat,fatigue,armpit pain,GERD,chest X-ray Can a bruise on back of forearm with a lump turn into a blood clot ? Are prophalatic drugs sufficient to delay seroconversion ? Is it possible for seizures to occur during menstruation only ? Lumps in neck area, large, stressed, common cold, cough, tiredness, blocked sinuses, unsteadiness Bright red spots on chest,spots on finger,shoulder and neck,not itchy or painful Are complications pertaining to testicles possible post herniorophy ? Are heart palpitations, increased bowels and tender throat symptoms of one disease ? Can a impacted/infected wisdom tooth cause itching in ears and lump in throat ? Is recurrence of shooting pain in neck moving towards brain a warning sign ? What is the cause of fatigue, chills, loss of apetite and darker urine with sweet odour ? Do persistent brown marks on leg need diagnosis ? Can Ovidrel injections and OTC laxatives lead to false positive result in HPT? What are normal cholesterol levels? Is pregnancy possible while on birth control pills ? What are the symptoms of Irritable bowl syndrome ? What is the appropriate diet and exercises to control blood sugar levels ? MRI, disc herniation, torn disc, levoscoliosis, sciatica, paresthesia in mid-section. Treatment? Hemithyroidectomy,vocal chords nerves normal.Voice normal? What is the cause of blotchy skin, irritation and itchiness around vaginal opening ? Groin pain, kidney stones, no erection. Serious? Can masturbation cause testicular torsion ? Does Meftal syrup cause stomach ache ? Are black spots on the arm related to schizoprenia? How can high fever with stomach pain in 3 year old be treated ? Does RBBB cause severe pain in stomach, back and chest ? Can fever, fluctuating appetite and sleepinees be caused due to cocaine withdrawl ? Minor keratolytic winter erythema, red blotch inside leg. Suggest ointment? What could be the cause of hard, painfull lump on pallette near tonsils ?
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