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Swelling after Rhinoplasty - Online Doctor Chats

Date : 13-Jan-2012
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Doctor :   Hi
User :   Hello, Doctor !
Doctor :  
How can I help you?
User :   sorry for disturbing you
User :   it's about rhynoplasty I made;
Doctor :  
User :   don't know if I've already talked with You about this; I went personally to the plastic surgeon and he told me he doesn't see damages consequential to the bang I've had
User :   I went banging front to roll-up shutter
User :   but I'd be more serene about if I could have live video-chat with an esteemed plastic surgeon here
Doctor :  
Let me go through your previous chat history please
User :   oh, thanks so much...
User :   I asked some time ago if there was the possibility of having video-chat
Doctor :   No currently we don't have that facility
User :   sorry, some pc problems..
Doctor :   Ok
User :   Doctor, sorry for asking, do You think it will be available the videochat soon?
Doctor :  
I am not very sure, as only the technical tea
Doctor :  
is concerned with this
Doctor :  
I think its goiong to take a long time
Doctor :   Are you with me?

User :   incredible, my pc today is really not good...
User :   :(
User :   sorry again, Doctor
User :   oh, I'd be very happy of having this possibility; I know that some sites use Toxbox
User :   the free videochat tool
Doctor :  
will you accept me request to login later? or shall we continue?
User :   Healthcare Magic is absolutely the Top, it changed our lives, my mother and me are enthusiast about and we coudln't stay without more
User :   sure, no problem, Esteemed Doctor, I continuously come to Healthcare Magic,it's our deep strenght and power
Doctor :  
Thank you so much
User :   please, Doctor, tell the techincal Team if it would be possible having video-chat,it would be really helpful to us
User :   sorry if I dare...
Doctor :  
Ok it looks like the system
Doctor :  
suddenly seems to be working
Doctor :  
User :   yes, now it's ok
Doctor :  
so we can continue if you wish to
User :   sure;
Doctor :  
when did you get the rhinoplasty done?
Doctor :  
How long has it been?
User :   1996
Doctor :  
User :   at the end of September, everything w as really good , ok
User :   about six years ago, I went banging front to roll-up shutter, it was beacuse of my husband
User :   because of his problems, bad character, he ruined my life
Doctor :  
User :   he destroyed my life, I still can't forget and forgive him
User :   one night, after my little cat died, my little sweet kitty
User :   I was upset, my mind was flying away, I suddendly wake d up in the night,sinc e m other little cat had to go out
User :   my other little cat...
Doctor :   Ok
User :   I took up the roll-up shutter, but when I came in again, I didn't remember the roll-up shutter was still not completely up, and I went banging frontally on it
Doctor :  
Oh, thats unfortunate
User :   yes, Doctor, no enough tears, no enough shouts, can't explain all this,
Doctor :  
So I presume that this was 6years following the
Doctor :  
User :   eight years after
Doctor :   Ok
Doctor :  
Did you bleed
Doctor :  
following the bans?
Doctor :  
User :   no,nothing
Doctor :  
So it was only very painful?
User :   no bleed, but the osteo-carthilage was little bit damaged
Doctor :  
Was there a swelling?
User :   You can imagine, Esteemed Doctor, what perfection means for a woman
Doctor :  
Yes it does
User :   yes
User :   swelling on the middle point of the nose
User :   at the beginning of the nose bridge
User :   don't know how to explain well
Doctor :  
was the disfigurement quiet prominent?
User :   where it begins the hard part
User :   the nose seemed moved sideaways
User :   little bit, right side
User :   after about 5 months
User :   I went to my plastic surgeon
User :   in the Studio
User :   he made pressure with fingertips
User :   on the right side, to realigne the nose
User :   he said it was ok;
User :   my problem has been that the bang caused a swelling on the front, don't know how to say, just like when something is smooth, and then it comes out some little thickness
User :   now it's almsot completely solved, but I'm satisfied yet
User :   not satisfied yet
User :   a Colleague of You, doctor, saw the pictures, told all ok, maybe the nasal bones little bit narrow
Doctor :   Yes I spoke to one of my
User :   before the nose was quite concave, now maybe less concave
User :   oh , please, tell me...
Doctor :  
colleagues, but looks like he was not the one who saw th photo
Doctor :  
I also spoke to the
Doctor :  
technical team
User :   oh...
Doctor :  
they told me that it would take 2 to 3 months
User :   oh, it would be really good!
Doctor :  
for the video chat to be functional
User :   for videochat ?
Doctor :  
they are working on it
User :   oh....UAUUUUHHH! so good!!!!
Doctor :  
Anyway since you said
User :   oh, I'm so emotioned, finally you can see me and nose...of course...
Doctor :  
that one of me colleagues
Doctor :  
gave your nose a thums up
Doctor :  
I gues there must be no such
Doctor :  
Doctor :  
but its a personal
Doctor :   satisfaction that you are talking about
User :   sorry, Doctor, what's thums up?
User :   sorry for asking
Doctor :  
I am sorry, but I thought you told
Doctor :  
me that my colleague
Doctor :  
has told you that your nose is OK
Doctor :  
except for a little bend?
User :   yes, You're right, Doctor
Doctor :   A persons body feature
User :   You're maybe too much right, Esteemed Doctor, I must say was under shock and since that event I don't see things in a very object way
User :   objective way
User :   I'm always thinking I went to bang, my nose banged in the shutter
User :   the nasal bones were maybe deformed , they had a damage
User :   this is waht's in my mind since that moment
User :   it's quite an obsession for me,I must say that when I touched the nasal bridge I felt it concave, all concave
Doctor :  
A persons body feature can receive a different comment from a different person, so one can get
Doctor :   thousands of comments, but its your body part,
Doctor :  
you have all the right to choose how it
User :   so much true, right
Doctor :  
should look like
User :   You're great, Doctor
Doctor :  
As you see that the most
Doctor :  
May I know a few details about you, I tried finding them on the chat history but in vain
Doctor :  
User :   when I touch the nasal bridge now I feel it not so much concave, but like it's straight, flat
User :   sure
Doctor :  
Please give your Age, Gender, Location, Occupation, Marital status, Height, Weight and Waist circumference.
User :   32, female
User :   I'm married but I consider myself like divorced
Doctor :   Any children?
User :   not yet, because of this problem
User :   I've to solve this problem about the nose
Doctor :  
User :   this problem sucked all my energies, I'm entirely in my nose,
Doctor :  
So your plastic surgeon too has said that it is Ok, right?
User :   yes, he said this, but I wouldn't want he said so not say that everything was to d o again
Doctor :   Have you met him recently?
Doctor :   How long has it been since you met him?
User :   about 14 years
User :   you've to know, Doctor, that I've been very unlucky with my nose
User :   that's why I'm fixed about
User :   when i w as about eight, my mother banged accidentally with her chin to my nasal bridge
User :   the nasal septum that was perfect, get deformed, crooked
User :   and the nose grew up crooked
User :   another time I w as walking in the street and a house roof broke, and only by chance I was not damaged
User :   I suffered too much about my poor nose, I'm completely exhaust about
Doctor :  
Why haven't you met the plastic surgeon recently? Haven't you met him after the bang?
User :   yes, sure, 5 months after and one month ago
User :   he told me the nasal septum was not damaged
Doctor :  
So your plastic surgeon too has said that it is Ok one month ago? right?
User :   yes, right,
User :   but I'm not convinced yet
Doctor :   Are you living with
User :   you know, I've been too much under shock
Doctor :  
your husban?
User :   yes
Doctor :  
What does he have to say
Doctor :  
about your nose?
User :   he feels guilty about his previous behaviour
User :   he says it's normal, but I don't trust him, he's a particular person
Doctor :  
Do you'll love each other?
User :   he acted too much bad to me
User :   there a so much great grudge , like a wall, between us
User :   I won't forgive him till I've solved this problem,he made me suffer too much, Doctor, he destroyed me,I'm trying to forgive, but it's like climbing a mountain
User :   I nearly got crazy about
Doctor :   Forgiveness is godliness, If you believe that is
User :   yes, I do believe , Doctor, The Powerful Lord helped me, giving me strenght, maybe I had to do this walk, maybe my karma was too much heavy
User :   I cried all my tears, I feel myself like a rock,no more emotions, nothing, I feel as I was a thing, an object, that even has burned everything out
User :   that event
Doctor :  
Ok, I shall accept that your nose is disfigured as you say, then you will need a repair, but then for whom do you want to get it done? Only for your personal satisfaction?
Doctor :   If that is the case
Doctor :  
then there is no point pondering over it
Doctor :  
just get to your plastic
Doctor :   surgeon & set it into whatever shape you want.
User :   I've to feel myself nice, to give my husband and others too the beauty there's in my soul
Doctor :  
Yes, but if your husbad
Doctor :  
likes your nose, then there is no point changing it, if what you said now is right
Doctor :   Ask him yet again
Doctor :  
whether he really likies it or not
Doctor :  
if he gives you even a hint about
Doctor :  
it being bad or it could be better
Doctor :  
then its time to fix an appointment with your plastic surgeon
User :   You're so much right, Doctor, but I've to like previously to myself, to feel self-confident and then like to others too; to find strenght in my soul and mind, I thought that it could happen to me to go banging in every cirmcumstances or places , not because of him, and that I'd have to solve the problem anyway
User :   if I think that it was up to me , I didn't took up the roll-up shutter, then I feel I can solve it, since I made the damage and I have to solve
Doctor :  
I have known people who happen to lose their body part- amputation because of some stranger
User :   really????
Doctor :   yet they have moved on peacefully, forgiving the strager
User :   really?
Doctor :  
Doctor :  
Here its no stranger, its yourself?
User :   You're right, Doctor, maybe I couldn't still forgive myself...
User :   I pray the Powerful Lord to give me this strenght
Doctor :  
You are already bestowed with it
Doctor :  
just use it
User :   You're so much right, Doctor
User :   I feel I've to do one more step
User :   a mysterious strenght is holding my hands,I pray the Holy Virgin , I know I'll have to ask Her Forgiveness when everything will be solved
User :   thanks Lord
User :   if I send You, Doctor , some latest photos made with the digital-camera, could You give me Your precious advice about, before You can see the nose in the chat?
Doctor :  
Anyway, as I told you, its your body part, God has given man the power to modify his creation, you can choose to look however you want. Yes you may send it over
Doctor :  
Kindly send it to
Doctor :
User :   oh, thanks so much, Doctor,
User :   Your precious opinion gives me so much strenght
Doctor :   Its our duty
User :   I'm filling my mind with prayers and positive thinking to solve everything
User :   thanks s o much, Doctor, I really look forward chatting with You in video too, so that You can see my nose live...
Doctor :  
Have you sent the photo?
Doctor :  
Inform me when you do so
User :   not yet, I've to save fro digital camera, I'll send tomorrow, if it's ok for You
User :   from
Doctor :  
Yes, as you wish
User :   Doctor, I promise You that as soon as I solved the nose problem, I 'll neve r talk about it again
User :   please, bear me , till that moment...
Doctor :  
User :   thanks so much, Esteemed Doctor,
Doctor :  
You can take the opinion
Doctor :  
of our plastic surgeon, if you wish to
User :   my father payed for my Rynoplasty , and it's because of this too that I'd like to take things again to previous
Doctor :   ok
User :   Doctor, I don't really know how thanking You for Your so much great kindness
User :   I'll send You photo about, and look forward seeing You in chat
User :   thanks again so much ,so sorry I took so much time of You
Doctor :  
Thank you too for consulting with us
User :   You're really the Top,
User :   I'm honored and so much grateful to You all, really
Doctor :  
We are honored to serve you
Doctor :  
Thats we are here for
User :   God Bless You always for Your gentleness and beautiful Soul
Doctor :  
Thats what we are here for
Doctor :  
Thank you, God Bless you too
User :   Thanks from the deep of my heart, not so man people are like You
User :   not so many
User :   thanks again, I look forward talking with You again, have a great day !
Doctor :  
Thanks for consulting me. Bye for now. Please refer your friends to our service.
User :   God Bless You always, bye for now :)))
Doctor :   Bye
User :   Bye, Dear, Doctor
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