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6 1 4 days ago
My mother had a Craniotomy for Aneurysm on Thurs Oct 3rd. We are home W/ her as of the Oct 6th yet are unable to get her to eat (much) or be up and simi-active as perscribed. Is this something we need to push for or well she be co operative when shes ready?
6 1 4 days ago
I have spinal stenosis. Does thi just continue to progress. Iwas having trouble standing but felt better sitting and lying Now I am having pain most of the time and ambulating is difficult with pain going down both legs. Tylenol and Motrin are not working. Any suggestions
4 1 4 days ago
my son is in the hospital for a torn hamstring. he can only move his toes. the doctor did an mri with contrast today. they found one white spot on the lower right cerebral part of the brain. spinal tap is scheduled tomorow . hes twenty one very active. doctor is looking into ms or lymes.
4 1 4 days ago
Sir, I am 42 yrs old now & I am always feeling panic because during office hrs when ever I write my hand tremors & I unable to write & I also try to avoid writing in public. I can not understand how to stop this problem & live a normal life. regds P das
39 1 4 days ago
1 week ago i felt dizzy while shopping my sister came to pik me up and my face drooped to one side and my speech was slurred i didnt know wot was happening it lasted about fifteen minutes everything else is a blur so i cant remember any tingling but i remember feeling all weak. sent home with no...
9 1 4 days ago
This morning I woke up with what appeared to be ague. I felt very cold and I live in a Tropical Climate Where it is hot and humid all the time. I had a mask of pain across my eyes and frontal part of my head. Also I was light headed. The apparent ague happened to a lesser degree up to 10:45 am....
3 1 4 days ago
Please tell me if the following symptoms stem from a pinched nerve... Pain in the lower cervical region around the base of the neck, and pain just behind right shoulder. Radiating pain, tingling and numbness down RIGHT ARM and tingling and numbness most prominent in the middle finger. Also,...
6 1 4 days ago
I am experience severe shooting, hot burning pains in my foot - mostly at night. It wakes me up instantly and can get so bad I can t let the sheets touch my foot, or lay my foot on the mattress. A podiatrist told me it was bunions (which I have), but it is not bunion pain. A neurologist had an...
3 1 4 days ago
Dear sir We are done MRI scan that result as below 1disc desiccatiin is seen at L3-4 to L5-S1 levels 2 Diffuse disc bulge at L3-4level causing thecal indentation. 3 Diffuse disc bulge with annualr tear and facetal arthosis at L4-5level causing thecal.
3 1 4 days ago
I have been having a pressure like pain on the left side of my head for about to weeks. It really starts when bending down laughing coughing or lately none of these. Wakes me up during the night and mornings. This morning woke up with awful forehead pain. I also have a non milinant tumor that i...
3 1 4 days ago
Hi, My wife is consuming encorate 300 mg tablet from year 2004 she is not taking on daily basis, now from last year she is having fits on every 4-5 months.. tell me the prescriptions... We just got she suffering from any serious Diseases
4 1 4 days ago
I had an olfactory Meningioma removed in July 2011. I had a follow up MRI this week and it says cortical involution changes are noted also there is increased T2 and FLAIR signal abnormality in the periventricular white matter. Intracranial flow voids are grossly unremarkable. This sounds scarey...
3 1 4 days ago
Hi i am a 26 year old female.I have been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia.I have the pain on the right side of my face but then i got it on the left side also.For the past few weeks i now have pain on my jaw,my whole head,down my neck and my spine.I am waiting to see a specialist.My doctors...
3 1 4 days ago
I have a condition where a few times I have experienced tension in my in my face and legs. Sometimes the situation has been so bad that my legs have been so tense and I could not walk even a short distance. I am generally healthy and exercise often. My doctor thought it could be related to iodine...
3 1 4 days ago
A friend of mine has just been for some sort of brain scan and it has came back showing there is a shadow at the back of the brain, what could this be ? His left pupil is more dilated than his right pupil and his left side of his body is showing unbalanced, although they have ruled out a stroke
4 1 4 days ago
I have an old lower back disc injury...bulging and/ or slightly herniated disk at L3 and L4... But i have never had numbness and tingling in lower left quadrant above the knee of Right leg quad?? Back has calmed down, no pain but quad is still numb/ this a major issue or will...
5 1 4 days ago
i was diagnosed with Parkinson s in 2007 now the dr thinks I was misdiagnosed. I only have tremors non of the other symptoms. what meds can I take to stop the tremors I am taking sinamet Nadolol & myrapex it seems to take an hour or more before the meds help
2 1 4 days ago
hi i am vikas . i am suffering back-pain from last 1 year and doctor tell me that marginal asteothytosis are seen in visualized vertebror mind enterrior wedging in D12 and L1 vertebral bodies . what are the solutions for this disease? Please advice me Thanks vikas
2 1 4 days ago
about 2 months ago, I started having burning sensations on the outside of my big toes and the ones close to them. I notice my finger tips and palm of my hands are sometimes very dark (I am african descendent). the finger tips are sensative as well. what is the cause of this?
27 1 4 days ago
Hi, I think I may have trigeminal neuralgia . I have the shock like severe pain associated with the condition.... they are triggered after i sleep on my left side, but can be brought on by moving my ear. but the only deviation from typical is that the ain goes from my ear down my jaw line. But...
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